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Suggestions / Re: Crazy fun ship ideas in 3 words
« on: August 20, 2019, 12:00:47 PM »
Large Missile Destroyer

Suggestions / Re: Make maxShipsInFleet soft cap instead of hard cap
« on: August 20, 2019, 11:03:34 AM »
I really like the idea of having a fleet capacity similar to fuel and cargo capacity. I think one of the problems I see with late game is the capital ships just completely overshadow all other ship classes so there really is no reason to use anything but them, especially when you factor in that you are limited to the number of combat ships you can have in a fleet. I think bigger ships should cost more "fleet capacity".

A simple way to do it could be something like:
Frigate - 1 FP
Destroyer - 2 FP
Cruiser - 4 FP
Capital ship - 12 FP

However not all ships are created equally. I think an even better way than doing it as a standard cost based on ship size could be to do it in relation to their deployment cost. For example, a Paragon costs 60 pts to deploy in combat while a Conquest costs 40 so a Paragon should be 50% more expensive towards fleet capacity. Ideally this would encourage some fleet diversity and using more frigates and destroyers later in the game instead of just massing capital ships. Additionally, I could see this being a great use of the upcoming 'story point' sink to increase your maximum fleet capacity. Obviously this would just be a soft cap that you could go over at the expense of supplies, and maybe combat readiness maximum. Mothballed ships would not count towards your maximum fleet capacity allowing you to tow home ships that you have salvaged.

Every ship has at least some number of small or medium weapon slots that can easily be dedicated to point defense weaponry so I don't see that being much of an issue. Alternatively you could have escort ships armed with only PD weaponry to protect against fighters efficiently. I remember one of the first fights I got in to where fighters were a huge problem I outfitted 2 enforcers with 5 dual flak cannons only to watch how hopelessly terrible they were against fighters or protecting my fleet in general.

Yeah I can totally see that getting a little complicated - getting fighter damage / defensive stats balanced VS PD weaponry while not making them die immediately VS each other and still being a threat to other ships. Also the missiles such as the Swarmer heavy mount still being good vs fighters but not losing too much power against bigger ships. Maybe instead of complicating it more by adjusting fighter health it would be better to adjust PD weapon damage by say giving them a 100% bonus damage vs fighters or something to that effect but only those mounted on ship hulls.

I think the first step would be to make it so that only PD weaponry and maybe other small weapons w/ integrated point defense AI mod installed could hit them and see how that affects their survivability. The first problem I could see happening is the lack of range on most PD weapons making it very hard to kill bombers but then maybe the flak cannons will actually have a use?

Oh yeah I definitely get it and I'm not saying that fighters are giving me trouble or anything of the sort, but I think you kind of highlighted my point of why I personally think the current fighter implementation feels a little strange. A large caliber weapon shouldn't be shooting down fighters but due to the 2d nature of the game it does. I was kind of just trying to think of a way to make fighters feel 3d in a 2d game and this was what I thought sounded the most reasonable was having weapons that were dedicated to shooting them down. Also as you said PD weapons are supposed to be anti missile so why does everything else work just as well or better at shooting them down when they are approaching. having more weapons firing a wall of projectiles will actually shoot down missiles while PD weapons struggle to.

Fighters seem to be in a strange spot in the game the way it is. From what I have seen, their defensive stats are too high for PD weaponry to really have any effect which makes you rely on your main weaponry to hit them when they are approaching which just seems extremely unrealistic. My suggestion would be to make fighters only be able to be hit from weapons fired by PD labeled weaponry such as light / heavy machine guns, flak cannons, and PD Lasers, but in exchange greatly reduce their toughness.

Likewise it seems a little silly that you can simply shoot down missiles with your regular weaponry, and in larger battles most missiles will simply get shot down by the vast amount of projectiles being thrown around. With the limited number of missiles most ships can carry they often end up feeling pretty useless later on unless it is a 1v1 situation.

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