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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24); New blog post: New music for Galatia Academy (06/12/24)

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Author Topic: Starsector 0.95a (Released) Patch Notes  (Read 621751 times)


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Starsector 0.95a (Released) Patch Notes
« on: October 16, 2020, 01:26:39 PM »

Blog post/download links here.

Changes as of Hotfix #6 (-RC15), April 22, 2021, 3:40pm EST

Fixed an issue with the main storyline.

Changes as of Hotfix #5 (-RC14), April 21, 2021, 1:20pm EST
  • Tactical bombardments no longer count for "atrocities committed by player"
  • Fixed issue with engine boost briefly turning off on reaching 0 flux with elite helmsmanship
  • Ceyx is no longer part of the Hesperus colony
  • Ship AI
    • Fixed issue that caused it to approach while turned at an off angle sometimes
    • Fixed issue that was preventing reckless officers (or eliminate) from closing the distance
    • Fixed issue that was causing carriers to sometimes "engage" too early, losing the 0-flux boost
    • Fixed issue causing carriers armed with Pilums to stay too far away from enemy ships
    • Fixed issue that caused phase ships specifically to wrongly the timing of the threat of mines sometimes
    • Fixed issue causing ships with omni shields to point them at Piranha bombers at extreme range
    • Fixed issue causing ships with Plasma Burn/Burn Drive to ram a destroyed enemy station on combat end
  • Fixed issue with overloaded fighters staying permanently overloaded
  • Fixed issue with Brawler-class frigate not showing up in larger fleets, or for sale
  • Arms dealer production: player faction no longer sends patrol to talk to player about it
    • Fixed issue with patrol persistently chasing the player after they refuse to give info
  • Fixed issue that was preventing punitive expedition timeouts from working
  • Fixed issue with several missions types offered to the player targeting player colonies
  • Coatl is now properly flagged as being "story critical"
  • Fixed a lot of assorted typos
  • Fixed crash rarely caused by the "scientist AI core" bar mission
  • Fixed issue with pirate and Pather base related bar events not showing up reliably
  • Fixed issue with "improved" tech mining actually being 4x less effective
  • Fixed issue with cargo pods being investigated and taken by pirates from very far away
  • Fixed issue where "moving slowly" could be inconsistent while campaign time was sped up
  • Fixed issue with some enemy fleets "running away from your fleet" while actually pursuing it (but not engaging)
  • Fixed issue with "go slow" fleet speed not taking individual ship burn level modifiers into account
  • Fixed issue where gaining Callisto Ibrahim as a contact, then deleting the contact could break that main story mission arc
  • Fixed issue that made the player unable to use SPOILER when selecting SPOILER option in main story
  • Fixed issue that made the player unable to use SPOILER due to "interference" from no-longer-extant fleets
  • Fixed issue with player-faction patrols sometimes wanting to do contraband scans
  • Field Repairs now removes (D) status from hull when removing the last d-mod
  • Fixed issue with multiple missions targeting the same person for e.g. commodity delivery being sometimes uncompletable due to that person disappearing from the comm directory
  • Fixed issue with demand reductions for Volatiles not applying to the effect of REDACTED item
  • Fixed issue with demand reductions for Transplutonics not applying to the effect of REDACTED item
  • REDACTED: increased production bonus to +3 (was: +2)
  • Weapon group dialog now properly updates autofire status checkboxes when auto-assigning
  • Increased amount of supplies available for sale at colonies
  • REDACTED no longer targeted by random salvage missions
  • Timid officers will now obey the eliminate command
  • Fixed issue that stopped music playback in some circumstances
  • Fixed issue with d-mods on uninteracted-with fleets being inconsistent on application restart
  • Fixed issue with station presence not increasing battle size
  • Fixed issue with mission description stating the target would be found in a "ring system" instead of an "accretion disk"
  • Fixed issue with long-term commodity production contract payments ending after a single month
  • Fixed issue with non-core pirate bases at low stability producing multiple "deterioration" warnings despite never decivilizing
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to end up with an uneven distribution of gates outside the core
  • REDACTED destroyer-sized carrier now has the "carrier" tag as intended
  • Non-combat carriers with the "automated ship" hullmod will no longer attempt to engage at close range
  • Skills:
    • Gunnery Implants:
      • Switched elite effect (-50% recoil) with the electronic-warfare-boosting effect
        • Note: REDACTED fleets always have the elite level and are not affected by this
    • Now also applies a 1% ECM bonus on cruisers and capital ships
    • Electronic Warfare/ECM: reduced maximum range reduction to 10% (was: 20%)
    • Coordinated Maneuvers: now also applies a 1% nav rating bonus on cruisers and capital ships
    • Energy Weapon Mastery: reduced max bonus damage to 30% (was: 50%)
    • Impact Mitigation:
      • Changed effective armor bonus to 50 (was: 150)
      • This is now the elite effect
      • Old elite effect (-50% kinetic damage taken by armor) removed
    • Increased deployment point and fighter bay thresholds for some of the fleetwide skills
    • More skill adjustments etc will be forthcoming, but are not hotfix material
  • Planetary surveys now properly show that they've used bonus experience when it's available
  • Sensor profile for player fleet now capable of displaying negative values
  • Bounties and fleets:
    • Substantially increased contact/bar bounty rewards
    • Bar/contact bounty fleets will no longer run off chasing other fleets
    • Slightly reduced bounty fleet sizes
    • Reduced officer counts for most bounty types and faction fleets in general
      • REDACTED fleets are a lot less affected by these changes
    • Made some changes that ensure the "more challenging" bounty choice isn't weaker sometimes
  • Faction doctrine: changed "fleet size" to be +50% at 5 points (was: +100%)
    • Was previously strictly better than officer quantity due to larger fleet = more officers
  • Safety Overrides can no longer be built into ships using story points
  • Improved placement of battlefield objectives
    • All configurations feature at least 1 objective more clearly on each "side"
    • Fixed issue where in some configurations, one objective pair was slightly skewed towards the top
    • Objectives generated using enemy-fleet-based seed
  • Deployment points: officers in ships with very low CR now contribute less
  • Modding: added "theme_hidden" LocationAPI tag to more clearly signal when a location or anything in it should not be targeted by random missions; applies to surveying, analyze entity missions, and a few similar
  • Modding: fixed crash caused by auto-assigning weapon groups for ships with more than 26 weapons
  • Unusually high-level officers now only found in cryopods generated on Sector creation
  • Breach SRM: increased missile speed
  • Pirate bases can no longer send raids right after they are created
  • Increased Pirate and Pather base respawn delay
  • Insignificant or recently defeated hostile fleets nearby will no longer stop salvaging, surveying, raiding, and other similar actions
    • Does *not* affect actions that depend on secrecy, such as deploying a spysat
  • Slightly improved AI's use of Quantum Disruptor
  • Campaign fleet AI:
    • Increased pursuit duration (in particular, this should make it easier to distract patrols)
    • Certain types of fleets (weaker but not so much, just defeated, etc) will shy away from contact without running all-out
    • Fixed issue where fleets that were supposed to try to avoid the player could decide to pursue instead if present in sufficient numbers
  • Fixed a number of *extremely* unlikely ArrayIndexOutOfBounds crashes
  • Fixed issue with Bulk Transport where cargo/fuel capacity would sometimes show the wrong value
  • Fixed issue that caused player reputation with contacts to reset on game save when it was <= 5 points
  • Changed clean disengage and emergency repairs story options to grant full bonus XP
  • Rewards for missions that require raiding now scale based on the number of marines required
  • Evened out chance of getting potential contacts to reduce impact of bad luck in getting them
  • Persean League story character can now become a contact as suggested by certain game dialog
  • Fixed minor pirate story character contact: now correctly tagged to give missions
  • Fixed many typos and stray string tokens in dialog
  • All instances of "Planetary Operations" changed to "Ground Operations" to reflect skill rename
  • Fixed issue with some new portraits not being used by factions
  • Fixed a few misplaced, repeatable, or otherwise broken dialog options in story missions
  • You can no longer steal ships or receive commodity production missions from your own colonies
  • Fixed issue where Shield Shunt could be installed on a ship without shields by removing the Makeshift Shield Generator
  • Expanded Deck Crew no longer installable on ships with Converted Fighter Bay
  • Fixed issue with "move slowly" campaign control not working correctly when mousing over certain UI elements
  • Fixed issues with story point recovery of non-combat derelict wrecks where:
    • Recovering the ship resulted in a loss of any special cargo it might have had, and
    • You would improperly get extra salvag and weapons when considering the story-point recovery and then backing out
  • Modding: added fluxVentRadialTexture to hull_styles.json
  • Fixed issue that allowed the same administrator to be assigned to multiple colonies
  • Using control groups in deployment dialog now properly updates selected deployment points value
  • Fixed Tech Mining random seed being influenced by custom production orders
  • Fighting pirate fleets triggered by transmitter traps in derelicts etc no longer causes rep changes with pirates
  • Fixed issue with contacts offering local missions for both cheap sale and procurement of the same goods
  • Smuggling missions can no longer be abandoned
  • Marines will now properly leave your employment when you're not able to pay them
  • Fixed issue where Luddic Path cells did not care about AI cores installed in various industries
  • Smugglers supporting Pather cell activity no longer distracted by pirates and similar
  • Fixed issue with Auxiliary Support bonuses not being properly computed when applied in combat
  • Contacts are pirate/Pather bases on the fringes should move to another location if the base is destroyed

Changes as of Hotfix #4 (-RC12), March 30, 2021, 6:45pm EST
  • Fixed issue with Longbow bomber firing Sabots too late when combining with other fighters
  • Fixed rare music-related crash
  • Fixed issue with weapon damage related skills boosts showing up in weapon tooltip/applying where they shouldn't
  • Fixed issue with being unable to hire normal officers when at the officer limit when counting normal officers combined with mercenaries
  • Fixed issue with "stuck dialog" error detection
  • Significantly reduced XP required to level up from 10 to 15
  • Overall XP needed for story points after max level is 2.5 times less than before
  • Highlighted text clarifying when/why completion of a smuggling mission is not possible

