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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: Hyperspace Topography (10/12/22)

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 on: Today at 06:42:42 AM 
Started by snicka - Last post by snicka
One of the ever-recuring topics on this board are the player skills. In this thread I'd like to fire away with some ideas, which could be (hopefully) a food for thought as a basis for basegame/modders. Without further ado:

Ace effect

Effect: Every ship destroyed/disabled by a personally controlled flagship reduces the enemy's deployment points by 10% of the destroyed ship's DP cost, increasing yours by the same amount. Stacks up to X.

Flavour text: Sure, a few more explosions won't exactly break their battle line. But they may as well break their spirits.

Intention: a skill which gives a fleet-wide advantage from player's personal combat performance.


Rogue element

Effect: A total of X DP of ships with militarised subsystems can be deployed without DP cost. They can't be controled by orders.

Flavour text: I know it's against the protocol. But I don't exactly have the luxury of being picky right now.

Intention: Besides super early game, I tend to gravitate towards optimal ships. This makes suboptimal ships optimal, thus increasing diversity in play.


Flanking maneuver

Effect: Can spend X DP before battle to deploy 1.5 X worth of ships from the flanks after 2 minutes of the fight.

Flavour text: The cavalary is coming. We've just got to hold on before it gets here.


Higher learning

Unlocks a variety of options when encountering specific factions:

Hegemony - as per protocol - can pay a violation fee proportional to negative hegemony reputation instead of fighting
Tri-tachion - let's skip to buisness - instead of fighting, pay a cost calculated by multiplied difference of losses in a simmed battle
Sinidrian Dictat - oh, are you afraid? - can duel the opposing flaghsip if it has higher dp than player's flagship
Pirates - ain't she a beaut? - can get out of fight by "donating" certain worth of ships
Luddic Church - Can you tell me about Ludd? - get a chance for repairs and CR recovery

Flavour text: Yes, it IS neccesary part of your combat prepartion course. You'll thank me later.

Reasoning - more diverse options for diverse factions


Malware Warfare

Effect: When fighting domain derelicts, after 1 minute take control of an enemy ship up to X DP. When fighting remnants, after 2 minutes overload all enemy ships for 7 seconds.

Flavour text - I'm in. Make it count.

Reasoning - just a sensible interaction to somehow hack the AI based ships.

Anyway, just some food for thought - what are your silly skill suggestions?

 on: Today at 06:38:21 AM 
Started by SirFuzzWuzz - Last post by SirFuzzWuzz
The pack requires lazylib but the error seems to imply a ship sprite is missing. Haven't encountered it before in a released version but try the new version and see if it works.

 on: Today at 06:21:15 AM 
Started by Lortus - Last post by Grievous69
One thing you forgot is redeployment. There's no way a Hyperion will last 2 back to back fights. Low tech ships do have slow repairs, but you can use the same ship in a fight, follow up fight, and a pursuit. Or in case a fleet comes out of nowhere immediately after a fight.

 on: Today at 05:45:01 AM 
Started by Lortus - Last post by Lortus

When I first heard of this, I did not believe it because I thought Low Tech is supposed to be much more efficient than High Tech.

Turns out that the math for repairing ships from taking CR damage is based on their CR/deployment, and has an inverse relationship with it, so ships with high CR/Deployment (High Tech ships) will repair for a lot cheaper. Hyperion has among the highest CR/Deployment in the game (40 CR) which is why it was chosen for the test. You can see it requires almost a fourth of the supplies needed for a complete repair as the Venture, which is less DP than the Hyperion.

Not sure if armor/hull repair uses the same math but if it does then this is even worse because Low Tech ships take more armor and hull damage than High Tech ones.

High Tech ends up being better not just in combat but also in the campaign layer, as well as in speed because you can cruise through storms at 1/4 of the cost.

Please change it at least to make them equal to repair. I know this will make the supply cost for deploying high CR/deployment ships more steep but this is just ridiculous.

Thanks to Arcvale for showing me this exists.

 on: Today at 05:33:07 AM 
Started by Pratapon51 - Last post by smithney
I tried to avoid this thread because we've basically had this exact conversation like 3 times over the past year without the new patch dropping to actually see some change. I think this needs to be mentioned. Along with the fact that Alex is aware of the issue and even dropped a microspoiler to calm us down.

