Starsector 0.96a Release

Update (5/20/23): a hotfix for a number of bugs, a few balance and QoL tweaks, and a return of the Pegasus to most of its former glory. Full list of changes here; please re-download the game using the links below.

Update (5/13/23): a hotfix for a number of assorted bugs, significant changes to the Hostile Activity mechanic (aimed at both dialing it down and increasing its interactivity), and number of other changes and improvements.

Update (5/6/23, 2:00pm EST): a hotfix for a crash when viewing the Hostile Activity intel in some circumstances.

Update (5/5/23, 3:15pm EST): a hotfix for a crash when viewing the Gilead shrine intel after visiting the shrine.

Starsector version 0.96a is now out!

  • Take on new missions exploring the story of the Luddic Church and the Sindrian Diktat
  • Cut deals Warlord Kanta’s pirates or Luddic Path fanatics to stop their attacks… though peace may come at a high price
  • Fly new ships, including 5 new capital-class hulls and numerous smaller vessels
  • Acquire new weapons, including a lineup of missiles that shoot lasers (“Directed Energy Munitions”)
  • Face faction fleets with distinct identities driven by the new ships and weapons
  • Deal with hostile activity at your colonies and master hyperspace navigation using the new “Event” system
  • Build hullmods into ships to gain unique bonuses
  • Additional illustrations, portraits, descriptions and encounters help bring the Sector to life

In addition to these, there are a slew of smaller changes and addition, including balance adjustments, bugfixes, modability improvements – along with a new exploration music track, and faction music for the Persean League!

The full patch notes, and the comment thread, areĀ here.

You can download the new version here:

(Alternate download links, please try the above first: Windows Mac Linux)

As always, thank you so much for your support!




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