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Also I'd like to have Guardian as capturable ship too, maybe rebalanced for player use if needed, or keep both boss and player-balanced versions like with Ziggy. It would give the player another choice of 60dp Capital Ship to accompany Paragon and Radiant which is good for variety.

I'll keep that in mind! Probably not for this release, but still. The Guardian dates to before the "different version for player" idea so part of the answer is probably just "didn't think of it at that point".

It also does have some awkwardly placed weapons which may be more apparent/annoying if it's on the player side, with full freedom in what weapons to put on it...

I found lack of ability to capture Guardian strange from logic perspective, like why you can capture any other AI ship, but not this one exactly?

Perhaps a self-destruct in all critical systems? The actual provenance of the Guardian-type design is in some doubt, and it's not unreasonable that some effort was put forth to keep it that way.

Thank you everyone!

A bunch of assorted responses below:

Interesting, going by story mission names, they all seem like branches or sidequests rather than a direct continuation of Galatia.

Nice catch - yeah, that's the case! They're quite meaty, however.

Added Venture (P)
Replaced mining drone with large missile slot pointing backwards
Medium missile slots changed to ballistic

Thematically it's both hilarious and completely on brand that the pirates ripped out the mining pods to just chuck missiles out of the back. If the flux can be managed, and if it can turn fast enough to point at a target, the ship now has a great spread of mounts too.

(Gotta give full credit to MesoTroniK for the idea!)

So there's a buffer now for activating shields/phase after overload. Likewise it would be really nice if there was a small delay for Burn drive, since if you spam F it immediately cancels it.


Seconded! I am guilty of canceling my burn drives by accident with a double press sometimes.

I ought to take a look at that, yeah.

>Command points are no longer refunded when the last order given during a pause is cancelled

Now, unless I am reading this incorrectly, does it mean that misclicks during pause will always result in command point loss? As someone who misclicks pretty often, I might need a mod that reverts this change

Actually kind of the same for me - I've been playing on a touchpad recently (new laptop must have SS on it) and right clicking is a two finger tap, which I'm still pretty unreliable with. Also I've bound shields to the 'q' key which is not ideal, but better than not having a reliable right click!

Ah, apologies! Just couldn't make it work out.

Squall really did not need a boost to anti-shield performance, it was already generally considered a very strong weapon.

To be perfectly honest, I'm a little surprised to see that in the notes; in my memory the scripted damage was just enough to bring it up to its original damage, not exceed it. I'm just going to... there.

I read up on it a bit and it seemed like another user had a similar issue, and appearently putSpec only works on a certain group of Obfuscated Spec-Implementations? (i.e BaseWeaponSpec instead of WeaponSpecAPI). Would be nice if those were fixed so that we can make even more use of the new Spec methods.

That's right, its usefulness is extremely limited right now.

I prefer to simply give myself infinite command points as I don't see a reason for this mechanic to exist in the first place.

I mean, you can keep doing that, so *thumbs up* :)

... and hephaestus gets a completely inconsequential buff

I'm just going to say it: the Hephaestus is underrated.

Speaking of AI venting, how about making AI vent in situations where it have high flux, but cannot withdraw to safety since enemy is simply faster? In such situation AI usually just sits with full flux, and cannot attack much or cover since it already at verge being overloaded, and just eats alot of damage until its got overloaded or killed, or vents, but at that point it takes much more damage compared to situation if it immediately vented.
Usually AI is not as brave as the player, buuuut you can make it vent more often by maxing vents and putting Resistant Flux Conduits on. Even then, venting in open tends to bait out missile strikes, which is why the AI is scared. It could become smarter, but I'm not really sure how without making it frustrating in another way.

Yeah - I did this for phase ships specifically (mentioned in the notes). For other ships, it's more risky, since they're not also slowed by having high flux and *generally* have a better chance to escape behind some allies etc. It's definitely a decision that can go very, very, bad so I don't want to do it across the board.

Heavy Burst Laser:
  • Remomved ability to ignore decoy flares
Was it too good, when it had these buffs and ignored decoys? What ships did you test it on?

It's more to avoid stepping on IPDAI's toes, and with the buffs I think it's fine. I was always a bit ambivalent about that aspect of it.

Integrated Point Defense AI:
  • Converting small weapons to PD is now the s-mod effect bonus
That's an unexpected change. Did you change it to avoid interaction with elite Point Defence? Because you felt it was too strong anyway?

The idea is that there are times when you *don't* want the "turns smalls into PD" effect of the hullmod, while the other - now baseline - effects of it are always good. So now you can make that choice.

The Fury got mega bonked by the nerf hammer last patch, could the DP nerf 15->20 be partly reversed since 20DP for a Fury feels really bad, what about 18?

Hmm, does it feel bad? I'll keep an eye on that during playtesting; right now I'm thinking that it's in an ok place. Further feedback welcome, though!

