Starsector 0.8a Release

Update (4/21/17, 6:40pm EST): another hotfix for a few crashes, another load-game issue, a few other bugs and gameplay issues is up. Please re-download using the links below.

Update: a hotfix for a few crashes, a load-game issue, a tutorial derailing issue, and a few other items is now up. Please re-download using the links below.

Starsector version 0.8a is now out! Here are some of the more prominent new features in this release:

  • More hand-crafted star systems to flesh out the core worlds area of the Sector
  • Procedurally-generated areas to explore beyond the core worlds
  • Run salvage operations and planetary surveys, with associated missions for further profit
  • New map interface – redesigned to aid in your exploration
  • A “lay in course” feature – track where you’re going and how long it’ll take to get there
  • Ship recovery – repair derelict ships or ships disabled after battle, and add them to your fleet
  • Revamped carrier & fighter mechanics – command fighters launched from your own carrier
  • New campaign abilities – scavenging, distress calls, and more
  • Skill overhaul – added Industry aptitude; every point matters
  • New enemies to fight (details REDACTED)
  • Modular orbital stations, for use in REDACTED
  • Several new ships, including new carriers
  • New terrain types – pulsar beams and black holes
  • A new “reckless” officer personality
  • “Full Assault” and “Eliminate” combat commands; other ship AI and command improvements
  • Destroyed ships break into pieces
  • A campaign tutorial, and other changes to make the early game more forgiving
  • A new set of starting options – a focus on fewer and more clear choices before the game begins
  • … and lots of miscellaneous fixes and improvements!

The full patch notes, and the comment thread, areĀ here. You can download the new version here:

(Alternate download links: Windows Mac Linux)

As always, thank you for your support!



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