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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: The Pilgrim's Path (07/19/22)

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Author Topic: Project Ironclads TC (28 of April, 2017) Source files for the mod  (Read 1544531 times)


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The mod tells a story of humanity`s future. It is 206 years after the first FTL jump made by humans. As soon as the unmanned probe returned from the first FTL travel to a nearby star - it became clear that space contains a lot of riches that await to be harvested.

In 126 FTL (126 years after first FTL travel) the United Nations of Earth that lasted nearly for 150 years broke forming four dominant factions - Russian Stellar Federation, Interstellar States of America, Xing Lao Empire and United Interstellar Nations. Each faction began its own colonisation and expansion efforts, launched its own technological projects and developed its own drive, shield, power plant and other technologies.

At first expansion was peaceful with each faction looking at others` achievements and learning from them. But soon border tensions between RSF and ISA began to rise eventually resulting in open military aggression between the factions. Today in 206 FTL the borders of the two giants are rich in abandoned and destroyed factions and numerous sightings of battles. On these ruins a powerful pirate faction calling themselves The Marauders was born and began threatening the local space with their fast and deadly raiding parties.

While other factions pick up a peaceful way of coexistence - both XLE and UIN have their own troubles. XLE is constantly being assailed by restless mechanical race known simply as 'AI' and powerful space-bound creatures called 'Rock Flies' that appear to be quite interested in asteroid fields in XLE territory. UIN are being harassed by powerful Alien raiders who`s intentions are unknown.

Full Ironclads screenshot library
NOTE! While the screenshots come from steam library - Starsector is NOT available on steam directly!


Ironclads provide the player with 5 different career options to pick from at start - trader, smuggler, miner, bounty hunter and pirate. Each choice has an impact on player`s starting money, ship, relationships and further career options.

Traders will enjoy the boosted relations with some factions as well as a good starting amount of credits. Trading commodities in a vast randomised world may be profitable and at the same time ruining due to distances, so this start is considered 'hard one'. Starting ship is a small and slow freighter.

Smugglers are much like traders, but with a slightly better (and non-hostile!) relations with minor factions and pirates. A safer approach to trading and thus an easier one. Starting ship is a shuttle with hidden contaband bays.

Miners will immidiatelly gain access to otherwise expensive and hard to obtain mining vessel. Slow moving ship with poor armaments may not be the easiest way to start the game, so expect it to be a harsh start. However, a single trip may yield a lot of money if you are lucky.

Bounty hunters is the only suitable way for players to jump into military career with the any faction right from start. Obtaining commisions licence is a must when picking this choice. Starting ship is a decently armed and armored gunship.

Pirates are thus far the easiest option due to a powerful gunship you`ll get at start. However, all the major factions and free traders will be hostile to the player. On the other hand all the minor factions will happily accept you on their bases.

Character generation. Pick one
Character generation. Pick two
Character generation. Pick three


Mod replaces the original factions of Starsector with 4 major ones, 3 minors, 1 independent and pirates. Major factions can be directly picked by player as starting options (locations mostly), but all of the factions can be 'joined' by reputation. Upon each game start al the factions have randomised relationship with each other. However, RSF and ISA have good odds of being hostile, while XLE/RSF and UIN/ISA relationship can rarely be hostile. Minor factions are generally neutral to all with the exception of FFS always hating UIN/XLE.

Major factions are RSF (Russian Stellar Federation), ISA (Interstellar States of America), UIN (United Interstellar Nations) and XLE (Xing-Lao Empire). Each faction pursues it`s own ship, weapon and drive technologies providing player with a variety of ship and weapon options (over 100+ unique ships and the same amount of weapons are present in this mod).

RSF description
RSF ships
ISA description
ISA ships
XLE description
XLE ships
UIN description
UIN ships

Minor factions are generally considered outlaw / hostile. These also have unique ship sets, but only one of the factions has also a uniqe weapon set. These factions are Marauders (scavengers of old ISA/RSG war), Black Widows (ex pro-military ISA/UIN organisation) and FFS (Federation of Free Stars - ex UIN/XLE colonies).