Changes as of February 01, 2023

  • Added "The Usurpers" story mission
  • Added "Knight Errant" story mission
  • Added "The Pilgrim's Path" story mission
  • Added "major events" system
    • Each event tracks progress, from player actions and other wise
    • Various things happen as the event progresses
  • Added Hostile Activity "major event"
    • Handles various hostile fleets found in systems with your colonies
    • Multiple causes for hostile activity (use of AI cores, presence of a pirate base nearby, etc)
    • Different causes have different resolutions
    • If hostile activity is unchecked, colonies suffer penalties and eventually a major negative outcome of some sort (e.g. a raid or an act of Pather sabotage), after which there is a lull
    • Goal is to give the player more of a warning before major negative events, and a choice in whether they want to handle the resolve the causes individually to avert the negative outcomes, or to just fight hostile fleets and get it under control that way, without addressing the causes
  • Added "Hyperspace Topography" major event
    • Various player actions improve their knowledge of hyperspace, unlocking new bonuses
    • Slipstream detection around colonies
    • Much more efficient slipstream travel
    • Increased speed in hyperspace
  • Added Planetkiller and "Hostile Activity" related mission
  • Adjusted the compositions of most faction fleets
    • Factions now generally have capital ship(s) unique to them
    • And a more well-defined feel to the faction's fleets, overall
    • Specific weapons are now reliably found at specific faction markets/black markets
      • For example, the new directed-energy missiles can be found on Persean League colonies
  • Music:
    • Added new exploration music track when exploring non-core systems
    • Persean League now has its own music
  • Industries:
    • Commerce now adds a low-value, system-wide bounty while the hostile activity level is high enough
  • Added text to make your contacts easy to identify in the comm directory
  • Pressing F11 to hide the UI will now also hide the fleet circles
  • Certain high-end bounty will no longer be repeatable by abandoning the mission prior to attacking the target
  • Added "Missions" tag to "Analyze Entity" and "Survey Planet" missions
  • Ship recovery dialog now shows normal and story point recovery in the same screen
    • Displays up to 24 ships of each type, gets wider instead of taller
  • "Ship repairs completed" messages will now stack when many repairs finish at around the same time
  • Custom production limits increased to 100 units, regardless of ship/weapon size
  • Made some adjustments to the "bonus XP for battle difficulty" calculation that reins in the bonus for having just a single combat ship
  • Waystations now pull in a small quantity of Volatiles and Transplutonics
  • Officers for hire/from promotion will generally not share portraits with the player's existing officers (not guaranteed, not a bug if they do share it)
  • Cheap commodity mission: remote pickup of legal goods variation now requires other colony to not be hostile to the player
  • Bonus experience quadruples XP gains at max level instead of doubling them as normal
  • The Luddic Path no longer requires a military base to launch a punitive expedition
  • Added credit rewards to certain main-story missions
  • Accidents from zero CR that result in ship loss no longer cause loss of interesting/special cargo if over capacity
  • Added honorific selector to new game screen (sir/ma'am/captain)
  • AI cores in Domain derelict fleets now use Ballistic Mastery instead of Energy Mastery
  • Salamander MRM will not be mounted on derelict drones during the tutorial
  • Contact bounty intel items are now tagged with the target's faction, in addition to the normal tags
  • Galatia Academy story missions: made minor additions to various obscure dialog options
  • Added new player-selectable portraits
  • Added new illustrations to various planets and situations
  • Significantly reduced impact of d-mods on NPC-vs-NPC fights and on the "danger-to-the-player" estimate

  • Added option to disable screen whiteout for large ship explosions
  • Whiteout no longer obscures the command UI (still obscures ship combat UI)
  • Improved ship explosion visual effect
  • Termination Sequence: missile changed to not deal friendly fire damage when it explodes
  • When the ship is overloaded or venting, the raise shields/phase cloak command will be buffered if it was issued within 0.2 seconds of the overload/vent ending
  • Disabled weapons will be shown in red on the selected group's weapon list (*not* in list of all weapon groups)
  • Reserve Deployment, for ships with only one fighter bay, now:
    • At least doubles wing size (minimum +2 craft)
    • Fighter replacement rate reduction is 15% instead of 25%
  • Added message explaining what's going on and what to do when there's no flagship deployed and the player starts in the command shuttle
    • Also improved visibility/clarity of the "nothing is deployed" message
    • And added a similar prompt to transfer command when the flagship is destroyed
  • Command points are no longer refunded when the last order given during a pause is cancelled
    • (Fundamental problem in that the same sequence of orders and a cancel could be a legitimate order or a "never mind")
  • Improved visual effect for Reaper torpedo explosions

  • Autofit:
    • Will no longer puts flux distributor/coil adjunct on ships that could spend the ordnance points on more vents/caps instead, even if the hullmod is in the target variant
    • Added warning when resulting variant has too few weapons or fighters to be effective
  • Added "useSoftwareMouseCursor" option in data/config/settings.json
  • Ordering an individual ship to retreat no longer requires a command point or opens the command frequency if that ship is out of peak time
  • Fixed screen scaling issue with TOP SECRET minigame
  • Linux startup script: added shebang
  • Increased max permgen size to 128m
  • Added explicit hull size designation to ship tooltips
  • Made background of refit screen a bit darker and less busy-looking
  • Added a "generate ship name" button to the refit screen
    • If the current name does not match the faction's ship prefix, it will update the name instead

