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Author Topic: Does anyone know how I would go about making more types of crew?  (Read 1290 times)


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I have a lot of ideas in my head, but no real way to implement them.

For example, crew have this entire spectrum:

Trained Monkeys: While clever, and disciplined enough to not mess anything up, the can't do much more than fix a simple mechanical system.
+40% CR Rating, Cheap to buy but need a moderate amount of supplies

Experienced Monkeys: These Monkeys have been working on ships long enough that they have picked up a few things.
+50% CR Rating, Still pretty cheap to buy, with the same supply costs as before

Green Crew: These people are somewhat smarter than monkeys but have little to know experience on ships.
+60% CR Rating, More expensive to buy but still dirt cheap, need less supplies as well

Experienced Crew: These people aren't technical geniuses but they know their way around a ship.
+70% CR Rating, Moderate cost, need few supplies

Veteran Crew: Extremely well-versed in the arts of ship-based life, these people will form the backbone of any good ship.
+80% CR Rating, Medium-High Cost, need few supplies, increased life expectancy

Elite Crew: Some of the best people out there, these people can be expected to massively increase the effectiveness of your ship.
+90% CR Rating, High Cost, need few supplies, heavily increased life expectancy

Master Crew: As the name implies, these are masters of their craft, and could retire and live a rich life if they wanted. However, they've chosen to remain with you.
+100% CR Rating, Cannot be bought, need next to no supplies, extremely high life expectancy

On the other hand, Marines have a smaller spectrum, but still a noticeable one. I have no idea how the Marines actually effect the combat calculations so I'm just going to measure these by points, with vanilla crew worth 1 and marines worth 5.

Marine: This person isn't exactly a master of combat, but can shoot straight and has good armor and weapons.
+5 Points, Moderately expensive

Veteran Marine: Skilled and experienced, this soldier is fully capable of taking out a pair of marines on their own.
+15 Points, A bit more expensive

Elite Marine: Dozens of Operations under their belt, this soldier is more than capable of taking on a full team on their own.

+35 Points, Extremely Expensive, Very High Life Expectancy

Master Marine: With more experience than most have in their entire lives, this soldier is among the best of the best almost anyone in combat. Most who make it this far retire, but this one has chosen to remain with you.

+75 Points, Cannot be bought, Ridiculous Life Expectancy

Commando: This type soldier has some of the most experience and equipment in the Galaxy. They are almost impossible to find outside of official militaries and your soldier isn't an officially recognized as one, but has reached the point where they're good enough to match one.

+100 Points, Cannot be bought, Even When The Ship They're On Explodes They Usually Still Survive

I also have other ideas for a senior crew system, and some other ideas for this mod such as mercenaries, but I thought I'd star relatively simple.