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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: Uniquifying the Factions, Part 2 (04/30/22)

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Author Topic: [0.95.1a] Holy Covenant of Kemet 0.0.2h (Fiddling, Fire and Phase Ed.)  (Read 8544 times)

Mira Lendin

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People kitbash skins for this game, i personally never done it but it's not that hard

Network Pesci

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It were, in fact, so easy.
« Reply #16 on: May 09, 2022, 09:12:05 PM »

Okay, just finished out this campaign.  You know what, I change my mind, the Nepthys might be just a bit too strong.

Spoilers for THE major fight from Xhan, a different mod.

I didn't actually need those Eradicators or that Dominator, not to mention the other 20 ships I brought, I totally could have soloed that fight if it had even occurred to me it was possible.  A Paragon will die the second time the lightning barrage collapses its shields, but the Nepthys (admittedly with Heavy Armor S-Modded in and a lot of Combat skills on my character) can tank the damage and keep going like Rocky Balboa in the first round.  He was so mad at how quick I beat him that he didn't drop those gravity blasters this time. :'(

(For those who haven't had the joy of fighting Thousand Eyes, it's a special bounty from Xhan that breaks vanilla balance in half and then sets it on fire with Sith Lightning.  Hey you know what will help?  Turn the battle size up and bring a bunch more Paragons!  If you don't mind a horrific waste of millions of credits and thousands of video game lives you owe it to yourself to fight Thousand Eyes.)

This is more or less the build I was using.  This is actually the "CPU pilots can use this without ever being in danger" heavy shieldbreaking build, mine had a Rift Cascade Emitter subbed in for the central Tachyon Lance and some shock repeaters instead of the gamma guns (cheap energy Vulcan-like PD from Xhan mod) and Covenant PD pictured here.  Nothing in vanilla can stand up to the relentless kinetic barrage, if they don't outnumber and outmass you at least three to one, more like ten to one if you're fighting pirates or Pathers, they will spend all their time spinning helplessly overloaded with their engines and weapons disabled until you get tired of laughing at them and put them out of their misery with a triple tachyon burst.  Once you get your distance, you can even keep battlestations overloaded.  The one and only vanilla ship I have not personally confirmed this build can solo today is the Remnant Star Fortress.  It is slightly vulnerable to being surrounded, one of these versus one Omega is unfair to the Omega, but two of these versus two Omegas is a fight I have to call in reinforcements for because they'll surround us once they start splitting.

Now I like "fun" as such and by the time I can afford capital ships that cost nearly a million each, I should be able to rock the Sector with them, so I'm not going to say ten Medium Energy slots is too much, even in a mod with Kinetic and High-Ex options for energy that compare favorably to vanilla's Ballistic and Missile offerings.  A few years ago I'd have said it's too much, but we didn't have Redactoids from Dimension X as part of the base game back then.  Now I say the more the merrier, whatever.  I do think the Nepthys could afford to have either the armor and hull of an Onslaught or the shield strength and flux dispersion of a Paragon, stacking both on the same ship is too powerful, especially for something that moves like a cruiser with a mobility system.  You know, the Arbiter or Master Chief or whoever, they always had to choose two out of twenty different guns.  Nepthys is more like Doom Guy.  And it is not cheating when I put Tachyon Lances on it because they are just TriMart brand Spartan Lasers.


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Please give all the People of Kemet ships the 'Civilian' hint so they don't take DP limits from skills, allowing them to be used as logistic vessels.
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