  • Added Apex-class Heavy Droneship
  • Added Nova-class Drone Battlecruiser
  • Added Pegasus-class Battleship (midline)
  • Added Executor-class Battleship (version of the Pegasus)
  • Added Invictus-class Dreadnought (low tech)
  • Added Retribution-class Battlecruiser (low tech)
  • Added Lion's Guard versions of several midline ships
  • Added Venture (P)
    • Replaced mining drone with large missile slot pointing backwards
    • Medium missile slots changed to ballistic
  • Added Manticore (LP)
    • Large slot changed to missile
    • Medium slots changed to ballistic
    • Replaced built-in rangefinder with Safety Overrides
  • Added Venture (LP)
    • System changed to Orion Device
    • Medium missile slots changed to composite
  • Brawler(LP): Increased deployment and maintenance cost to 6 (was: 5)
  • Brilliant:
    • Changed system to Plasma Burn
    • Reduced shield upkeep to 0.4 (was: 0.5)
    • Removed fighter bay
  • Fulgent: added built-in Energy Bolt Coherer (increases base non-beam energy/hybrid weapon range)
  • Apogee: increased deployment/maintenance supply cost to 20 (was: 18)
  • Eagle:
    • Reduced deployment/maintenance supply cost to 18 (was: 22)
    • Increased base flux dissipation to 700 (was: 600)
    • Increased speed to 60 (was: 50), slightly increased acceleration
    • Reduced base cost to 100k credits (was: 120k)
  • Vigilance:
    • Increased hitpoints to 1750 (was: 1500)
    • Increased flux capacity to 2500 (was: 2000)
  • Eradicator: increased deployment/maintenance supply cost to 22 (was: 20)
    • Eradicator (P): increased cost from 17 to 18
  • Legion: increased ordnance points to 300 (was: 260)
  • Legion (XIV) increased ordnance points to 310 (was: 270)
  • Gemini:
    • Removed built-in Civilian-grade Hull
    • Increased ordnance points to 85 (was: 75)
    • Increased top speed to 60 (was: 50)
    • Adjusted stock variant
  • Changed starting Wolf variant to have the Pulse Laser on autofire (thanks, ZiggyD!)
  • Hyperion:
    • Reduced mass to 200 (was: 300); affects ship/ship and ship/asteroid collisions etc
    • Added built-in Delicate Machinery
  • Phase Teleporter:
    • No longer requires 0-flux boost
    • Cooldown increased to 15 seconds (was: 10)
  • Medusa:
    • Increased ordnance points to 100 (was: 95)
  • Habringer:
    • Increased top speed to 100 (was: 80)
    • Reduced maintenance and deployment supply costs to 18 (was: 20)
  • Updated Conquest sprite
  • Various other old ship sprites adjusted/improved

  • Added Sarissa-class Support Fighter
    • Zero roam range, always tries to stay in front of parent ship
    • Armed with a Canister Flak system and two Light Autocannons

