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Mods / Re: [0.9.1a] Hazard Mining Incorporated (DEBLOATENING Ed., 0.3.3c)
« on: November 21, 2020, 12:27:15 AM »
Apogee (BRT) and Odessey (BRT) are possible additions in future updates.

Anyway, minor update to:

Brighton Federation

-Changed the location of Griffith so Dieman isn't a perpetual murder machine - needs a new save to see.
-Added the Atlas Mk II (BRV), Colossus (BRV), Nebula (BRV), Hermes (BRV), Kite (BRV), Dram (BRV) and Phaeton (BRV).

Savegame compatible with previous version.

Download HERE.

HMI Supervillians

-Fang ships now have much more durable weapons, and frigates and destroyers now have better armour.
-Reduced the armour of stats of the Burro and Aventurarse
-Flux stats of Ionos and Appeasement along with some other stats to help differentiate them and their fleet roles.

Savegame compatible with previous version.

Download HERE.

Suggestions / Injured Officers
« on: November 08, 2020, 06:48:26 PM »
Just a small one, that would probably eat too much time for relatively minor payoff, and largely came about because at one point I ended up with seventeen officers (!).

I propose that Officers can get injured or killed. For instance, if their ship blows up, have a chance for them to actually die or be unuseable for a month or two due to injuries. This would cause players to think about how they use their officers from battle to battle, and have a reason to have extra officers on the bench to step up in case an existing officer dies or becomes injured. Right now, officers are a resource that once you get them and train them up, you don't really need to worry about losing them or worrying about getting extra back ups. Having a more dynamic rotation of officers in the fleet however could be more interesting, and make having high level officers seem more impactful as they'd be more difficult to accumulate.

Mind, this suggestion came from the fact that officers were a lot more common than they ought to be when salvaging derelicts. So a possible solution would be to make Officers appear less commonly as a find in derelict ships.

Mods / Re: [0.9.1a] Hazard Mining Incorporated (DEBLOATENING Ed., 0.3.3c)
« on: October 23, 2020, 11:22:40 PM »
Thanks for the catch on the variant file, I'll update it in the next version.

I can't really justify sticking the phase skimmer on a reconstructed, reclaimed ship from a lore angle, especially one with medium and large ballistic slots from a gameplay aspect.

Warning: this topic has not been posted in for at least 120 days.
Unless you're sure you want to reply, please consider starting a new topic.


A huge overhaul to GMDA to make things a bit more interesting. This comes with new ships, redone ships, tweaked ships, and a bunch of new features. GMDA is now a little bit more interesting, and a bit less cancerous to play against. In the future I plan on adding some new bounty-quest content, but right now I lack the code-fu, and I am waiting for the new contacts feature.


Changelog from previous version:
-GMDA Overhauled
    -Ships are much more powerful across the board, but are more expensive to maintain and cost more to deploy.
    -Fleets will pretend to be independent if threatened, and should extort money properly.
-Added Mercenary Outposts - very expensive colony structures that add patrol fleets to your markets, proportional to market size:
    -Nedwin Seagoon Security Depot - Provides GMDA fleets to your market. Requires good relations with GMDA to build.
    -Condottiere Mercenary Company - Provides a few small independant military patrols.
    -Only one can be built at a time however it is possible to cheese this at the moment.
-Renamed Condor (GM), Tarsus (GMs) and Tarsus (GM) to Carker, Hummer and Jutter, respectively.
-Venture (GM) overhauled; new sprite, is now a better support vessel.
-Vigilance (GM) has been changed to the Rushcutter, with a new sprite and chunkier stats.
-Added the Mule (GM), a powerful if inefficient combat freighter
-Sunder (GM), Falcon (GM), Wolf (GM), Wolf (GMHQ), Lasher (GM), Lasher (GMHQ) and Onslaught (GM) have had their sprites chunkified.
-Minor tweaks to the Wayfarer (GM) and Sagitus (C) sprites.
-Wolf (GMs) and Lasher (GMs) removed from rotation.
-The modular Lurgi Suppression beam is now a medium weapon.
-The Phaseslaught is now a Vayra HVB, and it's the only way to get it.
-Fleet spawning changed to be less overwhelming
-Fixed the version file


Mods / Re: [0.9.1a] Luddic Enhancement Mod 1.2.4
« on: October 23, 2020, 09:32:17 PM »
Changes with 1.2.4:

Added new ships to help flesh out the Luddic Church:

-The Fidem, an oversized frigate with a fighter bay, let down by a disproportionately high maintenance cost.
-The Fasces, an archaic, heavily armoured and heavily armed destroyer with the logistical cost of a light cruiser.
-The Sebastian, an ancient front-line carrier cruiser, let down by a prohibitive logistical profile and a lack of large weapon mounts.

