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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: Of Slipstreams and Sensor Ghosts (09/24/21)

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Author Topic: [0.95.1a] Tahlan Shipworks 0.7.6 - Flakky Wideboi  (Read 519371 times)

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[0.95.1a] Tahlan Shipworks 0.7.6 - Flakky Wideboi
« on: January 16, 2019, 09:18:15 PM »

This is a small ship pack mod I've been tinkering away at for a while now and I feel it's in a decent enough state now for a first release on the forums. It adds a couple new ships and weapon of different tech levels and styles, including some new themed content that's going to be expanded upon with more features in the future. The mod is still in its earlier stages and in some parts a bit experimental, but I hope you'll find something to enjoy in my little toybox here.

Patreon (no paywall)

Version 0.7.6


Vayra's Sector - Required for custom bounties and some other features
Version Checker

- A decent number of new ships, lovingly handcrafted by me without excessive use of purple paint for once -
- A handful of new fancy weapons in a unique style linked to the Great Houses of Kassadar -
- A set of custom variant skins of vanilla and mod ships related to the same -
- Cool new ship systems and fancy synergetic ship designs -
- The Legio Infernalis, a pirate splinter faction with greater ambitions -
- The faraway Lethia system, home to the isolated Kassadar -
- Secret things to discover -

Some of the more extensive features that go beyond just the ship pack aspect can be disabled in the tahlan_settings.ini if you'd rather only have the new ships

Some Ship Previews:
This is not a complete list of everything in the mod as listing every single ship here would both spoil some surprises and is also getting unfeasible with how much stuff I've been adding.

New ships found amongst the lawful factions of the sector:

Yosei-class Heavy Frigate

Tempest's big sis

Skola-class Fast Frigate

A shocking development

Renki-class Missile Support Frigate

Every missile-fleet's little helper

Torii-class Hunter Killer

When you just want to point as many guns at the enemy as you can

Haelequin-class Destroyer

For when time is of the essence

Bronco-class Missile Destroyer

Cause missile racks are better than cargo bays

Bento-class Armoured Tanker

Too stubborn to die

Vale-class Holy Warrior

Purging the Holy Land

Kodai-class Fast Cruiser

From mining asteroids to mining armor plating

Phoca-class Light Cruiser

Small but with plenty of bite

Defiance-class Missile Cruiser

Fewer missiles than a Gryphon, but more guns

Bungalow-class Carrier

A box of angry bees

Nessie-class Makeshift Phase Cruiser

She really tries

Yukikaze-class Drone Cruiser and Korikaze-class Drone Frigates


They look up to their elegant Onee-sama

Yari-class Attack Cruiser

Big guns on a fast but fragile platform

Castigator-class Heavy Assault Cruiser

It might have anger issues

Nibelung-class Battleship

Relic of a different age

Castella-class Command Carrier

An angry brick, filled with fire

Ingress-class Battlecarrier

A hammer to smite the enemy with

Hresvelgr-class Fleet Carrier

A lowtech hive for angry bees


New pirate threats:

Tempest (P)

Small and deadly

Lasher (LI)

Bigger guns for bigger trouble

Bronco (LI)

Brings more gun

Eagle (P)

PD mounts are for cowards

Castigator (LI)

And you thought normal Castigators were angry

The Doominator

Pirate madness incarnate

Castella (LI)

Red goes fastah

Hresvelgr (LI)

Fewer bees, but more missiles

Dun Scaith

How'd they even build this?

New holy tools of Ludd:

Bento (LP)

A spicy lunch

Castella (LP)

Fewer fighters, more hammers

The Great Houses' equipment Rarely found in independent markets and fleets
Exa Pico Drone Controller

So much more than a Kite

Monitor (GH) Defense Frigate

An absurd amount of flak fire

Enforcer (GH)

He's coming for you

Izanami-class Prototype Cruiser

~za warudo~

Dominator (GH)

An unstoppable force

Legion (GH)

...for we are many

Onslaught (GH)

Not a mistake


Relic of a different age

Custom bounties - Requires Vayra's Sector:

and a new unknown threat, rarely seen amongst [REDACTED] fleets

Q: Is this mod balanced?
A: The general intent for most of the content in Tahlan Shipworks is to be balanced around vanilla power levels, but balance is in many ways a process and I won't always get it right. Adjustments are made all the time to improve balance. That said, there are certain pieces of content that are deliberately slightly overtuned to have some rare but powerful things for players to find and enjoy.

Q: Will the Great Houses ever be a faction?
A: No, at least not in the usual way. Their faction exists primarily as a piece of background lore. They have little power in the time period of the game and are just one of many independent planetary governments.

Q: Why do the Great Houses and Legio Infernalis not spawn in Nex Random core worlds?
A: Random core worlds mode only spawns playable factions. The houses aren't a faction to begin with and the Legio are designed as an NPC boss faction. As such they don't currently support nex random mode.