  • Hit glow from Burst PD Laser and Heavy Burst Laser now brightens more quickly
  • Hurricane MIRV:
    • Increased submunition accuracy
    • Reduced number of submunitions by to 7 (was: 9)
  • Added IR Autolance energy weapon
    • Medium mount, beam weapon, low ordnance point cost
    • Uses charges
    • Fragmentation damage at 1000 range
    • High burst but low sustained DPS
  • Added Gorgon DEM SRM (small), Gorgon SRM Pod (medium)
    • Missile fires a laser from a good distance away from the target
  • Added Gazer DEM SRM (small), Gazer SRM Pod (medium)
    • Missile fires a 10-second graviton beam from long range
  • Added Dragonfire Torpedo (medium), Dragonfire Torpedo Pod (large)
    • Missile fires an extremely high damage, bomb-pumped laster from medium-long range
  • Added Hydra MDEM (large missile)
    • Splits into 6 warheads that flank the target and fire medium-damage lasers from both sides
  • Added Pilum LRM Catapult (large missile)
    • Low ordnance point cost
    • Fires 6 Pilums; has a higher overall RoF and ammo regeneration than two medium Pilum LRMs
  • Added Jackhammer (medium missile)
    • Fires 3-shot bursts of Hammer-class torpedoes
    • Lower-than-usual ammo and OP cost
  • Changed Rift Cascade Emitter explosions to be affected by energy weapon damage modifiers instead of missile ones
  • Squall MLRS:
    • Reduced base damage to 100 (was: 250)
    • Base damage increased to 250 when impacting shields (this then gets doubled by the kinetic damage multiplier)
  • Breach SRM: missile and weapon sprites adjusted to look more at home on high-tech ships
  • Typhoon Reaper Launcher: increased ammo to 7 (was: 5)
  • Cyclone Reaper Launcher:
    • Reduced delay between the two torpedoes in the salvo to 0.25 seconds (was: 1)
    • Full cycle time remains at 10 seconds
    • Missile is accelerated to full speed prior to leaving the launch tube
  • Hephaestus Assault Gun: halved recoil
  • Added two new weapons (Kinetic Blaster and Gigacannon), only available to/from the Lion's Guard
  • Updated Swarmer SMR description to better suit its intended role
  • LR PD Laser: reduced ordnance point cost to 4 (was: 5)
  • Burst PD Laser:
    • Reduced ordnance point cost to 6 (was: 7)
    • Increased max charges to 4 (was: 3)
  • Heavy Burst Laser:
    • Reduced OP cost to 9 (was: 11)
    • Increased max charges to 6 (was: 5)
    • Increased damage by a little over 10%
    • Removed ability to ignore decoy flares
  • Graviton Beam: 1/2/3 or more full-strength beams hitting shields increases all anti-shield damage dealt to the target (including by other ships) by 5/8/10%
  • Ion Beam: reduced flux/second to 150 (was: 200)
  • Pulse Laser:
    • Improved flux efficiency to 0.8 (was: 1.0)
    • Added to base blueprint package
  • Mining Laser:
    • Reduced OP cost to 1
    • Mount type changed to HYBRID (can be mounted in ballistic, energy, and hybrid slots)
  • Mining Blaster:
    • Changed to use regenerating charges, maximum of 4
    • Damage changed to 200 damage per shot, plus 100 armor-only damage
    • Damage type changed to High Explosive
    • Flux/shot is 300
    • Mount type changed to HYBRID (can be mounted in ballistic, energy, and hybrid slots)
  • Tactical Laser: reduced flux/second to 60 (was: 75)
  • Proxmimity Charge Launcher:
    • Added some inaccuracy to the direction of the launch
    • No longer affected by missile flight time and speed/acceleration modifiers
      • (Previously, ECCM Package would actually reduce its range)

  • Many hullmods now have special effects when built into the hull using a story point
    • Cheaper hullmods have stronger bonuses
    • Hullmods costing around 5/10/15/25 ordnance points generally don't have an extra effect
    • Hullmods costing significantly more have relatively light penalties
      • As of this writing, there are 3 of those
    • Logistics hullmods have a significant bonus regardless of their cost (since it's still a sacrifice in combat power)
    • Bonus XP granted by building hullmods in is now 75/50/25/0% for frigates/destroyers/cruisers/capitals
  • Changed Unstable Injector description to clarify that it does not affect missile weapon range
  • Faulty Automated Systems: now increases crew requirements by only 50% (was: 100%)
  • Ballistic Rangefinder: tooltip grays out the not-currently-applicable bonus
  • New hullmod: Defensive Targeting Array
    • Increases fighter damage vs missiles and other fighters by 50%
    • Reduces fighter roam range to zero
    • Costs 2/4/6/10 ordnance points
  • Neural Integrator and Neural Interface modspecs should not longer drop
  • Rugged Construction:
    • Now also reduces the supply cost to recover from deployment by 50%
    • Multiplicative with similar bonus from having d-mods on a hull
  • New hullmod: Missile Autoloader
    • Reloads small missile weapons only, a limited number of times, out of a shared pool
    • Weapons that cost more OP generally require more points to reload
    • Reload capacity larger for ships that have very few small missile mounts relative to their size
    • Does not affect small missile weapons mounted in other types of slots (e.g. synergy, etc)
  • Integrated Point Defense AI:
    • Cost reduced to 3/6/9/15 (was: 4/8/12/20)
    • Gives abilty to ignore decoy flares and +50% damage to missiles
    • Converting small weapons to PD is now the s-mod effect bonus
  • High Resolution Sensors: changed cost to 4/6/9/15 (was: 9/9/9/15)
  • Shield Shunt, Makeshift Shield Generator:
    • Now incompatible with each other
  • Shield Shunt can be built in (and has an extra armor bonus effect when built in with a story point)
  • Ballistic Rangefinder: rephrased some things in the tooltip for clarity