While I'm at it, my current two cents are that there is no reason why vanilla Eagle couldn't stay a mediocre generalist if there's a chance its variants could make up for it with their quirks. And as much as I disagree with Grievous69's attittude, I echo their sentiment that there is really no reason to drastically change Eagle if it does what Alex wants it to do. I still think that Eagle is an excellent design flavor-wise that deserves to have greater impact gameplay-wise, though, so hopefully it does turn out that way next patch, somehow.

 on: Today at 05:19:43 AM 
Started by Histidine - Last post by Histidine
If the captain is an AI core (or if the ship is an autonomous ship, next version) it already uses a limited set of characters*. Although, well, the only one that I know to be really 'robotic' is the robotic character.

*controlled by data/config/chatter/character_factions.csv, if the character has a '1' in the ai column it can be used for AI captains

 on: Today at 04:54:45 AM 
Started by Ryan390 - Last post by Sarissofoi
Every new blog post lower my enthusiasm for Starsector. Sadly it is a steady trend.

 on: Today at 04:40:43 AM 
Started by boggled - Last post by YourLocalMairaaboo
I have a suggestion, but might it be worth considering making a quest line similar to the Red Planet to unlock the terraforming technologies?
He has said he does not want to sideline the stuff into lategame content. Still, maybe have it tied to some easy-ish to medium difficulty missions (maybe tied to the penelope sporeship) with only basic stuff already unlocked? The building BP mechanic seems underutilized.

 on: Today at 04:16:42 AM 
Started by Pratapon51 - Last post by Grievous69
God forbid we have something unique, now everything needs a dozen of missile slots to be "usable". And I have zero clue why would anyone want to turn Eagle into a gimped Champion. There were some really interesting suggestions at the beginning of this thread, now it's just random "throw everything on it and call it a day" ideas which sound like a completely different ship. I'll repeat myself and say that people are overexaggerating things, it's not that bad. I still use them and they're fine, perhaps it's a hard ship for many to "click" with and they build it stupidly.

Do I mind it getting buffed? Absolutely not.

But there's too many whack opinions here I feel like I'm not on the official forums. It doesn't need large mounts, we have other ships for that.

It's not even in the top 10 worst ships in current patch...

 on: Today at 04:01:49 AM 
Started by Pratapon51 - Last post by Lortus
I think Hiruma Kai said it better than anyone could say. Just buffing it's stats just isn't gonna cut it. For a ship to be a "generalist" and still be good it needs to be pretty good at most of those things.

I still think giving them the proj range increase hullmod is the way to go as well as a speed boost. Alternatively maybe turning the small energies into ballistics/hybrids.

(Watching the community try to powercreep a ship when the same criticised a couple of latest ones)

Hard to say it is powercreep when people have been pointing out the same problems with the Eagle for TEN YEARS

I'm going to throw my lot in with the Eagle as my least favorite ship.  It's got a good balance of energy and ballistic weapons, decent shields and isn't costly for it's class.  But the problems sit with the stock variants only changing the missile loadouts and the Flux problems that arise if you put on heavier hitting burst weaponry.  It's all using medium hardpoints so it requires a drawn out fight, breaking the shields and beating down on the armor, it's too heavily reliant on missiles and it's so slow that destroyers and fire support will pick apart your targets before you reach them.  It requires fleet actions as it can't deal with more nimble Strike Frigates and Destroyers, yet that same fleet renders it useless.

Heh that is hilarious. Really goes to show how far Eagle is behind the curve. Should also be noted that Eagle isn't just powercrept but also featurecrept. The later ships all can do more stuff such as having more missile focused layouts, being able to burst, being better at moving in a certain direction, being tankier but less damage etc. You could say a ship is as strong as it's strongest link and Eagle is made up completely of mediocre links.

+1 to Pratapon51. Seems like a very basic lack of understanding of game balance if that isn't abundantly clear. Would be a different story if the new weapons were specifically made to synergize extremely well with eagle's mixed loadout, but do badly in any other situation, like maybe an 800 range anti shield or armor, but even then you will still be a trashy Champion.

Man people are really so far into this to dig up ten year old forum posts, yikes. Yeah let's take it as fact since some random dude said so before. Who cares, we've had countless people claim Conquest is trash tier, Aurora is god tier. Giving a voice to every single person online is both the best and the worst thing that happened.

Exactly why we should stop listening to your messages here

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