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Suggestions / Refinement of main menu missions
« on: February 27, 2023, 08:26:56 AM »
This is super minor and won't impact the game success at all, but hear me out. As most of us know, Starsector was first a combat simulator, and then the campaign slowly starting taking shape. So the focus 100% shifted there, yet missions are still a neat little thing. They help the new players get used to combat, fleet interactions and piloting certain ships. Not to mention you have the ability to equip any non redacted weapon, fighter wing and hullmod in the game. This is nice for experimenation and for those who want to quickly test how something works (other way is to use Console commands in the campaign).

Now we get to the actual suggestion. Let mission ships have predetermined officers that have customisable skills. Both player side and the enemy obviously. Skills really play a MAJOR role in combat and it's hella weird to have capitals with zero skills. I know this introduces more complexity in simple old missions but it adds much needed options for testing out stuff. To reiterate, not every ship should have an officer, just those important to the mission (makes most sense), and their officer level should be locked, and not swappable with others. So your capital with a lvl 4 officer is stuck that way, but you can pick and choose combat skills as you wish. Default skills should obviously have synergy with the default build that is presented when you first fire up the game.

This would also make the Random battle mission even more chaotic and fun.

Ideally I'd also want an official mission maker in game, where you can pick your ships, enemy ships, and let the magic happen, but that's just wishful thinking for after 1.0.

General Discussion / Current thoughts on Eradicator(P)?
« on: December 18, 2022, 02:32:06 AM »
This got completely glossed over in a chaotic thread:
(The Eradicator (P) is currently 18 DP in the dev build, btw. I think it was slightly under-costed.
I don't think this will change anything, but I'm still curious about the tiny nerf and how people in general think about the ship. Since let's be real, the base one gets all the fame and spotlight.

I used the pirate versions in early and mid game, they're honestly pretty solid, especially when you have to chase down something. Not that grand in AI hands, which is to be expected, but still nice. I just completely got rid of them once my fleet got to 240 DP, I found there are better ways to allocate my limited deployment points. And that is perfectly fine, the ship got its time to shine. It just seems this change is kinda unnecessary? A single point more expensive, yeah sure 18 looks nicer than 17 but I wonder did anyone else thought the pirate version was undercosted?

It would also be nice to hear how you guys use this variant and how you build it, since the lack of AAF turns the focus from ballistics to missile mounts a bit more.

(I know this is such a minor thing, I'm just extremely bored waiting for patch notes to drop.)

General Discussion / Holy moly is the game's trailer old
« on: October 25, 2022, 03:55:15 AM »
I was just checking out another space indie game, watched the trailer and it reminded me of the Starsector one back in 2015. God damn does it deserve a brand new trailer to actually show off how far and rich has it become. Maybe it's just me but also both visuals and sounds seem worse than they're now. But knowing Alex we'll have to wait until 1.0. to get a fancy trailer. Then again that might take 3-4 years from now.

If you've been playing a lot lately, check it out for a time travelling experience.

Fan Media & Fiction / An open letter to Alex
« on: August 19, 2022, 09:16:59 AM »
Thank you for your time.

General Discussion / Is it time to get rid of Blast Doors?
« on: August 14, 2022, 04:33:43 AM »
I don't get the point of it, it's a strictly worse version of Reinforced Bulkheads that is also available from the start and is pretty much a trap for new players. They don't know how valuable the crew loss reduction is so it might seem at first it has a use. And on min max armour tank builds, you have a ton of better options. Either it needs a rework or straight up sent to the shadow realm.

Now that I think about it Recovery Shuttles are another weird hullmod that's basically a meme. Feels like a hullmod for the sake of having hullmods for fighters.

