Starfarer 0.35a Preview Release

I’m very happy to announce the release of the 0.35a preview version of Starfarer!

At a high level, here are the new features of this release:

  • New fleet command scheme, as discussed here
  • Fleet command tutorial to show you the ropes
  • The Codex interface, packed with useful information about the ships, fighters, and weapons. Includes lore for most of the weapons and a few of the ships.
  • Mods need to be updated to show up on the list, as a few changes are incompatible with the previous version

You can read the full patch notes here. Notably, ship refitting and custom battles are not in this version and are planned for the final 0.35a release.

While I’ve got you here, I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your support and feedback. A number of changes in this build have been inspired by the community in one way or another, and I can honestly say Starfarer wouldn’t be where it is now without your help and support!

Update: uploaded a new version fixing a crash if you click on a disabled ship on the map. So, if you picked up the first release (starfarer_xxx-0.35a-pre-RC1), may want to grab this one (starfarer_xxx-0.35a-pre-RC2).

As a bonus, two missions have a new hand-painted nebula background that just missed the initial release.

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  1. That’s awesome! Thanks alex!
    And just in time for the weekend too 😉

    by Avan
  2. Awesome!

    by Afoxi
  3. Wow, that was fast. Thanks for the release!

    by Vic
  4. Excellent! I just launched a new site covering all computer-based space games, so expect a preview of your awesome looking game soon. 😉

    by Brian Rubin
  5. Thank you!

    by Sludge
  6. Thanks guys!

    @Brian: Cool, looking forward to reading it 🙂

    Space Game Junkie looks like a neat idea – there are lots of old space games that I’ve just never played but am curious about, beyond what the wikipedia article on ’em can provide. The Spacewar! review was a good read.

    by Alex
  7. @Brian Rubin,

    Hey Brian glad to hear you started a blog about Space games, as I wanted to start something similar. However, I realized I would be following someone else who beat us all to the punch, Adam Solo at

    I recommend you contact to offer conent for his already excelent and more established site. My thinking is that we all can help support this genre that is in need of some attention, where I rather support indie games like Starfarer and others who are making games we all want!

    I have already been featured on his site with my SPAZ review.

    by Kyle Rees (Lordxorn)
  8. The new version (I’ve only had a little while to have a go) looks fantastic Alex, very nice work indeed!!

    A couple of things:

    Mouse cursor doesn’t seem to have enough movement before the screen scrolls, may be ok when I’ve got more used to it.

    I broke the fleet tutorial by using up the command points before I placed the second carrier waypoint, perhaps an idiot warning might be needed 🙂

    by Tubs
  9. What do you mean about the mouse cursor?

    About the tutorial, I daresay there are quite a few other ways to break it, too 🙂

    by Alex
  10. Mouse cursor:

    Well, lets say in the average RTS, the mouse cursor doesn’t move/scroll the entire screen until you hit a screen edge. In Starfarer (I play at 2560×1600) the whole screen moves with only a small movement of the mouse cursor. There are pros and cons for this approach but I would say there are more cons for me personally.

    by Tubs
  11. Ah, you mean in the combat view, not the map. Gotcha.

    Well, it’s not an RTS – especially not the combat view, which is more akin to a shooter if anything.

    This way is a result of much playtesting and experimenting to find a good way to pan the view around while still roughly anchoring it on your ship, given that mouse movement also aims your selected weapons.

    Sort of a 2-d mouselook, if you will – move the mouse in a direction, it’ll aim and pan there.

    by Alex
  12. Yes I understand. As I say I may just need to adjust a bit more.

    by Tubs
  13. @Alex Yay! Glad you enjoyed my Spacewar! review. There are so many more coming it’s silly.

    @Kyle I know I’m not the only one doing this, but I hope my angle of covering all space games ever is unique enough to give me my own voice in the field.

    by Brian Rubin
  14. Wow guys. I was doing some research for a game I’m planning myself and I came across this little gem. It looks incredible! Will be pre-ordering a copy ASAP, but for now I’m drooling over the screenshots and videos! Keep up the good work!

    by Johann van den Bergh