Changes as of Hotfix #3 (-RC11), March 29, 2021, 6:00pm EST
  • Fixed crash caused by having a unique ship in your fleet, the transponder on, and engaging multiple enemy fleets
  • Fixed another game load crash issue
  • Fixed issue with being unable to repay the TriTachyon loan
  • Fixed bug that allowed infinite skill points during skill reassignment under certain conditions
  • Fixed stuck dialog when encountering Diktat task force after recovering [REDACTED] ship
    • Added detection for stuck dialog case; added failsafe leave option
  • (Possibly) fixed another combat crash; still working on reproducing it to verify
  • Phase skimmer: fixed bug where it would face towards nearest ship instead of mouse in certain conditions
  • Will no longer lose Transverse Jump when speccing out of Navigation if you also learned it from the mission
  • Potential contact intel no longer expires and is flagged as important
  • Officer promotion candidate now expires after 120 days (instead of 30) and is flagged as important
  • Modding:
    • Fixed crash caused by a ship-with-modules spawning on title screen
    • Fixed crash caused by phase fighters

Changes as of Hotfix #2 (-RC10), March 27, 2021, 7:40pm EST

  • Weapon Drills no longer grants Armored Weapon Mounts, since that hullmod is unlocked at the start
  • Fixed issue with free d-mod removal introduced by previous hotfix
  • Fixed game load crash issue
  • Go Slow and Active Sensor Burst no longer prevent the use of "S" to stop the fleet
  • Improved inventory of low-importance arms dealers
  • Removed combat map "more info" button for ships that should not have it
  • (Possibly) fixed a combat crash
  • Fixed minor visual glitch on ship icons in combat when ship had no d-mods or s-mods
  • Fixed issue with being able to re-roll the military surplus hull being offered
  • Fixed issue with transferring command pre-engagement when own flagship was selected
  • Fixed issue with "blueprint or special item available" mission not checking whether the player could afford it
  • Added min/max campaign zoom settings to settings.json
  • Substantially increased contact/bar mission reward amounts
  • Logistics hullmods built in using story points no longer count against the limit
  • Modding: projectileRange is now properly used on MIRV weapons

Changes as of Hotfix #1 (-RC9), March 26, 2021, 9:30pm EST

  • Fixed issue with surplus ship hull being free
  • Disabled memory management in launcher (was causing major issues, can be turned back on in settings.json)
  • "Enable all" no longer enables mods with unmet requirements
  • Fixed display issue caused by going into the "build in" menu for hull mods, selecting a mod, then canceling
  • Being "seen" by a station no longer prevents completion of "deploy spysat" and similar missions
  • Fixed issue with certain type of "combat extraction" mission not handling the accept/decline options
  • Likely fixed combat crash related to giving orders
  • Clarified that automated ships can only be captained by AI cores in "Automated Ships" skill description
  • Can now store automated ships at abandoned stations
  • Fixed issue multiple missions targeting the same NPC

Changes as of March 26, 2021

  • Made some improvements to view panning
    • Should no longer hitch after it's stopped moving
    • Fixed issue that was causing it to finish out its movement along a single axis
    • "Feel" should remain the same
  • Selecting an empty group will now properly hide the weapons from the previously selected group

  • Light Assault Gun: halved recoil values
  • Storm Needler:
    • Damage reduced to 50/shot (was: 75)
    • Flux/shot reduced to 35 (was: 65)
    • Reduced accuracy
    • Shot visuals changed to match Heavy Needler
  • Ion Pulser: damaged set to 90
  • Pulse Laser: flux/shot reduced to 100 (was 110)

  • Recovery Shuttles:
    • Reduced OP cost
    • Increased crew loss reduction to 75% (was: 50%)

  • Weapons, fighters, and ship systems with the "restricted" tag will not be shown in the Codex

  • Autofit will now install Sabots in hardpoints >45 degrees off facing front, provided Sabots are the weapon in the goal variant
  • Fixed memory leak caused by finding planetary survey data in a Domain derelict
  • Fixed memory leak related to music playback and starting a new game

Changes as of March 08, 2021

  • Pollution from having a Nanoforge will now only apply to habitable planets
  • Cargo scans by patrols:
    • Will more often result in the "suspicious" outcome when smuggling suspicion is high
    • Will demand you allow a boarding party to examine your ships
      • This will cause some disruption to several of your ships' combat readiness
    • More likely to find contraband
  • Improved variety of weapons available for AI faction fleets
    • Not changing the blueprints a faction has, rather individual ships have better access to all that the faction theoretically has available
  • Adjusted number of freighters available for purchase, based on presence of "Ship Hulls & Weapons"
  • Intel screen will remember "show fuel" toggle state when re-opened
  • Legion XIV derelicts will no longer be restricted to a single constellation
  • Added a chance for a few of the recoverable enemy ships to have less d-mods added to them than average
  • Randomly generated planets in the core (including Duzahk and Penelope's Star) should no longer be habitable
  • Transverse Jump no longer usable during the tutorial (sorry)
  • Music will no longer stop playing when interacting with a jump-point
  • When in a battle with allies, the automatic prompt to order a full retreat when you have nothing deployed will not be prevented from showing up by the presence of allied ships
  • Random NPCs are very unlikely to use player's selected portrait
  • Multiple concurrent punitive expeditions from different factions are now very very unlikely
  • Black markets no longer sell combat capital ships (can still be acquired from arms dealer contact)
  • Freshly spawned patrols will wait a few seconds before engaging/intercepting the player
  • Submarket buttons will now show their tooltip while there is a transaction in progress
  • Surveying Equipment: now shows fleetwide totals in tooltip
  • Outposts under AI control no longer count in the "Administrators in use" stat in the colony list
  • Fleets spawned by the player's faction will more strictly adhere to the doctrine settings
  • Planet tooltip - both in campaign and on the map - will show when the planet has unexplored ruins
  • Delivery missions: offers will now occasionally exceed player's cargo capacity
  • When trying to establish a colony in faction-claimed space, warning about it being eradicated will also be shown in the confirmation dialog
  • Faction commission/bounty payments/salvage: damage dealt by allied fleets belonging to the player's faction will count towards the reward share the player receives
  • Added music for scavenge/salvage/survey screens
  • Tri-Tachyon: adjusted fleet composition to be more evenly split between warships/carriers/phase ships
    • Was: mostly carriers/phase ships, with some warships
    • Also makes the Medusa and a few other high-tech ships more easily available for purchase
  • Probability of derelict probes and survey ships having defenders decreases as more derelict defenders are defeated
    • So, the defenders both get stronger and less frequent as more are defeated
  • Added indication when post-battle ship recovery includes disabled ships from your fleet
  • Improved "current location" indicator in sector map to make it easier to spot

Pirate raids, punitive expeditions, etc:
  • Size 3 colonies will no longer be targeted by punitive expeditions (unless they're in the faction's space)
  • Increased time until first AI Inspection
  • Increased time until first pirate raid on player colony
  • Increased time it takes pirate bases to upgrade to a higher tier (minimum changed from 6 to 12 months)
  • Increased interval between new pirate bases being established (1-2 cycles)
  • Destroying a pirate base increases this interval by another 1-2 cycles
  • Reduced frequency of pirate raids targeting the core worlds by roughly a factor of 3
  • Defeating a raid adds up to a cycle to the time until the source base may send another raid
  • Fixed bug that caused pirate bases to send raids against player colonies too far away from the base
  • Reduced probability of incidents from Luddic Path cells
    • This wasn't working at all in the previous version, but was probably tuned too high
  • Increased minimum interval between punitive expeditions to 1-3 cycles
  • Punitive expeditions and inspections will be automatically flagged as "important" intel

  • Main-menu missions: can now deploy allied ships in refit simulation
  • '%' is no longer accepted by various input fields for names (would cause a crash)
  • Maximum number of weapon groups increased to 7 (was: 5)
  • Revamped weapon group creation UI

  • Improved ship venting animation
  • Peak time warning message will be shown when remaining time is under 30 seconds (was: when it's 0)
    • Should allow enough time to order a retreat before losing too much CR
  • Officer personality now shown in fleet member pre-deployment tooltip
  • If you close the ship deployment dialog at the start of combat without deploying anything, a message about how to re-open it will be shown

Ship AI:
  • Targeting Feed system will be used by carriers that only have support fighters installed
  • Ships will no longer keep targeting a recently-destroyed ship for a second or two before switching targets

  • Tarsus: increased cargo capacity to 350
  • Paragon: fixed minor missile slot facing asymmetry
  • Doom: increased minimum range at which mines spawn near targeted frigates
  • Hyperion: redesigned almost entirely; new sprite
    • Reclassed as "Advanced Gunship"
    • Weapon slots: 2 medium energy and 1 medium universal
    • All weapon slots are forward-facing hardpoints
    • Flux stats increased to almost high-tech light cruiser levels
    • Armor and hull values increased significantly
    • Speed and maneuverability decreased to be on the low end of the frigate range
    • Phase Teleporter:
      • Requires zero-flux bonus to be active to be used
      • Ship is vulnerable during wind-up
      • Removed flux cost
      • Added 3 second cooldown
      • AI adjusted to be more convervative with its use
        • (Old AI still available for use by mods, new AI is "PHASE_TELEPORTER_2")

  • Thunder wing: reduced range to 6000 units (was 8000, most other wings are at 4000)
  • Light Needler: now costs 8 OP
  • Heavy Needler: reduced range to 750 (was: 800)
  • Mark IX: reduced flux/shot to 200 (was: 230)
  • Thermal Pulse Cannon (Onslaught's built-in weapon):
    • Reduced flux/shot to 150 (was: 200)
  • Thumper: reduced OP cost to 6 (was: 9)

  • Degraded Engines: effect separated into two hullmods, "Degraded Engines" and "Degraded Drive Field"
    • Degraded Engines:
      • Has combat portion of the effect (lower speed/maneuverability)
      • Can only be generated for combat ships
    • Degraded Drive Field:
      • Has non-combat portion of the effect (reduced burn level, increased sensor profile)
      • Can only be generated for non-combat ships
  • Added new D-mods:
    • Degraded Life Support - reduces max crew (but not min)
    • Damaged Weapon Mounts - slower weapon turn speed, increased recoil
    • Faulty Automated Systems - larger min crew required
    • Degraded Shields - increases shield damage taken

