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I have a problem with my longboi where the game try to show all modules, but it ends up with the portrait looking horrible instead, is there a way to force the game to focus the portrait on the central module only?

Drones spawned from modules (using the station drone system) cause the main ship to evade them if they have ship (not fighter) collision, and since the drone follows the ship in formation the ship keeps trying to dodge the drone forever even though the drone does not actually collide with the ship (seems like the AI doesn`t understand that)

You can see this behavior in my ships Retriever, Beauceron and Beauceron pirate in version 1.9.4 of my mod

I will change the collision of my drones to FIGHTER until this bug is fixed starting in next version.

Mods / [0.9.1a] ED Shipyard 2.1.2 (crash fix)
« on: September 07, 2019, 07:00:00 PM »

ED Shipyard 2.1.2


SAVE COMPATIBLE WITH 2.0 (Still, make backups)


(Requires LazyLib )
(Requires GraphicsLib )
(Requires MagicLib )

Compatible with Version Checker!
Added integration with Nexerelin!

This mod adds some high tech ships and weapons to Independents (and pirates), there is no real theme behind them other than the naming convention and color scheme, those are just ships i would find useful in my fleets or fun to play with.


How to get Wurgandal
Get to lv50
Max your reputation with Independents
Have 25 Million in your pocket
Go to a bar in an Independent world with ED Shipyards submarket, find the representative.

There is now a submarket in Nova Maxios that sell the ships, if you have Nex there will also be one in the Freeport.


ED Shipyards is a private Independent aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services company. It was founded after the collapse of the Domain's rule by Eron Dust, an eccentric celebrity billionaire with the goal of developing new spaceship technologies. Despite having dealings with Tri-Tachyon and the Persean League Eron Dust operates his business only in Independent worlds where most of the unique ED Shipyard designs can be found.

While the company is suspected of using artificial intelligence technology no illegal activity was ever discovered by Hegemony inspections. The company is also accused of stealing blueprints and violating copyright law, but none of the accusations held in court due to lack of evidence.

I aim to make these ships balanced, this is not supposed to be an "OP ships" pack, these ships are supposed to fill roles that may not exist in vanilla ships and some are very specialized, the way i balance my ships is not by making all their stats and features average, but by giving them as many strong flaws as they have strong points, feedback is welcome.

Changelog 2.1+
Version 2.1.2
Fixed missing vanilla weapons in indie markets

Version 2.1.1
Fixed a crash on Magnetic Burst
Improved the *** that was the Groenendael Engines
Slightly Improvements to Malinois sprite
Increased Malinois DP to 24 from 21
Increased Malinois speed to 85 from 75
Increased max range (last pulse) of Misdirection from 3*ship radius to 4*ship radius