Suggestions / Ballistic rangefinder-like but for energy mounts?
« on: August 14, 2022, 02:30:51 AM »
My idea is this, pretty much anything you can do with energy weapons is just percentage boosts that affect everything. Beams have their 2 hullmods specifically for them, and everything else will just screw over your small mounts since they'll be outranged by everything. So what if we could get a flat range increase for projectile weapons, that would make AMBs, Ion Cannons and IR Pulse Laser more feasible for ships that aren't running SO. Currently I find myself just using Heavy Blaster and Ion Pulsers in mediums, while small mounts are just PD in 95% of the cases. This way you could actually introduce variety for high tech ships without large mounts.

Following that thought, it should work on ships that have medium energies together with small ones (prerequisite). So that we don't have Scarabs having AMB with more range, and imo that range buff should ONLY affect small energy mounts.

I know there's a Remnant cruiser coming with some built in hullmod that increases projectile weapon range, but that one seems too strong.


EDIT: Made it clearer I was talking about projectile weapons.

Suggestions / List built it armaments on ship info cards
« on: August 12, 2022, 10:16:32 AM »
Doesn't matter if it's a weapon, a fighter wing, I now see that it can look very misleading when a ship has "1x fighter bay" but you can't actually change what's in it, probably shouldn't be listed under mounts. Same as built in weapons, should probably be a bit more obvious "hey! this comes with the ship".

Think built in hullmods could also stand to be more obvious, this part is not hugely important but it's also nice to know for new folks.

Elegant way to do this is maybe change the colour of it so it's more clear, and list it in the beginning like with hullmods. Good example are s-mods on ships you want to recover, you can immediately tell what's on there permanently.

That's it. I'm sure it happened to everyone, you clicked too fast and didn't have a chance to take a good look, or maybe just saw the ships but forgot to check the officers. Also it's easier and more comfortable seeing everything the enemy has while you're thinking about what to deploy and when.

General Discussion / What is in your opinion the best mount type?
« on: August 08, 2022, 12:08:07 AM »
For me it's medium ballistics no doubt. There are so many varied options suitable for all kinds of different builds. Sniper, brawler, SO, anti-fighter and hull, PD, budget options, I just never leave a single medium slot open because there's always something useful to put on. I honestly think medium ballistics outshine large ballistics when comparing them relatively.

Second best would probably be large energy mounts. Fewer options there, but each one is unique and useful that it really feels like an upgrade from previous sizes.

General Discussion / 3 years since the Sseth video
« on: August 01, 2022, 11:05:05 PM »
Hey hey people

God it's already been 3 years... Anyways just wanted to remember the day when the game blew up, site overloaded and people couldn't buy the game, glorious ***. I always wondered how would everything look like today if it weren't for Sseth. He basically made a trailer for the game, without being sponsored lol. It also meant a lot to me because my favourite indie game was extremely unknown back then, couldn't talk to anyone about it pretty much. Bless our warlord and his merchant guild.

General Discussion / Converted capitals are actually nice to use now
« on: July 25, 2022, 12:23:32 AM »
Been so busy complaining and suggesting here that I forgot to talk about something that made me really happy. And that's both Prometheus and Atlas converted versions, that before made me stay far away due to the 6 burn speed. These are now actually decent early game capitals, if you really want to try something bigger, but you're not yet ready for true battleships. I know Atlas MkII. didn't change but I'm super glad Prometheus MKII. got buffed, as imo it has one of the most varied possible builds in the game, such a unique ship. That was my flagship for a long while, while Atlas had the role of a support artillery. Prometheus now feels like a proper poor man's battleship, you obviously feel the limitations of both the hull and OP budget but it's just right in that 30 DP zone (making Aurora obsolete once again hahahahaha). And usually I'll have max 2 capitals in my fleet, anything more than that feels too tight for 240 DP budget, but with these two I could comfortably run 3 capitals. They may be used only by the fodder factions, but I suggest that everyone should try them out at least once, they make for fun playstyles.

But I must say, one of the hardest fight in my last campaign was against a Path Holy Armada that I wasn't yet ready for. And they had maybe 3-4 Prometheuses all with lvl 6 officers. That really was a fight I didn't expect to push me to the outer limits.

