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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24); New blog post: New music for Galatia Academy (06/12/24)

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Author Topic: [0.95.1a] TC: Archean Order: Rebalanced Combat/Lore RPG - *hotfix* 4/14/22  (Read 741662 times)


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Warning: This is a Beta and is not guaranteed to be bug free. Please report any encountered bugs on this thread. Thanks and have fun!

The experimental version is under "Optional Files" on the Nexus Mods site. It is not included in the mirror but will be placed there assuming I merge the changes into the current release. Thanks for playing!

Known Beta Issues
- Descriptions are either missing or inaccurate.

Important Please Read:   Archean Order is a TOTAL CONVERSION and this means that it changes/overrides a lot of core files. This makes adding additional mods have a few limitations that could otherwise cause crashes or unintended behavior. See compatibility details.*

If Archean Order is on the mod list and you are using other mods and encounter what looks like a bug, please do not post on any thread other than this one for bug/behavior reports. Even if the source seems to clearly be another mod in the stack trace/log, the TC nature could be causing something unintended and you should not bother the mod author until I can verify I am not causing it. Thanks for reading this and have fun!

*Compatibility details for adding additional mods: Faction mods are technically compatible and won't crash in the majority of cases, however, they are not balanced around Archean Order's combat balance because they are balanced around the standard Starsector combat balance. Including mod factions might cause weird things to happen or imbalance Nex campaigns so results and experiences may vary. Any mods that change skills will likely not work though a workaround is available and you can ask on the forum thread or through PM and I will help you with it. Feature mods and utility mods are generally ok and will not break the TC's combat balance though they may change campaign experiences.

-----See Instructions Below-----

Directions to Enable Nexerelin and Other Non-Utility Mods:
1) Go to mod_info.json located directly within the the first level of the mod directory and open it.

2) Change the value 

3) You can now enable the other mods when running the game.

Feature mods that *shouldn't* break the TC balance.
Starship Legends
Combat Chatter
Unknown Skies
Ruthless Sector
Second Wave Options
Grand Sector
Commissioned Crews
Common Radar
Fuel Siphoning
Supply Forging
SpeedUp (Warning: Increasing combat speed above 2X reduces projectile accuracy to a large degree and will break things. See SpeedUp's main page for details.)
Updated Rotary Weapons
Automatic Orders
Player Station Construction
Boggled's Terraforming Mod
Skilled Up
Better Colonies


1) If you are experiencing errors with markets without NPCs and major shortages/lack of supply and demand, see this thread for a solution (at the bottom of the first page). Please also get back to me with the relevant details asked for so that I can report it- in order to help reduce the number of instances of this error in the next Starsector update.


Older versions

Version 1.2.1d (.8 version of Starsector)


Download and Installation Instructions for New Players
   -   Upon downloading the mod by clicking the link above, unzip it and click through the folders until viewing a single folder above all the data. (So the file path would read "Archean Order TC v0.8.1a/data" etc)

   -   Next, drag the folders to the "Mods" directory. It should be located under something like: "C Drive/Program Files/Fractal Softworks/Starsector/Mods" See the image in the spoiler below for an example of what the final installation directory should look like.


   -   Run the game. When the first screen appears, at the very bottom click "Mods" and a list of installed mods should appear. As long as you followed the above steps, you should see "Archean Order". For reference see the photos below in the spoiler.


   -   As displayed in the image above, other mods you may have installed will also show up here (utility mods may still be selected).

   -   Remember, "Archean Order" is a TOTAL CONVERSION -- See the warning under Enabling Nexerelin above for mod merging information before disabling the TC behavior.

   -   Checkbox "Archean Order" and click "Save".

   -   Click "Play Starsector" and enjoy the Archean Order mod!

Mod Features
     -     More Dialogue Options for Fleet Encounters
            - >   Request commodities and war funds from anyone you meet.
            - >   Negotiate cease-fires with hostile captains or bribe your way out of combat situations.
            - >   Demand commodities or payment from fleets using your strength and influence.
            - >   Get tactical advice from your officers, who will have an opinion of you that will effect their dialogue and performance. **In Development**
            - >   Negotiate with allies to reinforce your position or attack enemy factions' fleets and installations. **In Development**
            - >   Use marines to protect your commodities and prevent boarding attacks on your vessels. **In Development**

     -     4 New Factions
            - >   New thematic factions with distinctive ships, weapons, culture, backstory and tactics.
            - >   Over 15 additional markets including 2 new systems of various factions added to the Core Worlds campaign map.
            - >   New and existing factions will react differently to your dialogue choices based on their motives, personality and other factors.
            - >   New factions have their own music, portraits, tech and skins.
            - >   Explore the sector to learn more and find your play style.
            - >   A customized tutorial that introduces new mechanics, ships and factions. **In Development**
            - >   A story introducing a few of the new and existing factions' characters. **In Development**

     -     New Combat Mechanics and Tactics
            - >   Over Over 50 types of fighters.
            - >   Fighters are smaller, faster, more numerous, and can deal extra damage to ships' weapons and engines.
            - >   Over 130 weapons.
            - >   Smaller weapons, more weapons per ship- designed to mimic a cinematic combat experience inspired from multiple movies and games.
            - >   New ships spread across all hull classes and factions.
            - >   650+ variants.
            - >   New paintjobs for existing ships - sometimes dramatically changing features and load-out options.

     -     New Starting Options and Role-Playing Scenarios
            - >   More starting ship choices and options based around play-styles.
            - >   Start as a pirate, with a reputation throughout the sector and a small raider wolfpack.
            - >   Start as a mercenary, with a powerful financial backer and a small elite strike force.
            - >   Custom tutorial options for each start, teaching new techniques and skills to succeed in that role. **In Development**

     -     An Emphasis on Story-Telling and Immersion
            - >   Rich background for all new factions- who will treat you differently based on their culture, your reputation, and your choices.
            - >   Thematic music, portraits, logos, descriptions, ships and weaponry for each new faction.
            - >   Faction colonies have custom descriptions that give insight into their history and culture.
            - >   New and existing factions are recognizable at a glance - unique faction weapons and custom appearances with stat modifiers give identity to their fleets.
            - >   Engage in small-talk to learn valuable secrets and improve your reputation with others, even your officers. **In Development**
            - >   Exploration, and investigation of hidden secrets leading to powerful allies, lost technology, or even shaping the politics of the sector's major factions. **In Development**
            - >   Bioware-inspired notoriety system. Strike fear into those who've heard of your deeds or be known as the sector's best hope for survival. **In Development**

Tactics Manual

   -    I created this tactics manual to give players a reference point for the multiple changes to the combat layer present in the mod. It should not be required to play, most of the game's descriptions will give an accurate sense of things, but it exists regardless! The tutorial will also explain a lot of things, but until I can get the bugs out of the story encounters there it is disabled.

   -   As a side note, the role playing starts will eventually require the tutorial to be played first, but I will disable that requirement until it is up and running.

Screenshots and Gifs

   -   These should provide a decent showcase of some of the mod's features, but can contain some light spoilers, so viewer discretion is advised.

New Dialogue Options












Performance and System Requirements

   -    More combat calculations and just the extra content/scripts in the mod will inevitably impact performance.

   -    The most noticeable performance difference from unodded Starsector is a longer loading time at start, especially the first time you load the mod.

   -    I've tried to optimize where I can but there is a lot of content. I wanted the dialogue features to be immersive, and that requires a lot of scenarios and dialogue to get it to feel right.

   -    It's hard to measure- I can tell you my test PC has these specs and performs fairly well.

              OS:                     -     Windows 10 Home(64x)
              PROCESSOR:        -     3.40GHz Intel i5
              RAM:                   -     8G
              VIDEO:                -     NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB

   -    Please feel free to chime in with what kind of performance you are experiencing, alongside your specs.

   -    I know it is definitely playable on older PC's and laptops from tests, but if I need to make adjustments I can try a few things.

Credits and Thanks

            - Alex
                   - Starsector's creator and my inspiration in game design. For the countless questions and coding help over several years and the emphasis you put towards supporting the modding community, taking player suggestions seriously, and just being a general all around nice guy, a serious heart-felt thank you!

            - xenoargh
                   - Creator of EZFaction and a very active and vocal member of the modding community, thank you for your input, creative suggestions, and all the questions you've answered!

            - LazyWizard, Trylobot, kazi, TJJ, Deathfly, Dark.Revenant, Tartiflette
                   - Probably the majority of the mods that currently exist use your tools and tutorials. A big thanks for your support of the community!
            - Art and Sound Assets
                   - Though the ship edits, logos, title screen and weapons were done personally, factions of this mod would not be possible without the hard work, inspiration and generous free-use permissions granted by the artists who are responsible for the portraits and music.

            - ***Special Note*** As promised under applicable licenses, I will both credit and link to the websites of those artists! Thank you! I have also taken some of these assets from free art/sound websites that do not always specifically credit the author. I have worked hard to verify these sources- however, if for whatever reason you are the owner of an asset used in this mod and either you have not been credited or I do not have your permission to use said asset, please contact me and either I will ensure you are credited or I will remove the asset from the mod. I completely understand the desire for work to have the appropriate credit and I'm not here to profit or steal anyone's stuff. I am just trying to make a fun and unique mod experience the current game doesn't offer!  :D

               **Dev Note** I am not responsible for the content on the linked websites. They may contain mature material that I have no control over. Discretion is advised where necessary.

            - Illustrations
                   Andreas Rocha -

            - Portraits
                   SineAlas -
                   Degenerate Portrait Pack -
                   Thank you to the following portrait pack content creators:
                        - Rusty-Head:
                        - atreg:
                        - albarra:
                        - Interestio:

            - Music
                   Adrian von Ziegler (purchased with receipt available)-
                   PurplePlanet -
                   Ross Budgen (SoundCloud) -

            - Modding Community
                - To all the forum members who have given their advice, opinions, critiques and ideas - whether you even know it or not - you have been a big influence in shaping this mod to what it is now and inspiring me to continue working to bring this project to fruition. To say I stand on the shoulders of giants doesn't even do it justice. Again, a big thank you everyone!
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This section will be reserved to document any existing updates as I find and squash bugs and continue to enhance the player experience with more dialogue, role playing options and features.

Next Patch Changes: Rough ETA: N/A for now.

N/A for now.


Current Patch Changes: Update 1.3.5
Campaign Content Additions and Balance Changes

 - Overall Campaign Changes:
    - Revamped most new factions colonies to better follow industry count rules per colony size and size standards within vanilla factions.
    - Reworked mod economy to be more even in market share and resource spread between factions (in general) while hopefully still nurturing trade opportunities for the player through the simulation environment.
   -NEX Changes
      - Adjusted vanilla factions' starting relationships, diplomacy chance, and max relationships for all new factions.
      - Adjusted some extremes within new factions' starting relations and diplomacy chances. (Trying to stick to lore intentions here, but still learning Nex to a large degree. A first pass.)
      - Added base raiding behavior and increased invasion power of Adamantine Consortium. (should have no allies and needs this to remain a threat to the player/sector is the idea, but feedback welcome)
                - Removed pirate behavior features for Nex with Adamantine Consortium and reduced colonization chance overall. (Still happens occasionally)

 --- Colony Changes:
    - Reduced Archean Order colony size for several colonies.
    - Removed Orbital Station from Xolydunne so it can be more easily raided.
    - Reduced the resource deposit quality for Ilyss and Arkmaros in some areas.
    - Reduced industry counts on many Adamantine Consortium colonies.
    - Added remote Luddic Church colony with refining, heavy industry and an additional military base with a large hazard rating.
    - Added two additional Sci-Corps colonies to better separate out industries and resources.
    - Removed Orbital Station from Yama and reduced the station at Nachiketa to an Orbital Station (down from a Battlestation).
    - Added Fuel Production and High Command to Gilead (based in the star fortress instead of the surface from a lore perspective)
    - Added Orbital Works to Tartesseus (again not on the surface- see above).
    - Increased size of Traveler's Triumph Station to 5 and added Heavy Industry.
    - Upgraded Traveler's Triumph Station to a Battlestation (up from an Orbital Station).
    - Removed Orbital Station from Salamanca to allow more raiding opportunities there.
    - Changed Kazeron's Military Base to a High Command.
    - Added a standard independent orbital station to Derinkuyu Mining Station to add to its defenses.
    - Removed patrol hq from Yesod and Ilm.
    - Changed ground defenses to heavy batteries on Yesod. Reduced heavy batteries to ground defenses on Mazalot.

