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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24); New blog post: New music for Galatia Academy (06/12/24)

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Author Topic: [0.97a] Junk Yard Dogs - V 3.2.0 - 05/08/24  (Read 221523 times)


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[0.97a] Junk Yard Dogs - V 3.2.0 - 05/08/24
« on: October 14, 2021, 03:48:20 PM »

Junk Yard Dogs
A vanilla+ power level faction mod that focuses on exploration, mining, scrapping and survey

New system full of wrecks, mining opportunities and salvage
Upgradeable faction colony structure
43 faction ships
10 pirate ships
10 High Value Bounties tied into the faction's lore
25 mining weapons
Commissioned Crew hull mod
13 wings
20 custom portraits

To maximize mining profit potential I recommend:
Ore Refinery

Mod integrations:

All assets are categorized under spoiler tags and can be seen below

All Faction Ships Image


Frigate Details


Destroyer Details


Cruiser Details


Heavy Cruiser Details


Capital Ship Details


Weapon Details


Fighter and Drone Wing Details


Custom JYD Portraits


Pirate Hulls: Technical information and identification redacted


CC Hull mod and Planetary Industry Summaries


Faction Lore

The Junk Yard Dogs are comprised of working class independent miners that provide many raw materials for the core worlds through the mining and other work facilities built in the various asteroid belts across the sector. With pirates and other outlaw factions strategically attacking their initial low quality civilian ships and stealing their cargo and other supplies, they banded together and started commissioning their own designs from the Independent ship yards. After months of piecemeal fighting, the Independents formed a temporary alliance with their major buyers, Tri-Tachyon and the Hegemony, to eliminate their common threat.

The unlikely combined forces were able to track down the pirate base of operations in the Dogstar system. The battle was long and extensive, resulting in wrecks and scrap debris scattered across the system. Dogstar was granted to the newly formed JYD as a neutral buffer as it was located between both faction's space. They have set up their base of operations in the system taking over the former pirate planet Junkyard and using it as combination base of operations, smelting and ship-building repair service and resale. Their fleet is primarily comprised of carriers and support craft in a mix of Low Tech and Midline all focused on deep space exploration and exploitation.

They are allied with the Independents and have a close working relationship with Tri-Tachyon but their forays into automated mining has made the other factions suspicious and the Hegemony concerned.

Mod technical vision and commissioned crews support

  • Each ship has pre-installed faction custom drones that increase your mining stats under Nexerelin while also providing a little extra PD support. The ballistic weapons, fighters and missiles all increase your mining stats. The utility ships increase your mining and are equipped with both survey and salvage mods to consolidate fleet usage. Their power level is higher than vanilla ships and weapons.
  • The ship load outs are flexible in order to take advantage of this and to give players more options. Low tech designs have all composite slots so they can have a missile or a ballistic weapon in each one. Midline ships have hybrid (Energy/Ballistic) or synergy (energy/missile). They are designed to be durable with good hulls and armor but lower shields and fewer medium/large mounts for small mounts.
  • The added system is literally a bit of a junk yard. There are salvage areas, wrecked ships, supplies, weapons and some blueprints floating around Dogstar. Nothing too much, just enough to reward exploring. There is also a pirate planet with a strong battlestation so the faction fleets are always fighting them thus adding more wrecks and salvage. There are two asteroid rings and different types of planets for mining. 
  • The commission from crews adds a flat +20 armor bonus, maybe a bit op for the smaller ships but it would allow better wolf pack tactics which is on brand. It also lowers the replacement time of fighters and drones. I felt this hull mod was in line with the faction being mainly carrier centric and mining causes a lot of damage so the armor would mitigate that somewhat.

My journey and vision

I grew up reading science fiction from Heinlien, Azomov, Clarke, Banks and many others. I like both the space opera as well as hard science fiction. For a more recent example: The gritty well told stories of the Expanse versus the fun romps like Firefly.

I always envisioned the Independent faction as a hard scrabble lot that are taken advantage of by the other factions. I made this faction focused on building themselves on mining, scrapping and exploration rather than combat as a means of leveling. I added every type of ship I thought needed to form a fleet comprised solely from this faction.

The ships are designed with Nexerelin's mining mini-mod in mind and are able to better focus on the mining and exploration aspects of the game while also being able to take a punch without being overpowered (I hope). They are a mix of low tech and midline but the overall aesthetic I went for is a lived in quality that would reflect the hardscrabble life of a scrapper/miner. Every weapon, fighter and most ships have added mining strength. Their mining strengths will show up on the list when you ask while mining a planet or asteroid.

As a side note, I added some Easter eggs around Dogstar for a little tongue in cheek fun so I hope you enjoy exploring the system.

Optional manual adjustment instructions

I have received some complains regarding the loading tips. You can edit them or delete them with no consequences by doing the following:
Navigate to the JYD mod folder, then to data\strings. There you will see a file labeled tips.json and you can either open it and edit out the ones you do not like, or add even more :),  or just delete that file all together. 

Sources and Thank You Credits

The mod runs fine and tested alongside multiple other mods. However, I have no experience with Java and wound up writing this in Notepad++ The last time I coded anything was a Lunar Lander clone on my Ti-99 4/a back in the 80's. :) I learned how to make this mod by a combination of going over all the online tutorials (sadly most are outdated), the templates hosted on the discord channel but mainly by reviewing the Java Script in every mod I play and piecing together how it all fits together. I have learned a lot from the varying styles used by the different modders and I now have mad respect for the work they have put in.

NOTE: If I have accidently plagiarized anyone's creative work it is not on purpose as I used a lot of code as examples to make my own. If any other mod author finds things that they believe are theirs please let me know and I will remove, give direct credit or rework it. I will work on formatting the mod as I learn more


All the ship, weapon and pirate portrait sprites were sourced from the forum page, Spiral Arms II and the #spiraled-arms forum on the Spaceport Corvus discord. Some of the ships are untouched because I thought they were a great fit but most are kitbashed, adapted, resized and/or re-colored to have a more gritty lived in feel by me. I would like to personally thank all the contributors to those forums for their generosity and artwork. If you have not been to either one, I recommend you do if just for the great artwork.

The logo and associated graphics are free assets from the site

Portraits: TY to Severian Void for hosting the Stable Diffusion Image AI Generation page on Huggingface


A special thank you goes to RationalPotato who kindly donated replacement icon graphics to replace my low rent versions :)
Timid, formerly known as Techpriest, for allowing me permission to modify their code to make the faction hull mod
Beta Testers: IonDragonX, Deageon, 6chad.noirlee9, Arthur_The_Ok, Scamper and exuvo  - Thank you all for your input and patience as I learn to code Java
balordezul for all his help post-beta testing and balance suggestions
Madbadger2 for being a good sounding board and contributor to all my mods
Alex and team Star Sector for their hard work making this game and keeping it up to date all these years
If you enjoy my content, please consider buying me a coffee to keep me going! :) on Ko-Fi!

Current Changelog

v3.2 - Save Compatible with V3.1
   -Added the missing bounty for the Eaglefang cruiser Ty- Madbadger for pointing out that I made the bounty ship but not the actual bounty - doh! :)
   -Added a custom portrait for the above bounty
   -Adaw: Re-drew the boundary lines to account for the front mount and replaced the light asteroid blaster with a Drone PD gun - Lowers their sustained DPS
   -Confident: Fixed the facing angle of the small side mounts to match the direction of the mount image
   -Fixed a typo in the description of the Heavy Drill MRV launcher
   -Added instructions to the forum page on how to edit or delete the JYD loading tips since some players find them annoying - TY ChronosMrk1 for the idea

Past Changelogs

v3.1 - Save Compatible with V3.0.2 - You will need to re-outfit any Courageous in your currently saved fleet due to the change
   -Increased the number of ships that accompany JYD bounties by 30% - After testing the changes made in 3.0.1(2) I found them to be too easy based on their payouts
   -Lowered the OP on the Endurance from 95 to 75 and re-equipped the variant accordingly - One of my most OP discussed ships needed a nerf - Ty Maritusa for your discussion points
   -Wrote descriptions for the 10 bounty ships - After having written unique descriptions for literally hundreds of ships between my mods my brain was tapped - They are not the best but better than nothing :)
   -Raised the fleet points of the Courageous from 18 to 23 and lowered the wing count from 6 to 4 but kept the OP so it can be fitted with less but more powerful wings - Ty last_misadventure for your comments
      -Went though each ship sprite that has not been adjusted recently looking for things needing correction:
   -Empathetic: Removed some stray pixels, fixed the centering of the sprite and added missing exhaust graphics to the inner engines
   -Fluffy: Sharpened the image by 10%, erased some stray pixels, fixed a centering mismatch, realigned the weapon mounts to face the direction of the mount graphics
   -Industrious: Replaced some of the small mount graphics that were blurry and added a missing medium mount graphic on the right side
   -Intelligent: Fixed some minor blemishes, centered the medium turret mount position and changed the Thumper on the variant to a Flack Cannon
   -Intelligentmkq: Fixed some stray pixels and adjusted the right side to match the left for symmetry
   -Intense: Replaced the shiny medium turret mounts with bronzed ones and faced the rear ones to the side to correctly reflect the intended placement
   -Irksome: Remade the sprite using a game asset asteroid, replaced the fuzzy hazard stripe, replaced the mount sprites and swapped the PD weapon on the variant with a Shock Cannon 
   -Knowledgeable: Replaced the turret sprites with ones that faced the intended gun placement direction and widened the firing arcs from 90 to 125 degrees for better coverage
   -Obedient: Replaced one front facing small mount sprite with the correct side facing one
   -Peppy: Replaced the shiny weapon turret mounts with bronzed ones
   -Relaxed: Added a missing small turret mount and touched up the ship graphic
   -Stalwart: Replaced the bottom medium turret mount sprite with one that correctly faces backward
   -Trusty: Removed some stray pixels, correctly centered the sprite, replaced some of the weapon mount graphics, realigned the weapon mounts to face according to the mount graphics
   -Vicious Front Module: Added proper medium mount graphics
   -Replaced all the visually changed ships on the "all ships image" as well as the class specific images found on the forum OP
   -Note: I decided to not make a comparison image this time as though the changes were time consuming to do, they were multiple small details not readily identifiable in a comparison

V3.0.2 - Save Compatible with V3.0.1 - Quick hotfix
   -Fixed an issue where JYD bounties would sometimes show up as blank - TY VikStahl for letting me know