Bonus - List of things that are in fact NOT in this mod:
- R2D2 Commodities
- The Shadowclaw
- Lightning Bombers
- Imhotep
- The Cathedral
- Khopesh (M)
- Manta (LP)
- The Carolina
- The Attrition
- Antidiluvian Equipment
- Blessed Reach
- Infernus
- Pharrek
- Outlander
- too much stuff to list at this point

Nicke535 - For helping me out with his scripting wizardry
MesoTroniK - For advice here and there and keeping me from overdoing it again
SirHartley - For some beautiful artwork
Sylva - For giving me bad ideas and the original design of the Providence
Tartiflette, DR, MShadowy - Various code snippets and other advice
Luzaitis, Alfonzo - For giving me a hand on some of the sprites
The Discord folks - For feedback and keeping me motivated to keep working on this

- Renamed Skybreak back to Skysplitter cause it sounds better
- Added Vesuvio Magcannon
- Reworked Nelson sprite again
- Changed the Ronka sprite to avoid some design overlap with Magellan weapons
- Balor Smartgun
   - Lowered damage from 400 to 300
   - Increased efficiency from 1.2 to 1.0
   - Lowered refire delay from 1.3 to 1.0
- Tethra Smartgun
   - Increased damage from 90 to 100
   - Increased efficiency from 1.2 to 1.0
- Goll Overcharge Cannon
   - Increased kinetic damage per shot from 10 to 30
   - Set efficiency to 1.5
   - Added arcing effect

- Vund Autoforge now restores 50% more ammo if the captain has missile specialisation
- Castigator (all variants)
   - Reduced flux capacity from 14000 to 12000
   - Reduced flux dissipation from 600 to 550
   - Increased armor from 1300 to 1400
   - Hitpoints increased from 8000 to 10000
- Nelson
   - Reduced armor from 1400 to 1300
   - Increased dissipation from 600 to 700
   - Increased DP from 26 to 28
   - Hitpoints reduced from 10000 to 9000
- Doominator
   - Increased top speed from 30 to 40

- Added Nelson-class Assault Cruiser
- Plucked a memory leak or two, probably
- Skybreak
   - Changed front medium turrets to energy
- Monitor (GH)
   - System dissipation boost changed to small speed boost
- Prism-related
   - Scathach no longer appears for sale at Prism
   - Repulse can now appear for sale at Prism
- Nibelung
   - Fixed Broadside mounts not properly applying OP discount to large weapons
   - Increased OP of RG variant by 20
- New visuals for GH and Legio engines
- Added Mercenary companies for Nexerelin

- Added Skybreak-class Battlecruiser
- Izanami
   - Sprite overhaul (with lovely assistance from Alfonzo)
   - Redone mount layout
- Nibelung
   - Reworked Parallel Targeting Core. Now boost small mount ranges only.
   - Effect of HBI has been rolled into Broadside mounts. Now also affects large energies.
   - Increased OP by 20 (It no longer comes with a free overall range increase hullmod)
- Shiva
   - Increased dps from 600 to 800
   - Lowered efficiency from about 0.8 to 0.9
- Kodai
   - The angled side thrusters now act as system thrusters
- Scathach
   - Lowered dissipation from 1200 to 1000
   - Lowered armor from 1700 to 1500
   - Increased system cooldown from 10s to 15s
- Timeless
   - Lowered DP from 55 to 50
- Nameless
   - Lowered DP from 25 to 15
- Did some cleanup

- Poltergeist
   - fixed missing description
   - actually spawns properly now
   - added missing hullmods
- Project Silk
   - Doubled damage
   - Yes
   - Did nerf rate of fire
   - a bit
- Darnus
   - Increased DP from 10 to 13
- Blockhead
   - Changed Damper Field to Heavy Damper Field
- Castigator
   - UTPCs renamed to Thermal Blast Cannons
   - Efficiency increased to 1.0
- Onslaught (GH)
   - UTPCs renamed to Heavy Thermal Blast Cannons
   - Efficiency increased to 0.8
- Enforcer (GH)
   - Updated stats to new Enforcer stats
- Renamed Cobalt to Cordite due to name overlap
- Fixed Legio not getting their relations set properly
- Fixed Castigator (LI) still having old shield stats
- Fixed Doominator phase cloak still causing overloads
- Adjusted values of some blueprint packages

- Various bugfixes
- Further 0.95a compatibility adjustments
    - Rosenritter quest now scales with how deep into the tech tree you are
    - Custom phase cloaks now properly account for elite phase mastery
   - Fixed various other ***
- Lowered number of preplaced derelicts
- Reduced recovery chance of preplaced derelicts (can still recover with story points)
- Aetnos damage per shot lowered to 220, RoF increased accordingly
- Various sprite touchups
- Added Cinderblade
- Added Poltergeist-class phase missile cruiser
- Scoralis
   - Lowered torpedo range from 1200 to 1000
- Styrix
   - Improved efficiency to 1.2
- Korikaze
   - Removed automated ship hullmod
- Nibelung
    - Improved shield efficiency to 1.0
- Bronco
    - Improved shield efficeincy to 1.0
- Castigators
    - Improved shield efficeincy to 1.0
- Doominator
    - DP lowered from 30 to 25
    - Was rather overcosted tbh
- Removed Edengate (sort of)
    - Will be removed fully down the line
    - Replaced by Cinderblade
- Removed Kaivalya
    - Didn't really fit the other lostech hulls visually
    - Also too similar to the Karma overall
- Karma system changed to Spatial Shift
- Removed Higanbana

- Bugfixes

- Initial 0.95a compatibility
- Porphyrion
   - Now counts as an energy weapon for stat modifiers
- LosTech weapons
   - Now hybrid mount type
   - Still count as old weapon types for stat modifiers