Version 2.1
-Added Redbone
-Added Basset
-Added Bischon
-Added Malinois
-Fixed Tyrant Maw Description
-Magnetic Burst now disable shield/phase for the user, but the damage reduction now starts at 50% and scales to 100% at the peak
-Reworked Magnetic Burst AI
-Added 300 flux cost and increased the cooldown of mine teleporter by 2 seconds
-Added most of the ships to simulation selection
-Wurgandal's Engine Defense Module now has Station Mine Strike instead of Mine Teleport
-Wurgandal's Hangar Modules had their systems replaced with Misdirection
-Halved Dense Neutrino Beam Emp damage
-Magna Blaster energy cost decreased from 2000 to 1350
-Magna Blaster EMP damage decreased from 4000 to 1500
-Shield Breaker now deals extra energy damage on enemies with 75%+ hard flux or if they are overloaded
-Added Light Fire Lance
-Added Heavy Fire Lance
-Added Mega Fire Lance
-Fixed a submarket problem where weapons and fighters stacked forever, they should be fixed on your next market reset
-Greatly increased ship variety in the Submarket
Changelog 2.0
Version 2.0
Changelog pre-2.0
Version 1.9.9a
-Fixed hidden built-in-only hullmods appearing as learnable (hopefully)
-Fixed mismatched image name error crashing on Linux
-Increased the Cooldown on Dust Missiles to 8 seconds (8,16 and 48 missiles versions)
Version 1.9.9
-Added Dalmatian Phase Superfreighter
-Added Bernese Construction Cruiser
-Increased all Ricochet and Scatter gun weapons range to 750 from 600
-Nerfed Magna Blaster range to 1000 from 1200
-Nerfed Magna Blaster EMP to 4000 from 4500
-Increased the Pug operational range to 900 from 600
-Detonator Drones will now cancel the self-destruct if friendly ships are too close
-Added the Grapeshot Cannon family (Ballistic)
-Lowered the Spread of all Shield Breaker weapons slightly
-Lowered Collie OP to 55 from 64
-Made most BPs less rare
-Doppelswap AI should take friendly projectiles into consideration now
-Removed Increased Maintenance from Shiba, but also removed Built-in Auxiliary Thrusters
-Increased the Shiba DP to 10 from 9
-Doppel ships now have zero signature similar to Phase ships
Version 1.9.7
-Added Pirate Retriever
-Remodeled Pirate Beauceron and the detonator drone
-Wurgandal Weapon modules now have 2 extra small universal slots
-Wurgandal Weapon had their OP increased to 120 from 100
-Wurgandal Hangar modules now have a universal instead of composite large weapon
-Wurgandal Hangar modules had the ship system changed to mine teleport (pomeranian version, not doom version)
-Carolina Reload now works with Speed Up
-Carolina Reload now has a 5% chance per bullet reloaded to grant Lucky Shot to the next shot increasing damage by 50%
-Corrected the feedback angle of the Carlina Reaper shots
-Increased damage of detonator drones to 2500 from 1500
-Increased explosion radius of detonation frones to 400 from 300
-Improved the Terrier AI (thanks to WASP103)
-Improved the Maltese AI (thanks to WASP103)
-Increased Dust Barrage (48 shot, large) OP cost to 22 from 15
-Lowered Dust Quad Launcher (4 shot, small) OP cost to 1 from 3
-Lowered Dust Quad Launcher burst size to 1 from 4
-Lowered Dust Single Launcher OP cost to 0 from 1
-Dust missile Barrage and Cluster how have 4 second cooldown from 2 seconds cooldown
-Added Dust Missile Cluster (small, 8 shot)
-Added the Shield Breaker Family (Ballistic)
-Added the Scatter Cannon Family (Ballistic)
-Added Ricocher Pellet Gun (Ballistic)
-Added Magna Blaster (Energy)
-Added Cluster Cannon (Ballistic)
Version 1.9.5
-Added Basenji
-Changed the Chin ship system to microburn
-Nerfed Bernard's Great Drive Field burn increase to 2 from 4
-Lowered Bernard price, fuel use and supply use and increased burn speed to compensate for the nerf
-Remodeled wolfhound and the pirate version
-Fixed a glitch in Spatial Swap AI
-Added some blinkers and swag and ***
-Minor remodeling in parts of the Beauceron and Wurgandal
-Changed corgi small composite mounts into universals
-Nerfed Corgi OP to 70 from 80
-Removed High Maintenance from the Chin
-Reworked the Papillon, removed Phase Cloak and increased several other attributes to compensate
-Buffed Pincher speed to 300 from 200
-Nerfed Pug operational range to 600 from 1200
-Nerfed Pug OP cost to 3 from 1
-Increased Pug wing size by 1
-Increased Pincher and Papillon armor by 50
-Added one more Dust missile and Wisp Launcher to Papillon
-Nerfed Wisp Launcher OP cost to 1 from 0
-Nerfed Wisp Launcher EMP to 20 from 100
-Nerfed Wisp Launcher duration to 4 seconds from 5 seconds
-Nerfed Wisp Launcher projectile health to 1 from 150
-Wisp Launchers no longer cost flux
-Added 1 second delay between Wisp bursts
-Nerfed Dust missiles projectile health to 75 from 150
-Nerfed Dust missile EMP to 300 from 600
-Changed the Rescue and Detonation drone`s collision to Fighter to fix an AI pathing issue with the Retriever and Beauceron
-Increased Retriever and Beauceron collision radius