FFS description
FFS ships
Marauders description
Marauders ships
Black Widows description
Black Widows ships

Pirates are randomly distributed over the map and cause major troubles to surrounding systems. They utilise whatever ships they can find - mostly civilian-grade ships though.

Free Traders is what you are starting as a part of actually - a legue of traders, mercenaries, miners and bounty hunters that have access to most of the systems in the game and operate in peace with all the major factions. They fly on their unique set of civilian-grade ships that are derived from each faction. Destroyer-class is the largest available for them. Directly attacking free traders will result in severe relationship issues with all the major factions!

Pirates description
Free Traders description
Civilian ships

There are also AI, Aliens and Rock Flies menaces that invade fringe worlds at some random rare odds. Encountering and defeating these yield some good loot, but nothing else.

AI ships
Alien ships
Rock Fly



Ironclads introduce a completelly randomly generated map consisting of more than 100 stars. Names, coordinates and contents of which are always random. The only thing that is constant is map sector affinity to major and minor factions - so RSF is always at NE, XLE at NW, ISA at SE and UIN at middle-SW.

Each system has 1-5 randomly picked objects that can be planets, gas giants, asteroid/iceroid fields and nebulas. Part of these bodies can contain salvageble debris, abandoned stations and ships and other goodies that encourage player to go out and explore the vast universe.

NW part of the map
NE part of the map
SW part of the map
SE part of the map

Currently the destribution of hyperspace nebulas is predefined by this one spiral galaxy map. Later on there will be a few random nebula maps that the game will randomly pick from.

For ease of navigation and keeping track who is who each system that has a colony or station in it is colored by that faction`s main color. This includes minor factions.


Ironclads is not just about factions, ships and weapons - mod introduces new market conditions, commodities, new interaction options, harvestable and lootable objects and other stuff for player to play with.

One of the old features of this mod is asteroid/iceroid mining with specialised ships. The ship is a dedicated mining vessel that you can pick from start or obtain at any planet of major factions (if you are lucky). It is a slow and poorly defended vessel that is hardly suitable for exploration - so before conducting any mining operations it is wise to locate at least one of the sources of harvestables - special asteroid or iceroid clusters.

Mining is text-based interaction with these cluster objects. You have to survey the fields for ores/volatiles first and only then be allowed to mine them. Mining results depend on crew experience, your skills, deposit richness and mining operation type picked. Richness depends on the survey type applied.

Locating a field is hard, but most of the time the presence of a gas giant in the system is a guaranteed success - so look for those first.

Note that to utilise mining to full capacity a fleet of freighter and additional mining ships is recommended. But be warned - without escorts your juicy freighters are an easy target for pirates! It is also a good idea to stockpile ored/volatiles somewhere for possible procurement missions to appear as ores themselves are not that profitable to sell just anywhere.

Mining. Harvestable asteroids
Mining. Surveying resuls
Mining. Mining operations
Mining. Risky operations

A large amount of collectable/salvagable objects are randomly distributed all over the map in the mod. These can be easy to collect scrap, more risky and rewarding station wrecks and even recoverable ships. All of these require combat rating, crew and some lack to accomplish. Ship recovery/disassembly requires a repair ship to be present in the fleet.

Abandoned, but fully operational stations that player can easily access are also present at random on the map. Locating one may help player with future exploration or raiding/trading.

A range of salvagebles as well as their mechanics are subjects to change and be expanded in the future.

Ship requisition.
Ironclads introduces a simple, but useful system of ordering specific, though predetermined, ship classes from major factions. You need to locate that faction`s shipyard and be at least favourable by that faction to get access to that.

Requisition is a direct ship purchase system that has nothing to do with local market except that it always puts the ordered ships in local storage (which you have to buy access to!). Ships come mothballed, but in full default variants - so mindstorming with what to arm these is not necessary.