  • Added to CombatUIAPI:
    • boolean isShowingDeploymentDialog();
    • List<FleetMemberAPI> getCurrentlySelectedInFleetDeploymentDialog();
  • Added to HullModEffect:
    • Color getBorderColor();
    • Color getNameColor();
    • int getDisplayCategoryIndex();
      • Should return 0 to 4; -1 for "use default".
    • The default categories are:
      • 0: built-in mods in the base hull
      • 1: perma-mods that are not story point mods
      • 2: mods built in via story points
      • 3: d-mods
      • 4: regular mods
    • int getDisplaySortOrder();
      • Sort order within the mod's display category. Not used when category == 4, since then the order is determined by the order in which the player added the hullmods.
  • Improved automatic line-wrapping of Chinese text (only relevant for the Chinese translation mod)
    • Will not linebreak inside [], {}, and () (allowing the use of these to wrap highlighted tokens)
    • Will recognize Chinese punctuation and will not line-break right before it
  • Added to ShipHullSpecAPI:
    • String getTravelDriveId();
    • void setTravelDriveId(String travelDriveId);
  • Added "travel drive" column to ship_data.csv
    • Can be used to specify custom system for travel drive
    • Defaults to "traveldrive" is not specified
    • System must perform the same basic function in the same basic way
      • Toggleable, same/extremely similar speed bonus, etc
    • Mainly useful for setting up custom sounds and visuals for the system
  • Ship venting animation no longer uses textures specified via the hull style spec
  • Removed from ShipAPI:
    • void setVentCoreTexture(String textureId);
    • void setVentFringeTexture(String textureId);
    • String getVentFringeTexture();
    • String getVentCoreTexture();
  • Added to ShipAPI:
    • void setFluxVentTextureSheet(String textureId);
    • String getFluxVentTextureSheet();
  • Added to hull_styles.json:
    • Optional "fluxVentTextureSheet" key specifying particle texture sheet for the venting animation
  • Fighters and weapons with an OP cost of >= 10000, whether natively or due to a Weapon/FighterOPCostModifier, will:
    • Be shown last in the weapon/fighter picker dialog in the refit screen
    • Will not show an OP cost
    • Will show a "not installable" red/orange label in place of the gray "ordnance points" label
  • Added ShipRecoveryListener
  • Added "ship_unique_signature" ship *variant* tag
    • If any ship with this tag is present in player's fleet, opposing fleets always know who they're facing regardless of transponder status
  • Added "campaignEngineGlowColor" and "campaignEngineTrailColor" to hull_styles.json
  • Added $mission_critical memory flag to markets
    • Won't decivilized or be destroyed by bombardments until flag is unset
    • Flag is set for "reasons" which are mission ids for missions for which it's required to exist
    • Missions should unset the reason once completed
    • Once all missions unset all reasons for the flag, it's removed
  • Made BaseIndustry supply()/demand() methods public
  • Added get/setBuildProgress() to BaseIndustry
  • Added to FactionAPI:
    • String getShipNamePrefix();
  • Added to IntelUIAPI:
    • void updateIntelList();
  • Added to TradeFleetDepartureIntel:
    • RouteData getRoute()
  • Added Constellation.get/setNameOverride()
  • Added to WeaponAPI:
    • SpriteAPI getGlowSpriteAPI()
  • Ships with the "no_sell" tag will no longer show up for sale at markets
  • Added AmmoTrackerAPI, retrieved via WeaponAPI.getAmmoTracker()
    • void setAmmoPerSecond(float ammoPerSecond);
    • float getReloadProgress();
    • void setAmmo(int ammo);
    • boolean usesAmmo();
    • void addOneAmmo();
    • boolean deductOneAmmo();
    • int getAmmo();
    • float getAmmoPerSecond();
    • int getMaxAmmo();
    • void resetAmmo();
    • void setMaxAmmo(int maxAmmo);
  • Plasma Cannon now uses "passThroughMissiles":true in .wpn file
    • If set to false (for similar weapons) they will not pass through either fighters or missiles
  • Added SubmarketInteractionListener
  • Added "no_market_info" tag - if added to a market, it will not show stability/fleet quality/ground defenses/etc and the market info button will be disabled
  • Added ColonyDecivListener
  • Added SettingsAPI.createLabel(text, font)
  • Added some methods to LabelAPI to enable its rendering outside a "proper" UI
  • Added to StarSystemAPI:
    • Float getMapGridWidthOverride();
    • void setMapGridWidthOverride(Float mapGridWidthOverride);
    • Float getMapGridHeightOverride();
    • void setMapGridHeightOverride(Float mapGridHeightOverride);
    • Overrides the size of the visible map grid - not the cell size, but the whole grid - in a system
      • Default is 52,000 x 52,000
  • Punitive expeditions and Hegemony inspections will instantly fail if the target colony changes ownership
  • Added plugin interfaces to allow replacement of certain core campaign functionality
    • Plugin implementations should be added to Global.getSector().getGenericPlugins()
    • CreateFleetPlugin: called from FleetFactoryV3.createFleet()
    • DModAdderPlugin: called from DModManager's addDMods() methods
  • Added faction doctrine setting - "strictComposition"
    • When true, warship/phase/carriers doctrine value of 1 is treated as 0
    • And there's no random factor to what specific ratio is chosen
  • Added to settings.json:
    • "noiseColor":[40,152,176,255],
    • "tripadLineColor":[158,241,240,255],
  • Planet intel screen: description area now supports scrolling for longer descriptions
  • Added WeaponEffectPluginWithInit interface
    • If an EveryFrameWeaponEffectPlugin also implements this, the init() method will get called when the weapon is created
  • VisualPanelAPI.showCustomPanel() now returns a CustomPanelAPI
    • Meaning, you can create/add TooltipMakerAPI here etc and compose a UI element like in the intel screen
  • Added to InteractionDialogAPI:
    • void showCustomDialog(float customPanelWidth, float customPanelHeight, CustomDialogDelegate delegate);
    • CustomDialogDelegate has:
      • void createCustomDialog(CustomPanelAPI panel);
      • boolean hasCancelOption();
      • String getConfirmText();
      • String getCancelText();
      • void customDialogConfirm();
      • void customDialogCancel();
      • CustomUIPanelPlugin getCustomPanelPlugin();
  • CustomUIPanelPlugin: added renderBelow() method
  • Added to ModPlugin: void onDevModeF8Reload();
  • Added to Industry: setHidden(boolean hidden);
  • Added to missile .proj files: noDebrisWhenDestroyed parameter

  • Fixed crash caused by left and right clicking a scrollbar on the same frame
  • Fixed issue with faction commission intel sticking around forever after resigning the commission
  • Fixed highlight issue on weapon icon for hardpoints (in-combat UI)
  • Fixed memory leak caused by opening the Codex in the campaign and then loading another save
  • Fixed memory leak caused by loading save game, backing out to main menu, opening mission refit, and reloading
  • Fixed bug that made it possible to assign the same administrator to multiple colonies
  • Fixed audio bug that caused playback of certain sounds to occasionally fail