- Metallican hulls
   - Added a 200su range increase for energy weapons
   - Energy weapons now give double benefit from the "machine spirit" effect compared to ballistics
   - This should make it more viable to actually take advantage of the hybrid mounts on these ships
- Castigator (XIV)
   - Changed TPC efficiency to 0.6 to align with upcoming vanilla balance changes
- Ryza, Mezoa
   - Improved projectile visuals
- Magaera
   - Lowered efficiency from 1.1 to 1.3
   - Increased range from 900 to 1100
- Gardion
   - Increased dps to 100
- Gardas
   - Increased dps to 200
- Styrix
   - Changed onHit effect damage from HE to Energy
- Scoralis
   - Removed EMP arcing from torps
   - Lowered top speed from 140 to 120
   - Increased hp from 400 to 600
   - Increased armor from 40 to 50
   - Removed shields
   - Lowered torpedo hp from 300 to 250

- Added Ryza-type Plasma Cannon
- Added Mezoa-type Plasma Gun
- Overhauled Metallican hulls
- Added some additional Silberblut Regalia variants
- Conand overhaul
   - Now high velocity with some emp damage
   - Updated sprite
- Scoralis
   - Lowered hp from 500 to 400
   - Lowered shield hp from 500 to 400
   - Lowered armor from 50 to 40
   - Lowered energy bonus damage on torpedoes from 400 to 300
- Breaker
   - Fixed flux efficiency to intended 1.1
- Skola
   - Increased burn level from 9 to 11
- Regalia
   - Reduced the maintenance penalty of not having a gantry from 3x to 2x
- Updated all scripted damage effects to properly scale with damage-increasing effects like skills or ship systems

- Added Providence-class Battlecruiser
- Added Throne-class Cruiser
- Added Blockhead-class Cruiser
- Added Breaker Rotary Cannon
- Added Aetnos Strike Cannon
- Hüter
   - Reduced refire delay to 0.25
   - Reduced damage to 50 frag
   - Reduced projectile velocity
   - Tweaked homing properties slightly
- Eradicator
   - Now targets frigates
- Nirvana
   - Improved system AI
   - Fixed passive vent effect bugs
- Armiger
   - Increased recoil
   - Lowered turn rate
- Efreet
   - Lowered turn rate
- Titanomachy
   - Lowered turn rate
- Conand
   - Efficiency reduced from 0.9 to 1.0
- Eisenflug
   - Lowered damage per shot of arm weapons from 75 to 60
- Scathach
   - DP increased from 60 to 80
- Edengate
   - DP increased from 35 to 40
- Higanbana
   - DP increased from 50 to 60
- Nibelung
   - Increased armor from 1500 to 1600   
- Hresvelgr X
   - DP increased from 45 to 55

- New Rosenritter fighter

- Castella (LP)
   - Completely reworked
   - New sprite
   - Fighter bays removed
   - upsized two forward smalls to mediums
   - Increased speed and durability
- Castella (LI)
   - DP increased from 40 to 45
- Castigator (all variants)
   - DP increased from 28 to 30
   - Shield upkeep increased from 0.3 to 0.4
   - Top Speed reduced from 60 to 50
- LosTech hulls
   - Lowered armor values across the board
   - Tweaked parameters of passive effects
- Bento (LP)
   - System changed to Crusher Drive

- Various beams now properly pierce missiles and such

- New hidden things
- Darnus-class experimental frigate

- Silberherz Hullmod
   - Reduced stat penalty for lack of level 10 officer to 15%
   - Added shield efficiency to affected stats
   - Added additional buffs for officers with Level 3 Gunnery Implants
- Silberblut Regalia
   - Reduced range of some arm weapons
- Crusher Drive
   - Reduced mass multiplier to reduce ramming damage somewhat
   - Reduced damage resistance
   - Increased cooldown from 10s to 15s
- Exa Pico
   - Reduced DP from 15 to 10
- Sturmkanone Mk.3
   - Removed EMP damage
- Sturmkanone Mk.2
   - Increased flux per shot from 300 to 360 (1.0 -> 1.2 efficiency)
   - Removed EMP damage
- Hagelsturm
   - Reduced range to 800
- Yosei
   - DP reduced to 8
- Renki
   - Shipsystem changed to missile autoforge
   - DP reduced to 8
- Castella (P)
   - Fray Cannon range increased from 1000 to 1200
- Timeless/Nameless
   - Shield changed to front shield with limited coverage
   - Reduced dissipation

- Added hint for Traumtänzer location to the end of Halbmond blueprint extraction quest
- Added Strahlblick medium burst beam
- Added Strahlhammer large burst beam
- Added Hagelsturm large ballistic weapon
- Added Mondlicht cruiser
- Added Crusher Drive ship system
   - Replaces Assault burn on Flagellator variants and Castella (LP)
- Added the Peppa (Parallel Energized Particle Pulse Array), a large energy weapon