 --- Fleet Composition Changes:
    - Reduced number of dedicated carriers in Hegemony fleets. (partly for vanilla lore adherence and also to create more faction variety in battle tactics between factions)


Combat Balance Changes
 - Reduced sustained DPS of Micro Repeater and Dual Micro Repeater.
 - Revamped ballistic weapon FX under these principles:
   - Yellow-Orange-Red color indication of assault-heavy assault-strike weaponry.
   - Bullet size now scales by tier to facilitate an intuitive learning of combat threats to armor and better teach a player when to raise shields.
 - Doubled cooldown of Phase Teleporter.
 - Added weapon slots and increased OP (if necessary) to most civillian ships to help prevent them from being overly vulnerable against fighters and missiles during retreat battles.
 - Added additional weapon slots and increased OP of some pirate and luddic conversion vessels (they are too weak).
 - Added a rear-facing small weapon to the Valkyrie and Valkyrie MkII to help give minor protection to its engines against interdiction-class missiles and upgraded the Valkyrie's central missile weapon size to medium to better combat fighters.
 - Added a built-in beam range increase to the Onslaught XIV hull to support it's built in foward weapons. (The AI uses them as a cost effective alternative more often now - even when equipping Devastators)
 - Added 3 additional small weapons (rear-facing) to Buffalo MkII and reworked variants for better synergy in attack builds.
 - Reduced per shot damage of Excaliber Cannon and Apocalypse Cannon line of weapons. Increased recharge/fire rate for those as well.
 - Made some ballistic weapons Energy damage instead of High Explosive damage.
 - Increased Revenant, Paragon and Megalith armor, max flux, and deployment cost.
 - Increased Megalith, and Revenant flux dissipation.
 - Slightly increased Megalith's base speed, removed all carrier limitations and benefits hullmods and replaced the built-in Accelerated Shields with a larger built-in increase to shield speed)
 - Increased armor and hullpoints for:
    - Pirate Atlas and Prometheus conversions
 - Rebalanced high tier vessel deployment costs. (FP cost slightly adjusted in a couple cases but mostly the same from before)
 - Increased speed of missile projectiles from bombers.
 - Increased attack range for missile projectile bombers.
 - Reduced hitpoints of missile projectiles changed above.
 - Reduced speed of phase orbs from Phantom bombers. Reduced their hit points. Doubled their turn rate.
 - Increased flight time of Hivemind orbs.
 - Combat Capacitors now allows the 0-flux speed boost up until 90% flux while active.
 - Buffed bomber defense across the board. Most heavy strike bombers release their payloads from further away.
 - Increased bomber damage.
 - Increased Claw bomber weapon armor penetration and reduced burst duration for more salvo accuracy.
 - Terminator Drones and Goliath Heavy Gunships will no longer target missiles or strike craft with their weapons and will instead focus upon their intended ship targets.
 - Obliterator and Heavy Obliterator no longer target fighters. (AI won't put them on autofire either)
 - Reduced damage and flux cost but increased recharge time for Gatling Laser and Heavy Gatling Laser.
 - Increased Artillery Blaster range by 200.
 - Increased flux cost of Guillotine Cannon to better match the Heavy Fissure Cannon.
 - Reduced flux cost of Avalanche Cannon.
 - Reduced damage and flux cost per strike and reduced cooldown of the Tachyon Lance.
 - Removed built-in Safety Overrides on Atlas MkII. Increased OP. Added a new MIRV variant to pirate fleets.
 - Slightly increased Sabot missile line flight speed and hitpoints.
 - Reduced flux cost of Icer Gun and Iridium Cannon. Added flux per salvo info to Icer Gun.
 - Increased Odyssey max flux and dissipation.
 - Removed Apogee from being considered a combat carrier to the AI. It should act more aggressively with it's primary weapons now.
 - Increased burst damage/dps but reduced range for the Graviton Beam and Graviton Lance.
 - Increased flux per burst/second for the Graviton Lance.
 - Increased hitpoints of the Atropos line of torpedoes.
 - Greatly increased burst damage of Terminator Beam and reduced it's flux cost. Dps remains roughly the same. Considering increasing its ordinance cost.
 - Mining Blaster no longer generates flux (not sure what I was thinking there this weapon was terrible compared to other energy weapons)

Bug Fixes
 - Updated Salvage Rig and Ox sprites and hullmods. (That slipped through the cracks apparently between my update from .8 and .9)
 - Fixed another rare yet likely possible occurance of the Hegemony Legion not being found while starting a new campaign and causing a crash. (I never encountered a crash, but I caught an outlier in the faction file that used the old id)
 - Fixed the cost of a couple buffalo variants.
 - Fixed some of the buffalo variants' weapon mounts. (they were supposed to be ballistic)
 - Corrected tech name and font color of the XIV Battlegroup vessels.
 - Added tech type to drones.
 - Removed Light Ion Cannon as a base blueprint in favor of it as a Sci-Corps weapon.
 - Removed duplicate industries and diplomacy traits for vanilla factions when running the TC with Nex.
 - Doubled turn rate of Hivemind Orb and Phase Orb to help prevent timeout from maneuverable targets which may cause friendly fire.
 - Decreased flux dissipation of Harbinger and Harbinger (Ad).
 - Increased armor, hull and deployment cost of Harbinger (Ad).
 - Increased price of Harbinger and greatly increased price of Harbinger (Ad).
 - Increased Hammerhead, Falcon, Eagle, Conquest and Executor max flux, armor, and dissipation.

 - Reduced sound of Micro Repeater and Dual Micro Repeater.
 - Reduced bullet size of Micro Repeater and Dual Micro Repeater.
 - Removed override behavior of the mod on fighter wings, ships, ship systems, and weapons.
 - Reworked the pirate falcon sprite.
 - Removed all non-essential sprites from the graphics folder. (May improve load performance as lots of duplicates from vanilla were kept there as a refence when spriting)
 - Cleaned up a few more descriptions and encounter flavor dialogue. (I try to do this as often as I can but I always find more typos and awkard wording. I'll keep trying to clean this up as I go and as I notice things)
 - Updated descriptions based upon market changes in the campaign.
 - Fixed minor graphical discepancy with the Astral.
 - Increased Terminator Beam fx width.

Prior Patch Changes:

Update v1.3.4d 11/09/2019

Campaign Content Additions and Balance Changes

 --- Campaign Changes:
    - Now Nex compatible!
    - Megalith spawns slightly more often in Archean Order fleets.
    - Added 375 new portraits spread among all factions including some of the Archean Order-specific factions.

 --- Colony Changes:
    - Can request faction-specific portraits for player owned-fleets for more faction flavor customization once you have a commission with them.

Bug Fixes
 - Fixed some dialogue text not respecting new lines.
 - Add tech types to stations.
 - Corrected weapon blueprints for changes in theme for Adamantine Consortium and Sci Corps from last update.
 - Fixed issues with Eldrus still not being effectively plugged into the sector economy. (Including Nex starts with Core Worlds enabled)
 - Added High Command to the new factions' capitals replacing Military Bases.
 - Fixed potential crash on new game start relating to a possible nullpointer in the start-up scripts.
 - Corrected Wolf variants for the Eldrus Guard script to use Archean Order variants.
 - Added Nex config for new factions' spawn points and capitals.
 - Corrected faction markets to not use duplicate industries (as in an upgrade and a downgrade of the same industry) to prevent possible future conflicts.
 - Fixed minor typo with Trader Guilds' stations on the industry panel.

 - Game loads slightly faster.


Update v1.3.4a 10/31/2019


Campaign Content Additions and Balance Changes

 --- Campaign Changes:
    - Advanced and rarer vessels are less accessible as a whole in markets, and should no longer be salvageable through post-battle recovery (Enemy-wise) though you can still find them as derelicts from warzones for now (changing that later).
    - Starting options contain less starting vessels than before with the exception of harder starts such as Pirate or Adamantine Consortium.
    - Increased minimum bounties active at a time.
    - Reduced amount of enemy raider bases active.
    - Increased payouts for bounties.
    - Removed use of autofit in NPC fleets.
    - Added many portraits from various portrait packs for the player and re-added new faction portraits as well (with permission).
    - Removed several portraits from Archean Order factions (most of the anime style ones) to save for future lore.

 --- Faction Changes:
    - Further increased Luddic Church vessels' effectiveness.
    - Reduced most factions' use of dedicated carrier vessels (Improves large-scale campaign performance.)
    - Hegemony Condor now gains Targeting Feed ship system instead of Burn Drive. (Carrier changes make this necessary.)
    - Luddic Church Condor now gains Reserve Deployment ship system instead of Burn Drive. (Carrier changes make this necessary.)
    - Removed use of Retibution fighters, Thermal Pulsers and Thermal Cannons from Sci-Corps fleets (personal preference. It had too much of a Christmas kind of feel :P )
    - Added many more portraits from various portrait packs to factions (with permission).
    - Restored the CIVILIAN tag to faction freighter conversions so that they won't autodeploy in combat anymore. (Pirates, Adamantine Consortium, Damaged, Trader Guilds)

Combat Balance Changes
 - Frigates: Added built in hullmod that lets frigates low-flux boost up to 35% max flux and increases damage dealt to fighters by 100% and incoming missiles by 50%.
 - Further increased hitpoints of Atropos torpedoes and Shockwave rockets.
 - Increased flux cost of Punisher Artillery System to be inefficient like other non-missile Fire Support weapons.
 - Slightly reduced hit damage of Devastator Cannon.
 - Reduced hit damage of Antimatter Blaster by 20%. (Was too good for being so flux efficient despite the short range.)
 - Increased flux per shot of Plasma Cannon. Almost inefficient.
 - Increased Peak Performance Time on many rare ships and all phase ships.
 - Increased armor penetration and burst damage of the Claw bomber's light tactical laser.
 - Reduced Heavy Thunderbolt Launcher's damage per second by 33% (Not its strike damage).
 - All dedicated carriers now have a large penalty to their low-flux speed bonus to better prevent kiting. (Carriers now absolutely require escorts to offset their combat range.)
 - Reduced Fighters per wing by a range of 33% - 50% in all cases but the highest tiered fighters.
 - Increased fighter bay amount in dedicated carriers and most combat carriers past the destroyer-sized hull size.
 - Increased supply per deployment gap between hull sizes.
 - Increased supply per deployment gap (slightly) between pure assault-class and fighter-carrying hulls.
 - Increased fighter replacement times substantially.
 - Increased the benefit of the built in carrier hullmod reducing fighter replacement times.
 - Changed Barrage Hammer launcher back to alternating fire behavior. (turns out linked fire makes it weaker to flak rather than stronger overall as I had hoped)
 - Further increased the range threshold of Safety Overrides. (continuing to improve Luddic Path combat strength)
 - Reduced the CR decay per second on dedicated carriers to allow them to more effectively retreat since their speed has been greatly reduced.
 - Greatly reduced total flux per shot of the Guillotine Cannon to make it more efficient considering its other drawbacks.
 - Increased time between bursts of the Heavy Fissure Cannon to make it more in line with typical ballistic strike weapons. Dps remains the same but overall strike potential reduced.
 - Shade (Ad) and Afflictor (Ad) now have Phase Jumper ship systems instead of their original design's ship systems.

--- Faction Hullmod Changes:
 - Simple Core Systems now increase armor by 100 in addition to its usual effects.
 - Updated Core Systems now increases max flux by 20% in addition to its usual effects, and the shield damage reduction bonus has increased.
 - Luddic Church now has even more increased speed but reduced hull flexibility as far as weapon loadouts (Lower Ordinance Points) and variants have been adjusted accordingly.
    - ^(Similar to Luddic Path- but a less patched-together zealous feel because of the removal of both permanent weapon failures and low PPT associated with Pather hulls.)
    - ^(With these changes, I'm hoping to provide capitalization on strengths and minimalization of weaknesses from an AI standpoint.)
    - ^(To the player, the hulls will seem more balanced as far as player piloting is concerned since previously the hulls mostly provided benefits over drawbacks.)