This update also has the following changes:
-Fixed the Phaeton (LP) and Starliner (LP) having the wrong number of flight decks.
-Version file fixed.

This update is savegame compatible with previous version.

Download Here.

Mods / Re: [0.9.1a] Hazard Mining Incorporated (DEBLOATENING Ed., 0.3.3c)
« on: October 23, 2020, 09:14:22 PM »

Due to everyone complaining about how HMI is too big and strenuous on existing systems, I have decided to split up the content, removing the Brighton Federation, Fang and Draco from HMI. HMI now runs a bit smoother now a few scripts have been removed, and the lower ship number reduces strain on computer systems. In the course of splitting up the mod, I also made Brighton and HMI Supervillains (Fang and Draco) useable independantly of HMI and each other. So if you want scavenged derelicts and remnants without having to deal with junker ships - you're all good. HOWEVER, all the secret content is tied to the main HMI mod.


Changelog (and it's a doozy)

0.3.3 Changes:
-Draco, Fang and Brighton have been removed.
-Obsidian has been retooled into a more 'conventionally' hazardous system.
-Several Market tweaks have occurred to help - not guarantee, just help - prevent HMI markets spamming the 'best place to sell' listing, and also make them more robust to attack.
-Mercy has been beefed up with more Luddic Path markets and an increase in Soul's defensivenessand maybe some weirdness there idk

-Added some new Ship Names to Scavengers and HMI.
-Added the Dominator (P), and phaseless TT prototypes of the Afflictor (Forgiveness), the Harbringer (the Appeasement) and the Doom (the Pardon).
-The Phlognosticator has been made a bit rarer and a bit more dangerous.
-TT Prototypes and HMI Techmined ships have been made more common
-The Hammerhead (HMI), Cerberus (HMI) and Lasher (HMI) have been reworked into techmined ships and renamed
-The Hammerhead (TT) has been reworked, and turned into a TT Prototype
-Removed the Shepherd (L), the Donkey and the Hammerhead (C); Although if there is outrage I might re-add the Donkey and Shepherd Light
-'Fixed' the Locomotive's system - right now I'm looking into how to fix this problem, but right now you'll find that you'll be able to use the system when you've lost the engine module; I.E. when you shouldn't be able to. I'm looking into it, apologies.

-Flux efficiency of the Richardson reduced.
-Mess Feeder drones now work properly.

-Version Checker Fixed.
-Fixed the Domres blueprint, made fighters not flux out.
-Fixed an incompatibility with Brighton's Absence


Changes in 0.0.1

-Split off from HMI
-(Scav) renamed to (BRV)
-Added the Radiant (BRV)
-Removed the Warden (BRV)
-Derelict and Remnant (BRV) ships now come with hullmods that reduce weapon and engine health and increase repair times, along with making their CR degrade faster outside of peak performance time.
-Added Reconstructed ships - these are vanilla base blueprint vessels that come with terrible maluses, but have a lot of big missile slots.
-Fixed Brighton Nex starts

Get Brighton Federation HERE

Changes 0.0.1

-Split off from HMI
-Added Phaseless phase ships to Draco
-Ionos (Draco) has been changed to be a lot more forward firepower focused.
-Added Atlas (Fang), Mora (Fang), Colossus (Fang) and the Burro - an incredibly angry Enforcer with consolidated forward firepower.
-Draco gets their own system of Prester John; a black hole system in the West of the sector.
-Fang gets their own system of Phylum; a red dwarf system with lots of small markets.
-Both Fang and Draco fight over the planet Infinity in Gallus.
-Fang and Draco will use Raider Bases if Varya's Sector is installed and Raider Bases are allowed.
-Draco Engines now look fancier

Get HMI Supervillains HERE

And, as always, give me a yell if anything goes wrong.