V3.0.1 - Save Compatible with V3.0 - A quick fix
   -In 2.9.2 I stated that I implemented an adjustment to the Adaw and apparently I forgot to actually do it  :-[
         -Reduced the wing count on the Adaw from 6 to 4 and OP cost from 20 to 18 - The balance was OP vs large ships with that many bomblets most of them hit
   -Remade the Downtown sprite to look more like the heavy cruiser that it is - Received a couple messages that it looked like a destroyer
   -Updated the pirate ships image on the forum OP and the previous patch's comparison image (Third one down if interested) with the updated sprite
   -Ty to Cenbes for their help in this and the previous patch for being a good sounding board for ideas - I neglected to put that in 3.0 sorry :(   

V3.0 - Save Compatible with v2.9.3 - You may need to rearm some of the ships that were changed in this update if you have them in your current fleet
   -Replaced the sprite for the Loyal,increased the drone count to 5, replaced two small turrets with mediums
   -Replaced the sprite for the Courageous, changed two small turrets to medium, removed 1 small turret and added 1 hanger
   -Replaced the sprite for the Continental, downsized the middle large missile to a medium composite and added a hanger in the rear
   -Replaced the sprite for the Downtown, removed one small turret and used the spare OP to equip typhon torpedoes on the variant
   -Desaturated the sprite for the Slim and re-armed the variant to be more DPS orientated
   -Lowered the frequency that the stronger JYD ships will appear in Independent markets and fleets - TY SSchorik0101 for brining this to my attention
   -Increased the frequency the Industrious will appear in JYD markets and fleets - Ty Cenbes for messaging me about never seeing them
   -Increased the HP of the Asteroid Launcher's shot - Being so slow it was frequently getting shot down in long range engagements which it is designed for
   -Adjusted the player levels that JYD Bounties will appear on a scaling system - Prevents them from spamming the board on a new game
   -With the newest version of magicLib, JYD bounties now show properly on the bounty board - Horray!
   -Replaced the old ship images with the updated ones on the Forum OP and added a comparative image

v2.9.3 - Save Compatible with v2.9.2
   -Updated wings_data.csv for a more complete list of wings the game uses when a player is autofitting JYD ships - Shadow Rune to the rescue yet again!
   -Increased the energy per second of the Particle Emitter from 70 to 90 and turn rate from 30 to 50 - TY to "a player who will remain unnamed by choice" for pointing out it was in need of adjustment
   -Increased the refit of the Heavy Drone from 15 to 20 - Ty 5ColouredWalker for pointing out it needed some balance adjustment
   -Separated the JYD BP into three parts: ships, weapons and wings - All three will be in a JYD commissioned start's inventory
   -Updated the sprite for the Endurance, increased it's DP from 7 to 10 and added advanced gyros to the variant using some unused op - My response to a discord discussion on how ugly it looked :)
   -Updated the respective images on the forum OP for the Endurance - Take a peek if you are interested   
   -Updated the game version to RC-11 to alleviate your OCD triggering mod manager yellow warning :)

v2.9.2 - Save Compatible with v2.9.1
   -Fixed a grammar oopsie that would prevent the Heavy Drone to autofit - TY Shadow Rune for letting me know
   -Reduced the wing count on the Adaw from 6 to 4 and OP cost from 20 to 18 - The balance was OP vs large ships with that many bomblets most of them hit
   -Restricted the Asteroid Launcher making it not recoverable or buyable - The graphic and balance is specific to the Industrious
   -Updated to 0.97a

v2.9.1 - Save Compatible with v2.9 - Quick compression hotfix bundled with some WIP changes that I had already done
   -Changed the weapons on the Tick wing to match the description - Now has all JYD weapons as intended
   -Added a ballistic analog of the 1 OP mining laser, the Mining Plinker - For captains that specialize in ballistic weapons and want the skill modifier that the mining laser lacks
   -Replaced the mining laser with the Mining Plinker on the following variants: Exuberant, Intelligent, Knowledgeable, Lean, Mosquito, Spirited, and Splendid - Keepin' it JYD ya'll :)
   -Replaced the PD weapons on the Lean Variant to the Mining Plinker, the Salamander to a Drill SRM and a Flux Distributor hull mod - Noted the OP was overbudget and this balances it
   -Added the Mining Plinker weapon and description to the forum OP "Weapon Details" image - For your viewing pleasure ;)
   -Fixed a compression issue with the mod, accidently downloaded as Junk Yard (Google Drive Nonsense)- Ty MnHebi for noticing it

v2.9 - Save Compatible with v2.8 NOTE: Any 2.8 ship with the exploration refit hull mod needs to have it removed before updating
   -Removed the exploration refit hull mod and added it to my CJHM mod - Load a 2.8 save, remove the hull mod, save, exit and update to prevent a conflict
   -Changed the loadout of the Happy Variant by replacing the front two asteroid breakers with shock cannons - Gives it some armor piercing damage
   -Fixed an error with one of the loading tips -Accidently had it doubled typed oopsie!
   -Removed the COMBAT,NO AUTO ESCORT hint from the Fluffy - Though it could be configured as a combat carrier it does not have the stats to be AI effective
   -Cleaned up all the "noise" on the Cute - The graphic was very busy so I smoothed out many of the breaking lines
   -Removed some of the red pigment from the Happy to make it more JYD brown and removed some stray pixels
   -Cleaned up the Fetching (2nd time, maybe I'll get it right) by removing some breaks and sharpening up the blurry areas
   -Shifted the green tint on the Exuberant to a JYD brown - Varya did a great job with this one but it stuck out as the only green JYD ship
   -Darkened the shade of the Empathetic from a tan to a brown and added some kitbash elements
   -Darkened the shade of the Commanding and added a kit bashed bridge section - Was a bit bright and I've been meaning to add a bridge to it
   -Widened the firing arcs of the two rear turrets on the Cute - Narrow as it was it made engagement too limited
   -Replaced the Harpoon with a Shard on the Exuberant variant and filled in the missing OP - Must have overlooked this one when I ported all the JYD hull mods
   -Replaced the built in wings on the Fetching from the Malinois to the Gnat - The former made it too OP so I replaced it with the weaker PD drone
   -I've read numerous complains on discord regarding JYD's aggression so I deiced to make the following changes to their doctrine:
      -Officer Quality from 3 to 2 - Their AI officers will have less skills
      -Ship Quality from 3 to 2 - Lowers the power level of their AI controlled ships
      -Aggression from 3 to 2 - Makes them less likely to attack unprovoked
      -Punitive Expedition vs Competitors from True to False - They are a neutralist faction after all
      -Note these changes will be more noticeable on a new 2.9 game since your 2.8 faction setting are already loaded
   -Added "voices" to to the JYD AI - I matched the Independent faction settings as they were formerly that faction
   -Added "A vanilla+ power level faction mod" to the mod description on the forum OP - TY gladius2metalfor the suggestion
   -Replaced all the old ship images with the updated ones on the Forum OP and added a comparative image   

v2.8 - Save Compatible with v2.7.3
   -Fixed an issue with the left rear small turret on the Smart facing the wrong direction
   -Raised the energy/sec of the Phase Emitter from 120 to 210, a dyslexic typo on my part that made it way too OP - Thank you Tapkomet for pointing that out
   -Fixed several issues with the Cordelia being off center and added two missing built in mining drones to the flight bays on the top sides
   -Rearmed the Cordelia standard variant with JYD weapons to fit the new layout
   -Fixed a misaligned front hardpoint on the Curious
   -Changed two small turrets on the Viscous to medium to match the sprite image and re-armed the variant - fixing a lingering mistake
   -Added descriptions to the asteroid fields in Dogstar - TY LukeTasrook for reminding me to fix that
   -Fixed a few spelling/grammar mistakes in the descriptions
   -Included the JYD portraits I added in v2.7 to the list of portraits used in character creation - oversight on my part - oops   

v2.7.3 - Nex is back! edition - Not save compatible with prior versions - Sorry, if I had only waited another day before releasing 2.72 :(
   -Re-enabled Nexerelin interactions and features

v2.7.2 - Not save compatible with prior versions
   -Updated the mod to work with 0.96a
   -Disabled Nexerelin interactions - I will re-enable them once a stable patch for that mod is released by Histidine
      -NOTE: mod integrations will be re-enabled as they are made 0.96a compliant   

v2.7.1 - Save Compatible with v2.7 - Just a teenie tiny little change
   -Changed the tooltip on supply use in new hullmod that reported the amount increased by instead of the percentage for consistency sake - TY AKAJIA for pointing it out
   -Replaced the image of the new portraits on the forum OP with one you can actually see - No idea why Imgur shrunk it previously
   -Fixed a small typo in the description of the Exploration Refit hull mod

v2.7 -Save Compatible with v2.6
   -Fixed a typo in the Particle Emitter - Ty madbadger2 for noticing and letting me know
   -Added a new unlocked JYD hullmod for civilian ships - Exploration Refit - Similar to militarized subsystems in removing civ penalties but increases sensor range and cargo space
   -Lowered the Pather interest in the Scrapyard from 3 to 1 - It was above the Workshop's interest level of 2 which did not make sense
   -Added introduction text if you start as JYD - requires a new game start to see this (duh?) :) - Ty Timid for showing me how to do this
   -Replaced the 10 old portraits with all new ones that better fit the JYD and game aesthetic - Previous ones were from another game and did not really fit the Star Sector style   
   -Added 10 new portraits to the lineup giving them a total of 20 - 10 female and 10 male all in JYD brown and gold - Gives them more variety so you do not see faces doubled up   
   -Replaced the Massive with an entirely new size appropriate image - One of my first attempts at kitbashing and my most complained about ship - About time that bloated mess was replaced ;)
      -Same weapon and fighter loadout but now midline using the parts that the Reliable and Fluffy are made from - they now have a big sister!
   -Touched up the Fetching's color palette and reduced it's size- I want JYD ships to look a bit battered since they are a mining faction but it needed some corrections
   -Raised the DP and supply use of the Irksome to 6 - Should have done that when I added the burn drive since it far more offensive now
   -Changed the hullmod on the Industrious variant from dedicated targeting core to missile racks and one Asteroid Breaker to a Shard AF - As a missile platform, no idea why I had a core on it
   -Added a new weapon exclusive to the Industrious, the Asteroid Launcher - Using electrometric force along it's rails it launches an asteroid that conveys Kinetic as well as EMP damage - TY Hopefall for the idea
   -Added 20 more loading tips from the Culture series, really read more Ian M banks. - TY FrownTown for the kind words on discord and inspiring me to add more
   -Added 10 more ship names - because who doesn't like a dad joke? - Well Timid likes them at least :)
   -Added an image to the forum OP of all the new portraits
   -Added the new hull mod summary to the image on the forum OP
   -Updated the respective images on the forum OP for the Fetching and Massive - Take a peek if you are interested