Changes as of October 16, 2020

  • Added a number of story-related missions and a hint of an endgame threat
  • Data found in derelicts should no longer point to derelict ships that can expire and despawn
  • Improved cargo screen performance when taking or leaving a VERY large number of items
  • Ships produced at player colonies will be at 50% combat readiness when retrieved
  • "Moving slowly":
    • Now at half the burn level of the slowest ship rather than being fixed at burn level 2
    • "Sensors" skill gives bonus to this burn level
    • Go Dark: forces "moving slowly" instead of having a separate movement penalty
    • Active Sensor Burst: can move slowly while charging it up
    • Still reduces sensor profile while in applicable terrain (rings, asteroid fields, debris fields)
    • Asteroid fields: chance for moderately damaging asteroid impacts on ships when not moving slowly
      • AI will move slowly through asteroid fields
    • Hyperspace storms: slow-moving fleets do not attract storm strikes
      • AI will move slowly through storms instead of trying to avoid them
  • Added campaign tutorial section explaining the "move slowly" key
  • Emergency Burn, Transverse Jump: may be activated when combat readiness is too low
    • Chance for the low-CR ships to suffer moderate damage
  • Debris fields: can only be scavenged through once; explored fields marked on map
  • Skill system revamp:
    • Four aptitudes
    • Each aptitude has 5 tiers of 2 skills each
    • Pick one of two skills at each tier
    • Can pick other skills after reaching tier 5 and wrapping around
    • One skill point spent per skill to unlock its effects
    • Maximum level is 15
    • Gain story points have a variety of uses in the campaign; 4 per level
      • Also keep gaining story points at a steady rate at max level
    • Story point uses often grant "bonus XP" which increases XP gain
      • "Weaker" uses of story points grant more bonus XP
  • Story point uses include (but are not limited to):
    • "Piloted ship" skills can be raised to "elite" level, unlocking an additional effect
    • Building a limited number of permanent hullmods into ships, making the cost 0 ordnance points
    • Making improvements to industries
    • Disengaging from an aggressive fleet without a fight
    • Forcing a fleeing fleet to engage
    • Other mission and interaction-specific options
  • Added a historian you can meet in bars throughout the Sector
    • May share possible locations of valuable blueprints or lost technology (requires story points)
    • Eventually gives you access to graphs detailing your playthrough
  • Officers:
    • Maximum level is 5
    • Pick one of 4 skills on level-up
    • Can mentor, increasing their XP gain, skill selection, and affecting their personality (story point)
    • Can raise one skill to "elite" level (story point)
    • When an officer joins your fleet, their level is shown (most relevant for officers found in cryopods)
    • Can now see an officer's skills' effects when hiring them, instead of just seeing the skill names
    • Officers can now be moved around in the officer list using click & drag
  • Added "personal contacts" mechanics:
    • Meet various trade, military, and underworld figures, and build a relationship with them
    • Contacts will offer missions/opportunities based on the type of contact they are
    • More dangerous missions / higher rewards as relationship improves
    • Can prioritize some contacts to get more missions from them
    • Maximum of 5 contacts at a time; can be exceeded using story points
    • Military contact bounties offer some of the most challenging fights in the game
    • All types of contacts allow you to order ships/weapons/fighters, without having a colony
      • Trade: use your own blueprints only
      • Military: use own, or faction's blueprints
      • Underworld: order good stuff regardless of blueprint availability; more expensive
        • Underworld contact functions as "arms dealer"; not selling production capacity
        • Is a way to get access to rare ships/items that might otherwise be too hard to find
    • Over 20 total types of missions/opportunities offered by contacts
  • Officers rescued from sleeper pods may now occasionally exceed the maximum level and have more elite skills than usual
  • Added mercenary officers:
    • High-level with some elite skills, do not level up, higher signing bonus and salary
    • Do not count against normal officer limit
    • Require a story point to hire
    • Contract is limited-duration (1 cycle); extending it requires another story point
  • Changed officer and admin spawning:
    • More likely to be found overall
    • More likely at larger colonies and colonies with spaceports, military bases, etc
    • More likely to find "mercenary" type officers at "free port" colonies
    • Officers are less likely to be timid
    • Reduced number of 0-skill admins for hire, increased number of 1-skill ones
  • Adjusted AI fleet compositions:
    • Less top-heavy (i.e. fewer large ships), more even mix of ship classes on the high end
    • Use "mercenary" type officers to augment the fleets and go above the 10 officer limit
  • REDACTED probe/etc defenses: now use Gamma and Beta AI cores as their strength goes up
  • REDACTED fleets/defenses: updated use of AI cores as officers; generally considerably stronger overall
  • Added 10 heavy machinery on game start so some scavenging can be performed right away
  • Can use a story point to recover an otherwise unrecoverable derelict ship (only applies to derelict ships found in the campaign, not during a combat encounter)
    • Some ships (such as REDACTED ships when the player doesn't have the proper skill) are not recoverable this way
  • Post-combat ship recovery:
    • Can recover normally-recoverable ships, as before
    • Can spend story points to recover ships that would normally be lost
      • Variable amount of bonus experience depending on ship's deployment cost
      • Ships from your own fleet always grant 100% bonus XP if recovered
    • Number of recoverable ships shown not limited by maximum number of ships in player fleet
  • Added skill that allows recovery of REDACTED ships
    • Can not be directly controlled by the player
    • Can only be captained by AI cores
      • Added special skill selection and integration mechanics for ships with AI core captains
  • Added unique capital-class ship that can be acquired by the player. Good luck.
  • Exploration intel:
    • Intel about locations of debris fields should now be removed after they've been scavenged
    • Added "delete intel" button to "location of <entity/planet/etc>" and similar types of intel
  • Added small chance for organics deposits for toxic planets
  • Hegemony inspection, punitive expeditions:
    • Bribe cost drastically reduced
    • Bribing now requires a story point
    • Goal is to move away from dealing with these via bribes being a pure calculation of bribe cost vs profit brought in
  • Can now add a stable location to a star system without one, that has a primary star
    • Done by interacting with the primary star
    • Requires fuel and heavy machinery (consumed) and an Alpha Core (not consumed)
  • Tech Mining:
    • Installing an Alpha Core now increases the amount of finds by 25%
  • Pirate bases should no longer spawn in systems with neutron stars/pulsars
  • New ship warp in/out sounds for transiting between systems and hyperspace
  • Added tooltip to d-mods indicator in fleet screen; also to built-in-mods indicator
  • Laying in a course for a star in the hyperspace map will now lay in course for the closest jump-point into the system rather than the star's gravity well
  • Adjusted colony interaction dialog to make it a bit more apparent you can buy ships
  • Bar delivery mission destination should no longer be dominated by remote player colonies
  • Changed how maximum number of ships in player fleet works:
    • Limit is 30, as before
    • Is now a soft limit and can be exceeded - can recover ships, buy them, etc
    • Penalties for exceeding it are harsh (more supplies used, lower speed) so it's not viable to exceed it for long
    • Once the player has 25 or more ships in their fleet, an indicator is shown in the fleet screen
  • Salvaging and Scavenging now briefly increase the fleet's sensor profile by 1000 units
  • Emergency Burn no longer makes the fleet ignore terrain penalties
  • Increased effect of asteroid impacts on fleet speed
    • Emergency Burn, though it doesn't prevent the impacts, is effective at regaining the lost speed
  • Campaign fleet AI/behavior:
    • Increased average reaction time for use of Emergency Burn
    • Added extra timeout between repeated uses of Emergency Burn
    • Will try to "juke" the player while being pursued; this lets the player catch AI fleets more easily if they react well to the movements
    • More natural movement while "maintaining contact"
    • Improved maneuvering logic for when a number of small fleets decide to gang up on a larger one
    • More aggressive commanders require less of a numerical advantage from nearby allies to engage
    • In general a bit worse at avoiding being intercepted; was too good at it
    • Now capable of using jump-points inside a star's corona
  • Added the chance to be able to promote a junior officer to a ship command position after battle, uses a story point
  • Joining an ongoing battle, winning, and then your allies pursue: leaving (instead of joining the pursuit) will now give you salvage
  • Now possible for simulated trade fleets (i.e. ones that never got spawned due to player not being nearby) to be lost (and cause shortages etc), depending on enemy activity in relevant star systems
  • Bombardments will cause other in-system colonies to stops trading with the player for some time, depending on their relationship with the bombarded colony
  • Adjusted drops:
    • Mining stations have more thematic/reliable drops
    • Mining stations have a chance to drop a very large quantity of low-value commodities
    • Habitats and ruins have a chance to drop a very large quantity of low-value commodities
  • Adjusted commodity stats - possible to more easily sell large quantities of stuff profitably
  • Planetary Shield: can no longer be built on gas giants
  • Ruins in core systems now start out as explored
  • Person bounties: will now pay out if the target is destroyed by another fleet but the player is nearby
  • REDACTED fleets weaker than the player will fight when caught instead of trying to run away
  • Flagging intel as "important" will no longer prevent it from being removed when it expires
  • Added a new, very rare and powerful enemy
    • 13 new special weapons specific to this enemy
  • A very limited number and subset of these can be acquired by the player during each campaign
  • More types of weapons available for purchase at colonies, in smaller quantities
  • Ship weapons and fighters now sell for considerably more
  • When producing ships at a colony, an additional fee will be charged based on the weapons/fighters installed on the ship
    • This extra cost does not count against the monthly production capacity
  • Faction orbital stations in the campaign should have more consistent loadouts
  • Added "Being tracked by a <faction> patrol" message
    • Based on nearest in-system market
    • Indicates you won't be able to trade with it
  • Low-tier pirate bases have at least two modules (i.e. no more 1-module bases)
  • Greatly decreased pirate base bounty payouts
  • When engaging in combat with some of your ships at low CR and/or hull levels:
    • Added story point option to perform emergency repairs (grants 50% bonus XP)
  • When recovering ships after combat:
    • If an officer was in command, they will be reassigned back to that ship
    • The ship will be put in its original place in the fleet roster
  • Ship recovery: ship tooltip will show ship stats without penalties from the 0% combat readiness
  • Moderately reduced sell price of ship blueprints and special items such as Nanoforges
  • Entities / mission targets / etc spawning in the "outer system" will now generally spawn orbiting a far-out jump-point or planet at a medium range (3000-5000 units)
  • Increased XP gain from fighting more challenging battles; up to 500% more XP gained

  • Maximum post-Collapse colony growth limited to a maximum of colony size 6
    • "maxColonySize" in settings.json
  • Colonies get 1 extra industry slot for each size from 3 to 6, for a maximum of 4
  • Colonies exceeding maximum number of industries have stability reduced by 5
    • Can still only build new industries while under the limit
    • This just covers the limit changing after an industry has been built (say, due to a bombardment)
  • Instability growth penalty only applies at stability less than 5
  • Growth rate penalty for hazard rating greatly increased; goes up with colony size
  • Changed "growth incentives" to "hazard pay"
    • Can be toggled on and off, like free port
    • Monthly cost based on hazard rating; deducted from monthly income
    • Growth rate bonus always equal to hazard growth penalty plus a couple of points
  • Habitable, Mild Climate: now directly increase population growth in addition to reducing hazard
  • Free Port: reduced minimum growth bonus to 3 (was 5) and maximum growth bonus to 10 (was 25)
  • Cryosleeper: now has (gradually reduced) effect at up to 10 light-years; spawns in better star systems
  • Removed income bonus from stability higher than 5; now 100% at stability >= 5
  • Can "make improvements" to various industries, for a story point cost
    • Bonuses range from increased production to more specialized ones for certain industries
    • Story point cost doubles with each industry improved at a colony
      • Allows for colony specialization with a soft cap
  • Commerce:
    • Increases colony income by 50%, up to 100% with Alpha Core and improvements
    • Reduces stability by 3
  • Added orbital solar arrays: improve planet conditions/farming, can be found around some planets
  • Nanoforges: add Pollution when installed; becomes permanent after three months
  • Synchrotron: requires "No atmosphere" condition
  • Added 10 new items conditionally boosting various industries
    • Found where currently you would find a synchrotron or a nanoforge - so, larger pool of items
  • Eventide: added Orbital Solar Array condition; boosts farming, can be destroyed by a raid
  • Added megaproject that can be brought back online
  • Cargo Pods: cheaper to stabilize, stabilization adds 400 days (was: 150)
  • Salvage effectiveness with no heavy machinery is now 25% (was: 0%)
  • Fixed issue with pirate bases targeting player colonies respawning without a proper delay after such a base is destroyed

Revamped ground raid mechanics
  • Marine "units" based on raid effectiveness
    • Can select multiple objectives/which commodity etc to target
    • Raiding for commodities cause deficits at target colony
    • Raiding grants significant XP
    • In-system patrols will respond to a colony being raided (or bombarded)
    • Different objectives (commodities, special items,blueprints, etc) have different danger levels
      • Determines marine casualties
      • Source of commodity affects danger level, i.e. looting supplies from a Military Base is more dangerous than if the source is a Spaceport
    • Other factors affecting marine casualties:
      • Planetary Operations skill, hazard rating, reserves, high raid effectiveness (and very low raid effectiveness, too)
      • Repeated raids of the same colony
      • Marine XP level
  • Spaceport: removed "No spaceport" accessibility penalty when under construction or disrupted
  • Marine availability:
    • Marines harder to get in general - fewer available to buy
    • Mercs bar event gives 30-50 marines instead of 10 and the marines are elite
    • Now possible to find marines in cryopods while salvaging
  • Marine mechanics
    • Have XP, gained from raiding, gives bonuses to RE/reduces losses
      • Hiring new marines dilutes XP
    • When transferring marines, the ones in your fleet keep all of the XP if possible
      • Buying X marines and then selling X marines will not affect experience level
    • Can leave marines in storage/cryopods and come back later; they keep any XP excess XP that wasn't kept by the marines in your fleet
    • Just selling marines loses their XP
  • Added story option (50% bonus XP) that removes reputation penalty from raiding

