QubeTubers IndieWeekend, Giveaway

I’m happy to announce that we’re going to be the first interview in QubeTubers IndieWeekend!

We’ll be streaming the latest, in-development build of Starfarer, so this is your first chance to see some of the new features in action – in particular, the fleet command mechanics & interface.

The event starts at 8pm today, Friday August 5th, and our interview is from 9-10pm EST. We’ll also be giving away a couple of Starfarer activation codes to viewers that ask particularly thought-provoking questions about the game, so if you’d like ¬†shot at a free copy of the game, do tune in!

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  1. I watched the stream and asked a few questions, but did you guys forget to give away any activation codes? Maybe none the questions were good enough or I maybe missed it because of the lag.

    Regardless, the game looks awesome and I’ll definitely be following it ‘s development now.

    by Slaberdydoo
  2. Thanks – I’m happy you like how the game is looking!

    To be absolutely honest, it was a little crazy for me trying to keep up with all the scrolling chat and answering questions, and I forgot to keep track. I’ll get in touch with Syntria and we’ll work it out somehow – either way, the codes were supposed to be given out after the event, not in chat.

    by Alex
  3. I admit I was wondering the same. Flat broke at the moment, and was looking forwards to maybe getting a shot before the next paycheck or two. Was a bit dry at first with the narration of the tutorial, but it picked up pace soon enough.

    by Ben
  4. Did anyone record the stream or is there some other way for me to watch it.

    by Ocho
  5. You can watch most of it here (scroll down all the way). We had some technical issues with the stream, though, so the sound cuts out every so often.

    by Alex