Only a limited list of options is available per faction! Available ship classes depend on your status with the given faction.

Accessing ship requisition
Ship class options
Frigate options

Planetary surveys.
Each uninhabited world in Ironclads can be surveyed for valuable 'survey logs' that are equally demanded at any market. To survey a planet you need a shuttle class ship in your fleet and crew. Planet conditions increase the risks of surveying, but rewarding with more logs in return - so it is up to a player if he wants to risk his crew.

Each planet can also be scanned for anomalies, but don`t expect each of them having something of value - around 10% of systems (20% if you are using specialised scanner ships and 35% if special planet scanner is used) contain something.

The anomalies types vary from smuggler`s cash to weapons and strained crew and require shuttles to be recovered.

If at any moment you actions have dropped relationship with a given minor or major faction (or pirates) to inhospitable or hostile - it is possible to pay a sum of credits that is directly depending on the current statue with the faction. Paying reparations is possible at any market of the given faction and immidiatelly resets your relationship to cautious. From here you`ll have to repair your relations on your own.



Ironclads version 11 (15.04.2016) is available here:

Current version is meant for Starfarer 0.7.2a.

---===  Version 11 (15.4.2016) ===---

1. random universe
1.1. 96 completelly randomly generated systems + 4 preset systems
1.2. random colony redistribution for all factions in their respective sectors
1.3. random amount of colonies per faction
1.4. random markets for each colony depending on planet type
1.5. random targets for rock flies, ai and aliens in their regions
1.6. randomly redistributed pirate bases all over the map (amount of bases is also random)
2. huge starmap with the size of -30000 to 30000 for x and y
3. marauders and black widows now have limited amout of colonies

---===  Version 10.3 (28.3.2016) ===---

1. scanner ship now provides a huge bonus to fleet`s scanning range
2. amplified sensor hull mod increases fleet`s sensor range a bit
3. re-enabled fully working person bounties (non-ship yet)
4. enabled procurement missions
5. rebalanced the entire economy making prices for trading extremely diverse between factions
6. introduced a randomiser for stars locations (step 1 towards totally random map)
7. added hybrid/composite/synergy mounts to faction ships
8. added new ship systems from 0.72 to certain ships
9. re-enabled miner starting option
10. added a 'hired an escort' option for career options

---===  Version 10.2 (13.1.2016) ===---

1. mining, surveys, wrecks, derelicts, scrap are back
2. commisions by RSF, ISA, UIN, XLE and FFS are in game
3. possibly fixed the personal bounties

---===  Version 10.1 (15.12.2015) ===---

1. re-enabled ship requisition
2. re-enabled reparation payments

---===  Version 10 (7.12.2015) ===---

1. stable release adopted to Starsector officer update.

---===  Version 9.1 (21.3.2015) ===---

1. all fighters that have balistic / missile weapons received their own unique versions of these guns/pods with limited unrechargable ammo. Some have tweaked characteristics (to make fighters be able to unleash their ammo in few seconds and then be forced to go back for reload).
2. reduced costs of Keepers and Regulators.
3. Micro-missile Pod (small version) renamed to launcher and has no regeneration ammo.
4. all rocket systems now have thier reload times increased (122mm, 220mm, 320mm). The large the weapon - the faster the reload (24s, 20s, 16s).
5. fixed doublicate ships being granted for risky station wrecks recovery.
6. removed shields from all RSF ships, increased armour to be 0.15x of hull (was 0.1).
7. replaced RSF extended mags on all ships that had it with a new unique ammo feeder hull mod (that increases rate of fire).
8. added flares to all RSF ships (that do not use drones).
9. removed flux generation from all non-driver type ballistic weapons.
10. increased all energy type weapons` damagy by +50% to balance them with ballistic and missile changes.
11. increased ammo capacity of all large ballistic weapons.
12. reworked economy system switching it to stability and population dependency (rather than market size).
13. removed any instances of FTG stations/depots.