- Legio Siege feature now defaults to disabled as there seem to be some bugs still with stations not despawning when defeated
- Lifeless ship spawns can now be enabled and disabled mid-campaign
- Castella and Castella (LI) ship system changed to heavy damper field
- Buffed Legio Smartguns: Better tracking, dps and projectile velocity
- Legio Siege Bases no longer have the Legio Tyranny condition
   - Should fix absurd siege fleet sizes
- Legio Tyranny renamed to Legio Entrenchment
- Weapon Stabilization
   - Removed top speed reduction
   - Increased projectile speed bonus from 25% to 50%
   - Added 50% recoil reduction
- Glanzwurf Regalia
   - Removed High Maintenance
   - Kfg.A: Weapon range reduced from 800 to 700
   - Kfg.B: newly added support/escort variant
- Silberblut Regalia
   - Removed High Maintenance
   - Kfg.A: Ship system changed to R-type Phase Skimmer (shorter range, faster cycle rate, more charges)
   - Kfg.C: Missile arm replaced with beam arm
   - Kfg.D: new variant with missile and pulse blaster arm
- Halbmond
   - Added High Maintenance
- Nachtgesang
   - Top speed increased to 60
- Traumtänzer
   - Added High Maintenance
   - Top speed increased to 60
   - Large mounts changed to universal
   - Added Artillery Interface hullmod
   - Increased dissipation to 1100
   - Reduced OP by 20
   - DP increased from 50 to 60
   - System changed to R-type Phase Skimmer
- Castigator Variants (Standard, GH, Legio)
   - Armor increased from 1200 to 1300
   - Shield efficiency reduced from 1.0 to 1.1
   - Shield upkeep reduced from 0.4 to 0.3
   - DP increased from 26 to 28
   - Castigator LI large mount reverted to hybrid
- Hresvelgr (RG)
   - Reworked into a battlecarrier conversion with two additional large mounts and 2 less bays
- Added Kassadari Claim condition to Atanor and Heridal in the Lethia system
   - Reduces Accessibility by 50%
   - Lowers growth rate based on market size
- Conand efficiency reduced from 0.8 to 0.9
- Timeless
   - Removed damage boost from ship system
   - Shield efficiency reduced to 0.8
   - Reduced dissipation from 1400 to 1200
- Timeless Prototype
   - Shielf efficiency reduced to 0.9
   - PPT reduced to 600s
   - Reduced dissipation from 1200 to 1000
   - Reduced overall moblity
- Nameless
   - Shield efficiency reduced to 0.8
- Songbird
   - Increased health and armour of built-in drones
   - Increased shield efficiency from 1.0 to 0.9
- Nibelung
   - Medium turret arcs adjusted to no longer have frontal convergence
   - You can thank the people making silly frontal builds for that
- Seeded Derelicts are no longer guaranteed recoveries
- Armiger
   - Damage per shot reduced from 400 to 300
   - Fire rate boosted to compensate
- Anumis
   - Damage per shot increased from 400 to 500
   - Fire rate adjusted to compensate

- Added Kriegsmesser Torpedo Launcher
- Added Dolch MRM Launcher

- Further tweaks to Legio Siege fleet sizes
- Legio bases should now properly time out eventually

- Fixed Vund-pattern Autoforge being nonfunctional on some ships
- Fixed Adlerauge Array not affecting Regalia with the Silberherz Subcore hullmod
- Fixed hidden derelicts not always spawning properly
- Fixed Traumtänzer being included in the Nachtgesang BP package

- Added a configuration file named "tahlan_settings.ini" allowing users to disable various mod features:
   - Lethia
   - Legio Infernalis
   - Legio Siege events

- Reduced number of patrol fleets spawned by Legio siege bases
- Reduced the defense multiplier of Legio Tyranny from 3 to 2

- Dorn blueprint can no longer drop randomly
- Dorn blueprint value set to something more reasonable
- Fixed a crash related to Legio Siege events

- Added Glanzwurf Regalia

- Nerfed Gardas and Gardion
   - Reduced per-shot damage
   - Lowered efficiency
   - Increased rate of fire
- Adlerauge hullmod changed
   - No longer increases damage
   - Grants a flat 100su range buff now
   - Also slightly buffs projectile velocities now
- Weapon Stabilization range buff is now a flat 200su, percentage buffs/debuffs changed to 25%
- Sturmkanone (all variants) projectile velocity reduced, efficiency dropped to 1.0
- Halbmond changes:
   - Added a 4th fighter bay
   - OP increased slightly
   - Improved shield stats
   - System changed to targeting feed
   - Large mount arcs improved slightly
- Updated HVB fleets with more fun ships
- Silberblut Regalia changes:
   - Reduced armour by 100
   - Reduced top speed by 10
- Ristreza variants dissipation reduced by 100
- Castigator variants:
   - Reduced Dissipation by 50
   - Reduced Armor by 50
- Increased armor of Fragmenta drones from 20 to 50

- Fixed Legio Siege bases not despawning when defeated in combat

- Typos
- Some blueprints missing from a certain BP package
- More typos
- other small stuff that doesn't really matter

- Songbird-class experimental dronecarrier
- Amboss Heavy Autocannon
- Legio Infernalis system siege event
- Added new secrets

- Reduced health of all fountain-type missiles
- Reduced speed of all fountain-type missiles
- Updated some visuals
- Ronka
 - Efficiency reduced to 1.1f/damage
 - Range reduced from 800 to 700
- all Castella variants:
 - Dissipation increased from 500 to 600 (to 700 for LI variant)
 - Armor increased from 1200 to 1400
- Infernalis Drives range malus removed. Now incompatible with Unstable Injector
- Kassadari Engineering is now no longer active during venting and overload
- Forced Overdrive
   - Armor bonus halved
   - OP costs slightly increased
- Raider Jets duration lowered
- Castigator variants
   - Armor reduced from 1500 to 1250
   - Reduced DP from 28 to 26
- Fixed Lasher (LI) turret mounts being treated as hardpoints
- Increased recoil on Efreet and changed something else but forgot what. DPS, probably
- Fixed a bug with broadside mounts leading to infinite repair times
- Increased Dun Scaith variants mass from 4200 to 6000
- Updated HVBs for new features
- Buffed the Timeless and Nameless. Find out the details for yourself
- Buffed Eradicator ammo regen and refire rate slightly
- Legio Infernalis should now be more resilient in Nex
- Hresvelgr X shipsystem changed to fortress shield

- Added the Metafalica as a new Kassadari Battleship (the Sylphon one will be removed from that mod at some point)
- Added support for HVB ships being obtainable from prism after being defeated (requires Nexerelin)
- Added support for combat chatter boss lines