v2.6 -Save Compatible with v2.5 but you may need to re-equip the changed ships if you have them in your fleet   
   -Widened the boundary lines on the Sixfootfour bounty ship - Ty darkwarrior1000 for notifying me of the issue
   -Improved the Heavy Drill MIRV Launcher to now have a slow regen - Madbadger2 made the case that is uses the same tech as the LRM
   -Changed the image used for the SRM missile to be a little longer than the AF  - I had used the same image for the Shard Anti-Fighter missile in the past
   -Redesigned the Shard Anti-Fighter missile to have a slow regen and a custom missile graphic - TY Madbadger2 for noting it spammed out it's ammo supply too fast to be useful   
   -Changed the image used for the MRM missile to be thicker and a little longer - TY Kendris, the *** Knight for noting JYD missiles looked too similar to micro missiles
   -Removed the built in drones on the JYD dedicated Carriers - Kendris, the *** Knight and Madbadger2 made a good point that the short range drones interfere with the other fighters
      -Courageous: removed one drone hanger, opened the other hanger, added 5 OP to the hull and placed a Midge on the variant in the formerly closed hanger
      -Eager: removed the drone hanger, added 5 op, widened the turret arcs to 360 for better PD coverage and changed the variant to a heavy drone, shard missile and drone pd
      -Fluffy: opened up the two drone hangers, added 10 OP to the hull and placed a Mite and a Midge on the variant in the formerly closed hangers
      -Lean: removed the drone hanger and increased the OP by 5 to increase the types of wings it can equip
   -Increased the DP and supply use of the Spirited to 6 - was a little low for a destroyer - TY Madbadger2 for making the case
   -Increased the DP and supply use of the Muscular to 12 - having it the same as the Prometheus didn't make sense as it is objectively a more robust ship
   -Replaced the damper ship system on the Protective with maneuvering jets - Allows it to better bring it's PD turrets to engage
   -Replaced the increased maintenance d-mod on the Eager with high maintenance - makes it cheap to deploy but expensive to maintain as was intended
   -Increased the OP on the Gambler from 70 to 75 and reduced it's supply use from 14 to 12 - For a bounty ship it needed a little buff to make it worthwhile to go after
   -Fixed an engine exhaust mismatch on the Justbeware bounty ship - had one low tech that I changed to midline like the rest
   -Fixed a spelling error is the description of the Mining Recoilless Blaster - Sorry SteelSirokos for enflaming your OCD :)
   -Added a direct download link to the Version file that mod managers can use to auto-update - Ty Timid for showing me how
   -Added a direct download link to the forum d/l link that bypasses the google drive preview - one less step to get to the good stuff :)
   -Increased the size of the download link on the forum op from 10pt to 14pt - Makes it a stand out a little more

v2.5 - Save Compatible with v2.4 but you may need to re-equip the changed ships if you have them in your fleet
   -Changed the Phase Emitter damage to 300, the EMP to 1500, 0.33/1.0 up/down and beam speed to 7k - That long chargedown confused the AI and it would not fire
   -Removed the text on the Phase Emitter that stated it would arc to engines and shields as part of the balancing change
   -Increased the range on the Particle Streamer to 500 - Matches the Particle Emitter for better synergy using them both on a ship
   -Fixed an issue with the Mining Recoilless Blaster changing it's BP to "jyd_bp" from a typo that had it as "jyd.bp" - Will now show up on the weapon bp
   -Added the Drone PD gun to the JYD PD - It was originally drone only but I missed putting on the bp when I made it player available a couple patches back
      -Thank you Madbadger2 for all your help with the above changes
   -Fixed punctuation in the descriptions for JYD assets - I wrote them at different times as I released new content and there was inconsistency between the old and the new      
   -Replaced the vanilla weapons on the Adorable standard variant with JYD weapons - More in line with JYD lore
   -Added a second large composite hardpoint mount to the Industrious and equipped a Squall Mlrs on the variant - adds some more support when deployed
   -Widened the side missile mounts on the Rambunctious from 180 to 275 - The AI was having trouble lining up shots
   -Widened the side small mounts on the Troublesome from 10 degrees to 25   - same as above
   -Changed the ship system on the Irksome from Burn drive to the JYD Ram drive - With it's heavy armor and durability it made sense
   -Sharpened and lighted up the image for the Sharp - I like my mining ships dinged up but it was too dirty for a midline
   -Changed the images on the forum op with the new Sharp
   -Had some leftover Op on most ships from removing the JYD hull mod last patch so I made the following changes to JYD variants:
      -Added advanced turret gyros to the Courageous variant
      -Added Flux coils to the Cute standard variant
      -Added Resistant flux coils to the Empathetic standard variant
      -Added advanced turret gyros to the Fluffy standard variant
      -Added advanced turret gyros to the Happy standard variant
      -Added ECM package to the Hardy standard variant
      -Changed the mining laser to a JYD particle emitter on the Intelligent Variant
      -Added Flux distributor to the Intelligentmkq standard variant
      -Added Flux distributor to the Intense standard variant and changed the weapon layout to all JYD weapons
      -Added advanced turret gyros to the Irksome standard variant
      -Changed the machine guns on the Knowledgeable standard variant to Asteroid Breakers - Gives it more mining strength and keeps it JYD
      -Added advanced turret gyros to the Loyal standard variant
      -Added Resistant flux coils to the Massive standard variant
      -Changed the mining lasers on the Protective standard variant to JYD particle emitters - Better pd coverage and slightly more mining stats
      -Added advanced turret gyros to the Rugged standard variant
      -Changed the weapon mounts on the Sharp standard variant to all JYD weapons and added advanced turret gyros - Lore and mining strength       
      -Changed the Shard missiles to SRM on the Short Standard Variant - gives it more offensive power
      -Added a small composite mount to the Spirited and changed one of the small turrets to medium - armed it with 1 SRM and 1 LRM missile on the variant
      -Changed the weapons on the Stalwart standard variant to all JYD weapons - lore friendly and more mining strength
      -Changed the missiles on the Troublesome standard variant from Shard to SRM and LRM to MRM - less defensive to more offensive
      -Changed the two rear Vulcans on the Trusty standard variant to Asteroid Breakers - Lore and mining strength
      -Added armored weapon mounts to the Viscous front standard

v2.4 - Save Compatible with v2.3
   -Added a new mining drone, the Tsetse which acts as a hardy and nimble PD support with armored weapon mounts and equipped with six side mounted drone guns
   -Added a second built in drone bay to the Obedient equipped with the new Tsetse drone - Was underperforming after the nerf
   -Changed the front hardpoints on the Obedient variant from railguns to Drill Missiles - Now uses all JYD weapons and also allows more points to cap the Vent and Capacitor
   -Added a Tsetse drone wing to the Endurance and Gnat wing to the Curious -They lacked a drone and with the new commissioned crew mod only effecting fighter bays I felt they needed it
   -Added reinforced bulkheads to the Endurance Variant - It has left over points from removing the JYD hull mods last patch
   -Added drone bay graphics to the Endurance and Curious ship sprites and updated their images on the forum OP
   -Added the new drone to the drones image on the forum OP
   -Changed the name of the commissioned crew hull mod from Armor & Fighter Support to Drone and Fighter Support - should have done that last patch when I removed the armor buff
   -Replaced all instances of kite_Interceptor being used in JYD bounties with kite_pirates_Raider - MVP of this update is darkwarrior1000 for his constant vigilance in helping me get JYD bounties correct!

v2.3 -The great JYD nerfing edition - NOT save compatible - New game required due to removed/changed content
   -Removed all JYD hull mods with the exception of the commissioned crews mod and added them to the new CJHM mod (link in my forum signature)
   -Removed the former JYD hull mods from the following JYD ships and variants:
      -fetchdeck built-in hull mod from the Commanding, Fetching,
      -fetchdeck and auxsensor built-in hull mods from the Eager
      -pdext built-in hull mod from the Malinois
      -reinforcedhull built-in hull mod from the Reliable
      -auxsensor hull mod from the confident_standard variant
      -pdext hull mod from the continental_lincoln, courageous, curious, downtown,fluffy, gambler, happy, intense, irksome, peppy, protective, reliable, troublesome standard variants
      -brawlermissiles hull mod from the cordelia_standard variant
      -pdext and ablativearmor hull mods from the cute_standard variant
      -cargocarver and engineeringsection hull mods from the empathetic_standard variant
      -brawlermissiles, pdext, and reinforcedhull hull mods from the endurance_standard variant
      -engineeringsection, auxsensor and brawlermissiles" hull mods from the fetching_standard variant
      -ablativearmor, reflectivearmor and fetchdeck hull mods from the hardy_standard variant
      -pdext, fetchdeck, reinforcedhull and auxsensor hull mods from the industrious_standard variant
      -cargocarver hull mod from the intelligent_standard,knowledgeable_standard variants.
      -pdext and brawlermissiles hull mods from the intelligentmkq and spirited standard variants
      -reinforcedhull and pdext hull mods from the loyal_standard variant
      -pdext",reinforcedhull and brawlermissiles hull mods from the massive_standard variant
      -engineeringsection hull mod from the muscular and rambunctious standard variants
      -pdext, reinforcedhull hull mods from the rugged_standard variant
      -reinforcedhull and engineeringsection hull mods from the short_standard variant
      -pdext and engineeringsection hull mods from the stalwart_standard variant
      -brawlermissiles and auxsensor hull mods from the vicious_front_standard variant
      -pdext and auxsensor hull mods from the vicious_standard variant
   -Changed the Commissioned Crews mod to no longer increase their armor - The fighter buff is already good and it also gives their combat strength a little nerf

v2.2 Save Game compatible with v 2.1 - If you have a Cute or Lean in your fleet they will need to be re-armed
   -Added a new ship system for the Rambunctious, the Ram Drive - As the name states, it is a burndrive that turns off shields and greatly increases speed to ram opponents @balordezul :)
   -Increased the DP and Supply Use of the Trusty from 15 to 20 - TY DeusVault on discord for pointing out that is was out of synch with other JYD cruisers
   -Increased the flux capacity and dissipation of the Tick - Ty again DeusVault for pointing out that it did not have the flux capacity or dissipation to use its autocannons
   -Simplified and widened the boundary lines on the Lean - TY darkwarrior1000 for noting it was needed
   -Added a missing small turret mount graphic on the Lean, added a small missile mount and increases it's op by 5 - Noted the graphic mistake while working on it's boundary lines and that it had a small hardpoint on the front
   -Changed the standard variant for the Lean to accommodate the changes
   -Simplified and widened the boundary lines on the Adorable, Confident, Exuberant, Flea, Fluffy, Gnat, Heavy Drone, Intense, Irksome, Knowledgeable, Massive, Mite, Obedient, Relaxed, Short, Smart, Spirited, Splendid, and Tick
   -Fixed the misaligned weapon mounts on the Exuberant, Fluffy, Muscular, Obedient, and Relaxed
   -Fixed the misaligned engine trails on the Commanding and Intense
   -Removed the graphic for the unused front small turret on the Smart, added three missing turret images and changed the launch bays to emerge from the front hanger graphic
   -Touched up the graphics of the Continental  -A little less blurry and a slightly darker tint to the body and less red in the weapon mounts - IDK not my best sprite but a little better
   -Re-designed the Cute with a larger sharper graphic, changed the middle turret to medium, re-classed it a Heavy Destroyer, increased supply use to 6 and increased the OP by 10 - Was underperforming and ugly :)
   -Changed the standard variant for the Cute to accommodate the changes   
   -Updated the respective forum OP images with the new ship sprite

