Starfarer 0.54a Release

Update: Hotfix for the tutorial crash is now up. Please re-download the game using the links below.

The 0.54a version of Starfarer is now out! The main features in this release are:

  • Character skills and aptitudes (19 skills and 4 aptitudes to choose from)
  • Redesigned fleet command interface
  • A slew of new features available to modders

You can see the full patch notesΒ here.

Download the new version using the buttons below – you’ll need to reinstall the game, but shouldn’t have to enter the activation code again.


Alternate download links: Windows Mac Linux

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  1. *ELATION*

    by Bribe Guntails
  2. Hurray can’t wait to play it πŸ˜›

    by Hi41000
  3. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! :)))))

    Fianally I have weeks of gameplay to look forward to πŸ™‚

    Also I kinda hate you now becouse I need to get up early and now I will stay upp all night πŸ™ ;)))

    by Sebastian
  4. Sees title *Faints*

    by nonomo4
  5. Woo!

    by Aklyon
  6. *Climbs up from hybernation*
    Hey uhh… new release? Oh… nice… uhmm….. ok… cool…
    *Goes back under the rock to play*

    by frag971
  7. Right when I was getting withdrawal symptoms of space games. Back to space people.

    Thanks for another update.

    by Troll
  8. dunno if bug but for lasher class frigate if i remove the augmented engines perk i dont get the option to put that back on again :/

    by tellemurius
  9. i can confirm expanded missile racks too

    by tellemurius
  10. @tellemurius: Right, not a bug. The starting frigates have some hullmods that require skills to unlock for general use.

    by Alex
  11. How exactly are skill and aptitude points awarded? I assume it is meant to be 1ap and 2sp each level.

    I ask because; began, won once against a buffalo then lost to a lasher and hound, gained 9000 ish exp from the second engagement sending me straight too lvl 3. I now only have 1 aptitude point to spend but 4 skill points.

    by Mad Twit
  12. Close – it’s 2 SP per level and 1 AP every other level. The goal being to provide 1 AP for every 4 SP, meaning you can max 4 skills per aptitude, on average.

    by Alex
  13. Oh dear. I just bought some hugely discounted games due to all the Black Friday and Steam sales. I already had a tough time deciding what to play first. #firstworldproblems

    by naufrago
  14. *drools*

    by Zyeaga
  15. So excited! πŸ˜€

    by TheCornerBro
  16. You just destroyed my weekend. I HOE YOU FEEL HAPPY! πŸ˜€

    by nn
  17. Well holy $#!7. I figured that the update was due soon, but this was a surprise. Thanks for the Thanksgiving gift!

    by DelicateTask
  18. Is considering what game to play. -> sees 0.54a released. -> Decision made.

    by DeltaV11.2
  19. Oi, right when I was about to bloody go to sleep.

    by Panzer
  20. Thank you ye gods of good games! Thank you Alex et al! You just made my week!

    by Negative99
  21. Only wanted to check out the changes from the last patch … that is until I saw the experience and levels and stats and all that goodness… There is no choice other than reacheng the level cap. Alex, you are evil, you know that? =)

    by Corpse-Like
  22. yay, im like so happy or something.

    by Farlarzia
  23. thank you very much for this.
    Some question about the future versions. Vill you make borderless windowmode?
    Also I found a list of all the mods a while back and cant find it agin. anyone know where it is? πŸ™‚

    by Sebastian
  24. by xyz
  25. why in china can not buy this game?

    by ZZX
  26. @ZZX: As far as I know, you should be able to. But it depends on what payment methods you have available. If you have trouble, please get in touch with BMT Micro’s customer service – they should be able to help.

    @Sebastian: I don’t think a borderless window mode is going to be a priority. I’m not actually sure the library I’m using even allows it, tbh πŸ™‚

    by Alex
  27. […] has been updated to 0.54a, with new character skills and aptitudes, a redesigned fleet interface and so […]

  28. Well done Alex this is really good. However I think that the target following seems incredibly powerful right now, as even on 30% with 25% faster projectile speed my weapons never seem to miss. just a thought. Over all I really enjoy it so far. One question: Will iron mode always be an option or will it be automatic in the future with easy mode as an option? Also you can still cheat the risk assessment by saving and loading repeatedly, just something that I tested.

    by Farlarzia
  29. Hi – can you be more specific about the save/loading?

