Combat Trailer

Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there.

I want to introduce myself. I am Ivaylo, I hail from Eastern Europe ย and I am responsible for the trailer you see below. Please post many approving comments, otherwise I will be fired. Thank you.

Because I know most of you love to multitask, while you post your comments and watch the trailer, you can continue reading this post!

Here is the dialogue that inspired the opening scene of the trailer:

Lt. Col. William Kilgore: Put on heading two seven zero, assume attack formation.

Cpt. Thompson: That’s a roger Big Duke. OK, we’re going hot.

Lt. Col. William Kilgore: We’ll come in from the rising sun, and a about a mile out, we’ll put on The Music.

Cpt. Ben Willard: The music?

Lt. Col. William Kilgore: Yeah, I use Wagner. Scares the hell out of the slopes. My boys love it!

Cpt. Thompson: Shall we dance?

We are running a contest, whoever comments below with the correct source of that quote, wins at being first to comment on the correct source of the quote. I will indicate the winner with another comment, also below.

The rest of the trailer was inspired by my attempts to finish it.

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  1. Nice trailer, tho i think some of the explosions where rather to big. An explosion bigger than the entire ship looks dull. Anyway the FX were great. Looking forward for the demo, when there will be one someday ๐Ÿ™‚

    by Evil-Devil
  2. Apocalypse Now

    by Someone
  3. Someone won!

    by Ivaylo
  4. Holy hell that looks beautiful. You made a game just for me. Its been far too long since I had a wonderfully carnage filled 2d game in space. When can we start buying your game?

    by Lekon
  5. Thank you!

    No promises, but we’re aiming for releasing an alpha, along with the ability to preorder, in a few months.

    by Alex
  6. Looking forward to this, keep up the good work!

    by Bryan
  7. My eyes just had it’s first 2011 orgasm.

    I’m definitely getting this.

    by OldeWolfe
  8. Thanks for the support guys. Glad you like.

    by Alex
  9. Hi Team, I came here via link from LWJGL and was shocked(!) that your game looks so good and runs so smooth (already …). So well done, good job!

    Does this game really do OpenGL in Java?

    Thanks and kind Regards,

    by Wulf
  10. Thanks Wulf ๐Ÿ™‚ Yep, it’s written in Java, using LWJGL.

    by Alex
  11. Turning off comments for this post because somehow it became a spam magnet.

    by Alex