  • Weapon hit glow now varies in size depending on how effective the weapon is being
    • Considers skills, hullmods, damage type, armor, etc
  • Fighter oveloads no longer play ship overload sound effects
  • Phase ships no longer overload when maxing out flux while phased; phase cloak turns off instead
  • Explosion damage from torpedoes and such no longer affects other modules from a station or ship that was impacted directly
    • This is consistent with explosion damage not impacting the ship that was hit (i.e. only the primary impact damage applies; explosion damage applies to other ships only)
  • When setting a target ('R') ships will be given priority over fighters when nothing is targeted
  • Improved performance of weapon arc rendering; can result in a 10% overall increase in performance
  • Combat against REDACTED will have battle objectives (Nav Buoys etc)
    • Staton battles and battles against automated defenses of salvageable derelicts still don't
  • Deployment point distribution between opposing fleets now based primarily on number/level of officers
    • Is no longer updated as ships are destroyed; only computed once when an engagement round starts
    • Officer contribution does not depend on what type of ship they're in
      • But they do have to be on a ship, unassigned officers do not contribute
  • Battle objectives (Nav Buoys, Sensor Arrays, Comm Relays):
    • Now grant bonus deployment points equal to a percentage of battle size
      • 5% for Nav Buoys and Sensor Arrays
      • 10% for Comm Relays
    • Total with bonus can't exceed 60% of battle size (which is the normal cap for the larger fleet)
      • So: no bonus points for a fleet that already vastly outnumbers the enemy
    • Placement of objectives adjusted to create mostly "fair" distributions of Comm Relays
    • Goal is to give player means to even out a battle where they're outnumbered through aggressive play/splitting their forces
    • Objectives also have their current bonuses
  • Adjusted enemy admiral AI to value controlling points more
  • Default max battle size reduced to 400 (was 500) to account for various changes
    • In particular, battle objectives allowing up to 120% of max to be deployed
    • This can still be changed via the settings file

  • Added Fury-class light cruiser, high tech
  • Added Champion-class heavy cruiser, midline
  • Added Phantom-class phase troop transport
  • Added Revenant-class phase hybrid freighter/tanker
  • Brawler:
    • Changed ship system to Maneuvering Jets (was: Damper Field)
    • Increased shield arc to 270 (was: 150)
    • Increased supply cost to 6 (was: 4)
    • Increased flux dissipation and capacity (200 -> 250, 2500 -> 3000)
  • High Tech orbital station:
    • Fixed issue with wrong type of weapon slot
    • Added Fighter Chassis Storage to hangar module
  • Buffalo (TT): now has high-tech engine glows
  • Hammerhead:
    • Rear turrets no longer capable of facing directly to the front
    • Fixed slight alignment issue for left medium hardpoint, this is Very Important
  • Onslaught:
    • Reduced arc of side-facing large turrets
    • Added built-in Heavy Ballistics Integration
  • Enforcer:
    • Increased armor to 900 (was: 750)
    • Increased hull to 6000 (was: 5000)
    • Reduced shield flux/damage to 1 (was: 1.2)
  • Valkyrie: increased deployment/maintenance cost to 5 (was: 3)
  • Prometheus Mk.2:
    • Fighters now properly launch from launch bay visual locations
    • Cleaned up extraneous, unusable turrets present in hull file
  • Afflictor: changed two of the front-facing hardpoints from Universal to Hybrid
  • Vigilance:
    • Increased OP to 45 (was: 40)
    • Increased shield arc to 120 (was: 90)
    • Increased armor to 200 (was: 150)
  • Shrike: increased OP to 85 (was: 80)
    • Shrike (P) has 75 OP
  • Gryphon: increased OP to 140 (was: 130)
  • Recall Device: now has a 30 second cooldown
  • Astral:
  • Increased ordnance points to 250 (was: 230)
  • Increased deployment cost and maintenance to 50 (was: 45)
  • Gemini:
    • Added Civilian-grade hullmod (this is a situational buff)
    • Increased OP to 75 (was: 55)
    • Increased hull to 4500 (was: 3500)
    • AI now treats is as a combat ship rather than a carrier
    • Reclassified as "Combat Freighter"
  • Condor: increased cargo capacity to 120 (was: 40)
  • Drover:
    • Deployment/maintenance cost increased to 15 (was: 12)
    • Cargo capacity reduced to 40 (was: 80)
  • Reserve Deployment:
    • Now adds 1/2/3 fighters above max wing size and affects bombers as well
    • Cooldown increased to 60 seconds (was: 30)
    • Reduces fighter replacement rate by 25% when used (to standard minimum of 30% at worst)
  • Scarab:
    • Increased flux dissipation to 250 (was: 150)
    • Increased flux capacity to 2500 (was: 2000)
    • Removed the two less than optimally placed weapon slots
  • Dedicated freighters and tankers:
    • Tweaked values to make sure that larger ones are more efficient in fuel and supply use
    • Tarsus: increased fuel use to 3/ly (was: 2)
    • Buffalo: increased cargo capacity to 400 (was: 300)
    • Colossus (all versions): increased fuel/ly to 4 (was: 3)
    • Atlas: reduced fuel use to 6/ly (was: 10)
    • Phaeton: increased fuel capacity to 800 (was: 600), increased supply cost to 4 (was: 3)
    • Prometheus: increased fuel capacity to 3000 (was: 2500), reduced fuel use to 6/ly (was: 10)
    • Valkyrie: reduced max crew to 250 (was: 300)

  • Made Light AC (but not Light Dual AC) significantly more accurate; reduced OP cost to 4 (was: 5)
  • Light Dual AC: reduced OP cost to 5 (was: 6)
  • Swarmer SRM:
    • Increased damage to 100 (was: 75)
    • Reduced OP cost to 3 (was: 4)
    • Fighter version: reduced reload rate slightly to keep similar damage output as before
  • Thermal Pulse Cannon shots are no longer stopped by hitting missiles
  • Squall MLRS:
    • More accurate target leading
    • Second stage of missiles aims in a spread instead of at a single point
  • Light Needler: reduced OP cost to 7 (was: 9)
  • Railgun: increased OP cost to 8 (was: 7)
  • IR Pulse Laser: reduced flux cost per shot to 40 (was: 50)
  • Paladin PD System:
    • Now creates explosions on impact - 100 points of fragmentation damage
    • Reduced flux cost to 750/second (was: 1500)
  • Burst PD Laser: reduced flux cost by 33%
  • Heavy Burst Laser:
    • Reduced flux cost by 40%
    • No longer distracted by decoy flares
  • Devastator:
    • Slightly increased explosion radius and core explosion radius and slightly reduced fuse range
    • More likely to hit ships, and will do more damage with its explosions due to more targets being within core radius
  • Assault Chaingun: reduced damage/shot to 75 (was: 90)
  • Ion Pulser:
    • Increased range to 500 (was: 450)
    • Increased damage to 100 (was: 75)
    • Increased emp damage to 600 (was: 400)
  • Thunder:
    • Replaced Ion Cannon with Ion Cannon (High Delay)
    • Increased OP cost to 10 (was: 8)
  • Gladius:
    • Reduced OP cost to 6 (was: 10)
    • Replaced IR Pulse Laser with high-delay version to allow for more sustained firepower
  • Xyphos: reduced roam range to 0 (was: 4000)
  • Spark Interceptor Drone: now uses "high delay" PD Burst laser which has halved charge regeneration
    • Effectively: same initial damage burst, halved sustained damage after that
  • Warthog:
    • Increased wing size to 3 (was: 2)
    • Reduced replacement time to 10 seconds (was: 15)
    • Reduced engagement range to 2000 (was: the standard 4000)
  • Mining Laser:
    • Reduced flux/second to 10 (was: 35)
    • Increased turn rate to 80 (was: 30)
  • Added Breach SRM (small) and Breach SRM Pod (medium), a new anti-armor missile
    • Medium version has high ammo, small version is extremely cheap
  • Antimatter Blaster: shots now pass through missiles if they do enough damage to destroy them

  • Militarized Subsystems:
    • No longer makes deployment cheaper
    • Increases flux dissipation and armor value for damage reduction calculation
    • Effects greatly boosted by relevant (new) skill
  • Added: Escort Package, Assault Package
    • Mutually exclusive, only installable on civilian-grade hulls
    • Effects greatly boosted by relevant (new) skill; same one that affects MS
  • Phase Field: now also reduces the fleet's sensor profile, in addition to its current effect
    • Diminishing returns from multiple ships, based on value from largest phase ship
  • High Resolution Sensors:
    • No longer affect individual ship's sensor strength
    • Now increase fleet's sensor range, with diminishing returns based on value from largest ships
  • Expanded Deck Crew:
    • Fighter replacement rate decrease reduction reduced to 10% (was: 25%)
    • Fighter replacement rate recovery increase decreased to 20% (was: 50%)
  • Armored Weapon Mounts: now available at the start of the game
  • Surveying Equipment: increased bonus for capital ships to 40 (was: 30)
  • Heavy Armor: reduced maneuver penalty to 10%, moderately increased armor bonus
  • Shield Conversion - Omni: significantly reduced OP cost
  • Added: Converted Fighter Bays
    • Removes built-in fighter bays, adds cargo capacity and reduces required crew per bay removed
    • Ship must only have built-in fighter bays for hullmod to be installed
  • Added: Shield Shunt; removes shields and increases EMP resistance by 50%
    • EMP resistance is multiplicative with other sources
  • Increased Maintenance: reduced supply cost increase to 50% (was: 100%)

