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Suggestions / Re: Debris could stand to be more easily breakable
« on: September 28, 2023, 01:27:01 PM »
Might be good if wrecks break into smaller chunk faster, and these chunks get quite a bit momentum away from the sprite center. So if you hit a wreck a few times its parts go flying of in all directions and make way for your shots. If only to show off the ship breaking system more^^

Maybe ships could just deploy the way they are arranged in the fleet menu. Their position in that menu doesn't play much of another role anymore anyway.

Blog Posts / Re: Wormholes and Sundry - Getting Around the Sector
« on: September 17, 2023, 05:22:03 AM »
It’s unlocked by progress in the Hyperspace Topography “event”

Also unlocked by increasing Hyperspace Topography progress

I want to suggest to link these abilities also to active exploration success, not just Hyperspace Topography progress. While more content for the HT-progress is a good idea, exploration also needs more things to discover. And I think finding something and unlocking a new ability with it is way more exciting then just slowly working away on a progress bar. I'd suggest suggest that you need both the thing(s) and sufficient progress to unlock the new abilities.

The creation process of new slipstreams comes to mind as something you might interact with to unlock related abilities. But there are many strange things and loose threads in hyperspace that could lead to a discovery.

Blog Posts / Re: Wormholes and Sundry - Getting Around the Sector
« on: September 06, 2023, 12:39:30 AM »
Limiting it to Black holes and neutron stars seems more reasonable

If the current surge implementation turns out to not work well, this could be a good way to fine tune it's niche. If surges were more limited in origin, but even more powerful ... they would become a  imprecise "switch which side of the Sector you are in" tool. And thus have a very different niche than other travel methods.

Blog Posts / Re: Wormholes and Sundry - Getting Around the Sector
« on: September 05, 2023, 09:30:45 AM »
In my understanding it is a special type of hyperspace, not just a way to conceptualize "lots of empty space". Otherwise, why would't you be able to see outside it?

I don't think I understand, can you elaborate on the last bit?

I'm referring to this passage from the blog post: "As you get deeper into the abyss, the background fades out, and so do the other things you might normally see such as the deep hyperspace clouds outside it."

I also have a note to reduce the fuel use bonus of Containment Procedures, though - I feel like it's actually *way* too much right now.

Good to hear! I think the bulk transport skill could also use some moderation. Imo it would be fine without giving any boost to fuel capacity. Or maybe replace all capacity boosts with a boost to the logistical footprint of civ ships.

Announcements / Re: Starsector 0.96a (Released) Patch Notes
« on: September 05, 2023, 06:03:48 AM »
a few things (some pirates and some misc Pather fleets, NOT any mission complications etc) get stronger with time, maxing out at around 2 cycles into the game (1.5 if a fast start option was chosen)

I think it might be good to mention that in the faster start option descriptions. It is a little bit of a newbie trap to get swatted by pirates in your starter frig, re-try with a fast start flotilla just to be swatted again by a now much stronger pirate fleet.

Blog Posts / Re: Wormholes and Sundry - Getting Around the Sector
« on: September 05, 2023, 05:40:58 AM »
Alex on twitter responding to this same question from another person said, the player can absolutely catapult another fleet away if timed properly


Imagine if at one point the Abyss starts to spread. Wouldn't that make for a scary endgame scenario ;D

Why would it spread? Maybe I've gotten the wrong idea of what abyssal hyperspace is, but as far as I understand its not some sort of "corruption" but essentially just empty space surrounding the cluster, perhaps mirroring thousands light-years worth of distance you have to travel IRL to actually reach another star system, let alone another cluster.

In my understanding it is a special type of hyperspace, not just a way to conceptualize "lots of empty space". Otherwise, why would't you be able to see outside it?


Blog Posts / Re: Wormholes and Sundry - Getting Around the Sector
« on: September 05, 2023, 03:51:04 AM »
Interesting stuff!

So, generally speaking, you are going in the direction of making travel easier and faster. I would have preferred the other direction, but I'm glad to see the challenge meter moving at all. At the moment it's often at an awkward "barely to hard to go afk" point. The new abilities all sound like they are active, fun ways to move around.
I'm really glad abyssal hyperspace made it into the game! I wonder in how far it will make up for the lost logistical challenges. Or will the dangers it presents be more of a combat nature? On second thought, don't answer this :)
Imagine if at one point the Abyss starts to spread. Wouldn't that make for a scary endgame scenario ;D

It would be cool if you could use reverse polarity for other things than just slip streams. Reverse polarity in a neutron star beam to catapult yourself towards the star! Do it with just the right timing to reflect an interdiction or sensor pulse!

