WTF is Starfarer?

As most of you probably know, Starfarer was featured by TotalBiscuit in his WTF is…? series a couple of days ago. In fact, chances are that if you’re reading this, you came here because of that video.

A couple of things: one, this is really, really awesome. I can’t express how happy and excited I am that Starfarer is reaching a lots of new players. It means a more active community, more player feedback, and of course, more financial resources to support ongoing development. Two, it also means that our web server is struggling mightily with the herculean task of handling all this traffic. I’m looking into ways of improving its performance, so hopefully we can do something about it in the near future.

In fact, it looks like it’s doing a bit better now – but I can’t tell if it’s because traffic has dropped off a bit, or because the configuration changes I made are helping. Ah, the vagaries of trying to optimize a live server.

Hosting Upgrade – Completed

We’ll be upgrading our hosting plan in the next couple of days. Hopefully it won’t cause any disruptions, and the website should stay up. But if an unlucky forum post or some such should get eaten in the process, please accept my apologies in advance.

Edit: The hosting upgrade is finished. Let me know if you notice something not working!

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