- Increased Aftermarket Phasecoils range threshold from 700su to 800su
- Added bonuses to fleet size and ground defenses to Legio Tyranny condition
- Adjusted industries on Rubicon planets (only affects new saves)
- Buffed Flagellator stats across the board

- Legio now have access to every blueprint the pirates know, including those learned via black market trade (and they actually have guns to put on a paragon)

- Updated Legio Nex diplomacy traits
- Reduced flux cost of Goll variants
- Holy Furor cooldown increased from 10 to 15 seconds
- Reduced Vale flux capacity from 9000 to 8000
- Reduced Vale shield efficiency from 0.7 to 0.8

- Fixed some math in Trill system script

- Added Flagellator assault destroyer
- Added Flagellator (LI)

- Legio Infernalis now has nex start options
- Trill hullmod will now display its current effect during combat
- Castigator (LI) large mount changed from hybrid to universal (this change is experimental, so don't get used to it yet)
- Removed Kassadari Engineering from Monitor (GH) for the time being due to some vanilla AI issues. Will return once it's fixed. Replaced with built-in expanded magazines for now.
- Downgraded Kassadar's Orbital Works to Heavy Industry and removed the nanoforge
- Tempest (P) built-in drones have been changed to totally real legit terminator drones that are all like the ones on a normal Tempest I swear
- GH ship DP rebalanced to be roughly 10% higher than their base versions
- Scathach has regained Kassadari Engineering

- Fixed Legio Tyranny causing decivved Legio planets to make saves unable to load
- Fixed Legio Tyranny granting its bonus even when a planet is no longer controlled by the Legio
- Fixed some missing descriptions

- Added support for Commissioned Crews (For Legio. Great Houses still aren't a faction so stop asking)

- Balor Smartgun
- Tethra Smartgun
- Conand Autocannon
- Goll Overcharge Cannon

- Increased Cuchulainn dissipation from 600 to 700
- Improved Gae Bolg's flux efficiency
- Hresvelgr (LI) front hardpoints changed to ballistic
- Hresvelgr (LI) system changed from burn drive to missile autoforge
- Lowered Kodai DP from 24 to 22
- Lowered Torii DP from 12 to 10
- Lowered Trill DP from 12 to 9
- Reduced Armiger projectile velocity from 1000 to 900
- Increased Nibelung top speed from 45 to 50
- Increased Castigator (LI) armor from 1300 to 1500 (same as base variant)
- Slightly buffed Castigator (LI) and Edengate maneuverability
- Reduced normal, legio and xiv Castigator variants DP from 30 to 28
- Reduced Castigator (GH) DP from 35 to 30
- Increased dissipation of normal, legio and xiv Castigator variants from 600 to 650
- Buffed Scathach's mobility, changed system to Cavalry Charge

- Added Lasher (LI)
- Added unique Ristreza variant as HVB
- Added Alteria large kinetic

- Lowered Skola DP from 6 to 4
- Lowered Yosei DP from 10 to 9
- Removed AAF from Acastus again. Was a bit too silly.
- Adjusted Ristreza turret arcs
- Halved potency of Assault Mode buffs
- Assault Mode cooldown reduced from 14s to 12s
- Increased Scoralis' torpedo flight time to make them more reliable
- Increased porphyrion projectile fadeout duration
- Nessie buffs:
   - Increased dissipation from 300 to 500
   - Increased armor from 700 to 1000
- Changed Styrix to 1200 range, 3-round-burst kinetic
- Antique Seller tariff now scales with relationship level, down to 25% at cooperative

- Various small bugfixes

- Added Higanbana-class battleship

- Legio Infernalis can now produce their own drugs (requires new save to take effect)
- Yukikaze nerfs:
   - Increased shield upkeep and reduced shield base efficiency from 0.6 to 0.7
   - Reduced top speed from 100 to 80
   - Reduced dissipation from 750 to 700
   - Reduced ppt from 420s to 360s
   - Reduced DP from 35 to 30
   - Reduced Garuda range from 2500 to 1500
   - Increased chargedown from 2s to 5s

- Fixed issues with Stronghold Shield and Absolute Virtue systems not activating properly when shields are off

- Valacor adjustments
   - System changed from phase skimmer to decoy flare launcher
   - Increased hull from 250 to 300
- Bungalow ship system changed from burn drive to dodgy nav feed
- Renki adjustments
   - Ship system now grants 3% ECM rating while active
   - Increased DP to 8

- Added Hekaton Repeater large missile weapon
- Added Praxus Rotary Cannon
- Added Trill-class experimental frigate

- Revisited mount types of multiple GH refits
- Vendetta GH system changed to Assault Burn
- Onslaught GH system changed to Cavalry Charge
- Added Vund-pattern Autoforge hullmod to Vendetta GH
- Increased Assault Burn cooldown from 5s to 7s
- Increased Cavalry Charge cooldown from 10s to 12s
- Increased damage of all Gleipnir shot variants to 1500 base
- Tweaked various weapon visuals

- Added Cascadia Missile Battlecruiser - Variant of Ristreza
- Added Fount Swarmer Battery
- Added Fountain Dual Swamer Battery
- Added additional support for various other mods' features

- Karion Seeker Battery:
   - Reduced range to 1500
   - Reduced burst size to 3
   - Reduced chargedown to 5s
   - Added ammo capacity of 12
   - Added ammo regen of 0.3/s in stacks of 3
- Reworked Porphyrion again
   - Now a high-alpha cannon with some AoE