v2.1 Save Game compatible with v 2.0  - Happy 1 yr birthday JYD edition
   -Flagged El Dorado as a Freeport - Ty N3ophobe for pointing out that having a free market w/out that "can be a bit awkward" :)
   -Removed an extra population setting on Junkyard - Ty N3ophobe for pointing that out
   -Added a TY on the previous patch notes to Stormy Fairweather for their bounty spellcheck idea - credit where credit is due
   -In 1.99 I added custom Tech/Manufacturer tags to ships but apparently forgot about midline - Fixed that my bad :)
   -Replaced the graphic for the Eaglefang - TY darkwarrior1000 for noticing that the same sprite was used by Dark Revenant in SWP
   -Upgraded the Eaglefang to Heavy Cruiser by adding two medium turrets, +20 OP, +60 venting and +80 armor - Already had a pirate cruiser
   -Added JYD as well as it's two industries (Scrapyard & Workshop) to the Better Colonies mod Age of Innovation feature whitelist
   -Increased the burn of the Puzzle to 8 - TY darkwarrior1000 for pointing out that 7 was a bit low for a cruiser
   -Replaced the front two small missile mounts on the Puzzle with medium and increased the OP by 10 - In further testing I found it to be underperforming
   -Increased the DP and supply use of the Puzzle from 15 to 22 and the FP from 10 to 20  - I had not changed them when I upgraded from a light to a heavy cruiser - TY Pixicode for noticing
   -Increased the DP and supply use of the Gambler from 10 to 14 - Ty flute fetishist for noting it had the same stats as a Condor but is superior
   -Reduced the DP and supply use of the Sixfootfour to 40 and the Treetop for 55 - flute fetishist made a good point that they were a bit too much versus their vanilla counterparts
   -Added a new hullmod, Ablative Armor - Reduces explosive damage taken at the cost of acceleration and maneuverability    
   -Added a new drone, the Manticore missile pod - Equipped with a jamming system and armed with Drill LRM missiles to escort the carrier that deploys it   
   -Added the auto fighter AI tag to the Midge - missed that when I introduced it last patch and noticed when I made the Manticore   
   -Added a new ship, the Hardy - A destroyer sized pod tender equipped with two Manticore missile pods - probably don't need another JYD ship but idk I like it :)
   -Added all new assets to their respective images on the forum OP

v2.0 - Save Game compatible with 1.99 - Note if you have the Combat Adjustment hull mod installed you may find yourself with some extra OP (see below)
   -Added the PD UI tag to the drone PD gun - Ty Madbadger2 for catching that
   -Increased the range of the Particle Emitter back to 500 - Ty Madbadger2 for your commentary
   -Increased the range of the drone pd gun from 350 to 450 and the damage per shot to 50 - TY Madbadger2 for making the point they were underpowered when I switched them to frag damage
   -It was brought to my attention on discord that ship sprite for the Puzzle was being used in SWP so to avoid confusion I replace it with a new one of my design - TY Morphine_Blues for the ping
   -The new version of the Puzzle has been upgraded from light cruiser to cruiser with better stats - The sprite I made was thicker and it seemed a better fit
   -Replaced the pristine nanoforges on Junkyard and the Processing station to Corrupted nanoforges - It is a junkyard after all
   -Edited the shortened description of the fetch deck hull mod to reflect that is JYD only
   -Edited the Combat Adjustment hull mod by halving the OP needed to install - I see complaints regarding the pre-installed drones on JYD ships and this mod alleviates that
   -Added a new weapon, the Shock Cannon - JYD was lacking a small ballistic explosive weapon and added some EMP damage to stand apart - Think HE version of the Hypervelocity Driver
   -Added a new drone wing, the Midge - Mounts the new Shock Cannon and is good against unshielded targets
   -Added the new weapon and drone to the list of mining assets and assigned them mining strength
   -Added the new images of the Puzzle, Shock Cannon and Midge to their respective forum OP images
   -Moved the bounty portraits into the main portrait folder in order to save load time and potential issues - TY darkwarrior1000 for the suggestion
   -Reduced the player fleet point requirement for all JYD bounties to appear down to 1 - One less requirement to acquire them
   -Replaced the basic CSV for Vayra Bounties with the extended version  - may eventually make them tiered bounties once (if?) I figure out the portrait issue
   -Fixed some spelling corruption in the descriptions of the bounties - some weird characters where replacing contractions
   -Matched capital vs lower case naming on the bounty portraits for Linux compatibility
   -Note: After hours of research and trial/error I am still stumped as to why bounty portraits no longer show after a save load - Maybe I'll convert to magic bounty in the next update

v 1.99 - Save Game compatible with 1.98
   -Changed the firing sound of the Ion Burst Cannon to have more OOMPH - TY Yohll on Discord for the suggestion
   -Added custom Tech/Manufacturer tags to all JYD weapons and Ships - TY Hexxod for suggesting the QOL idea, sorry I forgot to do it in the last update
   -Added all JYD Pirate HVB ships to the blacklist for prism freeport so they will no longer show up there for sale
   -Removed all HVB ships from the pirate faction lineup - You will no longer see them in use by random pirate fleets
   -Changed the blueprint used for all JYD Pirate HVB ships from Pirate.bp to Rare.bp - TY Stormy Fairweather for making the point that HVB's should be rare
   -Increased the hit points and armor rating of all JYD HVB ships by 20% - Makes them more of a challenge as well as a more desirable capture
   -Fixed an oopsie with the Curious being on the lowtech.bp by changing it to the jyd.bp where it belongs - Just noticed it while I was playing with the pirates :)
   -Went though the descriptions of JYD weapons and ships and fixed 4 spelling error and 3 grammar errors - Some of those have been around since release
   -Added a new hull mod, Cargo Filler - Essentially the opposite of Cargo Carver (reduces cargo for more hull) - as requested by a PM on discord
   -Changed the description on the hull mod Fetch Deck to reflect that it is only installable on JYD hulls - Been meaning to fix that
   -Changed the animation on the Asteroid Buster Cannon from glow to barrel recoil - It is a cannon after all
   -The Shard Anti-Fighter Swarmer now properly animates it's missile graphic
   -Updated the Massive with weapon turret and side engine sprites, fixed the hanger launching and centered the weapon mounts - Ty to Tassyr for noticing it on discord
   -Updated the Happy with turret and rear hanger graphics and widened the front turrets to 75 degrees - Another original that needed a touch up
   -Added a new weapon, the Twin Rail Cannon - JYD was lacking a ballistic large mount kinetic weapon so here you are! :)
   -Added the new hull mod, ship images and weapon graphics to their respective forum front page images

v1.98 - Save Game compatible with 1.97
   -Reformatted and slightly edited the forum page for an easier read based on a good suggestion by Liral, TY!
   -Changed the AI code for the Irksome combat freighter to be more aggressive - It was always intended to be a combat freighter but I had it set as a normal freighter - TY 5ColouredWalker for pointing it out
   -Changed the built-in wing on the Exuberant, Cute, Happy, Irksome and Relaxed from the Borer to Termite drone -They are all JYD ships after all
   -Changed the built-in wing on the Courageous, Intense, Knowledgeable, Obedient and Sharp from Mining to Mosquito drones - See above^
   -Changed the built-in wings on the Fetching, Reliable, Peppy, Trusty and Viscous from the Gnat to the Malinois - Being heavier ships I felt they deserved the upgraded version of the energy based PD drone
   -Changed the Standard Variant for the Irksome to mount a Medium Asteroid Blaster instead of a Drill LRM and the hull mod from Resistant coils to PD pep - A mix more in line with it's updated code
   -Changed the code for the Troublesome troop transport by removing it's civilian status - As 5ColouredWalker pointed out, it is possible to kit it as a weak destroyer and will now engage in battle
   -Reduced the EMP damage of the Phase Emitter from 5500 to 3000 and increased the damage from 300 to 350 - It is still one of the best suppression beams for it's size but not as OP
   -Reduced the EMP damage for the Ion Burst Cannon from 10k to 6k and increased the damage from 600 to 650 - Same as above
   -Reduced the range of the Particle Emitter and Particle Streamer from 500 to 400 - Was a little too OP when combined with the PD Pep Hullmod - TY again 5ColouredWalker for pointing that combination out
   -Changed the AI code for the drone gun used in the Termite and Mosquito wings by changing it from Kinetic to Fragmentation and flagging it as a PD weapon - TY 5ColouredWalker for your comments
   -Added the re-designed drone gun for ship use to the JYD lineup of weapons - Figured since I already had it made, may as well offer it as a low budget mining PD weapon
   -Reduced the rebuild time for the Termite and Mosquito drones by 1 second each - They seem to be getting targeted more often due to the above change in code   
   -Fixed some grammar errors on the description for the Armored MRM - 5ColouredWalker to the recue yet again!
   -Removed the missile auto forge text from the Loyal's description - Accidently left it in when I removed it from the ship last patch - TY power12359 for catching that
   -Changed the ship system on the Sharp from Maneuvering Jets to Microburn - As darkwarrior1000 pointed out, it was bumping into everything being so maneuverable
   -Widened the boundary lines for the Sharp to prevent it from taking unnecessary damage - *Should* prevent the hull damage issue darkwarrior1000 noted
   -Adjusted the Standard loadout for the Knowledgeable to include Expanded Cargo Holds
   -Added two built-in Anti-Fighter missiles to the Gambler pirate ship - I captured one in a playthrough and found it underwhelming for it's deployment
   -Added a new weapon, the Light Asteroid Buster Cannon - a direct analog for the light mortar but Kinetic - I was outfitting a ship in game and it occurred to me there was no 2 OP Kinetic I could find
   -Added mining stats to the Light Asteroid Buster Cannon and the Drone PD to keep them in line with JYD lore
   -Added mining stats to the Malinois Wing - Noticed I hadn't added it to the list as I was adding the above weapons
   -Replaced the drone gun with the new Light Asteroid Blaster on the Adaw, Botfly, Mite and Heavy Drone
   -Added a new Hullmod, Cargo Pods, that increases cargo capacity based on hull size at the cost of speed, maneuverability and fuel cost - TY to [email protected] on Spiral Arms II for the PNG used
      - I was inspired while re-watching (for the xth time) the Expanse and how their cargo ships are designed - Google Barbapiccol for example - Stay safe rockhoppers