    Iron mode will always be an option. It may become the default, or may stay the way it is now, but really, that’s not a very big difference πŸ™‚

    by Alex
  30. you can save it while the risk is on extreme, and if you have an accident just reload the save, all the while saving on the way, so you can completely negate the risk part. Even on iron mode you could save it pause it, end it through task manager than then reload it if you want. Also the xyphos wing secondary guy still only follows his partner, and doesn’t act as an individual. This means he still only fires if when he moves he happens to pass over them.

    by Farlarzia
  31. Also whats the level cap?

    by Farlarzia
  32. Re: using Task Manager – ah, ok. I don’t see that as a problem. Save/loading to avoid accident shouldn’t work particularly well, btw – the game saves the random seed used to generate those.

    There’s no level cap, but the XP required ramps up dramatically after level 40 or so.

    by Alex
  33. Woot! Thanks Alex!

    by Jerry
  34. Thanks Alex. Are you going to do anything about the xyphos problem? It really bugs me

    by Farlarzia
  35. The Xyphos behaves properly as far as I can tell. Regular fighters don’t roam as much as interceptors, but they do still roam. The old problem where the wingmate couldn’t hit the leader’s target because it wasn’t in position is gone.

    by Alex
  36. OK, it does seem better than before

    by Farlarzia
  37. Huzzzah!

    by Max
  38. Huzzah indeed. However how come lots of little fleets now seem to underestimate capital ships? I had a conquest and small groups or pirate raiders still attacked me, even thought it was obvious I was going to win. I still get really bad fleets try to kill my paragon, that has all the suggested weapons on it, while im traveling with an atlas class, while im a lvl 37. Seriously, I can take on a dominator, a conquest and a onslaught but small hegemony ships still persist. Also ive already got 1 mil cash. LOL

    by Farlarzia
  39. I think I found a bug in this version. Sometimes, during combat with my shields raised, flux refuses to dissipate; I checked this several times without firing my weapons. As far as I know, if the flux dissipation rate is greater than the shield and weapons flux generation rate, flux should decrease, which is what happens to enemy ships. The funnier thing is, when I put my ships on auto-pilot or switch flag ships, sometimes the flux starts to dissipate again. I’m having this problem on larger ships such as cruisers and battleships, rendering them pretty useless in prolonged fights.
    I hope I’m not missing anything here. Can someone confirm?

    by valefore
  40. Huzzah! I too was going through withdrawal symptoms… It’s time to return to space… Thank you for continuing to make the most awesome game I have ever played. No hyperbole there either, its awesome.

    by Madao
  41. Farlarzla, I have the same type of problem, My apogee and 2 frigates can trash basically anything the pirates throw at me, and out run anything that it cant.

    by Anrdun
  42. Okay, I just found out about hard flux: thought they were only for phasing ships. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this for 3 versions. Thanks for the new release! Always waiting for the game.

    by valefore
  43. @valefore: πŸ™‚

    @Farlarzia, Anrdun: Well… given the state the campaign is in now (i.e., combat-only), it’d just be aggravating if everything ran away from you when it made sense to.

    by Alex
  44. I know but still. I reached LVL 40 already, and have 1.5mill credits. Sometimes ships just randomly disappear. I had been slowly whittling down the crew of a super carrier and it just disappeared after ages.

    by Farlarzia
  45. NPC fleets have accidents just the same as the player’s fleet. My guess is that the fleet you were chasing around for ages ran out of supplies and blew up in an accident.

    by naufrago
  46. When they are out of supplies you don’t have an accident risk, you just cant do certain tasks i think.If your out of supplies i mean they cant repair but that it. Alex can you spread some light on this situation?

    by Farlarzia
  47. @Farlarzia
    If you want something to do try and create your own haven of safety. Buy everything from every station and store it at the abandoned station. So far i have almost 650 fleet points of fully decked out ships, almost 23k supplies 18k fuel and enough weapons to deck out my entire fleet twice over. The hedgemoney station has nothing left and the pirate station just has usless fighters left. πŸ˜€

    by William
  48. Is that it?

    by Farlarzia
  49. I think i’ve found a bug or misprint on a perk in the combat skill tree. The skill “Damage control” has a level 10 perk that says ” 0.5% of hull repaired per second, up to 50%.” I have this perk, and i decided to test it. I went into combat and took fire until i was nearly dead, then put my shields up and waited, but my hull didn’t regenerate at all. This was in a simulation with a medusa class. Is this a bug or am i reading the skill wrong?

    by Coolguyfrenchfry
  50. @Farlarzia: Being out of supplies leads to an accident risk after a while (a few game days), though not immediately.