---===  Version 9 (7.3.2015) ===---

1. functional ship requisition system that you can get access to at RSF/ISA/UIN/XLE shipyards if being at least favorable by owning faction.
2. did some rabalancing for commodities and conditions. Nothing major, but should have some impact on economics.
3. fixed bugged names of rewarded ships.
4. fixed Baliff and Justice.
5. added descriptions to Manticore and Baliff. Fixed some mismatching old descriptions.
6. fixed 'indexoutofboundsexception' issues which happened at some markets with hostile factions.
7. moved some missile launchers to use a clip system. If you see 'system' - this means that missile/rocket has unlimited ammo and no clips. If you see pod or battery - these have some starting amount of ammo and clips. Anything else is one shot/limited ammo.
8. removed fast missile racks system from the mod. There is no longer any effect of it.

---===  Version 8.7 (24.2.2015) ===---

1. reworked ammo for all ballistic weapons. Pay close attention to clip/ammo/reload characteristics when choosing weapons for your ship
2. added FFS Beiliff-class freighter. Basically a simplier version of Codex. Moved Codex to a higher tier.
3. added Manticore-class frigate to XLE. It is a reconfigured Hydra with 360 deg medium energy slot.
4. rebalanced weapons to make their characteristics a bit more user-firendly.
5. forced Widows, Marauders and pirates to be able to trade even if hostile. Both do not spawn bounties and have no inspection-capable patrols.

---===  Version 8.6 (3.2.2015) ===---

1. moved extended mags to level 3 Ordnance Expertise skill
2. added primitive faction-based portraits, replaced FFS logo
3. added special bounty type that provides ships as a reward. Ships come in special variants with enemy/allies guns installed. Max size - CR
4. made market`s stability influence the supply/demands of the market. Low stability markets will start to demand more and more hand weapons, supplies and food while high stability markets will switch towards increase of drugs, luxury and domestic demands. Low stability will also produce high amount of green crew (unemployed citizents).
5. added back the 'orbital habbitat' market condition. Demands food, meds and domestic goods. Produces a lot of crew. Each faction now has it`s own habbitat (except for FFS - these have no crew supplier).
6. made pirate bases a main source of drugs and organs. Increased their demand of hand weapons, metals and components. This is an attempt to make smuggling a bit more interesting and rewarding.
7. removed miner starting option. This is now considered to be a part of 'trader' carreer. Boosted mining to compensate the need of buying an expensive miner ship (which now also costs a bit more).
8. added automatic Prober-ship scans in visited system. Detects unusual signals and reports them via basic message (abandoned stations, wrecks, etc.). Runs only once per each system.
9. fixed Michigan having no launch bays.
10. expanded Prober autoscans to provide entity coordinates (like 'orbiting Pustosh I'). Works if you have more than 1 prober in your fleet
11. fixed UIN fleets spawning with 'AI BOTS' captain names.
12. removed pirates-marauders-widows relation ship update. WIll fix it later (the issue forced pirates to change relationship from hostile to neutral on the fly).

---===  Version 8.5 (20.1.2015) ===---

1. replaced all alien sprites with new ones (except for the mothership)
2. added phasing cloak to AI gunBOTS
3. added ship derelict interaction dialogue (loot, scrap or repair), introduced the demand of repair & salvage ships
4. removed Black Widows Supporter barge (the sprite looks ugly)
5. fixed some missile trails (alien missile, torpedoes)
6. fixed issues with pirates being too much 'forgivable' to player
7. moved RSF/UIN/XLE cruiser-class carriers to medium carrier choice (increasing their availability in fleets)
8. reduced the amount of credits awarded for both standard bounties and person bounties
9. increased supply/demand values for basic ores. Price should not drop too fast while selling large amounts of ores
10. reintroduced the 'husk-removal' script that instantly destroys 50% of all fighter hulls. Made 100% destruction rate for the drones just in case
11. fixed the 'repayment' option not checking if the player has enough  money
12. improved AI/Alien weapons a bit to make them deadlier
13. increase XP required for level ups (2x times for now, will see how it works), returned back the xp for trade value (was 0.05 of profit, now 0.25)