- Assault Mode tweaks
   - dps boost increased to 100%
   - cooldown increased to 15s
- Increased Ristreza DP from 45 to 50
- Gleipnir reworked
- Halved mobility bonus on Holy Furor system (Vale)
- Various tweaks to various visual effects
- Removed Kassadari Engineering from all fighters, buffed speed to compensate
- Added ammofeed system to Acastus
- Reduced shield hp on Acastus from 500 to 300
- Increased OP cost of Acastus wing from 10 to 12


- Adjusted some weapons further to reduce overlap with other modiverse weapons
   - Numeon range increased to 900, refire delay increased to 2.2s (DPS reduced to 182)
   - Anumis range increased to 1000, refire delay increased to 3.5s (DPS reduced to 229)
   - Styrix range increased to 1000, refire delay increased to 1.2s (DPS reduced to 417)
- Porphyrion chargedown increased to 1.5s
- Chrono Rupture cooldown reduced from 12s to 8s
- Fray Cannon damage increased from 1000 to 1200, Flux cost increased from 1000 to 1320
- Reduced chargeup duration of Assault Mode system from 10s to 5s, increased cooldown from 10s to 12s
- Increased Gleipnir HE damage from 1000 to 2000
- Adjusted small mount arcs on Ristreza
- Nerfed Karion Seeker Battery
   - Lowered energy damage from 100 to 50 (also applies to Ristreza's Seekers)
   - Lowered range from 2000su to 1500su
   - Lowered burst size from 9 to 6
   - Reduced speed from 500 to 400
   - Reduced missile health from 250 to 200
- Increased Armiger refire delay to 4.7s (DPS reduced to 255)

- Reduced number of procgen entities in Lethia (applies to fresh saves only)


- Fixed some config issues with Nexerelin
- Fixed Legio Infernalis not working in random sector (probably. I don't use random sector so cba to test it)

- Added the Ristreza Kassadari Battlecruiser
- Added Karion Seeker Battery
- Added the Lethia system, home of the Great Houses of Kassadar
- Added a new mission featuring the last stand of the Izanagi
- Added Legio Infernalis faction
- Added Rubicon System

Vayra's Sector Additions:
- Properly added the Cuchulainn mobile weapons platform as HVB
- Added HVB for Izanami
- Added raider and colonization behaviour for Legio Infenalis

- Renamed Heraton-class torpedos on the Scoralis to "Rakaton" in order to avoid confusion with Hekatons
- Kassadari Engineering passive time acceleration will now be suspended while the ship system is enabled
- Great Houses of Kassadar start options now spawn at Kassadar

- Removed EMP damage from Magaera

- Fixed various typos and other small tidbits I couldn't be bothered to document

- Added Scoralis heavy bomber
- Added Ronka Blastcannon
- Added Anumis superheavy cannon
- Added Ramun siege microcannon
- Added Phoca-class light cruiser

- Adjusted Izanami's Chrono Rupture stats to compensate for the recent bugfix increasing its effectiveness
- Nibelung now has a pair of unique hullmods

- Kassadari engineering now doubles CR decay after ppt (Delicate Machinery)
- Reworked various weapons:
 - Armiger now has 1100 range and slower projectiles to better match its kinetic counterpart, the Efreet
 - Styrix changed to 900 range with high dps and decent efficiency. Added some recoil. Reduced OP cost from 30 to 28
 - Magaera efficiency increased slightly at the cost of some EMP damage. Overall damage per shot increased, rate of fire reduced. Less spammy now.
 - Gallant rate of fire reduced, damage per shot increased, efficiency buffed slightly. Similar change to Magaera
 - Added recoil to both Magaera and Gallant
 - Gardas per-shot damage increased to 900 to be more fitting for its high OP cost
 - Teltrite efficiency nerfed to 1.0 and refire rate reduced to 1/s
 - Numeon changed heavily into an HE weapon with the Hekaton's gimmick, parallel to the new Anumis
 - Porphyrion changed to energy damage. Similar to old Numeon in role, but burst-fire
 - Atrapos renamed to Gardion, changed to ballistic. Now a medium equivalent of the Gardas
 - Increased burst delay and chargedown on medium Hekaton launcher
 - Reduced projectile speeds on many weapons
 - Reduced Prophyrion dps
- Reduced Dun Scaith armor from 1600 to 1500
- Reduced Doominator armor from 1500 to 1400
- Reduced Nibelung flux capacity from 24000 to 22000
- Reduced Nibelung armor from 1600 to 1500
- Increased Nibelung dissipation from 700 to 800
- Reduced Nibelung shield efficiency from 1.0 to 1.2
- Increased Nibelung top speed from 40 to 45

- Izanami bugfix (hopefully)

- Buffed the Edengate a bunch

- Fixed various small errors in some ship systems

- Unified the hullmods of all Legio Infernalis ships

- Reduced DP of Hresvelgr variants to 45

- Fixed bug with Unique Nibelung bounty

- Bronco-class missile destroyer
- Nibelung-class battleship
- Some new Nex start options
- Valacor heavy fighter
- The return of the Bento (LP)

Vayra's Sector stuff:
- Boss-variant Niebelung with custom bounty
- Added some rare flagship options

- Lowered Efreet DPS slightly
- Lowered Efreet range from 1200 to 1100

- Fixed wrong scaling math on some ship systems

- Yari adjustments
   - lowered top speed from 90 to 70
   - lowered dissipation from 800 to 700
   - Increased shield upkeep
   - Lowered ppt from 480s to 420s