Oh, and does anything stop the player from using a surge offensively to catapult away an pursing fleet? Asking for a friend.

Suggestions / Re: Ambitions
« on: July 21, 2023, 02:37:57 PM »
I'm kind of wary of stuffing too many miscellaneous not-exactly-core things into the game, if that makes sense

Yeah, makes total sense. To do ambitions in Starsector properly the existing guidance mechanics would probably have to be reworked and integrated. Starsector already has multiple ways to guide the player, like exploration-missions, the domain probes, the tutorial system and the whole Galatia quest line. BB has nothing like these, its all combat missions and ambitions. In a way that makes it definitely more tidy and easier to have well paced gameplay-loop, but also less... grant? More gamey, surely.

I guess about six years ago would have been a good time to suggest this for Starsector ;D

I really ought to play Battle Brothers at some point!

It really is well designed and, in the best way, addictive! Took me two tries to get into it though, it's challenging and doesn't like to explain itself.

Suggestions / Ambitions
« on: July 21, 2023, 06:49:35 AM »
I've been playing a lot of Battle Brothers lately, and the game has an "ambition" mechanic that I really like and that would fit very well for Starsector. It really works wonders to make the (open-world) game flow smoothly.

It would work like this: From time to time you can choose what your captain's next ambition should be. You can choose from a handful of semi-randomly selected options, or you can ignore the system and chose non at all. If you fulfill an ambition you get a small to medium bonus, if you cancel the ambition you get a small penalty. The clue is that every ambition is something that helps you understand the game's mechanics or explore the game's options and locations. These ambitions are supposed to:

1)Be a continuous (non-handholding) tutorial

2)Encourage you to experience parts of the game that you might otherwise not

3)Keep you from ever feeling lost and without goal, which can easily happen in a game that offers as much freedom as Starsector.

I wrote ambitions are only semi-random because some progression and pre-selection should be involved, depending on your level and what you already archived. Your ambitions grow with you.
It could start with something like "gain a contact", "buy your first combat-destroyer", "recruit an officer", "discover lost ruins" and "raid a market", and escalate to stuff like "get your first capital ship", "exploit a shortage", "intercept a trading fleet", "defeat a remnant station" or "discover one of the lost wonders of the Domain".

Rewards could be simply bonus XP, a small reputation gain with all factions or the occasional rare weapon or hull.

Suggestions / Re: A new combat role for civilian ships
« on: June 24, 2023, 08:01:25 AM »
So, the bonuses have to be pretty darn useful. I don't think the proposed bonuses meet those criteria; they're simply not powerful enough that I'd be like, "yeah, I'm totally going to bring in the Drams for this fight".

I was going for "extremely useful in some (not too rare) situations". You'd always want a logistics hub if you have ships with under 40%CR, as it would put them over. You'd always want a Rescue Operations Center if you expect heavy losses in a fight. You'd always want a Interference Furnace if you face an opponent with many carriers/LRM ships, or with strong support civs, to get to them quickly. But you'd not necessarily want to always have all of these - if there is absolutely no choice involved that would be boring, too. But as I said, just exampels and the actual effects/strenght would be absolutely up to Alex' balancing chops.

I love the idea of more options for support networks. Preferably they would supply bonuses that cater to certain tactics, instead of becoming a burdensome new meta, as in: solid military fleets without support networks still being viable and practical.

Yeah, like that.

How about conversion mods that cater to the likes of combat frieghters? They could sacrifice cargo space to give the ship a unique combat role.
I'd like that, but it's a separate idea, isn't it? Combat freighters are already plenty visible, after all.

So i have thought about this and... i kinda like the idea. But also it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. How are these civilian ships being logistics hubs for a fleet in the middle of a battle? Why are these things not integrated into combat vessels?

You could integrate the hullmods into combat ships, they would just be far less effective in utilizing it - they scale with cargo/fuel/crew capacity, after all.

This would add to the fringe exploration gameplay

An item that would enable this could be a cool Domain mothership drop.

Suggestions / A new combat role for civilian ships
« on: June 19, 2023, 04:21:35 AM »
Do civilian ships currently serve a game design purpose? I fear you could just as well delete all freighters/tankers/transporters from the game, give the combat ships more cargo/fuel/crew space - and literally nothing about the gameplay would change. Am I wrong? I'd like to be, cause I loving having civ ships in the game for their contribution to, well, feeling like a proper space captain! But if all they are is decoration, that's quite unsatisfying.