Ship AI:
  • Made some improvements in behavior of shieldless ships being too cautious about closing in to an enemy that's about to explode
  • Fixed issue that sometimes caused ships to vent while under actually-significant fire
  • Fixed issue where it was not seeing MIRV submunitions as dangerous for some calculations
  • Fixed issue that could cause it to fire non-anti-fighter kinetic missiles at enemy fighters
  • Fixed issue that could cause it to fire missiles (including torpedos) at overloaded fighters
  • Fixed issue that could cause phase ships trying to move to a location to unphase inside a friendly ship
  • More willing to fire anti-armor missiles (i.e. the Breach SRM)
  • More willing to keep autofire on for unshielded non-phase ships
  • Made aware of when missile hardpoints are off-center and willing to accept greater potential inaccuracy when firing these
    • Mostly affects torpedoes and similar, e.g. in the medium mounts on the Venture
  • Fixed issue where the AI would sometimes turn autofire off on a group when its weapons were mid-burst, sometimes causing the firing weapons to turn away from the target
  • Improved danger detection from mines
    • Added a little extra radius where the AI considers them "dangerous"
    • Aware of the presence of nearby enemy fighters and asteroids that might trigger the mine early
    • Fixed issue that caused the AI to actually just ignore own mines that triggered by proximity and not timeout
    • Fixed issue that caused the AI to ignore own mines that were drifting even slightly away from it
    • The Doom friendly fire (especially self-friendly-fire) issues *should* be resolved
    • The issue where the AI would continue to shield towards a phased Doom while getting hit by mines from behind should be resolved, as well
  • Fixed issue where it was sometimes setting escort-only fighters to engage, losing the 0-flux bonus for no reason
  • More willing to close in against about-to-explode enemies when shields are up and facing the right way
  • Increased importance of STRIKE weapons for deciding when to use High Energy Focus and similar ship systems, made other minor improvements to deciding when to use the system
  • Fixed issue that could cause ships to refuse to engage when given an eliminate order and some specific numbers/sizes of ships on each side
    • This also applies more broadly to the "reckless" personality, making it more aggressive
    • And to "Full Assault!" as well
  • Now aware of using phase cloak to recharge weapons/get rid of soft flux more quickly
    • Will do this as the primary tactic, instead of trying to phase through and get behind the enemy, if:
      • The ship is a destroyer and its target is at least as big
      • The ship is a cruiser or a capital ship
    • Phase Anchor enhances this tactic, but is not required to trigger it, except as a very occasional use by frigates (which still prefer to phase through the enemy, regardless)
  • Phase ships will occasionally make the risky decision to vent in an unsafe spot if they're under a lot of pressure, trying to disengage, and there are no nearby allies to hide behind
  • More willing to expend multiple torpedo type (i.e. STRIKE) missiles on an overloaded/venting target
  • Phase Teleporter:
    • Fixed issue where it favored going left in certain situations
    • Now prefers to go in the desired direction given what the ship is trying to do
  • Made some minor improvements in how ships interact when ordered to go to a single waypoint
  • Improved threat assessment (some ships that were realistically not a thread could be counted as one)
  • Improved facing selection when escorting a friendly ship; will turn towards a specific target under more circumstances

