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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: Uniquifying the Factions, Part 2 (04/30/22)

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 on: Today at 09:29:37 PM 
Started by Demetrious - Last post by intrinsic_parity
Odyssey is significantly stronger with plasma cannons than any other weapon IMO.

 on: Today at 07:42:17 PM 
Started by Cycerin - Last post by JAL28
How difficult would it be to entirely remove a modded weapon from a save? I accidentally ran my main save with a debug mod and now i have a blueprint and an item of a test gun on it.

If it's not used by anything, then you might be able to just edit it out of the savefile. Or drop it off in some cargo pods and let them be lost forever - after the pods with the item despawn, unless you've learned the blueprint, I believe the save should load without that test mod enabled.

Does anyone know how to code a faction's hull(or in this case) fighter doctrine to run different fighter IDs based on the mods being enabled?

For example: mod A adds fighters 1 and 2. If mod A is running the Sindrian Diktat(for example) would be running fighter 1. But if mod B is enabled alongside mod A the Sindrian Diktat would be running exclusively fighter 2 instead.

You'd probably need to detect this in ModPlugin.onNewGame() and then modify the faction's known fighters there.

I believe that should work, thanks!

Though, I have another question; how do you make a planetary condition that appears on a specific planet after it's been decivilized and changes if it is recolonized? I understand that there is Decivilized/Deciv Subpop and a ColonyDecivListener but checking the Deciv/Deciv Subpop java files doesn't seem to yield anything special and I don't really know how to use the listener.

And a little bonus to the above: How do you make it not spawn if the colony is colonized by a specific faction?

 on: Today at 05:54:19 PM 
Started by Demetrious - Last post by Thaago
Me hunting and kiting capitals with my build O.o

Saying that battlecruisers shouldn't engage other capitals is weird, your playstyle just changes from "go in guns blazing" to "go in guns blazing while it's distracted".

Post build?  ;)
Well that was in a previous playthrough but the idea is the same as the usual kiting build. 2x Gauss, 2x HVD, 2 Hurricanes (with ECCM), off side has Devastators and the rest is just PD. I think I had Phase Lances in the medium energies just to help me deal with small craft buzzing around me. Hullmods were ITU, Hardened Shields and Advanced Turret Gyros (Resistant Flux Conduits is nice if you can fit it), and of course maxed vents with whatever is left in caps.

I'll second this build - I'm fond of putting in heavy blasters in the front mediums for the same purpose, though phase lances are more accurate and have that burst for popping frigates so I should give them a try.

 on: Today at 05:52:38 PM 
Started by Hatter - Last post by Thaago
Oh right you are! I was looking at the wrong graph when I did that comparison, my bad. You're also right that applying the same logic that I did for Mjolnir + kinetics to a Hellbore + heavy mortar gives a total anti-hull package thats more efficient - and if I remember right I've played with a triple sabot pod dominator build that performed best when I was using a mixed Hellbore + HAG, to get both armor cracking and hull dps combined, but I suppose it could have gone with heavy mortars in the mediums... starting to run out of mounts though! Accuracy issues are there, but gunnery implants and armored weapon mounts help quite a bit.

 on: Today at 05:52:35 PM 
Started by speeder - Last post by Megas
I get Tech because...

Navigation is great for more burn (two less tugs taking fleet slots to get burn 20).  Also T-Jump before that ability is obtained from questing.

Gunnery Implants and Flux Regulations are great for anyone or everyone, except maybe Gryphon spamming Squalls and Harpoons.

That is three for all-purpose Tech skills.

If I want to pilot Ziggurat (or other phase ship), I want Phase Coil Tuning.

From there, it is one more point for either Neural Link or Automated Ships.

 on: Today at 05:00:33 PM 
Started by Hatter - Last post by Hatter
Does the HAG need help? I don't know. Making it more efficient means that you really don't have a lot of recourse against it outside of moving away. Low Tech Armor Bricks can tank it for a bit but most ships are going to raise shields. Capitals with a HAG are going to be firing this fairly accurate weapon outside the weapon range of most Cruisers so if shield-tanking it becomes less costly for the Capital, it just pounds away at range until your shields fail. Again, I see it first-and-foremost as a pressure weapon that just slowly and steadily wears you down.

