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Author Topic: A Dwarf Fortress Forum let's Play: The Fortress of Mytharrow, Lathonfeb  (Read 1399 times)

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So, I did this a while back and am doing it again. and since it's been QUITE a while, I do not expect anyone to really participate in a blood-line as that requires some more... commitment. So, I'm likely going to keep this as a regular "Let's Play" that I update every so often. (I'm do a lot of this to get my creative jucies going again adn start working on something)

 See the previous fortresses I've done here, much of the same info will be used here...

A primer to DF or Dwarf Fortress, for those who want to enjoy the Let's Play and story I craft from this maddness.

Slaves to Armok: God of blood
Chatpter 2: Dwarf Fortress

Or simply, Dwarf Fortress, could be described as something similar to sim-city, Dungeons 3, and dungeon keeper. you are tasked with only one objective with your seven starting dwarves and cart of supplies. Make a fortress. Make it big, make it small, make it layered in soap, make it run blood, make it spew magma! It's whatever you want to make it,

but make, a, fortress.

The game is often described as having a learning curve akin to a cliff. It often drives the community's motto of: LOSING IS FUN!

The Wiki is very helpful and many youtubers have done videos of varying degrees of enjoyability on the game and how to play it, or simply a good LP.
For those that're curious I'd recommend a LPer by the name of "Kruggsmash" guy makes some awesome stuff


You take seven drunk midgets into a fly infested bog, wolf walked forest, zombie ridden hell hole and try to make as cool an funcitonall of a fortress as you can before Urist McMyVomitDon'tReek pulls a lever and kills everyone with !!! REDACTED !!!Or in English:
You take 7 dwarves with supplies and carve or construct a fortress as cool an functional as you can before it all, inevitability, maybe awesomely, ends.
Additional information and fun stuff can be found at:

To have your name in the game, please fill out the form here.

You may only have 1 dwarf named after you. Likewise, if you die, you can then have a dwarf named again. If your dwarf had children and one of them was NOT named already, I can name you after the child if requested.

What's the point of all this?
As a synopsis and explanation, this is a Let's Play where I- Azara/Petra/Az -shall write a story based on the actions of the dwarves and name dwarves based on player input and attempt to assign them jobs. Assigning jobs is a little more awkward for me in this newest version, but I'm sure it'll be fine. Likewise, I intend to- for the ease of readership -use the Steam version of the game.  I am VERY tempted however to use the "Free" Version of the game as well as I perosnally love the ASCII.

The point of this Lets Play is to attempt to revive a somewhat dying civilization. Fight-back the goblins, and become a new and proper mountain home with defenses to handle the hordes of green-backs and to ensure the safety of our civilization.

PS history and other notes:

To be filled as needed.
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Az the Squishy

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Re: The Fortress of Mytharrow, Lathonfeb, coming soon~!
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2023, 09:52:53 AM »

Mind the dust, it's been a while since i've posted here... There will be something more here in a few...

Az the Squishy

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Re: The Fortress of Mytharrow, Lathonfeb, coming soon~!
« Reply #2 on: March 21, 2023, 09:53:00 AM »

Mind the dust, it's been a while since i've posted here... There will be something more here in a few...

Az the Squishy

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Re: The Fortress of Mytharrow, Lathonfeb, coming soon~!
« Reply #3 on: April 12, 2023, 10:38:13 AM »

16th of Granite, 300
I, the humble Anthro-feline known as Miss Metelson, Azara Metelson to be precise. Have been tasked with assisting these 7 dorfs as best as I am able to do so. I tend to be out of the way though. As this is not my journey, rather… It is the journey of MythArrow, Lathonfeb.

Our starting 7 are…

Mori the Moth Lover
Pizza Police
Zok the Corrupted
Buds the Stronk
Victoria StoneSketch
Bromma the Gardener
And lastly, Juicy the Bronze Broad.
To escape from war, and violence. The dwarves sent out a small band of 7 to form a colony for the glory of all Ustanzutthan! However, it is not going to be easy in this world of Ragnus. For, there are many things one has to deal with.Chiefly among them? Stupidity.

Case and point?

The damn bastards have parked out cart OVER A RIVER! It is frozen, but for how long? Who knows! Who cares! DIG YOU IDIOTS! BEFORE WE LOSE EVERYTHING TO THE SPRING THAW! I hope we’re fast enough to get at least SOME things saved before the cart is damaged… I’ve also set up a meeting area to the north. That should prevent… … accidents. From occurring.

27th Granite, 300
It turned out that we’ve a brook… and it somehow has a pretty big water-fall which, is Iced over. So… that was a slight disappointment. Still waiting for the thing to thaw over though… We’ll have to see what’s going on. Regardless, the miner’s found that we’ve got a good hill-side and can make a pretty great home here with time…  Though, we haven’t found a single cavern yet.