  • Fixed issue with certain BuffManager buffs only apply in combat erratically
  • Added to SettingsAPI:
    • WeaponSlotAPI createWeaponSlot(String id, WeaponType weaponType, WeaponSize slotSize, String slotTypeStr, String nodeId, Vector2f nodePos, float angle, float arc);
  • Added to ShipHullSpecAPI:
    • void setDescriptionPrefix(String descriptionPrefix);
    • WeaponSlotAPI getWeaponSlot(String slotId);
  • Added to ShieldSpecAPI:
    • void setRingColor(Color color);
    • void setInnerColor(Color innerColor);
  • Added to WeaponSlotAPI:
    • boolean isWeaponSlot();
  • Added "unrestorable" tag to hulls and variants
  • Added to WeaponAPI:
    • float getRefireDelay();
  • Added USE_LESS_VS_SHIELDS weapon hint
    • For weapons with charges: autofire will not use more than 20% of charges against shields
    • Otherwise: will not autofire at shields at all
    • No effect on the AI if it's manually selecting the weapon to fire
    • Does not apply when the target is a fighter
  • Added "no_autofit_unless_player" tag to hulls and variants
  • Added CombatUIAPI.areWeaponArcsOn()
  • Added "playFullFireSoundOne" to beam weapons; will make sure intro sound does not fade out and finishes playing even if the beam stops firing
  • Added to WeaponSpecAPI:
    • void setBeamSpeed(float beamSpeed);
    • void setMaxAmmo(int maxAmmo);
    • void setAmmoPerSecond(float ammoPerSecond);
    • float getReloadSize();
    • void setReloadSize(float reloadSize);
  • Added ProjectileWeaponSpecAPI
    • Check "instanceof" on a WeaponSpecAPI, then can cast to this
    • Methods:
      • float getEnergyPerShot();
      • void setEnergyPerShot(float energyPerShot);
      • float getRefireDelay();
      • void setRefireDelay(float refireDelay);
      • int getBurstSize();
      • void setBurstSize(int burstSize);
      • boolean isInterruptibleBurst();
      • void setInterruptibleBurst(boolean interruptibleBurst);
      • float getBurstDelay();
      • void setBurstDelay(float burstDelay);
      • float getMinSpread();
      • void setMinSpread(float minSpread);
      • float getMaxSpread();
      • void setMaxSpread(float maxSpread);
      • float getSpreadDecayRate();
      • void setSpreadDecayRate(float spreadDecayRate);
      • float getSpreadBuildup();
      • void setSpreadBuildup(float spreadBuildup);
      • boolean isAutoCharge();
      • void setAutoCharge(boolean autoCharge);
      • float getEnergyPerSecond();
      • void setEnergyPerSecond(float energyPerSecond);
      • boolean isRequiresFullCharge();
      • void setRequiresFullCharge(boolean requiresFullCharge);
      • float getProjectileSpeed(MutableShipStatsAPI shipStats, WeaponAPI weapon);
      • void setProjectileSpeed(float projectileSpeed);
      • boolean isSeparateRecoilForLinkedBarrels();
      • void setSeparateRecoilForLinkedBarrels(boolean individualLinkedRecoil);
      • Object getProjectileSpec();
      • float getChargeTime();
      • void setChargeTime(float chargeTime);
      • String getHardpointGunSpriteName();
      • void setHardpointGunSpriteName(String hardpointGunSpriteName);
      • String getTurretGunSpriteName();
      • void setTurretGunSpriteName(String turretGunSpriteName);
      • String getHardpointGlowSpriteName();
      • void setTurretGlowSpriteName(String turretGlowSpriteName);
      • String getTurretGlowSpriteName();
      • void setHardpointGlowSpriteName(String hardpointGlowSpriteName);
      • float getVisualRecoil();
      • void setVisualRecoil(float visualRecoil);
      • String getAccuracyDisplayName();
  • FleetCreatorMission.createFleet() method now returns fleets without a MissionFleetAutoDespawn script being added to them
  • Added PlanetAPI.changeType()
  • Added to CargoAPI:
    • boolean isUnlimitedStacks();
    • void setUnlimitedStacks(boolean unlimitedStacks);
  • Added no_auto_penalty tag (hulls and variants); ship does not get the CR penalty from Automated hullmod
  • Ships with the "unrestorable" tag are no longer affected by the Hull Restoration skill
  • Added retain_smods_on_recovery tag (hulls and variants)
  • Fixed issue where a torpedo impacting a module's shield could damage the body of the ship
  • Added to SettingsAPI:
    • JSONArray getMergedSpreadsheetData(String idColumn, String path)
    • JSONObject getMergedJSON(String path)
  • Added to CampaignUIAPI:
    • float getMinZoomFactor();
    • float getMaxZoomFactor();
    • void setMinZoomFactor(float min);
    • void setMaxZoomFactor(float max);
    • List<WeaponSpecAPI> getSystemWeaponSpecs();
  • Added HubMissionWithTriggers.triggerSetFleetCombatFleetPoints() to allow directly setting fleet point value for fleet
  • Added "useOldShipExplosions" to settings.json to use original ship explosion visuals
  • Added combatExplosionNonFlashColorOverride" to hull_styles.json, controls the color of the ship destruction explosion - not the smooth particle flash, but the more irregular part underneath
  • Added to ShipAPI:
    • boolean isForceHideFFOverlay();
    • void setForceHideFFOverlay(boolean forceHideFFOverlay);
    • Allows force-hiding the friend-or-foe overlay
    • Note: the "module_no_status_bar" tag can be added to the variant to hide the hull/flux bars
  • Carriers whose fighter range has been modified to 0 for all wings will now always keep them "pulled back"
  • Added FactionSpecAPI
  • Added SettingsAPI.getFactionSpec(String id)
  • Added FactionAPI.getFactionSpec()
  • Added to IntelUIAPI:
    • void saveSmallDescScrollState();
    • void restoreSmallDescScrollState();
  • Added ScrollPanelAPI:
    • float getXOffset();
    • float getYOffset();
    • void setXOffset(float xOffset);
    • void setYOffset(float yOffset);
  • Added to TooltipMakerAPI:
    • void setExternalScroller(ScrollPanelAPI scroller);
    • ScrollPanelAPI getExternalScroller();
    • Only set if added using CustomPanelAPI.addUIElement()
  • IntelUIAPI.selectItem(null) should now hide the detail for any intel that was previously selected
  • SubmarketPlugin.getTariffTextOverride() and similar methods can now be implemented one at a time, implementing all of them is not required
  • Addressed ship module duplication/replacement issue caused by adjusting weapon groups from the "you haven't adjusted the weapon groups since making changes" help popup
  • Fixed issue with fighters from main body of station showing up on station tooltip
  • Added to WeaponAPI:
    • void setWeaponGlowWidthMult(float weaponGlowWidthMult);
    • void setWeaponGlowHeightMult(float weaponGlowHeightMult);
  • Added "cjkMode" to settings.json; enables special line-wrapping support for Chinese/Japanese/Korean fonts
  • Added weapon tags: reload_1pt through reload_6pt, and no_reload, to override default MissileAutoloader point values
  • Added to TooltipMakerAPI:
    • void setButtonFontOrbitron20();
    • void setButtonFontOrbitron20Bold();
    • void setButtonFontOrbitron24();
    • void setButtonFontOrbitron24Bold();
  • Added to ButtonAPI:
    • float getGlowBrightness();
    • void setGlowBrightness(float glowBrightness);
  • Added to MissileAPI:
    • MutableShipStatsAPI.getStats();
  • TextFieldAPI now extends UIComponentAPI
  • Added to ButtonAPI:
    • void setText(String text);
    • String getText();