I've never considered the HAG as a weapon-of-choice against Capitals, nor do I think it should be. Its niche is clearly anti-Cruiser/Destroyer, where it excels due to its range and pretty decent accuracy. Hellbores are not going to be reliable against speedier targets and their on-paper efficiency against armor (while stellar) is greatly diminished by the fact that you can avoid their shots altogether fairly easily and if not, you can shield flicker indefinitely. Ships don't get hit by Hellbores so much as they fail to get out of the way.
Hellbores have the option of moving point-blank to hit smaller things or just hit something eventually. Hephaestus's have a more difficult time hitting harder. Furthermore, they're dumping an extra 230 flux into the ship for that pressure. Low Tech, ballistic ships already have poor flux stats, and I have trouble justifying the Hephaestus vs a Hellbore on them. The Conquest has both large ballistics and the flux to use them.

Shield pressure can also be maintained by EMP weapons, such as the hypervelocity driver, or smaller HE weapons (at admittedly shorter ranges). I'm still not convinced that the sheer flux cost of Hephaestusi are justified.

Hmm, maybe I've messed up my math, but Mjolnirs never do as much DPS vs armor as the Hapehestus (sic)- I plotted the ratio with the following in Wolfram Alpha:
You have not messed up your math. I forgot to multiply Hephaestus DPS for the HE damage vs armor modification and only multiplied hit strength. Same error Vanshilar pointed out. The Hephaestus will always be more efficient than the Mjolnir at anti-armor DPS. As an aside, I find Desmos's user interface easier to use for graphical functions than Wolfram.

You bring up a flux budget comparison between the Mjolnir and the Hephaestus. Would you consider a hypothetical comparison between the Hephaestus and the Hellbore? The Hephaestus has 230 more flux per second. Let's say there's a hypothetical Heavy-Mortar like weapon with 110 HE damage hits, except it has 1.0 flux efficiency and 230 DPS per second (vs the Mortar's 0.81 and 220). It would be sacrificing ~8% damage per hit vs the Hephaestus, but be combined with a Hellbore (~500% more damage / hit). This entirely hypothetical setup has part of the saturation and pressure, while still having superior damage vs heavier armor because of the Hellbore's immense hit strength.

Regarding your second post, at 1000 armor I am calculating the HAG dealing (240 / (1000 + 240) ) = 19% of original damage. Hellbore, (1500 / (1500 + 1000) = 60% damage. Roughly three times damage penetration (and therefore damage / flux) at 1000 armor. Is it possible you are somehow looking at the DPS ratio of the HAG / Hellbore, which is ~62% at 1000 armor?

The hypothetical scenario neatly illustrates my main gripe with the Hephaestus. As Vanshilar covered, it's supposed to break apart hull but has a much larger flux footprint than the Hellbore matching it's higher DPS. Putting it on a large slot as an HE option means missing out on the Hellbore's armor breaking ability. It's competitive on a slot-limited basis, but its role (relatively low damage per shot HE) can be covered by other slots. Admittedly, a heavy mortar would miss out on range (even with Ballistic Range Finder) and accuracy compared to the Hephaestus.

I wonder if a lower damage per shot with fire rate adjusted to keep the same DPS with greater efficiency would be better to cement the Hephaestus into a hull-tearing role or if that would just make it a larger assault chaingun.

 on: Today at 04:40:07 PM 
Started by this_is_a_username - Last post by speeder
Found the bug in your code.

On you are using getUnapplicableReason and isApplicableToShip vanilla functions to check if the hullmod can be turned into smod. But those functions are NOT for that purpose, their purpose is to check if you can add a new hullmod to the ship as normal mod.

Because of this bug, you can't make your logistics mods become smods, since they are already on the ship, you are obviously already at the limit, thus they are not applicable according to these functions.

 on: Today at 04:24:29 PM 
Started by Demetrious - Last post by Salter
Setting up battlecruisers for kiting is a good way to play them. Odyssey can mount Xyphos and a bunch of tac lasers + your choice of two energy beam mounts and can neatly fit ITU into it as well. It might not seem like much but its enhanced by fleet actions in regards to its fire support role.

 on: Today at 03:37:11 PM 
Started by Yunru - Last post by speeder
After Tech Mining mod update, i can no longer see the ruin usage percentage - the usual quality text from vanilla shows, but the percentage is always 0.0%.

Oh, that is a bug... I always saw 0.0% and thought this was... sort of normal.

 on: Today at 03:20:42 PM 
Started by Amazigh - Last post by Amazigh
Update 0.22

Ind.Evo Whitelists Added

- New Ship:
-- Lout

- New Bounty:
-- Conslaught

Other Changes:
- Concierge / Concierge (P):
-- DP lowered from 3 to 2

- Pilaster
-- DP lowered from 5 to 4

- Onquest
-- Minor sprite update.

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