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Author Topic: Starsector Unofficial Discord Server  (Read 94771 times)


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Starsector Unofficial Discord Server
« on: December 10, 2016, 02:21:02 PM »

Starsector has a lively discord server open to everyone. Chime in to share stories, get advice, give modders feedback, ask questions, meet Youtubers, engage in wild
speculation or simply have a relaxed discussion about anything from the game. Our @Support team is also available to help solve any technical issue you may have with the game or its mods.

                                                       See you soon!

WARNING, due to a recent tide of bots joining the server the moderation team has setup a basic captcha test to protect everyone's privacy against data harvesting. Instruction to go through this very simple process will be messaged to you upon joining the server.

The rules are fairly simple: Be nice, keep it Safe For Work. That's it.

Should you need to contact the moderation team for a suggestion, any topic that does not require their immediate attention or to appeal a moderation action, you can do so using this form.
Should you appeal a ban, remember to include both your full Discord nickname#number and a way to contact you (via forum PM for example) to get notified about the outcome.
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