---===  Version 8.4.1 (28.12.2014) hotfix ===---

1. fixed a crash occuring on several markets (like Cold Sands)
2. rebalanced the supply/demand in order to achieve the crash fix

---===  Version 8.4 (26.12.2014) ===---

1. reduced the amounts of trade disruption events, now to get a disruption a trade 'lane' should loose more than 75% percent of sent fleets (was ~25%)
2. increased the chances for all factions to spawn a person bounty, person bounties have a chance to spawn fleet consisting of local faction`s ships or nearby pirate subfaction even if they spawn a 'notorious pirate'
3. fixed Marauder Scavenger not being counted as a miner-capable ship
4. readjusted economy to be generally more stable, made price flactuation less bizarre resulting in more balanced prices for all commodities (including fuel/supplies/crew)
5. added FFS faction (4 systems, 4 colonies, some stations, rock farm producing rock blast drugs, raiding fleets)
6. increased loot drop rates from AI, Aliens and Flies
7. for modding purposes - moved out timespawner plugin that calls for various time-related events (like Marauder scavengers, faction miners and etc)
8. added UIN/XLE Expeditionary Fleets that invade FFS space
9. increased number of RSF/ISA invasion fleets
10. rock blast, psi-clones and recreational drugs are all considered drugs for demand purposes, brights are now luxury goods for demand purposes too (this is made to shorten the demand list)
11. added a random system content generator and > 15 unclaimed systems that use this generator to spawn planets/asteroids/specials in it

---===  Version 8.3 (12.12.2014) ===---

1. set up to 1 military base per system for each faction to increase cruiser/capital ship probability odds (Vega has no MB)
2. added 1 FTG trading hub per each faction to ensure person bounties
3. added a couple of FTG resupply depots to distand systems (to make obtaining supplies/fuel a bit easier and stimulate named bounties generation)
4. added ISA/RSF invasion fleets. These will spawn a owner`s colonies and invade their enemy`s territory seeking a colony to blockade
5. added back AI, Alien and Rock Fly menaces. These are spawned at some slow rate and invade their corresponding faction`s systems. Rocks seek for asteroid clusters and thus may interfere with mining operations. AI survey planets at random and attack some random XLE/RSF colony if allowed to return to their spawn point in large numbers (not being intercepted). ALiens do the same, but in UIN/ISA space and pick only colonised planets as targets. All menaces currently carry basic resources based on their origin for the purpose of the loot/reward. Rocks can drop some brights!
6. added Black Widows to the game. They operate in ISA/UIN space and use the generic pirate relationships with player. They get some high-tech ships based on ISA/UIN hulls
7. all asteroid/iceroid clusters and space junk are now randomly generated in systems that are supposed to contain these (names are random)
8. buffed a bit the overmining procedure output and experience gained by player for mining
9. added the Marauders and a system for their hideout. Marauder fleets scavange the nearby abandoned stations, wrecks, space junk and scrapping facilities
10. brought back planetary surveys and planet scanner. Introduced scans with Prober scanner ship (the more you have - the better are the odds to find something of value). Survey logs can be sold anywhere for ~1000 credits