- Gardas Hyperrail Cannon

- Reduced Doominator dissipation to 500
- Increased Doominator flux cap to 12000

- Increased Styrix range to 1000
- Lowered duration of Dun Scaith's system from 4s to 3s
- Changed Hresvelgr ship system to Defensive Formation (reduces fighters' damage taken by 50% while active)
- Removed ATC from Hresvelgr

- Fixed Sophrosyne-related crash

- Titanomachy beam weapon
- Efreet barrage cannon
- Dun Scaith class pirate dreadnought
- Hresvelgr fleet carrier
- Glint fast cruiser
- Some content for Vayra's sector:
   - a number of special bounties featuring unique ships
   - some ships for colony factions

- Overhauled all Castella sprites and adjusted all 3 variants
- Overhauled Ingress sprite   
- Buffed damage and flight time of Pendragon submunitions

- Majorly reworked Castella (P)

- Overhauled the Bento
- Reworked Relparax a bit

- Reworked multiple GH weapons into high-powered but inefficient weapons

- Some major Izanami nerfing:
   - Increased Chrono Rupture cooldown from 3 to 10 seconds
   - Lowered ppt from 480 to 360
   - Lowered  armour by 100
   - Lowered flux capacity from 12000 to 10000
   - Increased base value from 200000 to 600000
- Lowered Castigator (P) armor from 1500 to 1300

- Added Relparax medium blaster
- Added Nenparax small beam
- Added Eradicator Siege Laser
- Added new secrets to find

- Reworked Disparax
- Vale now requires a crew
- Overcharged Fusion Torch range increased from 400 to 450
- Switched Castigator (P) built-in aux thrusters to augmented drive field to stick with the theme (plus it has funky maneuvering jets already)

- Caliver wing OP cost increased to 22

- Multiple Doominator changes
   - now uses custom Aftermarket Phase Coils hullmod
   - large mounts changed to ballistic
   - ship system changed to weapons overdrive
- minor improvements to pirate variant sprites

- Added Castigator (P)
- Added Doominator

- Redid Castella (P) paintjob

- Fixed some crashes

- Added Defiance-class missile cruiser
- Added Teltrite impactor gun
- Added Torii Hunter Killer
- Added Eagle (P)
- Added Overcharged Fusion Torch
- Added Tempest (P)
- Added Pendragon MIRV Catapult

- Forced Overdrive now directly negates the armor debuff from Kassadari Engineering
- Changed Errant Drive to feel more controlled
- Added Hegemony start with Castigator
- Added various 0.9.1a functionality

- Increased Mining Lance range from 700 to 800
- Lowered flux per shot of Volkite-type weapons to 15
- Lowered Yosei top speed from 160 to 140
- Lowered Bento max burn from 8 to 7
- Added civilian-grade hull to Bento
- Adjusted ship prices in accordance with 0.9.1a values

- Fixed some linux crap
- Fixed missing default ship roles entry for Bento (LP)

- Changed Monitor (GH) ship system to Stronghold Shield
- Changed Dominator (GH) ship system to Cavalry Charge
- Changed Legion (GH) default loadout to use Caliver bombers instead of Perditions

- Increased OP cost of Hekaton-class torpedos to 2,4,14 OP for single, rack and launcher respectively (from 1,2,10)
- Lowered Yukikaze flux capacity from 14000 to 12000
- Lowered Castella armor to 1200
- Lowered Castella OP to 240
- Lowered Castella flux cap to 11000
- Prism Coil max charges reduced from 40 to 30

- Disabled music player for now due to technical issues
- Tweaked Izanami ship system visuals

- Added Nameless drone destroyer
- Added Timeless drone mothership
- (Properly) added Disparax plasma emitter

- Partially renamed most weapons to be more descriptive

- Added a fancy thing

- Changed Acastus to interceptor and made its custom Vokite frag damage again

- Increased Magaera and Gallant shot speeds
- Increased Porphyrion shot speed, narrowed burst and increased dps some
- Greatly increased Atropos lance cycling speed to make it more of a sustained fire weapon
- Made Izanami's built-in missiles a 5-round burst with higher per-missile but lower overall dps due to reduced ammo regen
- Nerfed various Bento stats
- Caliver OP cost reduced from 20 to 16

- Added Izanami prototype cruiser
- Added Renki missile support frigate
- Added Gallant small kinetic railgun
- Added Castella Pirate variant
- Added Numeon antimatter cannon

- Errant Drive now moves at fixed speed along current motion vector instead of boosting mobility
- Ingress' Navigation Feed is now an upfront cost cooldown-based system like targeting feed
- Changed Nessie's system to ammofeed
- Bungalow now has a Cramped Hangars hullmod, increasing fighter refit times

- Increased Kodai's OP from 110 to 120
- Increased range of mining lance from 600 to 700
- Lowered Yukikaze dissipation from 800 to 750
- Lowered Exa Pico armor from 400 to 200
- Lowered Nessie's flux cap from 12000 to 10000
- Buffed Nessie's mobility stats

- Various Hekaton fixes

- Fixed Prism Coil stats to properly act as charge-based

- Added missing Prism Coil description
- Fixed missing PD tag on Prism Coil
- Fixed broken MagicLib check on game load

- Added Vesperon support
- Added Caliver torpedo bomber
- Added small mount Hekaton torpedo rack

- Renamed Great Houses blueprint package

- Nerfed the Yukikaze some

- Fixed issues with BPs for Skola and Haelequin
- Fixed compatibility of Forced Overdrive and Shield Bypass