Mods / Re: [0.9.1a] Hazard Mining Incorporated (Ascendente! Ed., 0.3.2b)
« on: October 11, 2020, 05:33:22 PM »
Ooops, sorry everyone. While clearing out some old files I accidentally deleted the file for this mod. Regardless, as Deadeon said, an update is in the works, and I'm reasonably sure I can release the debloated version of HMI later today. I'm afraid you're just going to have to wait a bit before Brighton, Fang and Draco get released as separate mods in this thread, as they're the ones I'm a bit less confident on being balanced.

EDIT: In the mean time, while I'm playtesting the mod to make sure nothing explodes, I've updated the link to the most recent build of the game before I took it apart. This one has one or two added bits and pieces relative to 0.3.2b, and isn't really that different from 0.3.2b, but this puts the mod at it's largest size.

Mods / Re: [0.9.1a] Ship/Weapon Pack 1.11.0
« on: September 07, 2020, 08:24:19 PM »
Yeah, you have been looking in the wrong place. Persean League and Tri-Tachyon markets will have it.

Mods / Re: [0.9.1a-RC8] Pearson Exotronics - v0.5.4 4/8/20
« on: August 05, 2020, 07:31:17 PM »
I'm not sure if this is helpful, but Underworld mod has unique Astral IBB boss that spawns permanent drone with its ship system. And it doesn't show in reinforcement screen.

The code for that drone system is much, much simpler than the code work that has gone into Tomato's work. The code behind that one is straightforward and actually embedded into the base game - spawn drone, go to this spot, and rotate. Tomato's work is far more involved, and requires a fair amount of code finagling and some cross-pollination with modules to make it work properly.

Its been like this since I've installed this mod, perhaps longer than that but the Bombardment Pod has a name so ridiculously long, it sticks out of the fighter equip dialog. Maybe change the variant name to "Auxiliary" like the vanilla drone?

Will look into shortening it.

probably a bug, it seems draco stuff are turned off by default but i encountered them on some system and got their ships i think it was a system near obsidian, i think kamikaze or some other.

That's intended; the option in the config prevents the raider bases from spawning, not the faction itself. They still show up along with Fang in Obsidian.

Also, Seele still doesn't work, as the enemies in the research station don't appear on the map. Battle is empty, no enemies, allies don't move.
I'm using the newest version and I properly updated it by removing the previous version completely and installing this one. It's a new save file, so it can't be that either.

Seele not working is probably a consequence of your battle size being too small; the ships might be too large to deploy in battle relative to what battle size you've set, and so the game 'glitches' and doesn't spawn anything. So you'll need to increase the battle size before they'll spawn, I'm afraid.

Mods / Re: [0.9.1a] Luddic Enhancement Mod 1.2.2
« on: July 23, 2020, 01:48:05 AM »
An Update!

This update adds:
-A Suicide Dram
-The Prometheus Mk IV., a vessel with less armament than the Promethus Mk II., but comes with a built-in suicide Dram.

This update also has the following changes:
-Reduces the logistical capacities of the Phaeton (LP) and Starliner (LP) to be sensible
-Changes the Mule (LP) from a carrier to a more heavily combat-focused vessel (Main source of savegame incompatibility from previous version).
-Fixes Mis-Spellings in Alexandria
-Reduces the Spawning of Onslaught (LC) in Luddic Church Fleets

Please get back to me if there are any crashes / weird things going on.


I'm honestly not quite sure what could've caused that. It might be a glitch going from an older version of HMI to 0.3.2b, as there was an issue with how I had named dieman3 in the older version which I corrected in 0.3.2b. Alternatively, you may have overwritten the mod file by copy-pasting the HMI folder over the existing HMI folder on update, which may have caused the problem. I honestly couldn't tell you where the issue came from, beyond deleting the old folder and redownloding.

Just a quick one: I have a ship that has an engine boosting system, and an engine module. I'd like to disable the ship system if the module is missing, however I'm not sure how to check if a ship has a module. May I ask how to do this, if it's possible at all?

Quick and Minor Update, Compatible with Previous Save

-Ascendente has had it's flux capacity and vent statistics improved; the ship is now a lot more frightening
-Weaver tweaked in flux capacity and deployment points to be more balanced.
-Clyde's range has been increased from 800 to 900. Damage has been slightly reduced to compensate.
-Fang fleets no longer spawn Onslaughts (as often), instead spawn Atlas Mk IIs.
-Similarly, Brighton will spawn Atlas Mk IIs as well.
-A couple of minor tweaks to the Clyde and Andersson MG sprites.

-The Onslaught (P) HVB will be available from Prism Freeport if destroyed in combat.

Download Here!

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