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Starsector 0.96a is out! (05/05/23)

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- Some sort of mechanism for recovering from total losses, which happens to inexperienced players relatively often. Nexerelin uses ship insurance to recoup some of the value of lost ships, and I think this is a good avenue for introducing an additional mechanic to soften the blow of player losses which are rather asymmetric compared to the infinitely generating challenges created for the player. Probably a significant amount of overhaul involved but it seems fairly reasonable?
I forgot to talk about this point. Wasn't the whole "get jumped by Pirates" problem completely solved by story points? As long as you have 1-2 story points saved, you can escape anything, unless you decided to sleep in a black hole. From the footage we often see him flying around zoomed in completely with 2x speed. It's not the game's fault when the inexperienced player doesn't pay attention. It's like me playing a first person shooter looking at the ground and moving forward, then malding when I get headshot by enemies.

EDIT: Also in every single game that allows you to save whenever you want, and then load, you'd be dumb not to take advantage of that. If you lose your fleet, it is legal to load a save. Unless he was playing in ironman...

There's only so many times you can yell at a player "do this, go here, pay attention to this". From watching only a part of the video I can immediately tell he straight up skipped reading some help popups and tutorial messages. Barely used sustained burn to travel, and acted like ships are free.

Like I said, classic "critique" video.

General Discussion / Re: I suck at piloting
« on: Today at 06:28:31 AM »
One thing I'd like to add here is to try and refrain from using Safety Overrides as much as possible, for a few reasons:

 1) On a smaller ships it makes them too "floaty", having greater speed and thus inertia. Combined with their subpar overall survivability, extremely low HP on engines/weapons and limited flux pool, this often leads to being unable to retreat in time (if at all) and eating a bunch of ordnance that would otherwise harmlessly bounce off a shield.

 2) Hampering the learning process about flux management and fleet behavior on greater scale. You can't vent with SO, and venting is the cornerstone of efficient combat - my finger is glued to the V key 100% of the time, and so should yours. Having enough flux to attack, defend, safely retreat, rescue allies or finish off an overloaded opponent is absolutely crucial at every stage of battle.

 Also, while using SO you're most likely playing a twitch shooter type of game, zipping here and there and everywhere, tunnel visioning in a small area around player ship and not doing much else. But the key to victory is learning about your AI friends' behavior - when they deem proper to launch a missile or commit to full assault, when they feel insecure and retreat, when they roam around the edges of battle lines and seek for easy targets, simply derp around and eat a full Hammer salvo to the hull, etc. You might not be the best pilot out there, but a full complement of officers that you've personally studied and understood is a game changer.

 3) Limited build potential - SO usually forces player to partake in a knife fight while eating up to 40% of ships total OP. While yes, having a mighty SO flagship is both efficient and fun, newer player would benefit greatly from experimenting with different loadouts, range categories, and learning how individual weapons (besides their on paper DPS and flux/dmg ratio) behave in actual combat scenario.
Man of logic, man of common sense, but most of all, a man of honor.

I spread love to all my fellow SO haters <3

I think a large part of why starsector isn't particularly beginner friendly is that it is still or only just stopped rapidly changing. This last update is the only one that hasn't significantly changed a fundamental part of the game but there is still the command tab promises and possibly other large changes still coming so it hasn't been and might still not be worth focusing on difficulty settings and clarifying niche information just yet.
Not really. It just never was (well maybe way back) and never will be beginner friendly. The game is just complex and has many parts you have to think about, while game knowledge is also a huge part. You can't just give someone game knowledge in a tooltip or something. Trial and error baby.

Some games are like that and that's fine. Not every piece of media is able to be condensed in a tutorial.

I think the game is complex enough so it warrants the use of your head here and there, that having the pop up "don't fly into a star" is imo needless clutter.

But fair point about getting a message when a fight is too hard objectively. It could have some nice fluff text in the fleet dialog section.

I'll edit my comment or add another when I /if I watch the whole thing. But what's with Starsector videos where people make multiple hour commentaries, edit your video jeez. In the very beginning he's talking about tank controls and explaining the obvious, all while in a tutorial piloting a single ship. If one is willing to post a 5 hour critique of a game, one can also play that very game a fair bit, he'd definitely know why tank controls are important.

Almost 8 minutes argumenting a single point, god this will be impossible to get through.

EDIT: To any unfortunate soul firing up the video, increase the playback speed, you'll thank me later.

EDIT 2: Bro literally doesn't understand the point of Deployment points and compares it to scam mobile games. This is my problem with "critique" video, 50% of the time the person is so clueless they're making points about something that's clear to anyone who played the game more than a couple of minutes, 40% of the time is spent by ranting about game mechanics because the user clearly expected a different game, and is now "ranting" about things they personally don't like. And then you're left with maybe 10% when something useful is actually said. So I suspect this video will have half an hour worth of valid points and suggestion, while I'll be getting *** off for 4 and 1/2 hours because boo hoo the game doesn't tell me what to do.

