Faction Music

The addition of faction music in the upcoming 0.7a is probably my favorite audio feature in Starsector. Here’s a small video breaking down some of the music for the Hegemony faction, along with an explanation on how reputation affects the soundtrack.

Comment thread here.

Starfarer 0.52a Release

I’m happy to say that the 0.52a release is finally available for download. Here’s a high-level overview of what’s in it:

  • Accidents
  • Music!
  • Greatly improved ship and commander AI
  • Significant ship and weapon balance changes
  • Lots of UI improvements
  • Bugfixes

If that looks like a copy-and-paste from the previous post, that’s because it is – the last week was mostly spent polishing things up and playtesting.

The full patch notes are here.

The new version is, once again, not save-compatible. This is likely to be the case with new releases for the foreseeable future – things are simply changing too much at this point. On the bright side, I don’t think any mods are incompatible with this version, though they’ll probably need some rebalancing.

You can download the new version using the buttons below. You’ll have to reinstall the game, but shouldn’t need to enter the activation code again.

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