Ship AI:
  • Fixed issue that caused the AI to be excessively concerned about bomb bays pointing in their direction
  • Fixed issue that could still cause the AI to occasionally slightly turn away from an enemy ship for no good reason
  • Significantly improved logic for turning autofire on and off, especially for high-flux weapons
  • Fixed issue that would cause weapons turning towards a target to fire too early sometimes, missing the first volley
  • Fixed issue that would prevent the AI from turning on autofire for Plasma Cannons
  • Minor improvements to ship maneuvering logic, on the "actually carrying out what the ship AI wants" layer
  • Should be more willing to keep high-flux PD weapons on autofire
  • Will become much more aggressive and will not back off when battle is clearly lost but it's not retreating
    • Meant to mitigate cases where it takes a long time to clean up the last 2-3 enemy frigates
      • Especially when facing REDACTED, which can't retreat
  • Tweaked Mine Strike ship system AI to be more effective vs nearby fighters
  • Now aware of weapons being set back on its hull and needing to be closer to use them
    • Particularly affects setups like Heavy Blasters on the Medusa/Aurora, but all ships/weapons will account for this to some degree
    • Only applies to weapons capable of firing forward
  • Fixed issue causing ships with only missile weapons to close in to point-blank range regardless of weapon range
  • Adjusted phase ship AI to be more aggressive, especially (but not only) when there are unsupported phase ships
    • Should no longer be necessary to wait out remaining phase ships at the end of some fights
  • Incremental improvements to order obedience
  • Incremental improvements to burn drive safety
  • Less likely to get into a bad position when approaching a group of enemies
    • The logic for which way to go to avoid being flanked kicks in earlier
  • Fixed issue causing AI to fire a "manually" controlled group at nearby fighters instead of at a clearly better target
  • Improved how AI follows the "Capture" order
  • Made some improvements regarding carrier use of fighters when under threat/overloaded
  • Made some improvements regarding ships getting too close to an overloaded target and getting damaged by its explosion
    • In particular, unshielded ships will be more cautious

  • Added support for 4k resolutions
    • Somewhat experimental; please let me know if there are problems
  • Launcher:
    • Added antialiasing setting
    • Added memory management setting
      • Not supported on OS X
    • Added UI scaling setting
    • Added button to set all settings to recommended values
    • Improved mod selection dialog
      • Supports mod dependencies
      • Checks required version of game and required mods
        • Does *not* check for whether a mod has been updated; no online functionality
  • Added "Enable all" button to dialog for selecting which game mods are enabled
  • Can press Ctrl-K to enter a different activation key if the game has already been activated
  • Added "useDefaultMouseCursor" option to settings.json
  • Refit screen, fighter/weapon picked dialogs: changed behavior of filter buttons
    • Selecting one of the buttons will enable it and disable the others
    • E.G. pressing "2" for energy weapons will only show energy weapons instead of hiding all energy weapons
  • Can cycle through fighter weapon info in fighter wing tooltip by pressing F1
  • Added "compare" feature to refit screen - hold Control to compare fighter and weapon stats side by side with what's currently installed
  • Improved save-game tooltips in the "load game" dialog; better handling of large number of mods
  • Added check for specific, rare type of savefile corruption (file is all 0s in binary, cause unknown, can't reproduce)
    • If it happens, the save process will be aborted without corrupting the previous savefile
    • Player will be notified and asked to try saving again
  • Added check for file renaming failure during saving; player is notified and asked to use "Save Copy"
  • Added "refreshRateOverride" to data/config/settings.json, commented out by default
  • Added detection for some kinds of memory leaks (mostly applicable when running with mods)
    • Will show a warning to save and restart the game if one is detected
  • Gameplay settings:
    • Battle size slider now goes in increments of 10
    • Music/sound volume sliders go in increments of 5%
  • When running the game with mods: added periodic checks for VRAM/RAM available (thanks, MesoTroniK!)
    • Can be turned off using "doRAMandVRAMChecksWhenRunningWithMods" flag in settings.json