--- Station Balance Changes:
--- Ship System Changes:

--- Ship Changes:
 - Increased Legion max flux and dissipation.
 - Added an additional Large Ballistic turret slot to Legion.
 - Added additional fighter bays to Legion, Executor, Astral, Megalith, Nightreaver, Epiphany, Odyssey and Pillager hulls.
 - Increased Havok armor.
 - Increased Shrike armor.
 - Aegis now designated a light cruiser. (Better fits its size and power)
 - Added an additional two Large Synergy turrets to the Executor in place of its former side-facing medium Synergy turrets.
 - ^(Adjusted variants accordingly.)
 - Increased Justicar, Revenant and Megalith max flux, and dissipation (reduced their potency a bit too much last update.)
 - Increased Revenant weapon count.
 - Increased Megalith and Revenant fighter bay count and ordinance points (Not as high as before).
 - Re-adjusted cruiser and destroyer speed.
 - Increased Malevolent and Astral max flux.
 - Reduced Malevolent armor and slightly increased Megalth armor.
 - Added additional fighter bay to Eagle to synergize wtih its standard ship system and soften the blow of the number per wing reduction to fighters.

Bug Fixes
 - Fixed calculation of Simple Core System's shield damage increase in its description to match its actual effects.
 - Fixed calculation of Updated Core System's shield damage decrease in its description to match its actual effects.
 - Added rarity modifiers to all ship hulls (actually missed the very presence of that column in the ship.csv file, ugh)
 - Corrected Adamantine Consortium faction start to use correct ships instead of the Tri-Tachyon variants.
 - Removed chance for an error to occur during campaign start due to overrides within the settings portion of the mod.
 - Dedicated carriers should now act accordingly among all faction variants and attempt to avoid the front lines and remain behind combat vessels.
 - Hopefully fixed issue with some faction starts causing Galatia to not properly reconnect with the Core World's economy.
 - Jangala is now finally a Hegemony starfortress instead of a Persean League starfortress.
 - Xanathos now actually acts like a black hole instead of a standard star. It is now an extreme hazard.
 - Corrected flux per salvo and other statistics. (They are no longer in the description but actually featured on the tooltip)
 - Corrected the Adamantine Consortium mistakenly constructing Archean Order stations for raider bases. Now uses Adamantine Consortium stations.
 - Fixed post designations for Archean Order to make more sense from perspective on their ranks (hopefully).
 - Corrected Citizen rank for Adamantine Consortium to something more appropriate for that faction's setting.
 - Added descriptions to ships, weapons, ship systems and fighters that still needed them. (Some are still placeholders for the lore update)
 - Fixed faction starts that sometimes wouldn't assign officers to vessels.
 - Fixed faction starts that sometimes wouldn't assign officers to the player fleet at all.

 - Polished Adamantine Consortium stations look to have better lighting at the edges.
 - Polished Condor (Ad) sprite to better match new theme for the Consortium.
 - Updated Antimatter Blaster sprite to match modern Starsector.
 - Increased battle size defaults (can still be lowered) due to better performance.
 - Hopefully increased performance in late campaign during max battles by 25%-40%.
 - Changed engine color of conversions that change tech to match the tech that the hull is being converted to.
 - Reduced fleet strength variance in Random Battle and Random Fleet Battle missions.
 - Changed Retribution sprite to better match a Hegemony-dominated production.
 - Increased the radius of orbit for several Archean Order entities to help prevent their patrols from crossing the event horizon of Xanathos.
 - Added more important details and statistics to most weapon tooltips.

Update v1.3.4 10/01/2019

Campaign Content Additions and Balance Changes
 --- New Ships:
    - Justicar-class cruiser (new Archean Order cruiser due to Revenant-class changes)
    - Nightreaver-class light battlecarrier (Adamantine Consortium- cruiser-sized)

 --- New Skins:

 --- New Fighters:
    - Hellbeast Attack Drones (Does not drop. Built-in to the Medusa (Ad)-class drone carrier for the Adamantine Consortium).
    - Imp PD Drones (Does not drop. Built-in to the Acolyte (Ad)-class drone carrier for the Adamantine Consortium).

 --- New Weapons:

--- Overall Design Strategy behind most faction/market changes:
    - Increase the sense of player progression. Access to higher quality ships and weapons should be more limited.
    - Primary factions' militaries shouldn't dominate by stats/weapons but rather by circumstantial fleet compososition logistics or tactics.
    - ^ That being said- each primary faction has its own flavor, tech options and tactical strategies. (Mostly already in place, just being continually fine-tuned)

 --- Market Changes:
    - Significantly increased the cost of ships across the board to better match unmodded starsector.
    - Increased cost difference between weapon tiers and increased weapon costs in general.
    - Adamantine Consortium: Friendly market theme now only contains one music track instead of two. They had (imo) conflicting vibes to them and I'm saving the other one for something special lore-wise.
    - Smuggling at Adamantine Consortium or Archean Order markets now has more serious consequences to reputation with those factions.
    - Resigning a commission with the Adamantine Consortium or Archean Order now has more severe consequences to reputation with those factions.
    - Rescuing an Adamantine Consortium officer or administrator now has a major impact to the player's reputation with the barons.
    - Increased the extra cost multiplier of Hegemony Legion vessels. Reduced their deployment cost substantially. Faction AI buffed by ship system changes better suiting their overall tactics.
    - Standardized cost increase multiplier of Luddic Converted warships. Lower than Hegemony but higher than standard. Reduced their deployment costs in addition to the benefits and drawbacks of the conversion.

 --- Faction Changes: (The idea behind most of these is to increase the sense of player progression.)
    - Added custom dialogue for commissions for all new factions.
    - Added two extra variants to the Odyssey battlecruiser for the Sci-Corps.
    - Adamantine Consortium has a new look and theme to their vessels and fighters.
    - Added three extra variants to the Revenant battlecruiser for the Archean Order.
    - Changed Tri-Tachyon fleet composition- they should hopefully now contain more destroyers and cruisers instead of merely large numbers of frigates supporting capitals.
    - Added default variants to the Lion's Guard faction from designed variants from .8
    - Removed chance for Acolyte-class frigate to be found in Adamantine Consortium dreadfleets.
    - Increased the presence of Elite Mercenary variants in Trader Guild fleets.
    - Added more variants for the Vigilance, Drover and Hammerhead for Lions Guard, Trader Guilds and Persean League fleets.
    - Adamantine Consortium vessels have a more intimidating and streamlined look.
    - Many of the most advanced and rare vessels are now removed from loot after combat. Especially for the Adamantine Consortium and Archean Order, advanced vessels are now only obtain-able through faction commissions or black market smuggling that has already had an increase in penalty.

 --- Missions (Outside of campaign):
    - Added a Random Faction Battle Mission that pits the player against a random faction's fleets. Player factions have around a 50% less chance to generate capital ships in their support fleets to increase overall difficulty.

 --- Feature Enhancements/Additions:

    --- Cease Fire Changes/Additions:
     - Doubled the credit cost of the standard bribe.

Combat Balance Changes
--- Overall Design Strategy Behind Weapons Changes:
   1) All Strike weapons are now efficient unless they are hitting less effective defenses in the case of damage specialized ballistic or energy weapons. Energy projectile strike weapons generally cost more flux and are less efficient than specialized hitting correct defenses- but more damaging for higher OP.
    2) Beams are more efficient than projectile energy weapons since they deal soft flux. They tend to have lower dps and higher strike damage than most projectile strike weapons. (Exceptions exist and typically sacrifice range or flux efficiency to achieve higher strike damage)
        3) Beams turning into Fire Support weapons by equipping Advancted Optics become among the longest ranged non-missile weapons, but also become very inefficient to fire.
    4) Almost all non-missile Fire Support weapons, including the Ion Beam, have reduced range, some have reduced flux costs to compensate, but are always inefficient.
    5) Missile Strike weapons range from flux-free to far more efficient than other weapon types, but have lower effective dps either from point defense mitigation or the weapon stats themselves. Unmitigated strike damage remains very high, however. (So essentially opportunity weapons.)
    6) Rockets and torpedoes have a much higher chance to get through point defense than fire support weapons, but have shorter range.
    7) Fire Support missiles are actually typically flux efficient and have much longer range and ease of fire than other types since they can travel through allies, but are easily mitigated by pd. The less efficient the missile, the more likely it should get through pd (Thundebolt, Hurricane, Hunter, etc)

--- Details For Changes:
 - Increased hitpoints of Shockwave Rockets substantially. Less flux efficient to fire and has less overall dps than Annihilators, but much higher anti-armor capability and longer effective range.
 - Increased hitpoints of Hammer, Atropos and Reaper torpedoes.
 - Reduced flux cost of Annihilator Rockets. Increased hitpoints slightly.
 - Reduced flux cost of Javelin Rockets. Increased hitpoints slightly.
 - Reduced OP cost of Interdiction Drones by 1 OP point, reduced refit time by a few seconds (Made it a more thrifty option than pirate Broadswords which perform the same role but slightly better)
 - Tachyon Lance now fires about 50% faster, but has half the range (2500 from 5000) and costs more flux to fire to make it very inefficient. Damage per second overall has increased but strike damage remains the same. (Was by far the most powerful 32 OP weapon- especially in a player's hands)
 - Razor Tri-Beam damage per second has been increased.
 - Slightly reduced Phase Beam damage per second. Increased flux cost to fire, but only inefficient if modified by Advanced Optics into a fire support weapon.
 - Increased Heavy PD Burst Laser and Paladin PD System's damage.
 - Fury and Hailstorm rockets have less effective range.
 - Beams with advanced optics are now the longest range non-missile weapons (one or two exceptions exist).
 - Increased projectile speed and hit damage of PD Cannon and Scythe Cannon. Reduced Scythe Cannon's flux costs. Reduced PD Cannon's fire rate - Updated description to describe weakness against fast-firing missiles but is better against fighters.
 - Increased durability of ship-based torpedoes substantially. Increased time to reload on those weapons. (More reliable, lower dps)
 - Reduced Atronarch Beam dps slightly and increased its flux cost to fire. Still efficient unless equipping Advanced Optics to increase range.
 - Quadrupled the magazine size and clip regeneration size for the Squall SRM. Hit damage and and emp per hit reduced to compensate. Reload rate remains the same. (Again trying to make it more reliable in a fleet setting.)
 - Terminator Drones have much more durable shields- damage remains the same.

-- Rebalanced most Projectile-based Assault, PD and Strike Energy weapons above small:
     - Obliterator Cannon now deals significantly more damage and fires at regular intervals to better match its heavy assault role. Flux costs adjusted- Hybrid weapon.
     - Heavy Obliterator Cannon now deals more damage per shot. It costs more flux to fire, however is still very efficient compared to strike weapons- Hybrid weapon.
     - Thermal Pulser and Thermal Cannon have increased damage per shot. Firing rate remains the same. Thermal Cannon now deals slightly more damage per second than Thermal Pulser and has increased strike potential. Both have slightly increased range.
     - Increased Cutlass Laser and Heavy Cutlass Laser damage per shot.
     - Plasma Cannon deals more damage per second, has increased strike damage per salvo, and has longer range. Costs more flux to fire and is one of the more inefficent strike weapons available. Relatively high OP.
     - Antimatter Blaster charges up more quickly and can fire charges more often. More flux to fire, but extra charge regeneration has also increased dps considerably. Lower range but higher damage all around than Plasma Cannon. Higher OP.

-- Rebalanced entire line of Archean Order energy weapons:
     - Reduced Void Driver damage per shot slightly.
     - Increased Phase Cannon hit damage and reduced its range. Dps remains similar or slightly reduced. No flux cost but very high OP.
     - Eclipse Cannon now has less range but increased damage per shot (increased anti-armor effectiveness). Overall dps reduced but still among the most flux efficient Energy Fire Support weapons, though with a very high OP cost.
     - Apocalypse Cannon Ordinance Point cost reduced to 28, range reduced by about half, increased damage per second but reduced armor penetration. Among the most efficient Fire Support weapons, though with lower dps than assault weapons.
     - Heavy Apocalypse Cannon range reduced by about half, significantly increased damage per second but reduced armor penetration. Among the most efficient Fire Support weapons, though with lower dps than assault weapons.

