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 on: Today at 11:50:08 PM 
Started by rabbistern - Last post by SCC
I see both sides of the argument but where Hullmod+ can really shine is do some fairly creative/off-the-wall things that "more OP" can't.
Breaking news: local man discovers hullmods. Which is to say, well, those are just upgraded hullmods. Alex might as well just make a hullmod upgrade mechanic (maybe with branching psths, too), with or without story points. I wouldn't mind that.

 on: Today at 11:08:51 PM 
Started by Zudgemud - Last post by exuvo
Fails to load on linux due to case sensitive file system: Error loading [graphics/pn/weapons/pndsilaser/v1/pn_dsi_turretbase59.png] resource. The actual file is named pn_dsi_turretbase59.PNG with uppercase file ending. I just renamed it with lowercase png and it loads but you might want to fix it for the next release.

 on: Today at 11:04:55 PM 
Started by Dazs - Last post by exuvo
Fails to load on linux due to case sensitive file system: Error loading [graphics/JYD/portraits/Commander.png] resource. The actual file is named commander.png with a lowercase c. I just renamed it with capital C and it loads but you might want to fix it for the next release.

 on: Today at 10:19:55 PM 
Started by SonnaBanana - Last post by SonnaBanana
Also Alex, how do you feel about far more colony bonuses from (primarily non-colony) skills but most of the bonuses dropping off with increasing Colony Size/number of Colonies?

I don't think that'd be a good idea - or, at least, that's not a direction I want to go in. I think I've touched on the "why" of that somewhere in one of the posts? Or maybe it was in one of the discussion threads. But basically, I don't think "colony is passively a bit better" type bonuses are mechanically interesting enough to have a bunch of them. Once colonies have a more well-defined/established mechanical - and active - role, I could see improving that via skills, maybe. But I still don't want to have many skills like that; colonies aren't the focus of the game in that way and don't warrant this.
Yes, I remember you saying that you wanted to make Colonies and Industries more interesting, like Patrol Bases being able to send out fleets to assist the player etc.

But right now, the changes still haven't happened and 0.95.1a is ultimately still a non-overhaul update despite the sheet amount of changes it brings. So I believe that it wouldn't hurt much to do this "colony is passively a bit better type bonuses" approach just for this one update.

 on: Today at 09:45:19 PM 
Started by Darith - Last post by Tartiflette
I love the Versant-Class from Diable Avionics Corporation but I prefer the Blackrock Drive Yards artstyle.
So i'm making a ship with Versant mechanics but with a BDY style.  :D
Nice outline, I will be watching this thread with interest.

Automatically mirror weapons? You mean fix the Hellbore for symmetry enthusiasts? We needed that as soon as you completed it!
I'm pretty sure I saw a mod somewhere that symmetrize all weapons already.

 on: Today at 08:59:45 PM 
Started by Zeppelin17 - Last post by Zeppelin17
Ok, I fixed it. It's working now.

The crash when clicking on the fighter slot was my save game that was corrupted.

I modified the fighter sprite for a simpler smaller one, and also changed some other values on the .csv's. Then yes, the wing size was 7, and I changed to 6 and that probably solved the issue as well.

Thanks for the help!

 on: Today at 08:39:16 PM 
Started by Cycerin - Last post by Histidine
Here's the results of the cargo cult/trial-and-error attempt thing I did to create the nebula containing Prism Freeport in Nex, it may help.

(Checking the code, there's a part where it calls system.setStar(star), where star has already been removed from the location following its generation. Looks wack, but I don't feel like seeing what happens if I remove it. Possibly not having it previously made the system CTD due to not having a star.)

 on: Today at 08:37:08 PM 
Started by Cycerin - Last post by passwalker
i tried again with the nebula center
it kinda works, because it's a literal star there
but there's a couple of problems
first there's this weird squggle around where the nebula is located:
looks like a distorted corona.
then there's this weird object all the way on the fringe of the system:
if i physically fly to that object there's actually nothing there, it only shows on the map
i used the following code:

 on: Today at 08:28:54 PM 
Started by peirceg - Last post by DuraiPapers
What does the "baseSecondsPerCommandPoint" do? I am assuming "startingCommandPoints" is the base battle size?

Command Points references the points you use to give your fleet orders, someone else asked about changing those. maxBattleSize is what you're looking for.

 on: Today at 07:46:56 PM 
Started by Histidine - Last post by this_is_a_username
Is it just me or does the invasion tooltip in the intel screen always say that the attacker's and defender's ground forces are "evenly matched", regardless of their actual relative strengths?

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