  • Added new star system theme tags, used to help pick right target systems for missions:
    • "theme_unsafe" - for systems that have major hostile presence, such as REDACTED. Easy missions or missions that spawn fleets that need to survive avoid these
      • Does *not* cover dynamic conditions such as a pirate base being established there
    • "theme_interesting", "theme_interesting_minor" - system has some objects of interest
      • For example ruins, REDACTED systems, etc
      • Used to help missions point player to systems that are of interest in their own right
  • Providing an empty json array in a merged file no longer causes that array to be cleared out entirely
    • This was causing a bunch of issues/bugs in mods
    • Can still get same effect by providing an array the first element being "core_clearArray"
    • If the array has multiple elements, the subsequent elements will be added to the cleared master array
  • Fixed NPE when Hegemony inspection targets a colony in hyperspace
  • Punitive expeditions and inspections no longer target colonies in hyperspace
  • Added to LabelAPI:
    • void italicize();
  • void italicize(float shear);
    • void unitalicize();
  • Added to ShipAPI:
  • Vector2f getShieldTarget();
    • void setShieldTargetOverride(float x, float y);
      • Sets direction for omni shield to face
      • Needs to be called every frame
    • float getShipExplosionRadius();
  • Added to MissileAPI:
    • boolean isForceAlwaysArmed();
    • void setForceAlwaysArmed(boolean forceAlwaysArmed);
  • Added: EmpArcEntityAPI
    • float getCoreWidthOverride();
    • void setCoreWidthOverride(float coreWidthOverride);
    • void setTargetToShipCenter(Vector2f sourceSlotPos, ShipAPI ship);
  • Added to CombatEngineAPI:
    • void spawnMuzzleFlashOrSmoke(ShipAPI ship, WeaponSlotAPI slot, WeaponSpecAPI spec, int barrel, float targetAngle);
    • void applyDamageModifiersToSpawnedProjectileWithNullWeapon(ShipAPI source, WeaponType type, boolean isBeam, DamageAPI damage);
  • Changes to signatures of some methods, including spawnEmpArc()
  • Added isPhaseCloak column to ship_systems.csv (determines which cooldown stat mod it uses)
  • Added to MutableShipStatsAPI:
    • StatBonus getSystemCooldownBonus();
  • Added PlayerColonizationListener
  • Fixed issue that caused beam weapon damage modifiers to not apply to energy-slot-type weapons
  • Fixed issue where SHIP_WITH_MODULES ships with only a single non-active module remaining would be immediately disabled on deployment
  • Added to DamagingProjectileAPI:
    • float getBrightness();
  • Added:
    • CombatEngineAPI.getListenerManager()
    • ShipAPI.getListenerManager()
    • DamageDealtModifier
    • DamageTakenModifier
    • DamageListener
    • ProjectileSpecAPI
    • MissileSpecAPI
  • Person bounty intel will properly show ship modules on ship icons
  • Fixed issue with SHIP_WITH_MODULES retreating causing the battle to not end with a victory, for real this time
  • CommodityOnMarketAPI:
    • Removed getPlayerPriceMod()
    • Added getPlayerDemandPriceMod() and getPlayerSupplyPriceMod()
  • (Hopefully) fixed graphics driver crash during saving a game with a large number of mods
  • Added $captain_unremovable to person memory, makes them permanently assigned to a specific ship
    • Ships with an unremovable captain can not be transferred command to
  • Added "auto_fighter" tag; only fighters with it can be installed on player-fleet automated ships
  • Added "auto_rec" tag; UNBOARDABLE ships with it can be recovered by the player fleet with the proper skill
  • Added to BeamAPI:
    • void setFringeTexture(String spriteName);
    • void setCoreTexture(String spriteName);
  • Added GenerateFleetOfficersPlugin; add implementations to Global.getSector().getGenericPlugins()
  • Added to FleetParamsV3: maxNumShips
    • Used to override maxShipsInAIFleet setting on a per-fleet basis
  • Added to SettingsAPI:
    • ShipSystemSpecAPI getShipSystemSpec(String id);
    • List<ShipSystemSpecAPI> getAllShipSystemSpecs();
  • Added a lot of methods to ShipSystemSpecAPI
  • Added "campaignSpeedupMult" to settings.json; has to be an integer value >=2
    • Determines time multiplier when "speed up time" control is activated
    • Large values may cause fps drop when control is activated
  • tips.json: tips can now be a json object, with a "freq" field to control the frequency with which its shown (default: 1) and a "tip" field for the actual string. Tips can also still be strings as before.
  • Markets with NO_DECIV_KEY can now be destroyed by saturation bombardments
  • Made changes to mod_info.json, see:
  • Added to SettingsAPI:
    • float getScreenScaleMult();
    • int getAASamples();
    • void setAutoTurnMode(boolean autoTurnMode);
    • boolean isAutoTurnMode();
    • float getScreenWidthPixels();
    • float getScreenHeightPixels();
    • int getMouseX(); // returns value adjusted for screen scaling
    • int getMouseY(); // returns value adjusted for screen scaling
    • getScreenWidth/Height() now return virtual screen width, i.e. divided by getScreenScaleMult()
    • Screen pixel size should only be relevant for OpenGL operations that work with pixels, such as glViewport() etc, not for any in-game/in-engine calculations
    • Input coordinates from events are in virtual pixels already; use getMouseX()/getMouseY() methods if those are needed where an input event isn't available
  • Added to FleetLogisticsAPI:
    • float getExcessShipsSupplyCost();
  • Ships with no entry in default_ship_roles can now be custom-produced
  • Added to SoundPlayerAPI:
    • void playLoop(String id, Object playingEntity, float pitch, float volume, Vector2f loc, Vector2f vel, float fadeIn, float fadeOut);
  • IndustryAPI.generateCargoForGatheringPoint() can now generate mothballed ships
  • Added "canNotCauseOverload" to .system files; defaults to false, used by type:PHASE_CLOAK systems only
  • Flat range bonuses (such as from Advanced Options) are now affected by range multipliers (but not percentage modifiers). For example:
    • Affected by: Electronic Warfare, Unstable Injector, etc
    • Not affected by: Integrated Targeting Unit and similar
  • Added to MutableShipStatsAPI:
    • CombatListenerManagerAPI getListenerManager();
    • void addListener(Object listener);
    • void removeListener(Object listener);
    • void removeListenerOfClass(Class<?> c);
    • boolean hasListener(Object listener);
    • boolean hasListenerOfClass(Class<?> c);
    • <T> List<T> getListeners(Class<T> c);
  • Added WeaponRangeModifier "listener" - can be added to ships and modifies weapon ranges arbitrarily, i.e. can be based on individual weapons and not pre-set groups (such as "all energy" etc)
  • Added WeaponOPCostModifier, FighterOPCostModifier "listeners", can be added to MutableShipStatsAPI
    • Can arbitrarily modify OP costs, apply after all other modifications
    • Only intended for use from built-in hullmods
    • Hullmods adding these should override affectsOPCosts() and return "true" there
  • Title screen should now support ships with modules
  • Added to CombatFleetManagerAPI:
    • boolean isCanForceShipsToEngageWhenBattleClearlyLost()
    • void setCanForceShipsToEngageWhenBattleClearlyLost(boolean canForceShipsToEngage);
      • By default, set to true for enemy side and false for player side
      • Set to false to restore parity (useful for e.g. fleet tournament)
  • Fixed issue where transferring command between ships with modules did not properly unapply/reapply skill effects
    • Skills were only properly applied for the initial captain the ship-with-modules was deployed with
  • Autofit will now only use fighters with auto_fighter tag for automated ships, matching refit screen behavior
  • Ships/weapons/fighter wings with "no_bp_drop" will no longer reduce the chance of other blueprints dropping while raiding that faction's colonies
  • Added CommoditySpecAPI.setBasePrice(float price)
  • Added to WeaponSpecAPI:
    • float getAutofireAccBonus();
    • void setAutofireAccBonus(float autofireAccBonus);
  • Added to weapon_data.csv: autofireAccBonus column
    • Improves target leading for autofiring weapons; 0 = no bonus, 1 = best possible
  • Added to SettingsAPI:
    • int getShippingCapacity(MarketAPI market, boolean inFaction);
    • JSONObject getSettingsJSON();
    • void resetCached(); // must be called after making any changes to result of getSettingsJSON()
    • void setFloat(String key, Float value);
    • void setBoolean(String key, Boolean value);
  • Added to ShipAPI:
    • void setCaptain(PersonAPI captain);
  • BaseSalvageSpecial.setExtraSalvage() now adds extra salvage if extra salvage already exists instead of replacing it, so that multiple sources can easily add extra salvage to the same entity
  • Added baseRaidDanger column to commodities.csv, see MarketCMD.RaidDangerLevel enum for valid values
  • "fighterBays" can now be specified in .skin files
  • Added "market_no_industries_allowed" tag to markets that makes all standard industries unavailable to build
  • Using the MANEUVERING_JETS AI with a ship system that has alwaysAccelerate:true now throws an exception
    • That AI assumes the system is useful for backing off
  • Can provide custom name, description, icon, and rank icon for all commodities using CommodityTooltipModifier, CommodityIconProvider, and CommodityDescriptionProvider
  • Can provide custom raid objectives and modify existing ones, see: GroundRaidObjectivesListener
  • All options with ids starting with "cutCommLink" and "defaultLeave" automatically get Escape as a shortcut
  • Added to PersonAPI: get/setMarket()
  • Set by market.add/removePerson(), allows easily checking what market a person is at
  • Added to Industry:
    • boolean canInstallAICores()
  • Added MemFlags.MEMORY_KEY_MAKE_AGGRESSIVE_ONE_BATTLE to automatically unset MEMORY_KEY_MAKE_AGGRESSIVE after a battle so that a defeated fleet doesn't keep trying to be aggressive
  • Fixed issue where not auto-generating gas giant jump points would also not autogenerate them for stars
  • Refactor of how items that can be slotted into industries works. Old code should still work, but industries now much more easily (i.e. with less code) support a single item slot for an arbitrary item
  • planets.json:
    • Added "doNotShowInCombat" to planet definitions
    • Set to false by default, in vanilla set to true for lava and lava_minor
    • Meant for planets that that are too bight and difficulty to see stuff on top of, so they don't get shown in combat even if it takes place nearby
  • Fighters and drones *should* now support right-click ship systems. Note that many vanilla system AI's don't support being used this way and this generally requires a CUSTOM system AI
  • AutofitPlugin: modified doFit() method to accept parameter for number of s-mods
  • Added onExplosionEffect to proximity fuse behavior spec, see:
    • riftlance_minelayer_mine.proj
    • "onExplosionEffect":"com.fs.starfarer.api.impl.combat.RiftLanceMineExplosion"
  • Added "onFireEffect" to projectile and missile specs; see OnFireEffectPlugin
  • Added "dudProbabilityOnFlameout" to missiles, defaults to 0.5 (same as what was hardcoded before)
  • Added "fizzleOnReachingWeaponRange" to missiles
    • Allows missiles to have a higher flight time to allow a bit more maneuvering time while within range, without extending their range
  • Added "useProjectileRangeCalculation" to missiles; will use projectile range calculation that considers range threshold (from SO etc)
  • OnHitEffectPlugin: added ApplyDamageResultAPI to parameters
    • API-BREAKING CHANGE (but should be easy to fix by adding the parameter to the method)
  • HYBRID, COMPOSITE, SYNERGY, and UNIVERSAL are now supported weapon types
    • Fit into that type of slot, or into a slot of a matching primary type
    • E.G a HYBRID weapon fits into a hybrid, ballistic, or energy slot, but not into a synergy slot
  • Added fighter wing tags:
    • rapid_reform - lagging wing members catch up more quickly
    • leader_no_swarm - leader will start a new attack run on reaching target
    • wingmen_no_swarm - wing members will keep their position in the wing on reaching target
    • match_leader_facing - wing members will not face towards target but will match wing leader
    • attack_at_an_angle - aim to pass near target instead of directly over it, based on weapon range
    • independent_of_carrier - combat won't end when only these are left on the field
  • Added to WeaponSlotAPI:
    • List<Vector2f> getLaunchPointOffsets();
  • Added to FighterLaunchBayAPI:
    • WeaponSlotAPI getWeaponSlot();
  • Added "no_sell" tag for fighters/weapons that prevents them from being sold at colonies
    • Does *not* prevent them from showing up in battle salvage
  • EMP Emitter ship system now properly renders EMP arcs when used on ships with modules and stations
  • Added to WeaponAPI: setTurnRateOverride(float turnRateOverride)
  • Added EveryFrameWeaponEffectPluginWithAdvanceAfter interface with advanceAfter() method that's called at the end of the weapon's advance() method rather than at the beginning
  • Added CONSERVE_FOR_ANTI_ARMOR weapon hint, used for missiles with limited ammo
    • Will fire less against targets with stripped armor on side facing the ship
  • Added DIRECT_AIM weapon hint, makes missiles not weave while approaching target
  • Added MISSILE_SPREAD weapon hint, makes missiles aim randomly off the target's center
  • Fixed issue with PROJECTILE-type MIRV missile submunitions that was causing them to not properly calculate their maximum range
    • Issue did not affect MISSILE-type submunitions
    • "projectileRange" is now properly adhered to
    • Speed of projectile is no longer higher than it should have been
    • To retain the same speed as with the old behavior, double "spreadSpeed"
      • But NOT spreadSpeedRange
  • Added to CombatEngineAPI:
    • void setCustomExit(String buttonTitle, String confirmString);
    • String getCustomExitButtonTitle();
    • String getCustomExitButtonConfirmString();
    • Makes combat exitable by the player at any time, as if it were a simulation
  • Added "voices" section for factions (determines which conversation text gets picked at certain points)
  • ship_data.csv: when supplies/rec or supplies/mo are unspecified, it will now default to 0 instead of a hull-size specific default value
  • Added NO_TURN_RATE_BOOST_WHEN_IDLE weapon hint
  • EMP arcs no longer target decorative weapon slots
  • AI Cores will now be dropped by fleets if the fleet uses these AI cores as officers
    • Probability determined by drop_prob_officer_<ai core id> in settings.json
    • Multiplied by another value based on ship size (also specified in settings.json)
    • "no_drop" tag in commodities.csv makes core not drop this way
    • "no_ai_core_drop" tag on variant prevents it from getting dropped as well
  • Added "mission_item" tag for special items
    • Item can't be removed from player inventory (sold, ejected, or put into storage)
  • Added PLAY_FIGHTER_OVERLOAD_SOUNDS ship hint to force specific types of fighters to play overload sounds
  • rules.csv:
    • "text" column: trailing whitespace will be removed when loaded
    • Assignment operator ("=") in conditions: error when loading
    • Equals operator ("==") in script: error when loading

  • Fixed issue where Luddic Path Cells sabotage only succeeded at very low stability colonies
  • Fixed rare issue where fighting a solo enemy station could result in no salvage
  • Solar Shielding now reduces energy damage taken by shields
  • Fixed issue where ships with Converted Hangar, a fighter wing, and no other weapon would show an incorrect "X ordnance points left" message on game load
  • Low-tech and midline star fortress mines now have the proper amount of hitpoints (2x)
  • Fixed minor issue with ship restoration costs
  • Fixed issue that made the pirate/Luddic Path Gremlin versions unable to be produced by the player
  • Fixed some bugs related to ship CR values and the ship tooltip in the fleet/storage screens
  • Fixed issue with planet rotation in very long games
  • Fixed bug that caused beam weapons to deal 6x less damage to asteroids
  • Fixed bug that caused fleet to go backwards when releasing S ("move slowly") and left mouse button at the same time
  • Fixed issue that let Sustained Burn instantly stop the fleet if toggled off and back on
  • Fixed issue where a fleet with every ship mothballed could move at normal speed when carrying no cargo
  • "Decivilized Subpopulation" market condition no longer removed when a colony is abandoned
  • No longer possible for a colony to decivilize when it has non-zero stability
  • Pause/play widget no longer renders while showing video feed
  • Fixed issue where the effects of a special item removed by a raid continued to apply to the colony
  • Fixed issue where "Full Assault!" would need to be ordered twice to take effect in some cases
  • Fixed bug where accidents could cause (non-impactful) crew loss higher than current number of crew
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to manage AI cores/items at an industry remotely by clicking on the planet from the map
  • Faction commissions now pay out bounties instead of just saying they pay out bounties
  • Fixed issue where the "free" Spaceport on colonizing a planet could be refunded for some credits
  • "Transmitter trap" ambush fleets now have low reputation impact and fighting them will no longer make you insta-hostile with their faction
  • No longer possible for same entity/planet to be targeted by multiple analyse/survey missions, making some of them impossible to complete
  • Fixed issue with being able to accept an "analyze entity" mission after salvaging its target, making it impossible to complete
  • Fixed ship systems not being used on station modules/ships with modules
  • Fixed bug where Automated Repair Unit and similar effects could have double the stated effect
  • Disabled weapons no longer have their cooldown reset when coming back online
  • When destroying enough enemy ships to disengage without pursuit, the enemy will no longer be able to harry your forces, causing additional CR loss
  • Fixed music-playback-related campaign memory leak
  • Fixed occasional sound buzzing issue during combat; most noticeable right after deployment
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Re: Starsector 0.95a (In Development) Patch Notes
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2020, 01:30:42 PM »

I literally said in another thread I felt like something was coming soon holy ***, finally the sacred text! Damn this is gonna take forever to read.