--- Faction Hullmod Changes:
 - Reduced negative impact of Luddic Conversion hullmod on Luddic Church ships and reduced those ships deployment cost. Now greatly improves handling rather than reducing it but causes more damage to engines. (Luddic Church vessels still needed improvement.)
 - Reduced the penalty of increased deployment cost for Hegemony 14th Legion vessels. Armor now calculates as a percentage increase that varies with hull size instead of a flat increase.
 - Reduced the deployment cost reduction benefit associated with Simple Core Systems hullmod.

--- Station Balance Changes:
 - Station weapons no longer generate flux on station modules. Dissipation adjusted to compensate for modules that share shields with weapons. (This should buff beams effectiveness vs some stations and helps to better balance station modules all around)
 - Added a few extra high explosive Dual Artillery Cannons to Trader Guilds' stations. (It had an imbalance of anti-shield to anti-armor at optimal defense range.
 - Now that no ships (to my knowledge anyway) have the Targeting Supercomputer hullmod, increased its effectiveness to strengthen stations across the board. (No longer able to outrange them as easily, if at all, depending on the station.)
 - Additional armor and hull and light shield capacity for basic Archean Order station.
 - Additional armor and hull and flux dissipation for Persean League (midline) basic station.
 - Redesign of stations' shield systems. Weapon modules no longer generate flux. Shield adjusted to be weaker with poor dissipation and 0% dissipation when shields are raised. This helps beams be more effective while keeping the defense level the same for other weapons.
 - Removed Flux Shunt on Luddic station variants of low tech. Removed flux capacity bonuses. (Other weapon improvements made these changes no longer necessary)
 - Increased basic hightech station's armor and hull. Increased max flux and dissipation of weapon modules separate from shields.
 - Tri-Tachyon and Archean Order stations will no longer interrupt high damage burst weapons due to flux venting. They will no longer vent flux since shield venting is separate and they have enough flux dissipation that venting is actually harmful in most cases.
 - Replaced Graviton Lances with Heavy Obliterator Cannons on Sci-Coprs stations to give more solid defense rather than pure opportunity based strikes that become volatile to the station's long term durability in some situations.

--- Ship System Changes:
 - Accelerated Ammo Feeder renamed to Combat Capacitors - now also increases ship speed by 40 and increases acceleration in addition to its usual effects.
 - Plasma Jets regenerates a charge far less often and has an increased cooldown between uses.
 - Active time for Phase Shell Projector has been reduced by almost half.
 - Interdictor Array now has charges.
 - Reduced flux cost of Quantum Disruptor and Entropy Amplifier.
 - Added a cooldown to High Energy Focus. (Still has charges- more so the AI doesn't burn it too fast)

--- Ship Changes:
 - Megalith-class Dreadnought:
     - 100 less Ordinace Points.
     - Reduced max flux.
     - Greatly reduced flux dissipation.
     - Replaced built-in Targeting Supercomputer with Advanced Targeting Core.
     - More effective shield resilience.
     - Increased shield radius. (Larger target)
     - Increased crew and fuel requirements.
     - Increased max crew storage.
     - Adjusted all variants.
 - Revenant-class Heavy Cruiser:
     - Redesignated and redesigned as a Light Battlecruiser.
     - All stats reworked.
     - Added built-in Phase Field.
     - Replaced built-in Advanced Targeting Core with Dedicated Targeting Core.
     - Adjusted all variants and added 5 more.
 - Templar-class (Archean) Heavy Destroyer:
     - 15 less Ordinace Points.
     - Adjusted all variants.
 - Paragon-class Battleship:
     - Replaced built-in Targeting Supercomputer with Advanced Targeting Core.
 - Onslaught-class (XIV) Battleship:
     - Replaced built-in Dedicated Targeting Core with Advanced Targeting Core.
     - Removed core stress hullmod and merged effects with XIV Legion hullmod.
     - Has a much lower deployment cost over the last update (down to ~28 from 34)
 - Acolyte-class Heavy Frigate:
     - 20 less Ordinace Points.
     - Reduced max flux by 2000.
     - Reduced max speed.
     - Reduced flux dissipation by 140.
     - Shield resilience to 0.7 from 0.85.
     - Adjusted all variants.
 - Neophyte-class Frigate:
     - 15 less Ordinace Points.
     - Reduced max flux by 1000.
     - Reduced max speed.
     - Reduced flux dissipation.
     - Shield resilience to 0.7 from 0.85.
     - Adjusted all variants and added 1 more.
 - Exile-class Light Carrier:
     - 10 less Ordinace Points.
     - Reduced max flux.
     - Reduced max speed by 50% (Still faster than the Vigilance-class).
     - Reduced flux dissipation.
     - Increased shield resilience.
     - Adjusted all variants.
 - Wolf-class (Arc) Frigate:
     - 10 less Ordinace Points.
     - Adjusted all variants and added 3 more.
 - Aurora-class Cruiser:
     - Increased flux dissipation.
     - Increased armor.
     - Slightly more effective shield resilience.
 - Eagle-class Heavy Cruiser:
     - Slightly reduced flux dissipation.
     - Costs 1 more point/supply to deploy in battle.
 - Dominator-class Heavy Cruiser:
     - Increased armor.
 - Pillager-class Battlecruiser:
     - Costs 1 more point/supply to deploy in battle.
 - Malevolent-class Dreadcarrier:
     - Costs 3 more point/supply to deploy in battle.
     - Reduced flux dissipation.
     - Sprite re-work/polish.
 - Tyrant-class Phase Battleship:
     - Reduced flux dissipation.
     - Reduced armor.
     - Reduced hull.
     - Now costs 30 supplies to deploy
 - Legion-class Battlecarrier:
     - Increased armor, max flux and flux dissipation.
 - Conquest-class Battlecruiser:
     - Costs 2 more point/supply to deploy in battle.
 - Executor-class Battlecarrier:
     - Costs 4 more point/supply to deploy in battle.
 - Havok-class Heavy Destroyer:
     - Costs 1 more point/supply to deploy in battle.
 - Heron-class Carrier:
     - Costs 1 more point/supply to deploy in battle.
 - Mora-class Carrier:
     - Costs 1 less point/supply to deploy in battle.
     - Increased armor, max flux and flux dissipation.
 - Tempest-class Heavy Frigate:
     - Costs 1 more point/supply to deploy in battle.
 - Shrike-class Destroyer:
     - Costs 1 more point/supply to deploy in battle.
     - Reduced max speed.
 - Spectre-class Interceptor Drone:
     - Reduced hull and armor.
     - Increased replacement time.

Bug Fixes
 - Added Carrier Bays built-in hullmod to Epiphany, Exile, Executor, Drover, Medusa, and Osprey as intended.
 - Corrected Megalith description to better reflect its combat role and power, as well as its lore compared to campaign realism.
 - Fixed and expanded station descrtiptions in the industry layer - to give players a concise tactical reason to choose a station based on playstyle and faction choice.
 - Corrected the names of ranks and posts for administrative staff and ground military for new factions.
 - Corrected outdated reputation relationship descriptions for Adamantine Consortium in the intel window from when the faction started neutral to the player.
 - Fixed situations where a player with their transponder off who was stopped by an Archean Order patrol was attacked even though they had high reputation.
 - Fixed situations where a player with A.I cores would have them confiscated even after complying and turning their transponder on and having high reputation with the Archean Order.
 - Corrected some drones need of crew due to missing values in the spreadsheet instead of 0s.
 - Added Fleet Paragon variant to the Tri-Tachyon Corporation fleets as intended.
 - Removed possible- though highly unlikely- case where the defective Falcon variant was used instead of the Pirate Falcon skin that has a large hardpoint.
 - Corrected crew requirements for Tyrant-class battleship.
 - Changed Iridium Hyperdriver to target fighters when no better targets are available.
 - Fixed issue with Guillotine Cannon firing at fighters too often. (Strike tag was on the wrong weapon)
 - Corrected situations where a player would token bribe the Luddic Path and there would not be a dialogue option to continue.
 - Luddic Path now has custom dialogue for success cases for all bribe types.
 - Removed flux cost of the large-slot Atropos Torpedo launcher.
 - Stations should no longer waste strike weapons on fighters.
 - Station hangars should no longer lose replacement time when fighters are destroyed.
 - Advanced Targeting Core (on the Paragon, Megalith, etc) now increases PD weapons up to the Dedicated Targeting Core's benefit to capital ships. Standard weapon range increase remains the same.
 - Large Atropos launcher no longer costs flux to fire.
 - All station hangars now correctly have chassis storage hullmod to ensure replacement rate does not decrease from fighter losses.
 - Legion class now has the correct weapon types for the Hegemony version.
 - Hopefully corrected issue with "'hegemony_legion' not found" error upon campaign start.

 - Polished the Guillotine Cannon recoil sprite to better differentiate it from the Heavy Cutlass Laser.
 - Continued dialogue polish.
 - Reduced Rules.csv inefficiency for the new fleet dialogue features. (Removed some absurdly large score weights, cleaned up RT directory organization, etc).
 - Improved Commodity Request script (more efficient- includes adjustments for all factions for non-upfront bribe calculations).
 - Adjusted all variants utilizing OP adjusted weapons.
 - Slight round of polish on the Punisher Artillery Cannon sprite.
 - Round of polish on the Obliterator Cannon hardpoint sprite.
 - Reduced sound level of Thermal Pulser and Thermal Cannon and heavily reduced sound of the Fighter variant.
 - Removed use of ASSAULT Fighter AI tag since it has been deprecated. Replaced with BOMBER tag to ensure the same assault behavior.
 - Corrected the descriptions of hullmod changes and made sure to include all effects in the description. (couple outliers there)
 - Round of polish on the Malevolent-class dreadcarrier sprite.
 - All Adamantine Consortium skin files have been separated into individual hulls and their theme now better reflects the faction. (There wasn't difference between the two implementations anyway)

Update v1.3.3 7/14/2019

Campaign Content Additions and Balance Changes
 -- New Ships:
    - Prometheus MkII
    - Atlas MkIII

    - New Skins:
       - Luddic Path Eagle
   - Luddic Path Crucible
   - Luddic Church Crucible
   - Luddic Path Rhino
   - Luddic Church Rhino
   - Luddic Church Wolverine
   - Luddic Path Enforcer
   - Luddic Church Enforcer
   - Luddic Path Hammerhead
   - Luddic Church Hammerhead
   - Luddic Path Condor
   - Luddic Path Mora
   - Luddic Church Lancer
   - Pirate Shrike
   - Hegemony Centurion

 -- New Fighters:
    - Banshee-class Interceptor
    - Sentinel-class Heavy Interceptor
    - Goliath-class Heavy Gunship

 -- New Weapons:
    - Shattercell Cannon (Small PD/Assault Energy Weapon)
    - Heavy Shattercell Cannon (Medium PD/Assault Energy Weapon)
    - Smokescreen Rocket Launcher (Small Anti-Fighter Rocket Weapon)
    - Heavy Smokescreen Rocket Launcher (Medium Anti-Fighter rocket weapon)
    - Twin Shockwave Launcher (Medium Strike Rockets)
    - Triple Shockwave Launcher (Medium Strike Rockets)
    - Rupture Shockwave System (Large Strike Rocket System)
    - Obliterator Cannon (Medium Strike/Assault Energy Weapon)
    - Heavy Obliterator Cannon (Large Strike/Assault Energy Weapon)
    - Burst Pulser (Medium Assault Energy Weapon)
    - Punisher Artillery System (Large Ballistic Fire Support Weapon)
    - Heavy Fissure Cannon (Large Ballistic Strike Weapon)
    - Razor Tri-Beam (Large Energy Assault Weapon)
    - Heavy Autocannon (Medium Ballistic Assault Weapon) - Original Heavy Autocannon renamed.
    - Vulcan PD Cannon (Medium Ballistic PD Weapon)
    - Heavy Vulcan PD System (Large Ballistic PD Weapon)
    - Micro Repeater (Small Energy PD Weapon) - Original Mirco Repeater renamed.
    - Dual Micro Repeater (Small Energy PD Weapon)
    - Cutlass Laser (Medium Energy PD Weapon)
    - Heavy Cutlass Laser (Large Energy PD Weapon)
    - Proximity Mine Launcher (Large Missile PD Weapon)
    - Trapdoor Mine Launcher (Large Energy PD Weapon)
    - Widow MRM Launcher (Medium Anti-Fighter Missile Weapon)
    - Heavy Widow Launcher (Large Anti-Fighter Missile Weapon)
    - Tri-Railgun (Large Kinetic Ballistic Weapon)
    - Iridium Hyperdriver (Large Kinetic Ballistic Weapon)
    - Guillotine Cannon (Large High Explosive Ballistic Weapon)

 -- Market Changes:
    - Bomb Bay is no longer an available weapon in markets. It was mostly useless and was taking up valuable weapon choices when it spawned. (Now bomber only)
    - Removed slight rarity modifier of PD Cannon spawning in markets.
    - Reduced rarity modifier of Burst PD Laser spawning in markets.
    - Now over 130 different weapons- not including built in fighter versions.