  • Fixed issue with Hull Restoration's modification of ship recovery probability
  • Fixed issue with hullmods that can't be built in sometimes showing up as s-mods on derelict ships
  • Removed point-defense flag from Proximity Charge Launcher; will no longer auto-target missiles
  • Fixed issue where derelicts with s-mods would always have 3 s-mods instead of 1, 2, or 3
  • Added "irradiated" condition to Hanan Pacha
  • Fixed "retrain" option being available when you have no story points
  • Fixed issue that could cause the Targeting Feed ship system to not be used by the AI when using certain fighters against large ships
  • Fixed engine placement on the Prometheus Mk.II
  • Fixed issue where viewing a custom production report while the ship is already in your fleet could briefly reset its combat readiness to zero
  • Fixed issue with certain randomly generated missions still targeting locations they shouldn't
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to fire while using certain ship systems (like Fortress Shield) by pausing the game, holding down the fire button, and unpausing
  • Fixed issue where certain random missions could target the Cryosleeper and be uncompletable because it's impossible to salvage it
  • Fixed issue with Sabot SRM (Single) being available in the base blueprint package
  • Fixed issue where hull damage would be instantly repaired when a ship with undamaged armor (but damaged hull) was deployed into combat
  • Fixed issue where damage from some EMP arcs would receive damage modifiers from the wrong source
  • Fixed issue with bar/contact mission frequency
  • Fixed issue with ship weapons being about 20% cheaper to buy than intended
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to put the player character in command of an automated ship
  • Fixed issue that was causing the weapon-range effect of ECCM Package to not apply
  • Fixed "cheap commodity" mission never offering a local variation
  • Fixed a few consistency issues with ship recovery when replaying the same battle
  • Fixed issue with allied fleet flagship being reset when the player joins a battle
  • Integrated Point Defense AI no longer flags strike weapons as point-defense; they would not autofire at missiles anyway
  • Fixed issues where raid marine casualties were higher than intended due to including "increased defender preparedness" for multiple raids to the initial raid as well
  • Fixed rare bug that could cause certain slipstreams to look like that old scream meme
  • Fixed issue causing enemy ships to not be given retreat orders when on low CR
  • (Hopefully) fixed rare crash caused by the Tempest's ship system and anything similar
  • Fixed issue where the same station could be targeted for both a normal and a more difficult bounty
  • Fixed issue with stations targeted by a bounty not showing the "mission-important" marker
  • Fixed rare fleet command tutorial crash
  • Fixed ship recovery dialog ship tooltip sometimes not reflecting the effect of Crew Training and similar
  • Player will now retain the Janus Device (and any other mission-important items) when they lose their entire fleet
  • Fixed several issues with autofit requiring several applications to get all the hullmods onto the ship under some circumstances
  • Fixed issue where joining a battle with a friendly station sometimes resulted in the battle ending immediately with no option to pursue
  • Fixed issue where switching from the hullmod picker dialog to the built-in dialog while hovering over the OP bar caused the tooltip to remain on top of the UI until the game was reloaded
  • Fixed issue that caused off-screen fleet members in the pre-combat dialog to still show tooltips on mouseover
  • Fixed it being possible to get the Red Planet mission multiple times (though only completable once)
  • Fixed sprite blurriness in several weapon sprites due to odd-numbered width/height
  • Fixed blueprint intel mission not completing properly when blueprint was gained from a derelict by recovering it instead of salvaging it
  • Fixed issue with habitable moons sometimes appearing in Duzahk and other core systems (really, this time)

Suggestions / Re: Ships and weapons turning off target
« on: Today at 10:19:31 AM »
Was the inverse also true, where ships were discounting real threats?

Not that I'm aware of, no.

A sandbox save that has most ships I like in this version grinded out and ready to go, replacing the officer skills with a script when switching out ships.

Ah, nice!

Shameless plug related to that: Ability to "bench" officers.
Would be nice if you could pay some extra to keep unused officers on the roster.

Yep, aware of this - maybe at some point! I've looked at some similar things and ran into a few roadblocks but off the top of my head I don't remember what they were.

Yeah, sometimes it's fun to just sit back and watch the pretty lights :)

It sure is! And that Astral in particular makes *a lot* of lights :)

Bug Reports & Support / Re: Installer crashes on EULA page
« on: Today at 09:26:26 AM »
Ah, nice! (I'm a little worried about your new PC, though. If I were you I might run a RAM test or something...)

Suggestions / Re: Ships and weapons turning off target
« on: January 31, 2023, 05:58:04 PM »
This ended up being a bit of a rabbit hole, but, made some improvements. Turns out there were some cases where the AI was considering certain ships to be a threat where they realistically weren't. Fixed this up (which addresses part of this facing issue) and also made it more willing to commit to facing a closer target if the target it wants to face towards is further away and in the same general direction. I think a fairly good improvement overall here; thank you for bringing this up.