Suggestions / Various small UI suggestions
« on: July 24, 2022, 11:52:22 AM »
These are the things I randomly remembered now and some that were suggested a while ago but I don't think they were planned to implement.

- The hard flux notch can be hard to see when you're in a hectic situation. I'm so used to the game and I still sometimes miss it in a pinch.
- Easier to tell status of ships in tactical view. Can be a bit annoying trying to click each ship to see if it needs help, and even then everything is the same colour that you mostly look at the position and not text.

I know there was something else but I forgot. Please suggest similar things if you think they can be improved, us veterans are so used to the game's systems that we forget how clunky the UI is for someone newer.

EDIT: Not what I forgot but some sound of effect when you deploy shields. I can't tell you how many times I tried to spam shields, or just clicked once, and sat there like a fool eating a torpedo. Some shields deploy super slow and it's very hard to tell in time.

Suggestions / Fleet aggressiveness option should be much more obvious
« on: July 18, 2022, 06:11:51 AM »
There's no way in hell anyone will find out about this hidden setting unless they're told about it, or they read it somewhere. I've seen so so many people surprised you can even affect your ships without officers, and rightfully so. The option is hidden under doctrine settings which affect your colony and its fleets, which is something not important, only visual. FP calculation for autoresolve is all that matters, you're barely going to be fighting alongside your colony fleets because of the nature of gameplay. And then there's a setting so bloody important literally in the last place on the page. If it were up to me I'd put that setting at the start of creating a new game, but for new players the officer personalities don't mean much, so that's a no go.
(It annoys me that it resets with every new game as a bonus)

Before the "new players should try playing with steady ships for a while", I say that the steady ships seem to die more often than aggressive ones. Ever since this setting is a thing, I always turn it up to aggressive and have way less issues with AI. Anyone who's getting frustrated in fleet combat should try it out, trust me. I honestly feel like that's the better "default" behaviour. Steady ships stall too much and expect player to finish every single kill.

I'll start off by saying I really don't think it needs a nerf, even though there seems to be a lot of people thinking it's a problem. The thing is, it's just a simple ballistic ship with AAF, there's not much AI can screw up with, and building a decent loadout for it is very straight forward. Easiest comparison is Hammerhead, very reliable ship that's always going to be doing something useful. It might seem overtuned at first if you look at closest competitors, such as Fury or Eagle, but those are a different topic. There's Apogee, Champion, 20 DP carriers, hell even Atlas MkII. And all of those are competitive with Eradicator when you adjust DPs. So you could argue that the ship is too easy (as in you can't really go wrong with it), but that doesn't mean we should gut it and make it undertuned. There's been way too much examples of ships being potent > community keeps repeating it's too strong > gets nerfed > no one touches it for 2-3 patches when it gets buffed again to pretty much the same level it was originally.

So if Alex caves in to such demands, the only thing I could see is dropping the top speed by 5 su, and maybe touching the flux capacity a bit. I really don't know what would you do with it to not make it trash tier very quickly. The stats of the ship aren't even anything to write home about, it's literally only the AAF justifying the 20 DP cost.

General Discussion / So what's the plan with the Fury?
« on: July 17, 2022, 12:20:47 PM »
Once again, I came across Furies in my playthrough and I think my relationship with them is even worse than with Auroras (hell even Medusa). But the thing is, I can at least justify Aurora as an expensive flagship. Fury is just not at the 20 DP tier it currently stands. Now if Alex decides to nerf every other cruiser in the game, then ok this post is pointless. Otherwise it either needs to be a bit cheaper or get a slight buff. Now the situation isn't as serious as I'm making it out to be, the ship isn't straight up unviable or bad, it's just that the balance currently is in a such good place, the Fury is a thorn in my eye and my over analytical playstyle. I'm not even sure how would you go about buffing it, except boring stat changes. If it stays the same then it absolutely can't be more expensive than Apogee (18 DP).

Obligatory "I called it":

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