 -- Faction Balance Changes:
    - Another round of dialogue polish. (So as I catch things)
    - Replaced Piranha bombers from pirate Enforcer-class destroyers with pirate Mauler heavy interceptors.
    - Adamantine Consortium will no longer deploy many Spectre interceptor drones, and will favor Banshee interceptors instead.
    - Osprey-class Light Carrier no longer autofits. Variants for each factions have been expanded to compensate. (Too many empty fighter bays in campaign fleets)
    - Zero chance for non-standard fighters (faction-equipped variants) to be found in Independent fleets and a very, very low chance in Scavenger fleets.
    - Reduced chance for Exile-class Light Carriers to spawn in Archean Order fleets.
    - Separated out Doom variants between Adamantine Consortium and Tri-Tachyon Corporation. (Tri-Tachyons shouldn't be using phasetech weapons)
    - Changed some factions so that when they pursue the player for smuggling or black market activity that they actively pursue the fleet instead of sometimes merely harrassing.
    - Changed some factions so that under certain varying circumstances when pursuing players for black market activity or contraband high rep will:
        - prevent contraband from being confiscated.
        - cause a negative impact to reputation rather than an outright attack.
    - Numerous new variants for the new skins for Luddic factions have been added to the campaign fleets.
    - Ships supplies per month is much lower, universal among tech tiers and based on hull size. (I felt it was unncessary now with monthly costs per crew filling the same role)
    - Added a huge amount of variants utilizing new weapons and fighter craft for most traditional player enemies.
    - Added new variants utilizing new weapons for major factions such as the Hegemony, Trader Guilds, Luddic Church, Adamantine Consortium and Sci-Corps.
    - Redacted now have more variants, utilize a greater variety of weaponry, and in the earliest cases are far more robust and well-armed than before.
    - Adamantine Consortium now starts hostile to the player in most game starts. They are an evil, merciless faction and should act as such. (Players can still become friendly through tribute - a.k.a bribery)

 -- Blueprint Changes:
    - Pirate Talon is now a pirate blueprint unlock instead of a base blueprint.
    - Luddic and Pirate blueprints are no longer unlocked by tiered tech blueprint sets (lowtech in particular).
    - Bomb bay is no longer a blueprint.
    - Spectre-class interceptor drones are no longer unlocked by the Admantine Consortium blueprint package.
    - Added Cobra heavy bomber and Banshee heavy interceptor to the Admantine Consortium blueprint package.
    - Apocalypse Cannon is now ultra rare instead of legendary.
    - The Heavy Apocalypse Cannon is now a legendary bp.
    - Goliath-class Heavy Gunship has been added as a legendary bp.

 -- Feature Enhancements/Additions:

   Cease Fire Enhancements:
     - Adamantine Consortium fleets can be more successfully negotiated with if you hire one of their officers and so know their politics.
          - New description, dialogue and possible results when negotiating Cease Fires for:
      - Archean Order
      - Adamantine Consortium
      - Pirates
       - Luddic Path
     - Bribes
      - Bribe results and descriptions are more faction specific for some factions to shed more light on how effective bribery will be for that faction's commanders.
                - Increased base chance for bribe requests over outright refusals when attempting a bribe-free Cease-Fire.
                - Pirates will have an even greater chance to ask for credits rather than fight when attempting bribe-free Cease-Fires.
      - Pirates will accept bribes and ask for bribes over fighting even when vengeful to the Player's faction.
      - Less lawful factions like the Luddic Path, Adamantine Consortium and Pirates will now give a reputation boost for successful bribes up to a certain reputation level.

Combat Balance Changes
 - Slightly increased deployment cost of Legion, Megalith, Malevolent, Tyrant, Astral, and Paragon.
 - Increased range of Rapier SRMs. (From 900 to 1200)
 - Slightly lowered max charges for Micro Blaster and reduced the amount of charges returned each recharge cycle.
 - Nova Cannon proximity blast radius is doubled, and the fuse range is doubled, but the fuse will now only trigger on missiles.
 - Increased Nova Cannon damage by 20%.
 - Increased Machine Gun damage by 25%.
 - Increased Electron Cannon damage by 33% and increased range to 450. (Up from 400)
 - Increased Pulse Laser Damage by 50% and increased range to 450. (Up from 400)
 - Increased Assault Beam damage by ~15%.
 - Increased PD Beam damage by ~40% and increased range to 350, up from 300.
 - Increased Squall SRM hitpoints by 200%, missile speed and turn rate by ~600%, and range by 200. (Was VERY underwhelming for its tier in larger battles)
 - Reduced Atropos Torpedo turn rate by 40%. (I'm hoping this reduces the chances of the AI wasting it against slower fighters like gunships)
 - Changed Ion Cannon and Heavy Ion Cannon to now have regenerating charges, but they also deal more burst damage either through faster firing or damage per shot.
 - Fissure Cannon (formerly Sunder Cannon) has increased range (500 to 600). The fighter variant range remains 500.
 - Iridium Cannon has increased range. (500 to 700) The fighter variant range remains 500.
 - Scythe Cannon has decreased range. (600 to 500)
 - Assault Autocannon has increased range. (600 to 650)
 - Icer Gun has increased range. (600 to 700)
 - Lowered projectile velocity of Phalanx Cannon and Hypervelocity Driver. (They were a little too powerful and hopefully this will balance them out a bit)
 - Increased turn rate of Strike beams to help prevent the A.I from wasting them while maneuvering to evenly distribute armor damage.
 - Apocalypse Cannon is now 30 op (down from 32)
 - The Heavy Apocalypse Cannon is now an available weapon at 32 op.
 - Increased health of destroyers and frigates by ~15-20%. (Slightly better balances out the strength of cruisers' easy access to fighter bays)
 - Increased damage of Ion Pulser by ~70%.
 - Rebalanced stats and OP cost of medium ballistic line of weapons.
 - Hivemind nanite clusters now go directly for the kill rather than seeking the target's engines.
 - Slightly reduced deployment cost of Aegis cruiser.
 - Increased max flux of Aegis and Eagle cruiser by 1000.
 - Increased turn rate of Flak line of weapons, and increased their rate of fire by ~25%.
 - Removed stealth minefield from midline starfortesses and added it to the hegemony starfortresses instead of the standard mine field.
 - Reduced Trebuchet missile speed slightly to better separate it from the Harpoon in effectiveness.
 - Reduced distance for Sabot missile to enter is second stage to allow point defense more time to take it out, and reduced its hitpoints. It was too reliable before for its tier.
 - Greatly improved Thunderbolt missiles strike potential, and increased the speed of the secondary warhead. This should feel scarier than Harpoons or Sabots now, as intended.
 - General re-work of missile balance with the goal of making high tier missiles more attractive, and increasing the reliability and range of others.
 - All carriers now have a built-in hullmod increasing the replacement rate of all equipped fighter craft by 50%.
 - Large buffs to the Colossus-based Pirate and Luddic Path variants.*
 - Large rework of most of the early Redacted vessels, and many others have many more variants to give more variety to campaign fights early on.
 - Safety Overrides hullmod range reduction threshold increased to 950 from 450. (One of the primary reasons this hullmod and the Luddic Path were suboptimal).
 - Luddic Conversion hullmod now allows for more flux and dissipation for its benefits.
 - General re-work of Large Ballistic weapons now that several more have been added. Most notably, a large buff to the Excalibur Cannon.

 -- Overhauled flux costs of the entire rocket line of weapons:
     - Reduced flux cost of Shockstorm rockets per salvo by 50%, increased max rockets for medium variant, and increased rocket speed and range slightly. (Large buff overall)
     - Increased flux cost of Annihilator rockets (small variant) by 25%, but flux costs for medium variant reduced to match flux per rocket of the small variant.
     - Annihilator rockets (small variant) now gets 4 rockets back on reload (was 2) though reload time per rocket (DPS) remains roughly the same.
     - Reduced flux cost of Javelin rockets by 25%, and reduced their flight speed.
     - Reduced flux cost of Fury Rocket System and Hailstone rockets by 33%.

 -- Overhauled Fighter Combat Layer --    
 -- Not all of the individual changes will be documented. Here are some general points:
     - Now over 60 different fighter wings.
     - All fighters now have limited ammunition which gives them a specific combat time before some kind of rearmament is required.
     - Rearmament design-wise is intended to give ships a window of recovery between strikes and reduce fighter swarming in favor of assault wave behavior.
     - Rearmament stats are unique to each individual fighter weapon, though some general rules apply:
     - Magazines of fighter weapons only last around 5 seconds of active combat time.
          - Non-missile weapons will reload their magazines in a set amount of time, typically 12-20 seconds depending on the the fighter role. (AI can't handle finite ammo)
     - Missile weapons almost always require redocking with the carrier, and often have even more limited ammunition than non-missile fighter weapons.
     - Fighters, gunhsips and interceptors that use finite missiles will usually redock with the carrier immediately, or soon after they have used them all.
     - Mostly removed the use of flares in midtech and low tech fighters, gunships and bombers. Only the highest tiered craft will use them.
     - Fighters now deal 200% additional damage to other fighters, making interceptors and anti-fighter roles a serious threat to unescorted bombers and gunships.
     - Fighters now deal 200% additional damage to ship hardpoints (weapons and engines), up from 150%.
     - Balance pass on most fighter replacement rates. Some have increased rates, some have decreased rates depending on balance adjustments. As a soft rule, however:
          - Bombers have increased replacement times. (They also tend to have the highest strike impulse)
          - Gunships have been moved to closely match Bombers in their replacement times. (They also tend to have the longest active combat times and largest magazines)
          - Fighters have slightly reduced replacement times. (They have various specialized roles)
          - Interceptors have moderately reduced replacement times. (They are powerful bomber/gunship killers, and important escorts for your own fighter/bomber/gunship strike groups)
     - Removed Fighter Systems hullmod's effect on weapons in favor of fighter-specialized weapons. Fighter weapons are now less effective against ships.
     - Though still present for descriptive flavor, Limited Range Finders hullmod on fighters doesn't actually do anything. Range is handled through fighter weapons.
     - Reduced health and shields of high tech gunships and bombers and some midline and low tech gunships and bombers.
     - Reduced general health of the higher tiered fighters, and any fighters that use shields have much lower flux dissipation to make PD beams more effective against them.
     - Rebalanced OP cost around new fighter craft additions that were added in some of the more recent updates.
     - Reduced OP cost and efficiency of some pirate fighters even further, while balancing other weaker ones to make them useful to the player in some circumstances.
     - Many low tech fighters, bombers, gunships and interceptors now have proper OP costs considering their combat effectiveness.
     - OP to Power ratio when scrolling up and down the "equip fighter wheel" on the refit screen should now make more intuitive sense.
     - All fighter weapons are now added to the codex with a basic description of how fighter weapons differ from standard ship weapons as well as hard weapon stats.
     - Balance pass on fighter crew requirements and costs. General increase in crew required for gunships and bombers, scaling better with size.
     - Balance pass on fighter mass. (Doesn't make too much a difference but documented anyway just in case).