Just imagine playing Elden ring for the first time again, and being told what to do, uncovering every little secret the game has to offer, just so the player doesn't feel "lost".

EDIT 3: I REAAAAALLY want an in game pop up that will scream at the player "yo this isn't an RTS, AI is smart, let it be and enjoy the ride while you learn the controls". The amount of players that understand orders aren't orders, yet still act like they're in Command & Conquer is too damn high. The game could be more clear that you aren't meant to slap orders all over the place, unless something really bad is going on or you're trying some specific strat.

EDIT 4: Someone that keeps yapping about game balance, doesn't understand that maybe it's not the smartest idea to deploy your whole fleet versus a small one, randomly clicking on the map and damaging ships, then going "hmmm does the developer even want fights to happen?". And the remark about ship speeds and how going backwards is cheap. Ah yes sure, I'd love another space game where a capital ship goes forward and destroys every single thing with no risk. Frigates would be useless apart from the Monitor. Again, this is something you easily notice by just playing the game, not making an ultra long video essay based on a tutorial.

LAST EDIT: I gave up on 40 minutes. I'm now convinced this is rage bait. Like who makes a 5 hour video about a game, where at the same time they're refusing to learn anything. Maybe there is a good suggestion hidden somewhere in this slog, but I wouldn't even care when 99% of the video is ranting about nothing. Funny how that mobile game comparison looks right now, doesn't it.

General Discussion / Re: Neural Link is S-tier
« on: May 29, 2023, 04:56:51 AM »
I almost went to try out Neural Linked Nova, to see how good it can be in player's hands. Then I remembered, oh right, capital costed Neural hullmod, screw that.

I've just been thinking about this yesterday, we really could use some sort of free drag and drop into a box at the bottom of the map thingy. And ideally I'd like both options to be a thing if someone doesn't care for it most of the time. So just clicking a ship would insta deploy it, but you can also drag it where you want.

Suggestions / Re: Squall Nerf
« on: May 27, 2023, 11:19:58 PM »
I think both Squalls need to have less HP and that elite effect from Missile spec needs to get toned down, 50% more missiles in the same amount of time is stupid. And yes I know that was a thing before, but what wasn't a thing is 30 different ships with large missile mounts.

General Discussion / Re: Arbalest Autocannon too weak?
« on: May 27, 2023, 01:13:19 PM »
Its main strength isn't even having 100 more range than the small mounts, but the sustained DPS stat. Which would be nice if it hit anything in turret mounts lol.

General Discussion / Re: Alex Appreciation Thread
« on: May 27, 2023, 09:33:20 AM »
See that's exactly the thing, I've seen numerous complaints and critiques on UI, but for me it's fine because I had so many years to get used to it. Only things I can suggest to Alex are some glaring flaws that I already suggested in the past. This is something that you need fresh players for, and preferably someone who knows a lot more than me about UI game design so that person can give good directions on how to make it better.

General Discussion / Re: Arbalest Autocannon too weak?
« on: May 27, 2023, 08:33:33 AM »
Arbalest is alright. I don't think i ever used Heavy autocannon though.
In this version, same. Other things got better and you rarely need 800 range specifically. You either combo 700 range weapons and maybe with energy mounts if it's a midline ship, or go full 1000 range sniper, and again, midline ships can use beams in such builds. 800 range is useful if the mount is positioned so far back it effectively has 700 in the end. So far I only used them a bit on the Executor until I found something better, and that's because the energy mounts are further back.

General Discussion / Re: Alex Appreciation Thread
« on: May 27, 2023, 08:29:43 AM »
I know this is an appreciation thread but let us stay real here, UI is not clean and intuitive. It's servicable and it works great when you're familiar with it. I've seen new players completely lost on how to do some things and on the other hand they'll outright miss a couple of features. Doesn't need to be anything flashy really, just less convoluted in some places.

Suggestions / Re: Shield resonation for Arbalest
« on: May 25, 2023, 01:23:28 AM »
It's already a good weapon. Cheap, very efficient and good hit strength.

General Discussion / Re: Expectations for 1.0
« on: May 24, 2023, 01:51:55 AM »
More simulator options. There's absolutely no reason why we can't pick any ship we want, clutter is a weak excuse when there's a bunch of d-modded ships and 3 Dominator variants. Adding ships manually is tedious. And since the game shifted so much in gameplay, we should be able to put officers in opponents. You will never fight a capital that has zero combat skills. So let me try fighting a realistic opponent. I know the average player is not crazy about this but for us test junkies this would be really cool to have.

And yeah the Codex revamp has been mentioned many many moons ago but I suspect it's being witheld since it's not a very exciting update.

EDIT: Funny thing, ever since campaign started being developed and we slowly got new stuff, my number one thing was faction diversity, so that fighting each of them has a unique feel. And this patch brought us exactly that so I can't say it anymore  :'(

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