Hosting Upgrade – Completed

We’ll be upgrading our hosting plan in the next couple of days. Hopefully it won’t cause any disruptions, and the website should stay up. But if an unlucky forum post or some such should get eaten in the process, please accept my apologies in advance.

Edit: The hosting upgrade is finished. Let me know if you notice something not working!

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  1. Should we take it as a sign that the new version is almost ready for the grabs ?
    (long time frequenters of egosoft’s site will know what I mean :))

    by Troll
  2. Not quite, but then we didn’t do it for no reason, either 🙂

    by Alex
  3. Ready for the new wave of players and forum posters with the coming of the 0.5 I guess. At least you prepare properly the possible onslaught on new players :p

    by Troll
  4. Soon as I saw this, I thought, “Awesome. Starfarer is getting more traffic.”

    More visitors, more sales, more resources to bring the game closer to my hungry eyes.

    @Troll — I know exactly what you mean. I’m deep into an X3: Albion Prelude game right now, actually.

    by SeaBee
  5. It’s been two weeks since the last blog post, c`mon Alex give us something to go on untill 0.50a 🙂

    by Dimitar
  6. What, you mean this whale of a post isn’t enough? 😀

    Truth be told, I’ve been so busy coding and doing tax-related stuff that I just haven’t had time to sit down and write one, yet.

    by Alex
  7. Ahh, Taxes, fun times. 🙂 As much as I also would enjoy a brand spankin new blog post, when it comes right down to it if I had to pick between a quicker 0.5 and a new blog post, I’d have to throw my 2 cents behind the quicker 0.5. 🙂

    by Zarcon
  8. Yes! More game theory and updates please. <3

    I think I'll enjoy the game when I get it, at some point, but the posts on the how and why of design choices are very satisfying to read. :]

    by Naros
  9. Maybe you could show us a video of what the campaign looks like at the moment 🙂

    by GIMJ
  10. True, the development process has been very interesting to read about. I don’t believe I’ve seen similar insights given for any other game; but I don’t want to add more responsibilities to Alex’s already full plate of Thing to Do.

    by SeaBee
  11. @ SeaBee

    Toady, the programmer of Dwarf Fortress does provide a lot of info on the latest ongoing developments as well, but there’s indeed not a lot of developers who provide so many insights. And Toady doesn’t write up pretty illustrated blog posts like Alex; he just blathers a lot (and knows it). 🙂

    by Naros
  12. By the way, the site is responding extremely slowly since the switch.
    Just had a 30 second page-load.

    From the Netherlands, a traceroute shows some packet loss and very high pings (180ms) starting at, to and finally

    by Naros
  13. Oh, I strongly suspect it’s not the new server, but all the traffic from the TotalBiscuit video 🙂

    by Alex
  14. If its the cynical Brit, that is pretty much a legitimate reason I dare say.

    by Troll
  15. Oh hey, pretty video! Pew pew!

    Alrighty. Just thought I’d share. 🙂

    by Naros
  16. Just wanted to say TB brought me here, and I will be keeping an eye on this game 🙂

    by Brightmorn
  17. Not sure what it is, but the website has gone terribly, terrrrribly slow after migration for me.. :8

    by Mike
  18. I’ve bought the game thanks to total biscuit! Brilliant game so far cant wait for the rest! Also will you improve the game once its out and listen to user feedback?

    by Farlarzia
  19. Also you should give a shout out to Him on the blog perhaps?

    by Farlarzia
  20. @Mike: It’s all the traffic from TB’s video.

    @Farlarzia: Thanks! We’re been listening to player feedback (and using it to improve the game) from the very start 🙂

    by Alex
  21. Really? You’re going to capitalize “him”? 😀

    Funny you should mention it, I was just thinking about that.

    by Alex
  22. YES im new 😛 just becose my borther tol med of the WTF tube vid . and yes i buy it also 🙁 hehe i think its gonna be awsum 🙂

    by Thor