- Added Haelequin Destroyer
- Added Skola Frigate
- Added new Navigation Feed ship system

- Ingress now uses Navigation Feed ship system
- Bungelow now uses Burn Drive

- Added more missing descriptions


- Various small bugfixes
- Added missing descriptions


- Initial public release version


- Added Ingress-class battlecarrier


- byebye Firemane
- byebye Ambrosia
- they both just didn't really work, I'll have to admit


- Fixed a bug causing wierd velocity behaviour for Unstable TPC
- Fixed a bug causing particles to spawn from the Unstable TPC when they shouldn't
- Fixed a memory leak related to Unstable TPC


- Added Volkite battery


- Added GH refit hulls


- Added Atrapos


- Added Nessie makeshift phase cruiser
- Added Bungelow cruiser carrier


- First semi-public release featuring a small number of ships


- Initial version

Want to support me financially for whatever reason? I now have a Patreon set up if you'd like to give some monthly tip money. None of my mods will ever be locked behind any sorts of paywalls, of course. This is purely if you'd like to help me out.

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Re: [0.9a] Tahlan Shipworks 0.3 - That time Nia decided to make a ship pack
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2019, 11:24:53 PM »

Congrats on the public release, love the Great House ship design assembly mechanic.


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Re: [0.9a] Tahlan Shipworks 0.3 - That time Nia decided to make a ship pack
« Reply #2 on: January 17, 2019, 04:01:59 AM »

My mods


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Re: [0.9a] Tahlan Shipworks 0.3 - That time Nia decided to make a ship pack
« Reply #3 on: January 17, 2019, 08:34:03 AM »

You make angry looking ship when it isn't purple or pink.
Broken English specialist

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Re: [0.9a] Tahlan Shipworks 0.3 - That time Nia decided to make a ship pack
« Reply #4 on: January 17, 2019, 09:09:44 AM »

Made a gif showing off most of the added weapons. Also adding it to the first post in the GH section.

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Re: [0.9a] Tahlan Shipworks 0.3 - That time Nia decided to make a ship pack
« Reply #5 on: January 17, 2019, 12:00:30 PM »

Nice to see this on the forum. I might write some slightly detailed about the ships later on, once I finish the IBB run. One bit I can say now is that Korikaze frigates seem to be pretty strong for their weight, and they get a boost when near the cruiser.


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Re: [0.9a] Tahlan Shipworks 0.3 - That time Nia decided to make a ship pack
« Reply #6 on: January 17, 2019, 12:09:13 PM »

Great looking mod.
But there is one thing.....when i look at Nessie i just see two mean faces, sorry but can't really help it.

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Re: [0.9a] Tahlan Shipworks 0.3 - That time Nia decided to make a ship pack
« Reply #7 on: January 17, 2019, 01:18:46 PM »

Nice to see this on the forum. I might write some slightly detailed about the ships later on, once I finish the IBB run. One bit I can say now is that Korikaze frigates seem to be pretty strong for their weight, and they get a boost when near the cruiser.

Not sure which version you are running, but I tuned down the Korikaze recently. Will have another look if it's still a bit strong. Will probably bump up their supply value to ~8

Great looking mod.
But there is one thing.....when i look at Nessie i just see two mean faces, sorry but can't really help it.

Blame David for that one. He clearly made it so the Gremlin's phase coil looks like a face.
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Re: [0.9a] Tahlan Shipworks 0.3 - That time Nia decided to make a ship pack
« Reply #8 on: January 17, 2019, 02:24:22 PM »

Well, this mod is going in the next time I start a new game.

Nessie just reminds me of a T-shirt I've got - a picture of the Loch Ness Monster, with "Believe in yourself... even if no-one else does."  It's a good name for a phase cruiser.
Wyvern is 100% correct about the math.

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Re: [0.9a] Tahlan Shipworks 0.3 - That time Nia decided to make a ship pack
« Reply #9 on: January 17, 2019, 03:10:35 PM »

Nessie just reminds me of a T-shirt I've got - a picture of the Loch Ness Monster, with "Believe in yourself... even if no-one else does."  It's a good name for a phase cruiser.

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Re: [0.9a] Tahlan Shipworks 0.3 - That time Nia decided to make a ship pack
« Reply #10 on: January 17, 2019, 08:50:25 PM »

I love how its quite clearly two gremlin's firmly? attached to an engine. The depth of thought in some of these ships are fantastic. I love your mods!


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Re: [0.9a] Tahlan Shipworks 0.3 - That time Nia decided to make a ship pack
« Reply #11 on: January 17, 2019, 11:01:41 PM »

That Nessie just screams "Now this is pod racing!"
You see, Araragi-san, in a way, the supernatural is what's behind the curtain.
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Re: [0.9a] Tahlan Shipworks 0.3 - That time Nia decided to make a ship pack
« Reply #12 on: January 18, 2019, 06:22:31 AM »

no, this is podracing

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Re: [0.9a] Tahlan Shipworks 0.3 - That time Nia decided to make a ship pack
« Reply #13 on: January 18, 2019, 09:17:02 AM »

My wife Onslaught has a new skin(clothes). Solid 10/10.


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Re: [0.9a] Tahlan Shipworks 0.3 - That time Nia decided to make a ship pack
« Reply #14 on: January 18, 2019, 09:56:11 AM »

Boy oh boy... this is wonderful! I have witnessed the full might of this fully armed and operational mod... and I can't stop drooling xD

But... will I find these ships/weapons or their schematics if I add this mod on an existing save? Plz... give me hope :)
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