Nice fleet, by the way! The Doom build in particular is very interesting. And both the Onslaught and the Dominator builds are extremely effective. (And I have some *doubt* about those level 7 officers, but we won't talk about that.)

(For reference, managed to beat those two Ordos - with everything on autopilot - only losing the Lumens. It's pretty rng, though, the worse-case win had something like the Astral/Doom/Dominator left. And of course this is with all the in-dev changes... still, that was pretty fun.)

Bug Reports & Support / Re: Installer crashes on EULA page
« on: January 31, 2023, 03:53:40 PM »
Augh! Not sure what else to suggest trying, my apologies!

Bug Reports & Support / Re: Installer crashes on EULA page
« on: January 31, 2023, 12:12:53 PM »
Ah! Searching for the first error, "Exception code: 0xc0000005" yields some results.

It looks like this *may* be a hardware or OS corruption issue? (Not vouching for the linked site by any stretch, just one of the first things that came up.)

Bug Reports & Support / Re: Installer crashes on EULA page
« on: January 31, 2023, 12:10:20 PM »
Hmm. The only thing that comes to mind - I'm not sure, but maybe this is OneDrive related somehow? Could you try downloading it to a different folder on your harddrive (say, C:\games or something) and running it from there?

Bug Reports & Support / Re: Installer crashes on EULA page
« on: January 31, 2023, 11:41:59 AM »
Hi - sorry about the trouble, how very strange! Can you try running the installer in compatibility mode for windows 95/7/XP to see if that makes a difference? Also, running it as admin?

Rebooting might not be a bad idea either, just in case.

If all that fails: are you seeing any errors in Windows Event Viewer? That might point us as what could be going wrong here.

Edit: re-downloading the installer might be worth a shot, just in case something went wrong there. Also, what OS are you using?

Saw the SmoothMovementModuleCombatCopy - is that what I need? Does this mean that velocity shenanigans are inevitable if precise locomotion is required?

Given what you're trying to do, you probably just want to write some code that manually sets the velocity (or, heck, even the location) of the ship and makes the engines burn in the right way to make it look like they're doing that. Otherwise, you have to try to get really precise movement by giving commands to the ship's engines, and that's just not going to be *that* precise, since the minimum it can do is a frame's worth of acceleration.

I don't know how to say "TechMining, you're now using that ^^^ code up there".

Help on this will be much appreciated. :)

You want to provide your own copy of industries.csv which points to your new TechMining class.

I am just starting to make mod and I want to know if it is possible to make my modded ships only spawn as derelict ship (better if I can make them rarer the closer we are to civilised space).
thx in advance.

Hmm - I don't see why not, though this seems like something you'd need to write custom code to do.

Suggestions / Re: Ships and weapons turning off target
« on: January 31, 2023, 10:41:49 AM »
Thank you! Got it, taking a look now.

From settings.json:

# probability of AI core dropping from a destroyed enemy ship that had an AI core officer installed
"drop_prob_mult_ai_core_station":1000, # the station always drops it

So for an alpha core, a base 5% chance, x4 if it's in a Radiant, x3 if it's in a Brilliant, etc. (Edit: x4 meaning 20%, not 4 rolls of 5%, btw.)

(This used to be handled differently - just some rolls based on defeating remnant ships in general. But now (as of 0.95.1a, possibly also 0.95a but not sure on that one) it's based on the presence of AI cores commanding the ships you've actually destroyed, and handled entirely in FleetEncounterContext. So I think for a mod to mess with this, it would have to either change the values in settings.json, or provide its own implementation of the FleetEncounterContextPlugin. Though I suppose it's also possible to modify the salvaged cargo pre-drop in FIDConfigGen or some other kind of listener. ... yeah, there are options here.)

Given the vanillla values above, the odds of not getting any alpha cores from 30+ Ordos seem vanishingly small - around one in a thousand *just* counting 1 capital per Ordo and nothing else.

Played this game forever, lurked on forums but never bothered posting.

Hi, and welcome to the forum! :)

Suggestions / Re: Ships and weapons turning off target
« on: January 31, 2023, 09:29:25 AM »
Hmm, I see what you mean. Is this a vanilla or a vanilla-ish save? If so, if you could send it to me - ideally right before a battle where this shows up - that would really help sort this out!

fractalsoftworks [at] gmail [dot] com

General Discussion / Re: Armor as related to hull
« on: January 30, 2023, 06:17:18 PM »
That's not what i've seen.  I've seen white flashes happening, without destroying the ship.

That could just be from the impact of a kinetic weapon on hull? Those tend to have white hit glows/flashes.

That's likely the remnants of destroyed hulks disappearing. When the broken bits of destroyed ships disappear, they flash white temporarily. It's somewhat different than the ship blowing up flash.

(This seems like either a mod feature, or some kind of graphics driver bug! Nothing like that in vanilla, at least if I'm understanding your description right.)

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