Bug Fixes
 - Corrected issue with Cease Fire requests not working on patrols who are attacking you from smuggling or black market activity.
 - Fixed issue with overspawning faction-specific fighters in Independent and Scavenger fleets.
 - Corrected Pirate Talon bug with base blueprints.
 - Devastator Cannon should now properly hit ships along certain angles of fire that caused the proximity fuse behavior to trigger early.
 - The Nova Cannon should now effectively hit ships at all times, making it more in line with the intended dual assault/pd role.
 - Removed accidental chance for Fighter-class Light Pulse Laser to spawn in campaign markets or loot.
 - Added a description to the Archean Order station's heavy anti-capital weapon in the codex.
 - Hopefully resolved issues with Hailstone Rockets and Fury Rocket System sometimes causing the flameout slingshot behavior on ships.
 - Corrected the Adamantine Consortium Condor skin to no longer change its medium missile mount to energy.
 - All fighter wing descriptions should have the brief summary portion that describes their role.
 - Fixed merge issue with Helmsmanship skill stacking on top of the original version.
 - Correct equip-screen description of Militarized Subsystems to better reflect what downsides it removes from civilian hulls.
 - Hivemind nanite clusters now effectively hit ships at all angles.
 - Corrected Simple Core System's description.

 - Due to storage space, versions lower than v1.2.1b are no longer downloadable, though their patch notes will remain documented.
 - Sunder Cannon has been renamed to Fissure Cannon to avoid confusion with the Sunder-class destroyer. XD Must have been in a hurry on that one lol.
 - Round of polish on the Heavy Apocalypse Cannon's sprite.
 - The Heavy Autocannon has been renamed to the Heavy Dual Autocannon.
 - Slight round of polish on the Velocity Cannon sprite.
 - Micro Repeater has been renamed to Micro Blaster because the original name felt better for a PD weapon and this was more of a strike weapon.
 - Guardian PD System has been renamed Paladin PD System to match unmodded Starsector since the weapons share similar roles.


Update v1.3.2b 3/04/2019

Content Additions
 -- New Shipsystem:
    - Phase Shell Projector (Malevolent-class Dreadcarrier).
        - 20 Second activated buff.
        - Reduces damage taken by the carriers fighters by 90% for the duration.

 -- New Strike Craft:
    - Sabertooth Gunship. (Heavy Strike)

 -- New Weapons:
    - Hailstone Rocket Launcher (Small).
    - Fury Rocket System (Large).

 -- Campaign Changes/Additions:
    - Increased base payout for starting fleet bounties (pirates) and the payout per level of higher tiered bounties (deserters).
    - Due to performance improvements in the last official Starsector release, increased default total battlesize to 200, and max total battlesize to 400.
    - Independents and Scavengers are now much less likely to use Luddic Church, Luddic Path, Pirate, or Hegemony fighters, ships and weapons.

Combat Balance/Content Changes
 - Autofit now has more variants available as goal variants than the last release for many hulls. I think this may help increase variety while still maintaining core combat effectiveness.
 - More variety in strike craft and weapons for the Lions Guard and Trader Guilds.

Bug Fixes
 - Sci-Corps Stations will now correctly appear in the campaign map.
 - Updated Fire Support missile weapon descriptions to accurately reflect the 50% flux per salvo reduction.


Update v1.3.1 2/28/2019

Content Additions

New Ships
  • Malevolent (Capital-class Dreadcarrier)

New Strike Craft
  • Mauler (Heavy Interceptor)
  • Mauler (Pirates)
  • Barbarian (Base Gunship)
  • Warrior (Lowtech Gunship)
  • Talon (Hegemony)
  • Talon (Luddic)
  • Talon (Tri-Tachyon)
  • Talon (Pirates)
  • Vanguard (Hegemony)
  • Vanguard (Luddic)
  • Warthog (Hegemony)
  • Warthog (Luddic)
  • Broadsword (Pirates)
  • Broadsword (Adamantine)

Campaign Changes/Additions
  • New/replaced stations for many major factions strongholds. Now there should be a lot more tactical diversity even among tech tiers.
  • Adamantine Consortium has a capital-class carrier and a unique heavy fighter(skin) added to their fleets.
  • Nightmare-class heavy fighter is now unique to the Archean Order's fleets.
  • Pirates have unique fighter(skins) added to their fleets.
  • Increased Adamantine Consortium aggression, reduced Archean Order and Trader Guilds aggression.
  • If not already present in the last patch, added Adamantine Consortium strongholds to the list of player colony threats.
  • Derelicts have increased in difficulty to match pirates. Pirates have had their fighter numbers considerably weakened.
  • Increased the starting player fleets for any new game start to roughly match early pirate bounties in size.
  • The two changes listed above should make either salvage or bounty hunting a good starting option for any new game.
  • Added most of the new game starts available to the base game from .9 to the Normal Start option list.
  • All new starts now contain a cargo freighter of some kind and a small supply of pd weapons.
  • Pirates now have unique fighter craft. These are considerably weaker than standard fighter craft, but can be deployed more easily.

Station Battles
  • Balanced most factions' station style to match their respective technological access and doctrine.
  • Upgraded the tier of some stations, and added some where none existed. The purpose was better faction balance.
  • Unique station looks and/or loadouts for Hegemony, Pirates, Sci-Corps and Luddic factions

Blueprint System
  • Added Blueprint Packages for Adamantine Consortium, Trader Guilds, Persean League, Sci-Corps and Tri-Tachyon Corporation.
  • Further separation of tech tiers with more base strike craft available at the start.
  • Higher tier versions of some base strike craft bp available as single drops or in the various tech/faction bp packages.
  • Added icons to all blueprint packages.
  • New legendary blueprint packages.

Balance Changes
  • Increased OP cost of Talon to 2 from 0. Its combat effectiveness remains unchanged. Pirate version has 0 OP requirement.
  • Hegemony now has slightly better fighter craft with a tactical focus on anti-ship weaponry. They no longer use bombers very often.
  • Luddic Church and Luddic Path have new fighter craft skins with unique loadouts.
  • Higher tier fighter craft has increased the Luddic factions' military potency by a noticeable degree. Not to the degree of the highest tier military powers, however.
  • Slightly adjusted sprite for Perdition to match its role as a Luddic heavy bomber. Now has two side-turret Machine Guns to support against interceptors.
  • Tri-Tachyon Corporation now has a heavy interceptor to support their advanced interceptor drones.
  • Hercules-class Heavy Gunship has had its primary turreted weapon upgraded to a dual cannon, and has an updated sprite.
  • Hydra-class Gunship has an updated sprite.
  • Added shield modules to the sides of Trader Guilds' battlestations. They were slightly weaker -defensively- than intended.
  • Changed rocket launch behavior. Only a minor adjustment in overall functionality, but a different start-up to full speed. (Reduced launch speed but greatly increased proj acceleration).
  • Marauder, Warthog, and Gauntlet are now base bps.
  • Vanguard is now a low_tech bp (tier 1).
  • Rebalanced Luddic Church Condor variants.
  • Increased Paragon's max flux by 8000, flux dissipation by 300, and armor by 300. It was slightly too weak compared to similar tiered vessels and sometimes couldn't make use of all its weapons when surrounded.
  • Reduced fighter replacement rates across the board. I put an extra special emphasis on drones and interceptors that seemed to spawn continuously, and tended to only slightly increase bomber deployment rates.
  • Increaed PD Beam damage by ~40%-70% accross the board. This won't interfere with missile effectiveness (other than make them better against torps which is their intended purpose).
  • Changed Advanced Optics hullmod to only increase PD beam weapons by 200su (down from 500su) to balance the large damage increase for those weapons.
  • Reduced the range bonus on PD weapons on ships equipping Super Computer hullmod by 10%.
  • Reduced the range bonus on PD weapons on ships equipping Advanced Targeting Core hullmod by 20%.
  • Reduced the flux cost of all Fire Support Missiles by ~50%.

Bug Fixes
  • Corrected issues with rockets sending flamed-out ships launching away at large speeds.
  • All assault and strike beams now pierce fighters. Fighters now take 60% less damage from beams.
  • Fixed Templar Strike variant's weapon groups.
  • Corrected Hegemony and Adamantine Consortium ship size in fleet doctrine.
  • Forlorn Hope mission's flagship is now the Escort variant of the Paragon instead of the Raider variant.
  • Corrected OP of Condor(A) variants.
  • Fixed bug when hiring faction officers, added text for faction administrators.
  • Fixed bug with procurement missions not able to be turned in.
  • Fixed bug with some bar missions not able to be turned in.
  • Fixed bug where your crew would not leave even if you owed them considerable debt.
  • Corrected issue with Tri-Tachyon blueprint package adding Persean League ships, fighters and weapons.
  • Fixed bug where blueprints of higher tiers were empty of hulls, weapons or wings.

Update v1.3.0 1/19/2019

Content Additions

Updated for Starsector 0.9a features

New Ships
  • Shrike
  • Gremlin
  • Guardian
  • Radiant

New Ships
  • Cobra
  • Perdition

Station Battles
  • Stations come in 3 tiers, like the base Starsector original design.
  • All factions now have stations guarding their primary strongholds, with station strength varying depending on the colony's importance.
  • New station types for a couple of the new factions and updated existing faction's stations designed around Archean Order's balance.
  • Increased strength difference between tiers such that upgrades have more impact.
  • Third tier stations can single handedly combat multiple fleet deployment waves.
  • Lowered station deployment cost to allow for more escorting fleet ships.
  • Third tier stations can single handedly combat multiple fleet deployment waves.
  • Station upgrades typically impact at least 3 of 4 general areas. See description text for details. General upgrade areas listed below
  • Long range strike capability.
  • Fighter wing additions/fighter defense capability.
  • Defenses, either stronger existing ones or additional layers of defense.

Blueprint System
  • Complete rework of blueprint spawn rates to balance for Archean Order's tiered weapon balance.
  • Base blueprints are much smaller in number, but blueprint unlocks are more varied and slightly more common in the case of packages.
  • Blueprint packages spawn in three tiers for each tech type with increasing drop rarity as tier strength increases.
  • New ultra rare blueprints and packages give access to the most powerful weapons, hulls and fighters available.
  • Blueprint lines available for most factions, to increase replay-ability and give a bit more randomness to loot.
  • Each blueprint line unlocks multiple sets of blueprints based on the factions preferences similar to tech tiered packages.
  • Blueprint package lines based on factions spawn at varying rates depending on the strength of the blueprints unlocked.

Procgen Autofit System
  • I tried to do my best to playtest enough to treat this on a case by case basis where possible. As it currently stands:
  • Most high tech capitals or higher end variants of cruisers or destroyers relying on large weapons for balance will not autofit.
  • Most vessels below the cruiser level will autofit based on faction weapon doctrine.
  • Hopefully the above changes will provide a stable, balanced experience with factions yet greatly increase overall npc fleet variance.

Balance Changes
  • Merged a few of the new factions' minor colonies with their nearby stations to further improve campaign performance. See below for details.
  • Description text remains to separate the two entities (like Jangala), but their markets are now shared.
  • Merged markets will be displayed without the station in the starmap.
  • Increased Interceptor and Fighter refit time across the board.
  • Built-in drones, such as those found on the Acolyte or Tempest, are now generally replaced less quickly than standard Drone LPCs.
  • Increased hit strength of graviton beam line of weapons by ~25%.
  • Increased defenses of midline capitals substantially to better align their combat capability with other tiered tech counterparts.

Bug Fixes
  • Corrected attack run ranges of a few bombers that led to them not releasing their payloads fast enough when engaging a targeted enemy.
  • Corrected falcon_d skin's weapon changes so that its large weapon is now a medium weapon as intended. A wrong id was causing it to change one of its missile slots.

Update v1.2.1d 4/15/2018

Content Additions
  • Two new frigates, the Neophyte and Exile, have been added to the Archean Order fleets in order to better diversify their tactics and ships from the Adamantine Consortium.
  • Added new skins\variants for the Condor-class Light Carrier and Scarab-class Drone Carrier found in Adamantine Consortium dreadlord fleets.