v1.97 -
   -Changed the Viscous front module to MRM missiles - Made more sense to range reasons
   -Changed the loadout of the Viscous Variant to Kinetic Drills in the large turrets and SRM missiles in the front two small - Balances out the Kinetic and Explosive armaments
   -Fixed an error with the Confident in the Starship Legends config file  - TY to Fumeiryo for findting it and Tim, IRS Mommy notifying me on discord

v1.96 - Save Compatible with 1.95
   -Fixed an error with the Courageous variant not being flagged as the default autofit - TY Cookein for noting it on discord
   -Removed the Missile auto forge from the Loyal - was a leftover from when I had the weapons set to built-in plus it already has 3 other built in mods - TY Usgiyi for pointing it out
   -Updated the graphic for the Loyal by sharpening the outlines and embedding proper weapon mounts - just a slight touch up I noted when I was removing the auto forge
   -Fixed a mistake with the Reflective Armor hull mod - Essentially I thought the MutableShipStat involved did the opposite of what it actually does - Ty to Bigwheel for the bug report.
   -Fixed an error in the Heavy Asteroid Blaster - Due to an error on my end it was not draining flux as was intended - TY AKAJIA for pointing it out and Usgiyi for posting a fix while I got some sleep
   -Re worked the Drill LRM by reducing the range from 9k to 3k, damage from 550 to 450, flight time from 80 to 50 and increased speed from 175 to 200 and the HP from 60 to 80 - TY AKAJIA for your comments
   -Removed the nanoforge from the light industry on Scrapyard - Ty Usgiyi for brining my attention that light industry does not benefit from having a forge
   -Made an edit to the description to the Particle Emitter replacing the suppression claim to disable - The EMP damage will disable targets not suppress and push them back like the Graviton
   -Added a new medium energy PD weapon, the Particle Streamer - Essentially a medium version of the Particle Emitter - Just filling in a gap in the JYD energy weapon lineup
   -Added the Particle Streamer to the weapons image on the forum OP
   -Added the new image for the Loyal on the forum OP ship image and the heavy cruisers image

v1.95 - Save Compatible with 1.9 however the El Dorado change will only take effect on a new game sector generation
   -Removed several old unused art assets from the mod - Makes it load a tad a faster and it was unneeded bloat
   -Re-worked the SRM, MRM and LRM to both be more visible and to load their missiles rather than be static -TY Usgiyi for the idea and most of the code to boot!
   -Replaced the Heavy Industry on El Dorado with Orbital works and removed the pristine nanoforge -Reduces the production of heavy weapons while increasing the amount of pirate ships
   -Added a new small kinetic energy weapon, the Blaze Energy Blaster - I felt there was lack of low OP kinetic energy weapons for small mounts, it's essentially the light mortar of kinetic energy
   -Added a new medium kinetic energy weapon, the Blaze Energy Array - A low OP medium kinetic weapon, mainly for frigates with limited overall OP - same reason as above
   -Added a new frigate sized combat tanker, the Curious - Filling a need for exploratory wolfpack captains to have a tanker they can deploy in combat
   -Added a new support drone, the Malinois is an advanced version of the Gnat with hardened shields and more PD mounts - The Gnat has it's place as a low OP fill in but JYD needed a true support drone
   -Combined the chargeup and chargedown for the Planet Buster Torpedo for an overall chargedown of 15 seconds - A QOL suggestion as posted by Usgiyi, ty for the idea
   -Did the same for the Phase Emitter for an overall chargedown of 9
   -Ditto for the Armored MRM for an overall chargedown of 3.2
   -Added a code line to the Planet Buster Torpedo that disables interrupt burst - received a couple complaints about it's performance when left to the AI to fire it. I've seen the AI use it more often now
   -Changed the AI code for the Gnat drone so it will fly around it's carrier rather than run off chasing targets - When I was designing the Malinois, I noticed I had the Gnat set as an interceptor instead of support
   -Re-worked the Long Range Kinetic Drill, Heavy Asteroid Blaster & Mining Recoilless Blaster to now show a recoiling barrel and added a turret image - They sit better on turret mounts and go pew pew!
   -Re-worked the Asteroid Blaster PD to now show a recoiling barrel and tuned down the smoke particles - My first four weapons finally updated, yea me!
   -Added a turret image for the Long Range Asteroid Blaster and a glow effect to both the hardpoint and turret - Sits better when on a turret mount and just me getting fancy
   -Reduced the smoke when the Mining Recoilless Blaster fires - it was a bit ridiculous and needed a trim
   -Increased the chargedown of the Mining Recoilless Blaster from 0.3 to 1 and changed the accuracy from very poor to poor - Balance change to keep it in line with similar weapons
   -Increased the supplies per month and post combat recovery of the following ships that serve as combat logistics:
      Troublesome 5 to 8 / Relaxed 2 to 3 / Intelligent 5 to 8 / Obedient 6 to 9 / Knowledgeable 10 to 12 / Confident 14 to 16 - TY Regularity and Usgiyi for making the case
   -Replaced the missile auto forge on the Fetching with surveying equipment and high resolution sensors - Auto forge made it OP TY Usgiyi for pointing it out. The replacements fit with it being an Apogee variant
   - Added the UI tag of ALWAYS_PANIC to the JYD freighters & tankers which makes them really free with missiles if equipped - Forces them to fire missile when fleeing, less ideal for core combat though
   -Fixed an error with the Relaxed UI tag that had it incorrectly flagged as a carrier instead of a civilian tanker - An initial mistake that I just caught, should stop the auto-deploy picking it as well
   -Fixed an error with JYD markets not listing the Gnat and Heavy drones for sale as frequently as they should - Just a fixed oversight on my part
   -Replaced the Borer drones on the Splendid to Termite drones - Replacing vanilla drones with JYD drones makes more lore sense
   -JYD will no longer go hostile for atrocities and no longer engages in hostilities - Based on comments on discord about their aggression and lore wise they are a neutral faction
   -Changed the color of the outline on the Splendid from red to bronze - More in line with the JYD color scheme and I had a couple complaints it looked too much like the Mudskipper it is based off of
   -Updated the Splendid ship sprite and added the Curious on the forum OP ship image and the frigates spoiler image
   -Updated the weapons image on the forum OP by adding the two new energy weapons
   -Updated the wings image on the forum op with the new drone
   -Updated the ship image on the forum OP by reformatting it to fit the screen - Idk what happened but it used to fit and I noticed it on a couple other mod pages as well
   -Cleaned up the forum OP by putting all those individual spoiler tags under one master spoiler tag - It was getting too busy
   -Added embedded download and reference links to the JYD flag image, DOWNLOAD, required mods and recommended mods on the Forum OP - TY so much Alex for showing me how to do it!
   -Added a Buy me a Coffee tip link to the forum OP - By no means do I expect anyone to use it :) but it was requested by travhill20

v1.9 -Save Game compatible with v1.85 - Yet another graphic update based on discord "feedback" - Changed ships in your save may need to be re-outfitted
   -Added Nexerelin and lib dependencies to the mod files - TY Avanitia, drunk test pilot and Tim, IRS Mommy for the idea and solution
   -Re-made the sprite for the Empathetic freighter and changed it's loadout - Similar kitbash but the previous graphic was a bloated blur
   -Doubled the OP on the Empathetic from 55 to 110, widened the firing arcs of the side mounts and changed the imbedded borer drone to the termite drone - a needed overhaul for a cruiser sized ship
   -Touched up the sprite for the Protective by lightening it up a bit and replacing the weapon mounts with better graphics - just some light cosmetic work
   -Touched up the sprite for the Fetching by lightening the edges and changing the blue highlights to tan - brings it more in line with other JYD ships
   -Re-drew the boundaries of the Fetching - lowers load time and one of the lines was intersecting potentially causing a crash
   -Touched up the sprite of the Sharp by lightening the edges and replacing the green tint with bronze - color scheme more in line with JYD aesthetic
   -Added weapon mount sprites to the turrets on the Sharp - previous sprite just had the weapons placed on the hull
   -Touched up the sprite for the Rambunctious by widening it and better defining the outline - The middle was a little too skinny and lacked definition
   -Touched up the sprite for the Short by sharpening the detail and darkening the tan to a light brown - Same sprite, just an aesthetic change
   -Increased the OP on the Short from 29 to 30 and added an engineering hull mod to the variant - because odd numbers are odd
   -Touched up the sprite for the Peppy by making it less saturated and fixed the gun layout on the variant - It was a little too shiny for an asteroid miner logistics ship
   -Touched up the sprite for the Courageous giving it a darker tint and added missing weapon mounts - So many missing mounts, what was I thinking?
   -Re-drew the boundary lines for the Courageous and widened the firing arc of the two rear turrets - WAAAY too many boundaries again, what was I thinking? :)
   -Touched up the sprite for the Lively by changing the peach side hull to yellow and trimmed the background waste - Minor cosmetic change and will load slightly faster
   -Touched up the sprite for the Heavy Blaze Laser making it less janky and re-positioned the beam to emit from the front instead of the center
   -Re-positioned the beam on the Light and Medium Blaze Laser to emit from the front instead of the center
   -Re-positioned the glow effect for the Heavy Blaze Laser - Wasn't centered correctly
   -Added a turret image for the Shard Anti-Fighter Swarmer - It now sits correctly on turrets, my bad for not adding it in the first place
   -Replaced all changed images on the forum OP spoiler tagged pictures
   -Added a new master JYD ship image to the forum OP - Pirate ships are still under spoiler tags because F those guys :)

v1.85 - Save compatible with version 1.8 but some updates require a new game to take effect
   -Updated the starting relationships with the vanilla factions to more neutral and inline with JYD lore - Ty N3ophobe for your thoughts.
   -Changed the size of the pirate planet, Eldorado, in Dogstar and lowered their core usage from beta cores to gamma cores - This should balance their economy vs other pirate planets.
   -Updated the UI tags for JYD hull mods by replacing the special tag with the correct UI tags - Correctly categorizes them and fixes some minor GUI lag when using multiple mods that add hull mods
   -Changed the output for JYD industries to no longer provide ore and rare ore and reduced the demands to balance - Ty Holy for pointing out that it did not make sense and invalidated the need for the mining industry.
   -Updated the CSV that interacts with Vayra's bounties with MagicLib's HVBs conversion, *should* fix conflicts with other bounties - Ty Armadir for not only pointing it out but also providing a fix.

