Mod Roundup

Starfarer is still fresh out of the gate – but there are already several playable and very promising looking modding efforts under way.

I hope you give these a try, they’re a lot of fun already. Installing a mod is easy – here is a quick guide.

Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters
One of several mods by forum member Trylobot. Thread & download link here.

The combat has a vastly different feel to vanilla Starfarer, with some striking similarities to Star Control in how it plays out. It’s till in the early stages, but there are already three ships – the Earthling Cruiser, the Ur-Quan Dreadnought, and the Orz Nemesis.

I’m absolutely loving how this mod is coming together. Being a huge SC2 fan I’m a bit biased, though – so here are a few screenshots so you can see for yourself:

Junk Pirates
A mod by mendonca, thread and download link here.  Features an entirely new faction with 6 new ships and fighters, showcased in a series of 4 missions.

My personal favorite is the Dugong-class destroyer, pictured below. It’s got an amazing amount of firepower concentrated in a broadside, and is fast enough to run circles around anything it can’t flat-out outgun.

More mods in the rest of the post…

The Nomads
Another mod by Trylobot, thread & download here. This one is very small – with a single test mission and a couple of new ships – and some weapons – with what looks to be a desert-inspired visual style. The new ships play very smoothly and I’m looking forward to seeing more.

Gratuitous Space Pirates
Yet another mod by Trylobot (he is quite productive!), featuring a new pirate faction. If you think it looks familiar, it’s probably because it’s made up of re-tooled GSB sprites (used with Cliff’s permission, of course). Features around about 10 different ships and fighters in 4 missions of varying difficulty.

This concludes the mod roundup. You can keep tabs on our growing modding community in the forum. This thread in particular is a good place to check out new ships as they’re made.

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  1. Hehe, now I’m regretting having not having gotten around to organizing some of my stuff in a balanced state yet.

    by Avan
  2. No worries, I’m sure it will be worth the wait 🙂

    I’m hoping this will be a regular feature, keeping up with various mod developments.

    by Alex
  3. Sort of like a monthly ‘issue’ on the currently released mods?

    by Avan
  4. Yep, but probably less “monthly” and more “whenever there are notable developments”.

    by Alex
  5. You guys got mods right, they can be turned on/off, and they work easily!

    by Glen
  6. Please cansomeone make a starwars mod….. imagine having the imperials against the rebels with tie fighters?
    or the clones against the droids…. it would be amazing

    by stanley mgee
  7. or a BSG mod

    by Evan