---===  Version 8.2 (28.11.2014) ===---

1. another economy rebalance effort. Added new depot condition to mitigate supply/fuel shortages on planets
2. 32 new sprites that are used by FTG and pirates
3. fixed reported text errors
4. fixed shipyard and relay occupying a single slot
5. added a lot of asteroid clusters and iceroid clusters in multiple systems that player can mine
6. added space junk in multiple systems that player can salvage for free
7. added back mining procedures (surveys, scanninig with a device/scanner ship, mining/overmining operations with mining ships) and mining skills. Mineral scanner can be bought at any markets that produce electronics
8. reconfigured almost all variants and some hulls
9. removed unnecessary ship hulls (mostly freighters from each faction and extra miners/tugs)
10. reconfigured Scrapper miner into a construction ship
11. increased salvage a bit after battles
12. made AI/ALien weapons unsalvageable at all - will eventually add hybrid weapons at some point
13. introduced a random picker for station sprites at game creation (for the generic non-shipyard stations). Still only RSF sprites for all factions.
14. added a new 'pirate hideout' market condition. It disables black market and storage submarkets and unlocks military one. It also provides some demand and supply of basic resources that pirates and smugglers might be interested in
15. tweaked 'here and there' to make pirate be more numerous. Can`t say if it works though.
16. added back station wreck salvaging and salvaging skills. Wrecks can be salvaged twice per game if you have high enough skills. The choice is either to do it safe or risk some incidents in the process (but get much better loot). 1 wreck per faction space + 1 in Gladisar.
17. added new sound effects for 408mm gun family (credits go to SniZupGun and his sound depot thread -

---===  Version 8.1 (14.11.2014) ===---

1. economy system rebalanced, food shortage events removed, market conditions adjusted to allow markets to have more of their products for sale.
2. added two new market conditions 'unhealthy conditions' and 'luzury demand' that increase medicaments reuqirements and luxury requirement respectively.
3. removed all FTG stations except the one in UIN space to balance the markets.
4. joined all stations and colonies they orbit to prevent exploits.
5. resprited the custom ship skins to closely match the RSF civilian ships. Skins still retain all their original properties.
6. allowed FTG to excessively use low-cost variants of custom ships (those skins that are listed above).
7. fixed some typos, texts and etc.
8. added some sattelites and ministations for decoration purposes. These orbit colonised planets and some other planets and can`t be interacted with.
9. fixed visual oddities with some planets (mostly repositioned them, improved ring bands representation and etc.).
10. added some custom entities in several systems. These have no effect in campaign yet, but already have unique sprites and some primitive interaction dialogues.
11. added some sprites for RSF stations (currently all factions are using them - will be replacing the sprites once i finish it).
12. lowered tariffs for all factions so that trading is a bit more profitable without the food shortage event.

---===  Version 8.0 (0.65.1a compatible) ===---

1. economy system with several new commodities and market conditions
2. 4 major factions and 2 minors (free traders and pirates). Each major has own overproduction/shortages of commodities.
3. reworked starting options that allow you to pick the starting location, relationships and even start as a pirate.
4. 25 new black-red ship skins with different modified properties. Mostly used by pirates.
5. some custom decorations for stations.

-------------- in case you wish to drop a penny to the author: :P
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Re: Ironclad Dreadnaught
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2011, 02:57:21 AM »

That's really awesome ;D
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Lopunny Zen

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Re: Ironclad Dreadnaught
« Reply #2 on: December 23, 2011, 05:47:35 AM »

i...wish i could..test it for you :)


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Re: Ironclad Dreadnaught
« Reply #3 on: December 23, 2011, 11:08:44 AM »

Wow! That's a fairly large ship there, heheh. In theory that ought to be fine, but since that hasn't been tested, I fully expect something to at least mildly break with a ship that big. Which I would be more than willing to fix, when it comes up.

It is a huge ship (300/1000 pcx) taken from my other modding project. Was just curious on how large the ships can be in SF (but can`t actually test it right now due to 'pixel format not accelerated' issues with my outdated GeForce 4 card :)

Are your video drivers up to date? That particular error is usually resolved by updating them, I think I've only heard of one case where that did not help (and numerous cases when it did).


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Re: Ironclad Dreadnaught
« Reply #4 on: December 23, 2011, 12:00:48 PM »

Oh. Oh, my! That sure is pretty!  :o


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Re: Ironclad Dreadnaught
« Reply #5 on: December 23, 2011, 01:44:40 PM »

Very nice!  :)  But where is the 3rd Heavy Ballistic mount noted in the Codex screenshot?  Looks like it would go nicely a little behind those three flak cannons near the front of the ship. 