v1.8 - Requires a new game start for all changes to take effect. FYI: My 1.75a save crashed on load after I changed the bounty code and had to start a new game, experiences may vary.
   -Removed all bounties related to Magic bounty, Vayra's Sector HVB are unaffected - Addressing complaints that the code I was using was interfering with other bounties
   -Fixed an issue with the Vicious' front armor only showing up in simulation but not in actual battle - TY to Abim and Dreamsteal sorry it took me so long to figure that one out
   -Adjusted the size and clarity of all three Blaze Lasers - A little less blurry and due to a pixel error they were not properly centered
   -Added turret sprites to the Medium and Large Blaze Lasers  - An oversight on my part, they will now show better when mounted on a turret
   -Adjusted the brightness and contrast of the Phase Emitter - shows up cleaner in game now
   -Touched up the JYD faction flag and added the image to the forum OP
   -Re-made the JYD faction crest to match the faction flag - One of the first images I made for the mod finally updated
   -Increased the max flux on the Smart from 13k to 17k and flux regen from 900 to 1k - Being a capital sized ship it was easily overwhelmed at it's previous flux settings
   -Added two small turrets and redesigned the body of the Troublesome - It needed more PD coverage and I wasn't happy with the side by side look so two birds one stone
   -Updated the forum main page Cruiser Picture to reflect the new version of the Troublesome
   -Adjusted the JYD faction relationships to have a more neutral stance - Ty to Flying Pepperoni on discord for pointing out their Tri-Tac love being a bit off brand
   -Widened the rear small turret firing arcs of the Eaglefang - The coverage was was too limited, should help
   -Increased the OP of the Jealous by 15 and added a targeting core to the variant - makes it more of a contender
   -Desaturated the sprite work for the pirate ship, Downtown - was a saturated mess, still not great but much cleaner than it was
   -Remade the pirate ship, Sixfootfour - OH my what a mess that one was - Same size and style, just less early JYD bleck :)
   -Touched up the sprite work on the pirate ship, The Continental, changed the medium turrets to large and OP from 350 to 360 - Less messy for now, I'll probably replace it when I have time
   -Cleaned up the pirate ship, Slim - Less glaring and cleaner weapon mounts - Added a targeting core to the variant and increased the OP by 15 - Better but not my best
   -Sharpened the sprite work on the pirate ship, Gambler - Darkened the runway and replace the turrets with less blurry ones
   -Cleaned up the graphics on the pirate ship, The Treetop - Changed the weapon loadout and widened the firing arcs to make it more of a contender
   -Re-worked the boundaries of the above pirate ships, essentially they will render and load a little bit faster - Just fixing up some of my first ships
   -Added built in operation center hullmods to all the JYD pirate ships - Lore wise they are all flagships for the JYD high value bounties
   -Replaced all the pirate ships sprites on the Forum OP picture with the new versions this patch - Kind of ashamed the old picture had over 14k views
   -Added brief descriptions to all the JYD pirate ships - TBH the previous "Redacted" description was just plain laziness on my part ;)
   -Added a JYD emoji to the SS discord, you can now show your love JYD style - Ty to Timid for suggesting it and Avanitia for adding it!

   -Fixed an error in the Hullmod UI tag from special to Special - Fixed a potential issue with Linux users - Learned about it in discord from Phantasia and my biggest hull mod fan Kintsu.
   -Tuned the Phase Emitter with the following changes: Increased charge down from 1 to 3, increased the energy per second from 80 to 120, and reduced the EMP damage from 7000 to 5500 - TY Screech9791 for your insights

   -Changed the two rear turrets on the Endurance from ballistic to Hybrid (ballistic/energy) - Mistake on my part since every other JYD midline is Hybrid or Synergy
   -Reduced the max speed of the Commanding to 40 and increased the acceleration to 40 - After reviewing the concern by TheSpruceMoose, I agreed that it was too fast but felt that by increasing the acceleration it would make it more tactical
   -Reduced the max speed of the FLuffy to 50 and increased the acceleration to 30 -same as above, ty again to TheSpruceMoose for their insight
   -Increased the deployment of the Peppy to 20, fleet points to 18, supply use to 16, removed the shielded cargo hold mod and added the increased maintenance mod- TY Hexxod for your well thought out points
   -Removed the drone gun from JYD markets - Mistake on my part, it was never meant to be purchasable - TY Screech9791 for the call out
   -Added a trade liner designation "Entrepreneurial Fleet" to NPC JYD fleet lists
   -Added a food relief designation "Relief Convoy" to NPC JYD fleet lists
   -Adjusted the Planet Buster torpedo by increasing the OP to 5, the chargeup to 3 and the chargedown to 12 - Took some advice from Screech9791 and balordezul TY both for your detailed analysis
      Turns it into a tactical weapon that requires some planning as it now takes 3 seconds from pressing the fire button before it launches and 12 seconds until the next torp can start it's launching sequence
   -Adjusted the Flea bomber: Separated the missile and torpedo firing to be independent of each other rather than linked and changed the shield from Omni to Front (as was intended)
   -Added a new Large energy weapon -the Ion Burst Emitter as a large scale variation of the Ion Beam by taking the core technology and converting it to a dual barrel burst-fire configuration
   -Added a new Medium energy weapon - The Phase Emitter, an emp weapon used for suppression that has mining stats
   -Added a new Small energy weapon - An advanced hybrid PD/Suppression weapon that ignores flares, can disrupt fighter navigation making them spin out of control and can be used as a suppression beam when not engaging enemy fighters or missiles
   -Added a new hull mod - Reflective armor - Faced with the threat of Ordo fleets, JYD developed this coating to ship armor that reduces damage taken from beam weapons, interferes with shield flux generation and slows shield unfolding
   -Added a new Midline Cruiser - The Reliable - An EMP hardened cruiser equipped with hybrid turrets designed to be a suppression ship
   -Added a new Midline Destroyer - The Rugged - Designed as a command ship for JYD admirals that prefer fast wolfpack fleet compositions
   -Increased the deployment of the Protective and the Intelligent MKq - just fixing two mistakes on my part, trying to keep it balanced
   -Added the tag that if JYD are used in random mode they will get a bonus Orbital Works and Fuel production to give them a decent start in that mode
   -Increased the amount of planets given to JYD when starting in random mode - Puts them on parity with other factions
   -Added several ships to the list of ships to form JYD mining fleets
   -Increased the deployment and supply use of the Massive from 40 to 45 - With the Viscous at 50 it seemed more in line with them being on parity for dps if not durability
   -Removed two small front turrets on the Commanding, increased the deployment from 27 to 29 and reduced the OP by 10 - balordezul had a point that it needed a little adjustment for it's class
   -Fixed a mistake with the Irksome being at 9 fleet points lowering it down to 5 which is more in line for a frigate
   -Reduced the turn rate and turn acceleration on the JYD destroyers and frigates - They are still nimble but they were a little too OP as pointed out by balordezul
   -Balanced the Large Planet Buster Torpedo - Took some suggestions from balordezul and reduced the burst and increased the refire delay. I also reduced the range and increased the speed and armor a little
   -Balanced the Long Range Kinetic Blaster - Took some suggestions from balordezul and turned it from a small damage rapid fire weapon to a slow heavy hitter. I also increased the speed of the projective as well as the impact.
   -Reduced the range of the Medium Blaze Laser - Was a little too far reaching for a medium weapon
   -Reduced the range and turn speed of the Large Blaze Laser - Was a little too OP but still a competitor
   -Changed some stats on the Medium Asteroid Buster - I wanted to get it to an OP of 11 which I believe is a spot that very few mediums occupy
   -Redesigned the Viscous - Simplified the boundaries, removed the two front hardpoints, changed the middle medium turrets to large, and added a front module with two medium hardpoints - My first try at a module ship, I'd appreciate feedback
   -Reduced the armor and hull on the Adaw drone and slightly increased it's speed to it can properly drop it's bombs on the correct target better but stay on par with other 20 OP drones
   -Fixed an error on the Adaw Drone - Reduced the crew count from 3 to zero, it is a drone after all, my bad
   -Changed the chargeup on the Drone gun from 0.3 to 0.2 and reduced the range from 350 to 300 - This will allow the JYD drones to do a little more dps but force them to engage closer to enemy PD weapons
   -Simplified the boundaries of the Botfly Drone and increased it's wing count to 2 - Made the drone before I knew that complicated boundaries area a bit of a no no
   -Reduced the cost, built time, and monthly maintenance of the JYD workshop - Makes it more of an early colony jump start building - Ty Algoul for the suggestion
   -Added an upgraded industry slot version of the JYD workshop that increases the output, requires more Heavy Machinery, Supplies and Ship Hulls, and has higher maintenance - TY balordezul for the idea
   -Added a new original ship, the Endurance - A destroyer equipped with an auto-forge and one large missile mount - Got the idea from a post by SethMK on the SS suggestions forum

   -A quick hotfix for a bonehead mistake on my part regarding the Faraday Cage hull mod. Ty to Fuzzlewhumper and Ovid for their tech support while I slept :)