Added unique capital-class ship that can be acquired by the player. Good luck.
Legion LXIX here I come :O

Light Dual AC: reduced OP cost to 5 (was: 6)
But it already is 5 OP? I know the patch notes are in progress but just making sure.

Light Needler: reduced OP cost to 7 (was: 9)
Railgun: increased OP cost to 8 (was: 7)
This is the only thing that I don't get. I mean we all know Light Needler wasn't worth 9 OP currently, but lowering it to 7 AND increasing Railgun to 8 seems a wee bit too much. It makes sense to me that they have the same OP cost at least, then you have an option between burst and sustained damage. With these changes Light Needler seems like a no-brainer unless I'm missing something crucial.
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Re: Starsector 0.95a (In Development) Patch Notes
« Reply #2 on: October 16, 2020, 01:58:59 PM »

    • Asteroid fields: chance for moderately damaging asteroid impacts on ships when not moving slowly
      • AI will move slowly through asteroid fields
    • Hyperspace storms: slow-moving fleets do not attract storm strikes
      • AI will move slowly through storms instead of trying to avoid them

    Does that also apply to the player's fleet when flying to a destination under autopilot?[/list]


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    Re: Starsector 0.95a (In Development) Patch Notes
    « Reply #3 on: October 16, 2020, 02:02:30 PM »


        Reduced arc of side-facing large turrets
        Added built-in Heavy Ballistics Integration


        Increased armor to 900 (was: 750)
        Increased hull to 6000 (was: 5000)
        Reduced shield flux/damage to 1 (was: 1.2)

    Some day the Conquest will be a viable capital..... some day....


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    Re: Starsector 0.95a (In Development) Patch Notes
    « Reply #4 on: October 16, 2020, 02:05:30 PM »

    I literally said in another thread I felt like something was coming soon holy ***, finally the sacred text! Damn this is gonna take forever to read.

    (Sorry but also not sorry!)

    Light Dual AC: reduced OP cost to 5 (was: 6)
    But it already is 5 OP? I know the patch notes are in progress but just making sure.

    ... is it? If it is, then I probably got mixed up at some point, but it'll be 5, regardless, whether it's a change from 6 or not.

    Light Needler: reduced OP cost to 7 (was: 9)
    Railgun: increased OP cost to 8 (was: 7)
    This is the only thing that I don't get. I mean we all know Light Needler wasn't worth 9 OP currently, but lowering it to 7 AND increasing Railgun to 8 seems a wee bit too much. It makes sense to me that they have the same OP cost at least, then you have an option between burst and sustained damage. With these changes Light Needler seems like a no-brainer unless I'm missing something crucial.

    I think the Railgun is a touch better due to being a good all-arounder that's also kinetic, and the extra point reflects that. It's ok vs fighters, light armor, etc.

    Does that also apply to the player's fleet when flying to a destination under autopilot?

    No, but you can hold S to move slowly without overriding the laid-in course.


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    Re: Starsector 0.95a (In Development) Patch Notes
    « Reply #5 on: October 16, 2020, 02:09:00 PM »

    Awesome as always, can't wait to try it!


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    Re: Starsector 0.95a (In Development) Patch Notes
    « Reply #6 on: October 16, 2020, 02:10:06 PM »

    Hell yeah!


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    Re: Starsector 0.95a (In Development) Patch Notes
    « Reply #7 on: October 16, 2020, 02:20:04 PM »

    Yep. Today is a good a day.

    I'll comment specifically when I have more time but there a lot of good changes in there and a lot of things are (heavily) understated. "Skill system revamp." "New enemy" "New contact system." "Story points." "Megastructure mission." Lol.

    Tons of QoL improvements. I'm surprised by the "Move slowly" function but think it's a good addition. Also a (very welcome) surprise is the "historian." That's just a neat touch.

    Anyway...good, great, and fantastic stuff. Can't wait to try it.
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    Re: Starsector 0.95a (In Development) Patch Notes
    « Reply #8 on: October 16, 2020, 02:28:45 PM »

    oh god it's finally happening. I'M VERY EXCITED NOW.

    It's surprising, and cool, to see so many modding additions in a patch that already has so much on its plate with reworking base game systems.


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    Re: Starsector 0.95a (In Development) Patch Notes
    « Reply #9 on: October 16, 2020, 02:30:27 PM »

    "Moving Slowly"

    Love all of it.  More depth to movement is something i've rambled about a ton, and this is exactly the kind of stuff that I was hoping for.  Intuitive changes that can make looking at the map more interactive as you figure out how to approach something, and what skills you might use to do so.

    "Skill system revamp:"

    Obviously hype to see how this goes.  I'm sure there will be some initial rough spots but in general i think skills systems are something that should be fun, and often aren't, so any game experimenting there is heading in the right direction in my book.


    Great.  Love that they're capped at 5 now, felt kinda tedious before.

    "Added "personal contacts" mechanics:"

    Very hype for this.  I'm hoping it gives some depth to the fleet communication/relations that exist. 

    "Adjusted AI fleet compositions:"

    Glad to hear this.  "ALL THE CAPITALS" felt odd in a lot of ways, but especially for pirate armadas.  Power should scale without having to just send X of the biggest thing.

    "Can use a story point to recover an otherwise unrecoverable derelict ship (only applies to derelict ships found in the campaign, not during a combat encounter)

        Some ships (such as REDACTED ships when the player doesn't have the proper skill) are not recoverable this way"

    Maybe i'm reading this wrong, but won't this lead to "always have 1 story point" situations because you don't know when it'll come up and matter?

    "Requires fuel and heavy machinery (consumed) and an Alpha Core (not consumed

    In general i love the idea of expanding the uses of items like this.  Having X item in inventory lets you do Y is often decently interesting progression, especially when its something like a core that can get you in trouble.

    "Pirate bases should no longer spawn in systems with neutron stars/pulsars"

    Have to say i'm kinda sad to see this.  I was hoping for a more creative solution, such as making it kinda rare/special and with some wonky effects.  Something like having a few results where either they're totally unprepared so their fleets are just a mess, or they have some special feature/items that you normally wouldn't find at a pirate base so it's worth visiting, or even them being some sort of super high tech pirates so the base is actually a high tech with high tech ships sort of thing. 


    All sounds interesting.

    "Revamped ground raid mechanics"

    As always love all of this for adding more depth and not just being a dialogue option you mash through.


    In general lots of qol and i've already talked before about how I like that buoy's are now going to introduce beginners to the idea of post combat start deployments/retreats.


    Brawler- losing damper field feels sad.  Maybe it's more fun to pilot but it made it a great AI ship.
    Onslaught- awesome.
    Gemini- Interesting.  It's a favorite of my early game so i'm curious to see how it plays out.
    Drover- I like this, especially more cargo nerfs in general.  The "support" section of your fleet feels incidental right now, and it really should be more of a cost.


    I like basically all of this.  Feels like trying to bring things in line rather than just playing wack a mole with what's currently good. Always more interesting because it keeps fun things fun.


    As always i love anything that makes civilian ship sprites more likely to wind up on screen.  If time is going to be spent making it then it should have a reason to show up in battle even if it's niche.  Very curious how the "remove fighter bays" thing will play out.  Shield shunt also seems like it should be fun to play with.

    "Ship AI:"

    Quality of life heaven.

    "the rest"

    All good.

    Can't wait until we can mess with it.
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    Re: Starsector 0.95a (In Development) Patch Notes
    « Reply #10 on: October 16, 2020, 02:39:51 PM »

    Very nice changes, can't wait for this!  ;D

    Manually applicable D-Mod-like-hullmods, for when blowing ships to hell isn't fast enough


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    Re: Starsector 0.95a (In Development) Patch Notes
    « Reply #11 on: October 16, 2020, 02:46:29 PM »

    Always excited for patchnotes! Already sending highlights to friends.

    Man, the skill points system keeps getting leaner and leaner! At this rate, it might vanish entirely!
    ~Aura be with you


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    Re: Starsector 0.95a (In Development) Patch Notes
    « Reply #12 on: October 16, 2020, 02:52:46 PM »

    Improved cargo screen performance when taking or leaving a VERY large number of items

    Much appreciated. Thank you.

    Maximum post-Collapse colony growth limited to a maximum of colony size 6

    Sick of all those systems filled with size 10s within a decade, huh? :P

    Are there any plans for a story mission to break this?

    Space Dynamics

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    Re: Starsector 0.95a (In Development) Patch Notes
    « Reply #13 on: October 16, 2020, 03:03:27 PM »

    Ohh Exciting!  ;D


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    Re: Starsector 0.95a (In Development) Patch Notes
    « Reply #14 on: October 16, 2020, 03:10:01 PM »

    Thank you all!

    "Pirate bases should no longer spawn in systems with neutron stars/pulsars"

    Have to say i'm kinda sad to see this.  I was hoping for a more creative solution, such as making it kinda rare/special and with some wonky effects.  Something like having a few results where either they're totally unprepared so their fleets are just a mess, or they have some special feature/items that you normally wouldn't find at a pirate base so it's worth visiting, or even them being some sort of super high tech pirates so the base is actually a high tech with high tech ships sort of thing.

    This mostly has to do with fleet AI just not being able to handle pulsars. If I ever have the time (ha) to dedicated to making it handle them, that might be reconsidered, but the likelihood of this seems low. It's just a complicated problem to solve. (And now that I'm talking about it, I kind of want to try. Must. Resist.)

    Brawler- losing damper field feels sad.  Maybe it's more fun to pilot but it made it a great AI ship.

    Yeah, that's the goal, to have a midline frigate that's fun to pilot for the player, since there wasn't one. I think the Centurion is also pretty good in the general "hard to kill frigate that works in larger fleets" role and this spreads ship roles out more nicely, but I see what you're saying in general; it's definitely a tradeoff.

    Sick of all those systems filled with size 10s within a decade, huh? :P

    Are there any plans for a story mission to break this?

    Well, you have to admit it's a bit... unreasonable. But you get as many industries on a size 6, so mainly it's about taking the scale down a notch while keeping the options about the same.

    As far as breaking the limit - no, nothing I'd call plans. I wouldn't rule it out if a story element called for it, but I don't particularly feel the need to have extra-large colonies in the game. Just that by itself doesn't feel like it adds anything and isn't a "goal", if that makes sense.

    (Also, consider that there's a variety of nanoforge-like items that buff various aspects of colonies, which wasn't possible before.)
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