I can't wait to get to try this and any other ships you come up with, once 0.5a comes out, I'm hoping that a new slew of mods gets put out there for us all to mess around with.   ;D
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Re: Ironclad Dreadnaught
« Reply #6 on: December 23, 2011, 02:05:56 PM »

In that config i replaced the third LBal with a laser PD.

This design, btw, sucks awfully. Enemy just get into my back and slowly tear it apart while i try to maneuver.

The new design has both lasers replaced by large ballistic guns (gauss cannons), all cannons replaced with mass drivers and all autolasers with impulse laser beams. Try now to sneak behind, nasty little bastards ;D


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Re: Ironclad Dreadnaught
« Reply #7 on: December 23, 2011, 02:09:52 PM »

In that config i replaced the third LBal with a laser PD.

This design, btw, sucks awfully. Enemy just get into my back and slowly tear it apart while i try to maneuver.

The new design has both lasers replaced by large ballistic guns (gauss cannons), all cannons replaced with mass drivers and all autolasers with impulse laser beams. Try now to sneak behind, nasty little bastards ;D

Awesome.  :) heh heh

Also, isn't it nice how well Alex's A.I. takes advantage of things like that?  Pretty cool in my opinion, makes you have to think about fields of fire, and full coverage etc.   ;D
There is no instance of a nation benefitting from prolonged warfare.
Thus it is that in war the victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won, whereas he who is destined to defeat first fights and afterwards looks for victory.


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Re: Ironclad Dreadnaught
« Reply #8 on: December 23, 2011, 04:14:40 PM »

wow! Okin the second I saw the ship I recognized it from the thread of my favorite SOTS mod. Its great to know you may be doing stuff arround here too.


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Re: Ironclad Dreadnaught
« Reply #9 on: December 23, 2011, 05:01:38 PM »

Very cool to see some action shots! It's safe to say I'm looking forward to seeing more :)

Hmm... a design this long compared to its width, I think the AI will misjudge how close it needs to get from the side to be in weapons range - so you might see it getting shot at from beyond effective weapons range. The ship itself won't have this problem, though. I'm seeing it become a bit of a problem for the Odyssey, which probably has just half the height:width ratio. I'll have to fix that somehow.

... Alex's A.I. ...

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Re: Ironclad Dreadnaught
« Reply #10 on: December 24, 2011, 09:10:42 AM »

That mass driver turret looks real mean. Love the new background, too, it has a very distinct feel.

Looking forward to getting my hands on this, whenever it's ready!


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Re: Ironclad Dreadnaught
« Reply #11 on: December 24, 2011, 09:28:34 AM »

I can upload it right away. Three ships and a weapon are ready with all graphics including icons. There is also a randomised mission with those ships at one side and original ships as enemies.

I`m working on other ships now and some weapons as well as a new mission where you`ll have to deal with Ironclad ships while playing Conquest with random fleet setup.


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Re: Ironclad Dreadnaught
« Reply #12 on: December 24, 2011, 04:14:29 PM »

Strange, after adding fighters the game began to crash sometimes with '/ on zero' error.


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Re: Ironclad Dreadnaught
« Reply #13 on: December 24, 2011, 05:52:32 PM »

Strange, after adding fighters the game began to crash sometimes with '/ on zero' error.

If you can email me the logfile (or just post the last stack trace from starfarer.log here), I might be able to help. My guess is it's *probably* something to do with the data definition, as stock fighters don't cause the crash.

Hmm... I can see an unset "collisionRadius" or "shieldRadius" cause something like that (even if a ship/fighter has no shields). That might make sense for fighters, though it could well be something else.


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Re: Ironclad Dreadnaught
« Reply #14 on: December 25, 2011, 01:58:08 AM »

Set shield and collision radius on all ships, but the game still crashes.

Here is the log file (but it doesn`t seem to contain any info on crash):
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