v1.65 - I want to start with a hearty TY to balordezul for all his help beta testing and balance suggestions!
   -Changed the wording on Faraday from Flux to EMP resistance and reduced the resistance from 75% to 50% also fixed a typo from -5 hull to -5% hull- ty to Demto on discord for the suggestion
   -Increased the range of PD pep back to 50% but added a 5% CR loss dmod to compensate - Stemmed from a request from LinWasTaken and others to revert from 30 to 50 and my need to balance it - let me know if the dmod is balanced
   -Added a new Hull mod, Improvised Sensor Cloak - Reduces sensor profile by 60% at the cost of also reducing sight range and sensor strength by 60% -TY LinWasTaken for the suggestion (I went with 60%, 80% seemed too op)
   -Updated the mining strength for ships and weapons from the depreciated .csv method to the magic lib .json method for smoother mod integration
   -Gave all the JYD drones the ability to find hidden weapons and ships while mining - By default only having the borer drone installed on a ship would flag that event - NOTE this does not effect the Mite, Tick or Flea as they are all manned ships
   -Added integration with SCY's Amity's Freeport discount trader - If you have SCY installed you can now find JYD ships available there
   -Added integration with Persean Chronicles mod - JYD planets may now be used as quest starting/mid/ending locations
   -Changed the ship system of the Massive to Recall device - A ship system more in line with the Massive being a back line fortress ship
   -Changed the ship system of the Courageous to Targeting Feed - A ship system more in line with the Courageous being a strike carrier
   -Changed the ship system of the Lean to Reserve Deployment - Initially envisioned as a back line missile carrier. However with the Lean now only having 3 weapon mounts, the missile ship system does not make sense
   -Reduced the Shield Arc of all JYD ships above 100 by 10% - Balancing reasons to compensate for high hull and armor
   -Reduced the Shield Efficiency of all JYD ships by 10% - For example: 1 means every 1 point of damage gets turned into 1 point of flux. Higher numbers mean less efficiency. 1.1 means every 1 point of damage gets turned into 1.1 points of flux
   -Reduced the turn rate and turn speed of numerous JYD ships - I set most of these up when I started before knowing exactly what I was doing. They are now more in line for their respective size and mass
   -Reduced the armor on the Fluffy to 1150 - was a bit tanky for a carrier
   -Reduced the armor on the Intense to 1600 and increased it's deployment to 30 - The previous armor rivaled a battleship and deployment a regular cruiser - oops
   -Locked in an Asteroid PD on the rear mount on the Intelligent Q and reduced it's OP by 5 - By being able to place a damaging weapon in that slot it became a bit too OP
   -Rebalanced the load out on the Intense. Changed the front two medium turrets to small and changed some weapon arcs. - Those mounts should have always been small I just corrected a mistake from 3 months ago
   -Changed the front two small turrets on the Courageous to Hybrid to match the back two small turrets - Gives more PD options
   -Locked the front mounts on the Energetic and changed the standard variant to use blaze lasers
   -Locked the four small hardpoints to 0 degree arcs, changed the front two turrets to Hybrid and reduced the armor by 300 on the Commanding - Mainly for balancing reasons
   -Changed the rear small mounts on the Cordelia from Energy to Hybrid - Allows more flexibility
   -Changed the ship image of the Trusty to a new low-tech Kitbash, swapped out the borer drones for gnats and increased the OP to 155 - Fan request that I replace the curved alien look plus the original was an untouched SA asset
   -Changed the two small side mounts on the Fetching to Built-in Shard anti-fighter missiles, cleaned up the ship graphic and reduced it's OP - With 4 open small mounts it was a bit op so rather than removing 2, I locked them in to support missiles
   -Replaced the blurry Peppy with a new Kitbash - Removed 2 flight bays, added 2 more mounts but made all 3 built-in and locked to PD only (It's a lover not a fighter) and decreased the OP to 130 - The last enlarged ship image is gone RIP
   -Updated the descriptions of the Fetching and the Peppy to reflect the above changes
   -Added a Light Cruiser, the Protective - A Lightly armored fast and maneuverable ship equipped with two Gnat drones, EMP protection and a Damper system. It can be outfitted as a mixed skirmisher, dedicated PD platform or light missile cruiser.         
   -Added two new ballistic kinetic weapons that have mining stats - The Asteroid Blast Cannon (small) and the Medium Asteroid Blast Cannon (med) - Rounds out the arsenal for players who want to only play as JYD
   -Added a new Large Mount Explosive Ballistic Weapon that has mining stats- The Long Range Asteroid Blaster
   -Added a new Large Mount Torpedo that has mining stats - A triple mount Planet Buster Torpedo launcher
   -Added a new Drone Bomber wing - The Adaw is equipped with a forward facing drone gun and rear mounted cluster bombs (unguided missiles that do explosive damage)
   -Fixed an issue with the Heavy Asteroid Breaker - Balanced it so it now fires all three barrels at once as intended
   -Increased the Impact of the Shard anti-fighter missiles to 35 - As I was reviewing weapons, I realized I had it super low for a weapon that is made to attack fighters
   -Adjusted the Small Blaze to be a little more flux efficient and reduced the turn rate of the Medium Blaze
   -Reduced the burst of the Asteroid Breaker from 5 to 3 - The dps was a bit high for an accurate long range PD, hopefully it is finally balanced :)
   -Changed the beam color of the Blaze Laser to an amber core with a red raggedy glow - More of a aesthetic change to reflect they are scrapped re-built weapons so their beams aren't pure   
   -Increased the ammo count on the Heavy Drill MIRV Launcher from 20 to 40 - With it firing 4 at a time it emptied too fast in a fight, you now have 10 salvos enjoy!
   -Removed the Splendid wreck in Dogstar and added a Lively and an Irksome wreck - Gather up all the salvaged wrecks in the system and you got yourself a small/medium scrapper exploration fleet - New game only
   -Updated all the Forum OP images with their respective changes and added assets (Cruisers, Heavy Cruisers, Capitals, Weapons, Wings, Hull mods) - Also took the time to replace all the blown up blurry wing and weapon images with in game sized versions
V1.6 - The discord and reddit graphic update and balance pass - Ty to all the JYD fans for the helpful callouts
   -Fixed a typo on the Fetch Deck Hullmod. The range increase was meant to be 250 not 2500 - Lowered the OP cost from 3/6/9/12 to 2/4/6/8
   -Removed the armor and fighter support built in hull mod on the Eager (s/b a commission only mod my bad) and replaced one open fighter bay with a built-in gnat support drone - it is only a frigate after all
   -Reduced the range of PD pep to 30% - More balanced for it's OP cost
   -Lowered the energy per second of the medium blaze laser from 300 to 250 and the light blaze from 150 to 125 - was a little too draining for their size
   -Increased the wing count of the gnat to 3 - Borer drone wing is 6 count with each carrying 1 mining laser and costs 0 op, this brings the gnat on par with 6 lasers (2 per drone)
   -Reduced the Gnat drones on the Fetching from 6 to 4 due to the new increased wing count
   -Replaced the graphic of the Commanding with a new kitbash and re-balanced the loadout - Too many changes to list but less built-in mods more mounts - I tried my best to salvage the original but at least I kept it a yellow schoolbus
   -Replaced the graphic of the Muscular, added 2 mounts and increased the OP for a ship it's size - The previous graphic was just an enlarged blur. The new image is a kitbash using parts from the original graphic
   -Replaced the graphic of the Puzzle, removed the fighter bay and added a missile rack - Replaced one of my early bloated mishaps with a nice ship I found on spiral arms buried under spoiler tags from 2015 - how has this sweet ride not been used in 7 years?
   -Replaced the graphic of the Justbeware and changed the loadout - The original was a poorly done re-color so here's a nicer model
   -Replaced the graphic of the Jealous - The original was a poorly done re-color kitbash the replacement is similar but not so symmetrical
   -Replaced the graphic of the Adorable, added a weapon mount, increased it's OP from 45 to 50, increased deployment to 5, and swapped the borer drone for a Gnat drone - A bittersweet balance pass on the last of my initial blurry ships
   -Added a JYD only bar mission bounty to to eliminate one of the fleeing Dogstar pirates and added a new pirate ship as the target flagship - My first attempt using magic bounty let me know if you would like to see more
   -Added firing sounds to all the JYD ballistic weapons - About time I got around to that :)
   -Yet again updated the relevant images (Heavy Cruiser, Frigate, Pirate) on the OP to reflect the new ship sprites
   -Added support for Version Checker - Ugh what a malformed mishap journey that was lol
   -Fixed an oopsie on the Fetching. I changed the left side graphic to a small but still had a medium hardpoint setup. TY to balordezul for catching that so soon

v1.55 - Tested with a 1.5 save with no issues
   -Added a new ship, the Rambunctious - A specialized Midline destroyer designed push and pull wrecked salvage. With a sloped front end and a burn drive it can push most hulls out of it's way. Also equipped with a tow cable to pull wrecks behind it
   -Added a new ship, the Energetic - JYD overclocked this specialized frigate by directly linking flux conduits to the engine core. This allows it to reach exceptional speeds but suffers greatly in maneuverability and maintenance costs.
      Combined with it's microburn drive it can race to capture battlefield objectives or chase down fleeting enemies.
   -Adjusted the charge up and cooldown refire to a 10 second delay on the Planet Buster torpedo to prevent it from spamming a target and depleting it's limited ammo
   -Updated the description of the Loyal and cleaned up it's blurry graphics - While I was at it I widened the arcs of the turrets for better coverage
   -Added a medium mount to the Commanding, increased it's OP by 10 and mixed up the weapon mount types to give players more options. Tried to sharpen up it's graphics but I may just scrap it and start over with a new base, thoughts?
   -Changed the loadout and updated the graphics of the Fetching - Now boasts 4 small, 2 medium and 2 large missile mounts, added 2 more gnat wings and increased it's OP from 160 to 180. Puts it in line with other heavy/battle cruisers
   -Centered the graphic for the Mining Recoilless Blaster - hadn't realized it was off kilter until I started on working on new weapons today
   -Re-sized the graphic of the LRM to be more in line with other medium missiles
   -Added a new medium mount ballistic PD, the Heavy Asteroid Blaster - A triple barreled version of the AB with slightly more range - It's janky looking but that is sort of on brand :)
   -Added three new Energy weapons based on the same principle - The Blaze Laser is a high explosive alternate to the mining laser - This is my first foray into laser weapons and I kinda winged it so please be critical
      Heavy Blaze Laser - Large mount version of the Blaze Laser
      Medium Blaze Laser - Medium mount version of the Blaze Laser
      Light Blaze Laser - Small mount version of the Blaze Laser
   -Added a new large missile - the Heavy Drill MIRV Launcher - An upgraded version of the Drill LRM that sacrifices range for power and speed - Tried to balance it between the hurricane and a large torpedo launcher -let me know your thoughts
   -Assigned mining stats to all the new weapons - They will show up on the list when you are at a planet
   -Added the new ships as well as some others to the Starship Legends list of ships that may be chosen as a derelict for the derelict bar event
   -Added all the new assets including the fixed graphics to their perspective forum OP images (Frigates, Destroyers, Heavy Cruisers, Weapons)

v1.5 - Tested with a 1.45 save with no issues - the new start reputation changes require a new game - see note
   -Added several ships to the Industrial Evolution whitelist, allowing them to be reverse engineered
   -Lowered the starting relationship with Tri-Tachyon to be only slightly above Hegemony - they both were allies during the Dogstar takeover but Tri gets a slight edge because JYD dabbles in automation - new game only
   -Added the ability for JYD to have a small chance to send out a colony expedition - Essentially I was fixing a problem with my other faction mod and figured I'd add what I learned to JYD
   -Remade the Intelligent ship sprite - It was one of my first attempts at adding a ship to the game and it honestly needed an upgrade -  It is now size appropriate and IMO it's a much better kitbash w/out straying away from the original image
   -Added a second drone bay to the Intelligent and changed the drone loadout from vanilla mining drones to JYD mining drones
   -Replaced the ship sprite for the Lively with a better quality Kitbash - Ugh what can I say, I never really liked the original but I had no idea back then how to properly manipulate images - still don't ;)
   -Changed the drone on the lively from the vanilla mining drone to a JYD one
   -Added a new small torpedo weapon, the Planet Buster - A guided two stage anti-armor plasma(visual effect) torpedo that packs a good punch and has mining stats
   -Changed the load out of the Flea bomber - removed the mining laser and replaced one Hammer torpedo mount with the new Planet Buster and the other Hammer mount with a Drill SRM missile
   -Added a new destroyer, the Intelligent MK.Q - A take on the Buffalo MK.2, it has all composite mounts but comes with an expanded missile rack so missiles are recommended - The standard variant is all missiles with 1 pd mount
   -Added a new cruiser, the Stalwart is an expedition logistics cruiser with good cargo space, 6 small and 3 medium turret mounts, 4 mining drones, high resolution sensors and both salvage and survey systems 
      I always liked those bright yellow ships in Varya's ship pack and wanted to kitbash my own w/out being too on the nose yellow :)
   -Added the new torpedo and both new ships to the mining strength list - You should see their stats when you check at a planet
   -After reviewing the two mining drones I decided to adjust the Mosquito to differentiate it better from the Termite - Increased the OP cost to 1, reduced the engagement range, added a 360 degree mining laser and slightly increased it's armor and hull.
   -Replaced the the forum OP "Destroyers" image with the updated Intelligent hull and the new Intelligent MK.Q - Fun fact: It was the last original image and had over 27k views over 3 months
   -Added the Stalwart to the "Cruisers" image on the forum OP
   -Updated the descriptions on some of the older ships and fighters as well as their descriptive text on the OP images