    @Coolguyfrenchfry: That skill effect, and all other “piloted ship” skill effects, only affect the flagship. Just double-checked to make sure it works πŸ™‚

    by Alex
  51. Alex i doesnt work I swear. I went around with my flagship paragon and it doesnt regen health in battle at all. Also no level up skills transfer into the simulation either.

    by Farlarzia
  52. Maybe its hull never dipped below 50%? Paragon isn’t exactly the kind of ship that takes a lot of hull damage.

    As to the simulator, there is a bug (fix in dev version) where fleet-wide skills don’t apply to a ship there. But all the combat skills do.

    by Alex
  53. Finally , my faith in Starfarer bares fruit. I am a believer again. I know you ( maybe someone else?) worked very hard to get this patch out and I want to let you know it is appreciated by myself and all your customers. Rock on dude! Forward into Spaaaaacccceeee!!!!!!!!

    by Jetsumodumo
  54. Its possible to be able to vent enough flux to be able to stay permanently in fortress shield mode! if you get 100 vents then the hull mod efficient shields, 30% less shield damage and all flux venting related stuff you could probably stay in that mode forever..

    by Farlarzia
  55. here’s a dumb noob question: do I need to uninstall Starfarer before I install the latest updates? Or will it install over the old version? I guess “hotfix” implies that you can install over the old…

    Be gentle.

    by JohnS
  56. @JohnS: You should be able to just install over the previous version πŸ™‚ *If* that gives you any trouble, then an uninstall/reinstall would be a good thing to try, but it really shouldn’t.

    by Alex
  57. Alex, I’d like to run another potential bug by you. I used the second in command function against a far weaker pirate fleet, and managed to win almosts completely unscathed. Every combat ship of mine was intact and had taken no damage, but both my frieghters were destroyed. I don’t pretend to understand the AI for second in command, but I guessing that this is because the AI treated the freighters like combat ships in the calculations. It seems unrealistic to me to lose non-combat ships before combat ships. I think the AI should only use freighters as a last result. fix please? Or I may be mistaken like last time…

    by Coolguyfrenchfry
  58. @Coolguyfrenchfry: Yeah, that’s a valid point – on my list of things to look at, whenever I get a chance to look at the autoresolve code again.

    by Alex
  59. Hi Alex, thanks for the continued updates even if it does mean my poor console/dog/family never gets any attention!
    Just wondering if any changes had been made to the spawning of hostile fleets. I mention it because it seems much rarer now that I get a Tri-Tachyon fleet spawning with any capital ships. I have hovered around the planet for ages and I will occasionlly get a Paragon spawn but nothing else. It mainly seems to be made up of an Aurora and a couple of Medusas and im sure this is not how it used to be.
    I’m not complaining about the good ol’ days, I really enjoy how the gameplay subtly shifts with each release, I was just wondering if a specific choice had been made on your part.
    Thanks again!

    by Dan
  60. Hi Dan – nothing has changed as far is that. It’s possible that there’s a much-reduced Tri-Tachyon Security Detachment running around somewhere, preventing a new one from spawning. It ought to eventually run out of supplies/get destroyed/return to base, though.

    by Alex
  61. Really enjoying this version, only just started (on this version) yesterday.

    Two questions-
    1. (sorry if its there and I missed it in-game) any plans for an in-game mission editor, so you can make and play your own missions and even share them online (the last part being a far down-the-road thing, but maybe through a number/string you enter into the game to generate a mission someone else made so you can e-mail/forum post your ‘mission string’ for others). I think this would be fun, would allow players to try out things they can’t normally, and be a more social aspect in this single-player game which could appeal to more people.

    2. I’m sure its asked time and time again but any plans/hints/etc for the campaign in the near future? The possibility of trade between planets (changing comodity prices) as a way to make money, expanding the map or adding alternate systems with jump gates or something, etc etc? Will there be more campaign stuff in the next version?

    Great game πŸ™‚

    by bills6693
  62. @Bill:

    1: Not as such, though it’s already possibly to make mods that contain missions.
    2: Ahh, you know how I hate getting into specifics πŸ™‚ But on a very general level, the answer to your questions is “yes”, though in what order, what timeframe, etc, is not something I’m ready to discuss.

    Also: closing comments due to the volume of spam. I think maybe for the next post I’ll set up a forum thread for the comments, and see how that goes.

    by Alex