Balance Changes
  • Reduced upcharge, increased recharge of Iridium Cannon. -This will allow Hellcats to combat interceptors a little better. Before they could almost never effectively target them. They are still inaccurate at it, just less so.
  • Replaced one of the Drover-class Light PD Carrier's Hydra Gunship wings with a Hercules Gunship wing to give it a fair amount of assault potential for an insiginifcant loss in overall PD strength.
  • Increased Peak Operating Time of Megalith and Tyrant.
  • All Interceptors/Fighters/Bombers/Gunships of the same tech level will have the same combat range. (Should solve AI issues with carriers and allow for more diverse fighter-type combinations).

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed min crew requirements of Hydra, Renegade, Liberator, Cyclops and Hellcat fighter-craft.
  • Fixed OP of Hegemony, Pirate and Luddic Church Condor skins. Variants adjusted accordingly.
  • Atlas now correctly read as a capital ship, so Converted Hangar hullmod will add 2 fighter bays, as intended.
  • Corrected Askonia Gate orbit to match nearby entities' orbit speed (now they shouldn't collide in the late campaign).
  • Corrected late-game campaign issues with Archean Order and Tri-Tachyon in Hybrasil. Archean Order strongholds are much, much farther away from the system's star. (There should be less hi-tech debris and the markets should hopefully be a little more stable.)
  • Hyperion-class frigate now has Delicate Machinery hullmod built-in.
  • Slight re-work of Wolf (Arc) skin sprite.

Update v1.2.1c 4/9/2018
Balance Changes
  • Increased damage of Pulse Laser by 25% (higher hit damage).
  • Reduced recharge rate and burst damage of Burst Siege Beam. Still keeps its Fire Support energy role, but damage should now be more in line with those kinds of weapons.
  • Increased number of charges of Burst PD Laser by 1, increased its recharge rate per charge slightly, and increased its burst damage by ~20%.
  • Increased number of charges of Heavy Burst PD Laser by 1, increased its recharge rate per charge slightly, and increased its burst damage by ~20%.
  • Increased charge regeneration rate of Guardian PD System by 30%.
  • Pulse Beam range reduced to 300.
  • Increased shot damage of Void Driver significantly, but reduced its recharge rate to a similar dps. Should be much more effective, especially against missiles, and more adequately reflect its description.
  • Slightly reduced effective shields of Liberator and Renegade fighters.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed skeleton crew calculation of Converted Hangar hullmod.
  • Corrected sound issues with Ion Torpedo, Micro Repeater, Iridium Cannon and Icer Gun.


Update v1.2.1b 4/8/2018
Content Additions
  • Improved Bribery mechanic: Now also allows for bribery upfront- greatly increases the chances of a successful ceasefire negotiation.

          - Can include several increments of bribes(with varying levels of cultural implications per faction) to increases chances of success- the highest bribe almost guarantees success with certain factions.
          - Should the player choose not to bribe upfront and the negotations fail, the player will have a second opportunity to bribe the enemy commander at a higher cost.

  • Improved Cease-Fire mechanic: Now can successfully negotiate a ceasefire with Vengeful rep Pirates (was guaranteed to fail before) and new bribery mechanics allow for more controllable, consistent results for the player, should they really want to avoid a battle.
  • 2 new missions featuring the Hyperion-class Experimental Frigate as a flagship.
  • Added 3 new starting options for new factions- now consolidated with the former two additions under "Advanced Start".
  • Consolidated "Normal Start" options (containing the basic start options and separating the destroyer-sized starts more clearly).
  • New skin and variants for Archean Order's Wolf-class frigate.

Balance Changes
  • Peak Performance mechanic implemented back into all vessels. Timers greatly increased for all but phase ships, and ships with High Maintenance from their experimental nature, such as the Sunder, Hyperion etc.
  • Safety Overrides' Peak Performance reduction now greatly limits prolonged combat performance as a downside to balance out its benefits. OP to install reduced by 33% as a result. This will also make Pathers less annoying to fight in prolonged engagements where the player doesn't happen to have any pursuit or interdiction vessels.
  • Reduced Flux per Salvo of Trebuchet LRM by 33%, missile speed reduced by ~20% (This should make the missile less of an issue when massed and allow it to be more easily added to load-outs. It was also too powerful/useful for its tier and in comparison to the advanced Hunter LRM).
  • Nova Cannon damage increased by 25% to compensate for loss of EMP component. It should now properly take its place as a top tier PD option with a secondary assault role.
  • Added the Refit Time effect of Damaged Flightdeck to Civgrade Hullmod.
  • Op Cost of Operations Center hullmod reduced by 33%.
  • Converted Hangar hullmod now increases the number flight decks on existing carriers by +1/+1/+2 on destroyers/cruisers/capitals in addition to its normal effects. This hullmod can now also be installed on existing carriers.
  • Significant buffs to Hyperion: now has medium universal hardpoints at each wing. Increased cost and supplies to maintain/deploy. Variants adjusted accordinly.
  • Reduced flux use of Phase Teleporter by 15% and increased its range significantly.
  • Decreased Tyrant-class Battleship's turn rate by 60%. It was too inaccurate with beams otherwise.
  • Liberator Heavy Fighter has had one of its Icer Guns removed, and Limited Range Finders hullmod is now built-in.
  • Ion Torpedo projectile hitpoints reduced by 40%.
  • Changed starting variant load-out for Medusa.
  • Redistributed success rates for some dialogue features- now that bribery is a more mainsteam feature.
  • Minor tweaks to deployment costs across all ships (couple exceptions of "minor", like Scarab, that were pseudo bugs), Fleet Points in ships and across skins now properly correlates to deployment cost for calculations in some scripts.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed description for civilian Star-Liner to include its built-in, yet poorly operating fighter bay.
  • Correctly implemented extra damage to weapons/engines from fighters- normalized this stat to 50% extra damage in order to reduce combat layer complexity. Removed EMP component from all small PD weapons.
  • Updated and corrected Tactics Manual to reflect changes since release. Also greatly expanded the manual, including non-technical documentation of dialogue features and mechanics as well as tips for tactics against certain factions for new players.
  • Fixed bug with Adamantine Consortium Comm-Relay encounter not taking priority over Tribute requests.
  • Added story text to "The Great Restructuring" mission.
  • Corrected a few scripts that had incorrect IDs for the Tri-Tachyon corporation.
  • Bribe calculation in Cease Fire requests now stems from enemy fleet strength, as intended, rather than player fleet strength.
  • Corrected fleet strength calculations in Cease-Fire and Commodity request features. It was too punishing when severely outnumbered (almost never happened).
  • Refactored code of several scripts to run more efficiently and have less redundancy.


Update v1.2.1a 2/27/2018
Content Additions
  • New factions now have custom dialogue when you hire their officers.
  • You can now "Rescue" Officers from the Adamantine Consortium if you cannot afford to pay a "hiring" bribe. This will make the barons less than pleased, of course.
  • New variant for the Osprey-class light carrier that features Mining Drones - added to independent and scavenger fleets.

Balance Changes
  • Tempest-class frigate now has a "small" version of the Wasp interceptor wing wing built-in. This wing has 4 max interceptors instead of 6.
  • Acolyte-class heavy frigate now has a "small" version of the Spectre interceptor wing built-in. This wing has 4 max interceptors instead of 6.
  • Removed built-in Talon wing for the Atlas superfreighter. Now has two open flight decks instead of one, but not enough Ordinance to carry much heavy strike craft. Standard variant adjusted.
  • The Mining Drone wing now has a combat assault range similar to other gunships, and Assault AI. Ordinance cost increased to 2 (from 0).
  • Built-in Mining Drone wing on the Venture-class combat freighter has been modified to retain its short range support role, as intended.
  • Redacted heavy fighter primary weapon replaced with something stronger. Was too weak for its number/OP cost.
  • Redacted interceptor has had its secondary weapon removed. Was too strong for its number/OP cost.
  • Fast Missile Racks now is a charge based ship system. Reduced amount of times system can be used, costs less flux per use.
  • Crucible-class destroyer has slightly better dissipation.
  • Condor-class light carrier (destroyer) has its max flux capacity increased by over 50%, with a corresponding increase in dissipation. Shield efficiency reduced by 20%.
  • Changed starting variant for Lasher-class frigate to be more easy to manage flux cost of weapons.

Bug Fixes
  • You can now hire new faction mercenary officers as intended. A bug in Rules.csv prevented the dialogue option to hire them from appearing.
  • Removed override of hullmods.csv file to allow power user opt-in of Autonomous Ships mod. (Must still set totalConversion to "false" in the mod_info.json file)
  • Fighter wings should no longer disappear from inventory after visiting the refit screen if hulls with built-in versions of the same type exist within your fleet.
  • Corrected name error in Mining Drone wing tooltip.
  • Redacted heavy bomber will now correctly use its primary weapon.
  • Reduced volume level for Ion Torpedo, Icer Gun, Iridium Cannon and Micro Repeater by 20-40%, as needed.
  • Corrected tooltip for Concentrated Shields.
  • Weapons now display their required "Flux per Shot/Salvo" information in their description.


Update v1.2.1 2/19/2018

Content Additions
  • 6 New Fighter Wings. (4 gunships, 2 fighters, 1 bomber)
  • 1 New Hi-Tech Dedicated Carrier (Heavy Destroyer).

Balance Changes
  • Buffed Lasher's ability to use strike weapons. Base flux and dissipation increased. Shield efficiency lowered.
  • Buffed Lancer's ability to use it's missiles and ship system. Base flux and dissipation increased. Shield efficiency lowered.
  • All ships now have 10%/15%/20% base soft flux dissipation when shields are raised (up from 0%), depending on if the hull is considered lowtech/midline/hitech.
  • Reduced the benefit of Stabilized Shields hullmod by 15% (Now +35%).
  • Balance pass on fighter rarity.
  • Redistributed fighters among factions and variants. Less overall redundancy. Some better variants.
  • Medusa-class destroyer is now a dedicated drone carrier with two full Terminator Drone wings, to both better match its ship system and avoid the awkwardness of part built-in/part open fighter bays.
  • Medusa is no longer classified as a combat carrier to the AI. Max combat speed now in line with other assault destroyers. Terminator Drone's combat speed substantially increased.
  • Medusa is now unique to the Tri-Tachyon corporation and Adamantine Consortium's fleets. No longer found in Sci-Corp's fleets.
  • Medusa(A) skin now changes the ship system to Fortress Shield.
  • Tempest-class frigate is now also found in the Tri-Tachyon Corporation's fleets and markets. No longer unique to Sci-Corps.
  • Medusa(A) skin now changes the ship system to Fortress Shield.
  • Astral-class Super Carrier no longer has built in Terminator Drones. Its 8 fighter bays are now open, though there is no increase in Ordinance Points. Test indicate the slight nerf has little overall effect on combat performance. If anything, it's better due to more concentrated fighter strikes. Variants adjusted accordingly.
  • Tri-Tachyon Corporation and Sci-Corps now have more distinct combat styles and weapons.
  • Tri-Tachyon focuses on phase ships, heavy beam and missile weaponry, as well as drone attacks using fighter swarm superiority. 
  • Sci-Corps uses tactical assault fighter strikes, ion-based support weapons, and heavy torpedo salvos from dedicated combat vessels.
  • Reduced ammo count of Rapier Srms (Fighter version) by 25%. This is intended to slightly reduce the salvo power of the Thunder Bomber on lightly defended targets. It is also a small nerf to the Xyphos gunship.
  • The Aegis-class cruiser has one of its medium ballistic weapons now converted to a hyrbid slot to further diversify medium energy weapon options. Variants adjusted.
  • Increased beam speed of Graviton Beam and Graviton Lance. Considering its short burst duration, range upgrades made the weapon deal less dps at max range than was ideal.
  • Reduced flux to activate Recall Device ship system to 25%. Now has only 3 charges and regeneration.

Bug Fixes
  • Changed Heavy Mortar description to better describe its intended role.
  • At-A-Glance role description added to the Interdictor Drone and Terminator Drone.
  • Fighter-Class Systems hullmod is now present on all fighter wings.
  • Tooltip for Faulty Power Grid D-Mod corrected to display accurate information.
  • Safety Procedures Rank 3 should now reduce the negative effects of Faulty Power Grid, as intended.
  • Fixed a few variants' default weapon groups.
  • (WIP) Another round of refining/polishing some of the dialogue. Removing awkward language and attemtping to improve the conversation experience.
  • All combat vessels, if not all vessels in general, should now have the Stabilized Drive Conduit hullmod built-in.