V1.45 - Save Game Compatible *see NOTEs*
   -Finally nailed down the issue with the Loyal only costing 3 points to deploy - It now properly costs 33
   -Finally figured out how to add a nebula to Dogstar which is now surrounded by a correct shade nebula - That image has been in the mod since initial release and it has always bothered me that I could not figure it out :)
      NOTE: The new nebula graphic will only show up on new games as the game initialized sector assets only on new game start
   -Re-wrote the description of the JYD commission crew hull mod to properly inform the armor increase
   -Lowered the supply usage of the Smart and Industrious from 60 to 50
   -Added missing mount graphics on the Industrious and updated it's forum OP picture - An oversight on my part when I was initially layered the graphics for the first release
      Added a small turret mount to the lower right of the Industrious to correct the PD blind spot in that area
   -Increased the hull decrease on the Cargo Carver from -15 to -20 - I read several comments that it was a cheat since it wasn't classified as a logistics mod so I increased the penalty to compensate - 20 for 20 seems balanced
   -The Short was one of the first ships I made and I gave it a tuning pass:
      Removed Reinforced Bulkheads and added a third drone bay
      Changed the drone load out to 2 Termite and 1 Gnat drone - Changing to tiny drones works better with the small nature of the ship
      Repositioned the small turret to the middle and added a mount graphic
      Increased it's deployment points from 3 to 4  - Since it is beefier than the Shepherd it is based on
      Added additional engine exhaust graphics - Since it is so nimble after all      
      Changed the standard loadout - Placed an AB turret in the new middle mount, a Shard missile on the hardpoint and added a Faraday Cage with the left over OP
      Updated it's description both in game and on the forum OP picture
   -Repositioned the hard point mounting of the SRM - noticed the misalignment while I was tuning the Short
   -Checked the MRM while I was in the editor and sure enough it was misaligned as well so that's one more noob error fixed :)
   -Changed the class of the Irksome from a utility ship to a small freighter and gave it a tuning pass:
      Increased the cargo from 210 to 250 and reduced the fuel from 100 to 50
      Edited in a landing pad graphic for it's drones
      Reduced it's ordnance points from 60 to 50
         NOTE: Save game pre-existing Irksome ships will show a red bar from 50 to 60 and will need to be adjusted by the player
      Removed 2 hull mods from the standard loadout
      Updated it's description both in game and on the forum OP picture
   -Changed the class of the Splendid from a small freighter to a small personnel mover
      Increased crew to 110 and reduced cargo to 50 - More in line with the Mudskipper it is based on
      Updated it's description both in game and on the forum OP picture
   -Replaced the Splendid with the Irksome on the Trade Small new game starting option

v1.4 *save game compatible*
   -Adjusted the base value of the Commanding, the Smart, the Peppy and the Intense to be in line with other ships of their class
   -Replaced my custom background for Dogstar with a starsector stock background - read several comments on discord that it was too low pixel and too bright for streaming
   -Lowered the OP cost of the Tick, Gnat and the Heavy Drone wings
   -Replaced the automated repair unit on the Heavy Drone with an ECCM package and increased the armor from 325 to 350 and ship mass from 110 to 115
   -Increased the speed and launch speed of the Drill SRM making it more in line with other SRM weapons
   -Changed one of the Explorer Large starting ships from the Industrious to the Peppy - makes more sense since I upgraded the Industrious to a capital ship last patch
   -Increased the max flux of the Trusty from 6800 to 9800 and ordnance points from 120 to 135 putting in line with other cruisers of it's size
   -Increased the fuel storage of the Peppy from 600 to 1000 - it has that large tank on it's back after all
   -Added a new ship the Eager - a frigate sized carrier armed with 2 small composite mounts and 2 flight bays - a very fast skirmisher for your carrier wolfpack needs
   -Added a new ship the Confident - a cruiser sized combat tanker with 2 medium and 6 small mounts with a built in salvage gantry, 2 Gnat wings and a Termite wing - One of my better kitbash IMO :) - let me know what you think of either ship
   -While I was adding the Eager and Confident to the mining ship strengths I realized I hadn't added the Cordelia and Fetching from previous patches - All 4 now have mining strengths that will show up on the planet list
   -Both the Eager and the Confident added to their respective size forum OP pictures
   -Took a posted suggestion on the forum page from Tipnick and going forward, the mod tab and RAR updates will have version numbers

Note: Had to delete earlier changelog entries due to the forum character limit - They can bee seen in the ZIP's embedded changelog if interested in the full story


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One of the earliest modders already did that. He called it P.A.C.K.


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Thank you for pointing that out, I looked it over and the only thing that I found similar are the naming conventions. If Mendonca feels I have infringed on his work I will of course defer to his mod having been released earlier and rethink my naming.


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ED Shipyards also has dog-themed names you should check against, but I like the look of the ships!


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OK sorry thanks for the info and the kind words on the ships. I could only check against .95a mods but as I use a unique prefix there should be no internal issues which would conflict crash the game.  I am not married to the names, it was just a fancy of mine at the time. I'll look into reworking them to another theme. It'll take a bit to cross check the references through the mod so I'll keep the current version up for for testing for now unless one of the mod authors has an issue then I'll take it down until I have the rework.


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OK It took some doing and I agree that having similar names as other mod authors could be confusing//infringing. I changed all references to those names and replaced them. I kept it in the dog realm though by using traits that dogs are generally known for. See the changelog for more info and thank you for taking the time to point out that issue.


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OK sorry thanks for the info and the kind words on the ships. I could only check against .95a mods but as I use a unique prefix there should be no internal issues which would conflict crash the game.  I am not married to the names, it was just a fancy of mine at the time. I'll look into reworking them to another theme. It'll take a bit to cross check the references through the mod so I'll keep the current version up for for testing for now unless one of the mod authors has an issue then I'll take it down until I have the rework.
I doubt that anyone's actually going to fight over names. We usually have good community. This link will show the unofficial name database.


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 I 100% agree about this community. I have been playing Starsector for years and always wanted to dip my toe into the modding scene and finally took the plunge. I scrapped several ideas for renaming due to conflicts but the one I settled on has none that I can find.


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hey the link is sayin i have to request access?
edit: edit: maybe were just falling with style LOL.  make a bubble, make the space in front of it smaller and just fall forward


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Oppsie my mistake, sorry about that, I changed the link to be open. This is the first time I've used google drive to host a file so please let me know if it is still an issue and I'll get right on it.

Also, added several mod integrations today V 0.25


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Did you use the tech priest mod amogus as a template?
edit: edit: maybe were just falling with style LOL.  make a bubble, make the space in front of it smaller and just fall forward


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I did ask on the Amongus posting but Techpriest never responded and there is still no link to a download on that page. As far as I know Amonus is just another of Techpriest prank posts like Armored Shell or VS sector. Though I do use a mashup of Techpriest's code for my commissioned crews as it is stated as open source and free to use. Getting those two hullmods meagered was quite a chore but I had a vision so yea.

I started learning with Varya's tutorial and it was helpful and I have mad respect for her but it was outdated. I then found a template from Tomatopaste on Discord but that was outdated as well. I tried to use two different compliers they recommend on Discord but I kept getting lost, I am no coder.  From there I just looked over every major faction mod and the ones I could see past the .JAR files, some of them are inaccessible by Notepad++ (the app I used). I did use Deathfly's update on Tryobots ship builder and I that made ship build so much easer. Much love for all the people involved with making that.

I then studied each playable faction author's mods  and found many varying styles on how they code to get the same results. I picked the styles that made sense and used them as my guide to every step in the process. There are several files involved in making a faction and each effects different aspects of the game. If you look at my code a trained eye would see the differences. I just kept banging at it until I could get it all to work, roughly 30 hours for the first draft I posted.

TLDR I know, but I figured I'd give you some idea if you were attempting to make a mod yourself.


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thanks for the heads up; i looked into doing it a while back and it seemed like it would be too much for me to undertake at the time.
at some point i would definitely like to make a faction: perhaps when it becomes more feasible either from a walkthrough perspective or a personal time perspective i will get to
shoot ive been wanting to get a channel on youtube going for a while now but i have so many different projects goin on i just havent been able to make the time
making a faction would come after getting a channel up, theoretically

really like your faction both thematically and from a "the sector needs this" standpoint
i always felt like the exploration side of things could use a suite of ships that were entry level enough to get some of them early on while still being potent enough to hang on later stages, and from what i see your team here fits that niche nicely
job well done
edit: edit: maybe were just falling with style LOL.  make a bubble, make the space in front of it smaller and just fall forward


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now that ive had the chance to see them up close the main critique i have to start with is you should clean up te sprites.  there are what looks like weapon mounts on them only you cant mount anything there

i will eventually have some balancing advice
edit: edit: maybe were just falling with style LOL.  make a bubble, make the space in front of it smaller and just fall forward


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I would appreciate any balancing opinions. When you are writing all this code it is easy to get caught in the fishbowl. As to the sprites, I agree and it is one of my stated goals to learn to get better at it and polish them a bit. I just knocked out a major goal of mine in the bounty system update today and think I may just relax and actually play the game again for bit before opening up the hood lol.

I will check the post for your and anyone else's comments or concerns and again thank you trying it out.
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