15th of Slate, 300
Well… we’ve not found the caverns yet, I’m going to have Mori the Moth Lover take a look into things. And start digging around, just looking for ore. If we need to. Also, the brook has in fact, turned into a river. I’m glad I got the cart off and made a small bridge of sorts for folks to use. However, in the winter that will need to be monitored as if we’re not careful, we could end up with a few dwarve’s dying to the ice…

I’ll have to watch for that…
19th of Felsite, 300
Late-spring, we’ve begun work to shape the mountain and have found that we’ve FIRE-CLAY, great stuff for managing magma and other sources of heat. Fantastic for pots and bricks as well. I hope to make a bastion for us to use to help house people outside, or otherwise… I’ll need to plan that out though.  Otherwise, Mori found a lot of good stuff! Now we just have to find some iron. I’ve see it in the side of the waterfall but, I’d like to avoid making the hillside into swiss-cheese without good reason...

22nd of Felsite, 300
Mori I LOVE YOU, you GLORIOUS, DAMN, MOTH-LOVING FOOL! The Caverns! YOU HAVE FOUND IT!  And they’re lush with so much! It is GLORIOUS! I can’t wait until we have a proper scout party to look into it further. For now though, I have walled it off for safety reasons. Some have bemoaned this fact, but, I’d rather be sure the caves are safe rather than… well… Have issues… come up.

17th of Hematite
At the request of Mori, we have begun to dig deep. For we are Dwarves of the deep, and shall have this home for ours! And as such, we shall honor our ancestors, and the mountain homes! We shall CONQURE THE DEEP!
As a result of this, I am going to be exploring more of the cavern and setting up Bud to be our first military captain. Sadly, having Mori dig out a straight shaft hsasn’t shown us any more of the caverns we’ve found so far. I’ll have her dig around a bti more… if she wants us to be deep dorfs, she’s going to have to help us become that deep!
Several months of digging later…

22nd of Limestone, early Autumn, late summer.
We auh, somehow missed another cavern… We also got some more fools to join us from the capital. Not sure how we’re going to make a come-back, but a come-back we’re gonna be making!  Our civilization is some 200 strong and we can make a last bastion here. Perhaps it’s not ideal… But, for us? It’s worth trying damn it all!

Several MORE months of digging later…

11th of Timber, early fall.
Well, the river has frozen over and the caver van has gone. But, we’ve been working on getting a main ramp down into the first cavern layer. Less digging and easier to work with. We’ll need to pipe-up magma later perhaps. But, we’ll see.
Bud’s squad scouted the cavern and found a great cliff-face where we could have our main fortress and with Mori’s approval as she is still the Expidient leader. We’ve stared to dig. We’ll be digging out the first section of the fotress as a sort of  “Outsider’s” Common area… No need for them to get too deep into OUR commons when we’ve few folk to live for. I’ve also stopped ALL fishing. We don’t need people outside freezing their asses of. It is surprisingly cold here.

18th of Timber
Ooh, we’ve our first strange mood from a recent migrant. No name of note but, she may make something of note. We’ll have to see though as that depends on what she does. Weather it is well made and properly enjoyed or not was another thing entirely.  So far she’s been going for days to get matieral.
She found all her things for… Rushrultizen? Whatever that means, we’ll need to look into it later. For now, more digging dwarves!
Update # 2 (she was fast…):
It’s a nifty figure but, she has no ide ahow she made it. Remembers nothing! So, we’ll need to ust put that away I guess for now.

Several more months pass with a variety of entries.
26th of Obsidian Late Winter/Early Spring
Welp, we’ve gone and done it! We’ve moved a good chunk of stuff underground and have commited to the deep-life! We’ll need to start draining out some of the under-ground lake a bit, I have some ideas on how to do that, dangerous as it is. And with the location of the water we have? I am confiden we could make a flushing trap if I can get some things set up to handle the water-throughput.
As for the fortress itself? Well, near the end of the year there is much to discuss. Primariyl, we need to get a proper forge set up, even a modest one. As Mori and the others have been digging we’ve uncovered an unpresidented amount of wealth in the form of Iron ore, Copper, gold and tin! All manner of metals! And jewles! Some were as big as my EYE BALL! It was fascinating and wonderous!

We will need to get something set up for guilds here eventually as well I’m sure, and a temple for worship. I’m thinking of having a simple chapel near the Clinic/Hosptial I’m developing to the west. Further west is out Royal chambers I’ve in mind. But I’ll show that once it’s ready properly.

Aside from that? We’re continuing to work diligently and I’ll be diging out a forge-hall in the coming days. Perhaps this next year we can finally start working on smelting some ores down and making some tools of our own! For now? time to celebrate the dwarven new year! HOOORAAH!

So dwarves, this is the first year. I’ll be posting the second year soon. And there wasn’t a lot going on really so, not much to write, but, enough to enjoy.  If you wish to participate the Dorf Naming Request form is online and active at the moment of writing and accepting names. If I run out of dorfs I may restore to naming Animals of noteworthy ness.

Otherwise I hope you'll enjoy the story as it goes along. I'll try an make it interesting.

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Master say, have fun. ....Fun....
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