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Author Topic: Real-ish Portrait Pack  (Read 3296 times)


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Real-ish Portrait Pack
« on: October 18, 2019, 03:45:41 AM »

A portrait pack for the game with 72 female and 59 male, so 131 total.
With what I hope is an intuitive way to add more should anyone wish too(explained in notes though probably not half as well as it should have been)
The portraits in question come from a long dead mod for DW:U called starfall, I've taken those that appealed to my personal taste and resized and touched them up.
At current I've only added these to the player faction so you'll see them as admins/officers/agents(nex) and player creation.


So if that interests you ->!7kdhlYyL!zRnzgzNBFphhWrUPIu55F3mXyYbTMqtU5w1Upg4X6Cw
I'd also recommend Another Portrait pack -Rework- if you like real-ish looking portraits
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