Update v1.2 2/10/2018

Content Additions
  • Archean Order and Adamantine Consortium have new systems near the Core Worlds containing their respective capitals and main strongholds.
  • Many new faction colonies now have custom illustrations and all new colonies have custom descriptions.
  • New Independent and Sci-Corps colonies - Penelopes Star is now a part of the Core Worlds (this should make a couple early game bounties slightly less risky and weapons/ships from those factions more accessible).
  • Made the "Random Battle" Mission have a much wider selection of variants to randomly pull from. -a great way to test out max battles and get a feel of the new combat without investing too heavily into the campaign.
  • 5 New low tier energy strike/fire support weapons.
  • 3 New low tier ballistic strike/fire support weapons.
  • 1 New high tier missile strike weapon.
  • 2 New low tech frigates with medium energy mounts found easily early on.
  • 1 New mid tech destroyer with medium hybrid mounts in Lions Guard and Trader Guilds patrols/markets.
Balance Changes
  • Harpoon MRM and its large variant has more missiles per salvo, and higher regen. To balance this change they deal less damage per shot and have less armor penetration. This small rebalance makes them a lot more reliable to use, and the AI will use them more liberally as well. Two direct hits will still destroy most frigates- if caught unshielded.
  • The Graviton Beam and Graviton Lance are now proper assault weapons, as classified. They will also now autofire and target fighters if no other combat ships are in range. Reduced turn rate, beam speed, and burst mechanics for the weapon and buffed its damage. Persean League was suffering in most fights due to its lackluster performance. It penetrates armor slightly better, but is still poor at it overall.
  • Hegemony XIVth vessels now have an increased deployment cost in association with their armor and ordinance point buffs. This better balances these powerful vessels and slightly nerfs the overwhelming campaign power of the Hegemony (They could beat any faction (except maybe the highest tier ones) too easily in pitched battles before).
  • Adjusted most starting variants to support new weapons and spread them out over multiple factions. They should now be found in most early markets.
  • Added new variants and edited existing ones - the aim of this was to both reduce weapon redundancy and give a platform to acquire the new strike/fire support weapons more easily.
  • The Hound's composite hardpoint is now universal - allows the use of small, low tier energy strike weapons in pirate and independent fleet compositions.
  • The Eagle now has a few small hybrid turrets to better support its intended Jack-Of-All-Trades combat role. Variants adjusted accordingly.

Update v1.1a 1/18/2018
Content Additions
  • New hullmod - Priority Beam Defense AI - Makes all PD Burst Beams only target missiles.

Balance Changes
  • The Conquest and Falcon now have Maneuvering Jets as their ship system (was Deploy Reserve Fighters).
  • Deploy Reserve Fighters and Targeting Feed ship systems no longer generate flux on use. Instead, they start with 3 charges, gaining one charge greatly exceeds the system's cooldown.
  • Burst PD Laser and Heavy Burst PD Laser now auto-target fighters and ships as well as missiles. To balance this change, both weapons have had their charge regeneration reduced (burst damage is the same).
  • Guardian PD System now targets fighters and ships as well as missiles. To balance this change, the weapon has been converted to a charge-based weapon (with 8 charges) and reduced burst damage by 20 percent.
  • Increased the accuracy of the Artillery Cannon by ~20 percent.
  • Reduced effectiveness on Flux of built-in faction systems by ~33 percent.

Bug Fixes and Design Improvements
  • Fixed a few variants with errors.
  • Added a few variants with new weapons configurations and rebalanced previous ones using them to operate more effectively, where necessary.
  • Updated tooltips of several weapons (Ie. Mining Laser, Mining Blaster, Guardian PD System) to better describe their function and power.
  • Updated tooltips of fighters to better describe their roles and strengths at a glance.
  • Corrected a few more typos and awkward language in descriptions - mostly campaign related entities.
  • Added regen back in for the Atropos Torpedo(Single). Dagger Bomber now has a custom built-in version without regen.
  • All vessels now gain the "0-Flux Boost" until 5% flux. Changing Tier 3 Helmsmanship to allow up to 35% flux before boost cuts off.
  • Hermes cargo capacity reduced to be more in line with other freighters.
  • Hornet SRM is now renamed to Vespid SRM (id is same for modders).
  • Added new descriptions to some key faction colonies to better improve immersion.

Update v1.1 1/10/2018
Content Additions
  • Faction colonies are now seeded directly into the Core Worlds.
  • Faction colonies now have unique descriptions describing their place in the sector and their respective owners' goals and culture.
  • Added ~7-8 small weapons in the "Strike" and "Fire Support" category spread across missile and ballistic weapon types.
  • Starting variants have been adjusted to account for the new weapons.
  • Added new variants or modified existing ones across many factions (especially pirates).

Bug Fixes and Design Improvements
  • Fixed crash on clicking "Show Info" on planets while in the Intel tab.
  • All new factions now generate system bounties, food shortages, survey missions, etc.
  • Added a small composite weapon slot to the Hound All variants have been adjusted to reflect this - deployment cost increased to 2 supplies.
  • Captain personality will now properly reduce or improve the amount of credits requisitioned or demanded from fleets as intended.
  • "Safety Overrides" description will now properly display what it does.
  • Fixed more scenarios where bribery failed to get the enemy to disengage.
  • Updated Bribe description to include information previously obscured to the player when bribing a fleet captain.
  • Changed "Max and Min Battle Slider" settings to more accurately reflect standard Performance Requirements. (100 - 300 with default at 150)
  • Slightly increased Capital Ship deployment costs.
  • Balance pass through ship systems - generally increasing time to regenerate charges substantially.
  • Flares have been reworked to regenerate.
  • Fixed several description typos and outdated references.

Performance Improvements and Misc
  • Improved performance of starting a new game and loading the mod by ~33%.
  • EZFaction and LazyLib utility tools are no longer required to play the mod.

Hotfix v1.0a 1/2/2018
  • Fixed bug with Bribes and Cease-Fire negotiations not always causing the enemy fleet to disengage if the faction reputation is hostile towards the player in general.
  • Bribes should also no longer occur concurrently if you provoke the fleet a second time.
  • Roughly halved number of EZFaction procedural faction colonies to improve campaign stability and performance.
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**Collaboration and Feedback**

Do you have feedback for the mod that is constructively critical but want to remain anonymous? No problem!

Feel free to send me a PM on the forums indicating what you dislike and why - though a couple points:

 - Please try to keep it constructive and polite. ;) It especially helps if you have a proposed solution to your concern or issue.

 - I will consider all comments, but I still hold final say on changes. This is not a guarantee, though I really really do appreciate the feedback!


 - Want to help out with Archean Order or want your faction in the campaign? Send me a PM and we can discuss!

I am especially interested in:

  • Portrait Artists
  • Illustration Artists
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Happy New Year everyone!  ;)


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« Last Edit: December 30, 2017, 09:13:19 PM by Arkar1234 »
Somewhere... somehow... some when.... there's a Kantai Collection mod for Starsector.....


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As a geologist, I need to ask "why archean?"  ;D

By the way, this mod has some really nice sprite, really like them. And its seems to have take a lot of work!


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This looks super-cool.  Bravo!  I'll try this out tomorrow :)

A smallish request / suggestion, if I may.
It wouldn't take a huge amount of work to get the ships / weapons converted to use FX mod for performance improvements.  

If fighters tend to be more numerous, we can expect pretty crawling framerates in big fights, especially as the count of fighters goes up.  

At the very least, I'd do Fighter engines and gun flares / explosions; that will save a surprising amount of CPU, I think you'll find, while preserving the Vanilla look of the ship engines and missile trails.

I might just find time to do this initially for you as an optional mini-mod; you'll have to maintain it, though.
Please check out my SS projects :)
Xeno's Mod Pack


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You really should set the "total conversion" flag to true on your mod, its entire purpose is for TCs and that's what this is...


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You really should set the "total conversion" flag to true on your mod, its entire purpose is for TCs and that's what this is...
Addendum on reasoning: If people want to use other mods with this they should change the TC flag themselves (i.e. poweruser opt-in), until such time as Archean Order is known to be compatible with most/all extant mods.
Otherwise some users will inevitably fail to note the incompatibility issues, break it and won't know who to look to for help.


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You really should set the "total conversion" flag to true on your mod, its entire purpose is for TCs and that's what this is...
Addendum on reasoning: If people want to use other mods with this they should change the TC flag themselves (i.e. poweruser opt-in), until such time as Archean Order is known to be compatible with most/all extant mods.
Otherwise some users will inevitably fail to note the incompatibility issues, break it and won't know who to look to for help.

You guys sold me. I had debated that very issue in my head for a while, but its true that anyone who knows enough to try it would also know how to disable to TC flag. Updated- undocumented but its a really small thing.  ;)

This looks super-cool.  Bravo!  I'll try this out tomorrow :)

A smallish request / suggestion, if I may.
It wouldn't take a huge amount of work to get the ships / weapons converted to use FX mod for performance improvements.  

If fighters tend to be more numerous, we can expect pretty crawling framerates in big fights, especially as the count of fighters goes up.  

At the very least, I'd do Fighter engines and gun flares / explosions; that will save a surprising amount of CPU, I think you'll find, while preserving the Vanilla look of the ship engines and missile trails.

I might just find time to do this initially for you as an optional mini-mod; you'll have to maintain it, though.

Thank you for the praise! I am very much open to your suggestion too! It is actually on a to-do list to investigate, but it was put behind things like getting the tutorial to work. But if it would improve performance as you say, its worth a look in the near future!

As a geologist, I need to ask "why archean?"  ;D

By the way, this mod has some really nice sprite, really like them. And its seems to have take a lot of work!

Thank you!

Also, hey someone asked!  ;D Its a reference to:

Lord Archeus is the leader of the faction. He isn't quite in the game yet, only references. But well, I have a lot of plans and notes you see...

**EDIT** 1/3

Oh my! Just realized you were not grouped in and properly thanked for your feedback in my first response post! Thought I had! Very sorry about that, especially considering the hilarious gif!   :(
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A Random Jolteon

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Re: [0.8.1a] Total Conversion: "Archean Order" - RP/Adventure/Combat Mod (v1.0)
« Reply #10 on: December 31, 2017, 09:49:12 AM »

"  - >   Smaller weapons, more weapons per ship- designed to mimic a cinematic combat experience inspired by the Star Wars movies."

Hi. I exist. Bye.


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Re: [0.8.1a] Total Conversion: "Archean Order" - RP/Adventure/Combat Mod (v1.0)
« Reply #11 on: December 31, 2017, 11:55:47 AM »

Woooo! I am very excited to try this!


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Re: [0.8.1a] Total Conversion: "Archean Order" - RP/Adventure/Combat Mod (v1.0)
« Reply #12 on: December 31, 2017, 01:39:39 PM »

Looks very interesting and fresh, will test it in the next year ;)


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Re: [0.8.1a] Total Conversion: "Archean Order" - RP/Adventure/Combat Mod (v1.0)
« Reply #13 on: December 31, 2017, 02:11:41 PM »

Woooo! I am very excited to try this!
Looks very interesting and fresh, will test it in the next year ;)
"  - >   Smaller weapons, more weapons per ship- designed to mimic a cinematic combat experience inspired by the Star Wars movies."



For those with older specs, please let me know if you are having performance issues, and preferably where -  campaign layer or combat - physical memory leaks/thrashing vs FPS drops - etc

I am debating scaling back or how much I can get away with things like:

 - Max battle size

 - Number of active faction bases/colonies using EZFaction

 - How is the first load time? Subsequent loads?

These things will let me get a good idea of the scope of future releases. Especially the viability of some of the fancier features to come.

Happy hunting!


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Re: [0.8.1a] Total Conversion: "Archean Order" - RP/Adventure/Combat Mod (v1.0)
« Reply #14 on: December 31, 2017, 11:25:26 PM »

Wow, great work.
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