I tried to come up with ways to give them meaning for some time now. Thinking: how to make the logistics part of the game into a fun challenge? Maybe tone down the Bulk transport skill, maybe make civs more vulnerable to environmental hazards? But in the end that is all irrelevant annoyance if civs are not a part of Starsector's combat, of it's main appeal.

There were of course attempts to give them a more participatory role in combat, the hullmods Assault Package and Escort Package. But that didn't really work out, they could never shine in an active combat role, the hullmods are now removed. Just the anemic Nav Relay survives, but is more fit for back-line combatants than proper civilians.

I think the only fun part of civilian ship combat participation can and should be this: to protect them. Retrospectively, to hunt the enemy's. But, aside from the early game escape scenario, you never have to do either.

That in turn leads to ideas about special combat scenarios where civs are involved: in the campaign, ambushing and raiding the civilian part of the enemy  fleet. In combat, running your fast ships through the enemy border to get to their civs. But if these things are done to you, if your civs are forced to fight while your combat fleet is made unavailable, that seems super frustrating.

My suggestion is this:

  • Encourage civs to enter the battlefield by introducing logistic support hullmods with enormous fleet stat bonuses.

  • Scale the hullmod bonuses on cargo/fuel/crew space of the ship that carries them, linking them organically to civilians.

  • Prevent those ships from just hiding (boring) by only applying the bonuses when they are near an objective (Nav Buoy, Sensor Array and Comms).

  • (optional)  Prevent the loss of civ ships from being super frustrating by introducing a milder defeat option for them (besides disabled/destroyed) called "surrendered". At 0%  hull civilian ships don't explode, but are briefly invulnerable and signal surrender by shooting white flares all around them. If you win the engagement, your surrendered civs will have a high chance of not gaining d-mods and lose less crew and CR then disabled ships. If you lose, they will be recoverable from the battle debris field and contain their crew. (As a side effect, enemy surrendered ships increase loot when you win and so enable a less bloodthirsty pirate playstile.)

I believe these factors should make it the best tactical decision to deploy some civs, make them visible in combat and have fun defending them. While simultaneously upping the importance of combat objectives. I imagine it would also be really entertaining to hunt enemy civs behind the lines to stop their bonuses from applying. And, hopefully, this would be relatively easy to implement.

What could these logistic support hullmods look like? Here are some examples, but they are just that - examples. In the end the actual effects could be anything, as long as they make the deployment of civs/hunting of enemy civs a sound tactical decision in most combat scenarios.

Combat Logistics Hub
Scales with base cargo capacity. Gives a combat readiness bonus (1-20%) to all ships and increase peak combat readiness time of all ships by 10-100%. Only applies when adjacent to a friendly objective. You can operate up to two CLHs simultaneously, the weaker one has its effects reduced by 50%.

Rescue Operations Center
Scales with base crew capacity. Makes your disabled ships always recoverable with (+2-20%) CR, reduces crew losses of all ships by 10-90% and reduced overload duration (5-50%) of your ships. Only applies when adjacent to a friendly objective. You can operate up to two ROCs simultaneously, the weaker one has its effects reduced by 50%.

Infernium Interference Furnace
Scales with base fuel capacity. Selectively destabilizes the hyperspace bubble surrounding the battlefield, allowing your reinforcements to enter the battle from the sides. The higher the relative bonus, the farther towards the enemy your ships will enter. Reduces the enemie's ability to enter from the sides by the comparative difference of their Infernium interference. Allows re-deployment of retreated ships. Only applies when adjacent to a friendly objective. You can operate up to two IIFs simultaneously, the weaker one has its effects reduced by 50%.

Of course there already exists a hullmod that is supposed to encourage civs to enter combat, NavRelay.

"When deployed in combat, increases the nav rating of your fleet by 2/3/4/5 percent, depending on this ship's hull size." The bonus it gives is so small that it's not really worth risking the loss of a logistics ship for it, though - and were it bigger, you had better put it on a military ship.

I'm just here to mention that Bulk Transport seems pretty OP, obliterating almost all your logistical challenges for one skill point. Especially the +2 burn for civs means there's almost no reason not to take super-heavy freighters and tankers with you at all times.

I think this is more a bad fix for the fundamental problem of civ ships having no proper role/associated challenge in the game.

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