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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24); New blog post: New music for Galatia Academy (06/12/24)

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Any vanilla low-tech ship with good armor is DP efficient. Due to how Alex balances the game, DP is equal to supply usage on every ship, which is also used as a logistics balance lever, and since low tech logistics are high fuel and low supply use, it generally means they're slightly DP undercosted.

General Discussion / Re: Grendel is my default flagship now.
« on: Today at 04:39:09 AM »
Grendel does somewhat worse in AI hands than the Eradicator (which might as well be a shielded variant with how similar the two ships are). Phase is a system that works really well in human hands, though.

No, gigachaddon is a meme gun. It would be elite if it fired faster (or had a mag).

I'll throw a definition out there--any ship fielded by LC or pirates is non-elite, whereas any ship restricted to a single faction is elite.
Eradicator, Wolf.

In my mind, "Elite" weapons are either about gimmicks, or slot density. Gimmicks being, long range, weird damage types, or EMP usually, while slot density is about how much firepower it gives you for one slot. Railguns are extremely slot-dense, for example. As an extreme low density example, there's Mining Laser, which is much better than PD Laser if you have a very large amount (more DPS per OP, more efficiency, more range), but also takes a lot more slots to do the same things.
Elite weapons are also usually more accurate (other than the needlers) and have uses other than what they look like they're meant for (HVD looks like a sniper weapon, but it also deletes frigates).
Basically, either they have multiple good niches, or one that they excel at.

My list of "Elite" ballistic weapons is:
Needlers - extreme anti-shield burst
Railgun - shield DPS, damage to residual armor and ability to actually strip armor off light ships
Dual Flak - the most efficient flak in the game
HVD - big long-range kinetic punch with some EMP, no bad targets
Devastator - deletes way too many things to count but hard to swallow the usage of a large slot for a melee weapon
Mjolnir - energy, EMP, fast turn rate, good DPS, flux inefficient
Gauss - long range and a lot of flux inefficient damage

I don't consider Heavy Mauler to be a true "Elite" weapon, just cause it doesn't have anything going for it other than range. Its fire pattern doesn't even make it a good sniper.

My list of "Elite" energy weapons is:.
Ions - ions are ions and all do ion things
Burst PD Laser - the best PD energy has to offer
Antimatter Blaster - second best small energy DPS
Heavy Blaster - big damage, big DPS, standard energy range, flux inefficient
Kinetic Blaster - a Heavy Blaster for half flux (on shields)
Tachyon Lance - high anti-armor damage and EMP
Plasma Cannon - the king of slot density that also does way too many things

Paladin isn't on the list for the sin of being a dual flak in a slot one size larger.
APL is too inaccurate to be anything other than a workhorse weapon.

All missile weapons (past a couple extreme stinkers) are about equal IMO. Reaper is more "Elite" than Hammer though, but i wouldn't call it better.

Shaped charges don't need velocity, but they still like it just for increased chance of actually hitting the target.

Suggestions / Re: A Sindrian Conquest Variant Would Be Neat
« on: June 13, 2024, 02:03:14 AM »
Revenant still exists and is still two thirds of a colossus welded to a phaeton. Sure, it has combat phase destroyer supply usage, but it also has the sensor stats of one.

General Discussion / Re: High tech feels like a wet noodle.
« on: June 10, 2024, 04:23:13 AM »
With the caveat that I haven't played around with it all that much, I'm not sure why SO would be good for grendel? It seems a perfect vehicle for light needler + heavy mauler spam, using phase anchor to boost their DPS by shortening the cooldowns by real time 6x. SO would ruin the range on both of them and it gets cruiser grade ITU.
5 medium ballistic slots + AAF + cruiser level armor (and cruiser PPT) make it a mean brawler, DFC means you won't have much range anyway, and Grendel is a bit too slow for a phase ship and loves speed increases. It usually doesn't live long, but it definitely burns bright.

General Discussion / Re: High tech feels like a wet noodle.
« on: June 08, 2024, 11:25:46 PM »
It is a really weird thing that Alex considers SO overpowered, but then builds ships around it. High Tech is pretty old, but even lately you have ships like Grendel that have a huge sign saying "put SO here".

A ship can be restored from a "pieces of radioactive slag that drifted in solar winds for a century" state, i don't think microforges actually care about specific things they make. Think less "current year steel plant" and more "an extremely fancy 3d-printer".

Every system you put into a ship needs space to actually exist. Where was a micro-forge making bulkheads is now a targeting computer. Not to mention that the bulkheads are good enough to add *40%* health to the ship.

30% more armor in a game where with enough armor you can be invulnerable? Yes please.

There are two things to winning: killing enemy and not dying. Heron is good at both but exceptional at not dying.
sry, I can't hear you over the sound of all your fighters dying to a single flak cannon
No, you're mixing it up. It's the bombers that are dying to a single flak cannon, a *fighter* Heron can get through flak perfectly fine.

There are two things to winning: killing enemy and not dying. Heron is good at both but exceptional at not dying.

I'd say Astral is the only support carrier, since both Mora and Legion are happy on frontline, and Heron can just run away if it needs to (and it usually does).

how does increasing repair rate by 50% increases it by 33% instead?

Legit curious

It increases repair *rate* by 50%, which means the repair time becomes 67%, reducing repair time by 33%.

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