-Fixed an issue that caused the Spatial Swap AI to sometimes fail to recognize allies in danger
-Reworked Detonator Drone's Self Destruct
-Saluki Remodel, changed Saluki`s large energy hidden slots into large energy hardpoints and the medium missile turrets into medium missile hardpoints
-Fixed the Groenendael collision polygon
-Added 1 medium energy mount and 2 small energy mounts to the Rottweiler
-Increased Rottweiler DP to 25 from 24
-Improved Acceleration and deceleration of Beauceron and the pirate version to hit max speed in 1 second (kept max speed the same) to improve maneuverability
Version 1.9.4
-Added Beauceron
-Added Pirate Beauceron
-Added Pirate Dobermann
-Added Wisp Launcher Small Energy PD System
-Terrier drones now should always give priority to weapons that do not replenish themselves
-Remodeled the Retriever, also the shield now changes color depending on how much accumulated damage the generator has
-Remodeled the Groenendael again, removed the silly accidental face
-Reduced Chin DP to 4 from 5
-Reduced Collie DP to 8 from 9
-Reduced Shiba DP to 9 from 11
-Increased Corgi DP to 11 from 10
-Corrected the problem where Papillons wouldn't release their missiles if the target engines were disabled already
-Increased Papillon Refit time to 40 seconds from 30 seconds to compensate for how strong they became after the previous fix
-Lowered the Papillon attack run range
-Changed the Papillon PD laser for a Wisp Launcher
-Changed Pug system to ammofeed from flare launcher (fighter)
-Added 4 Wisp Launchers to the Pug
-Made some ships less rare
Version 1.9.2
-Added 48 shot Dust Missile
-Added Neutrino Beam Medium PD
-The Retriever's Shield Field now costs 400 hard flux per second, this cost is added to the damage accumulation of the shield, and will increase over time until the shield is disabled
-Halved the speed of Dust Missiles, they are easier to shot down, but they no longer get stuck in loops
-Fixed an Inconsistency on the Pomeranian bounds polygon
-Nerfed the Dobermann OP to 180 from 240
-Remade the Leonberger engines
-Remodeled Groenendael
-Doubled the amount of guns on the Groenendael, the large weapons were converted to Universals
-Increased Groenendael deployment cost to 72 from 64 to compensate for the increase in firepower and flexibility
-Increased Groenendael mass to 4500 from 3000
-Reworked Grand Salvo, the system will now work on any combat speed, and it no longer kills the engines, but deals less damage overall dealing 75 HE dmg per shot, 20 shots per sec and 8 sec duration, theorethical 12000 dmg if every single shot hit
-Fixed a glitch that locked the Wurgandal in perpetual siege mode if the Maw was interrupted with Venting
-Fixed a glitch with the Maltese and Terrier drones not being removed from the game when landing
-Increased Papillon engagement and attack run range to compensate for the changes in the Dust
-Increased Terrier reload amount, small weapons are fully reloaded, medium reload 25% of max ammo and large reloads 10% of max ammo from 50%/20%/5%
-Increased Maltese hull healing by 0.5/1/2/4 points based on the size of he ship being healed, but only if the ship being healed has not lost any CR since the battle started
-The Maltese now gives a higher priority to damaged ships nearby instead of beelining for the most damaged all the time
-Greatly reduced the prices of Groenendael, Leonberger, Rottweiler, Beagle, Dobermann and Collie
Version 1.9.0a
-Added 4 shot Dust Missile (small)
-Added 16 shot Dust Missile (medium)
-Made slight changes to the newfoundland collision radius to improve AI aim
-Fixed a crash on the Retriever
Version 1.9.0
-Added Shiba
-Added Retriever
-Added Newfoundland
-Cleaned up Carolinas, Corgi and Beagle sprites
-Improved the Carolina reloading animation
-Nerfed Corgi top speed to 65 from 85
-Nerfed Dachshund cargo to 800 from 1000
-Nerfed Dachshund Peak Performance to 90 seconds from 480
-Nerfed Dachshund fuel to 300 from 400
-Nerfed Dachshund fuel/ly to 3 from 2
-Nerfed Pirate Dachshund supply cost to 20 from 16
-Nerfed Pirate Dachshund cargo to 100 from 200
-Buffed Leonberger acceleration to 20 from 6
-Buffed Leonberger turn acceleration to 6 from 3
-Buffed Leonberger top speed to 80 from 75
-Buffed Leonberger phase enter cost to 0.15 of base from 0.25
-Nerfed Leonberger and Rottweiler shield module max flux to 2400 from 7400
-Buffed Leonberger and Rottweiler shield module shield arc to 165 from 90
-Buffed Rottweiler Shield arc to 105 from 90
-Buffed Rottweiler Shield radius to 180 from 155
-Buffed Rottweiler Large Weapon arcs to 210 from 180
-Buffed Pug refit time to 40 seconds from 60 seconds
-Buffed Collie Peak performance to 280 from 120 seconds
-Tyrant Maw now pierces through unshielded fighters
-Improved Rottweiler Large Weapon slots sprite
-Nerfed Point Defense Specialization range bonus to 100 from 200
-Buffed Point Defense Specialization turn speed to 35 from 30
-Spatial Swap now resets momentum (sets velocity to zero)
-Spatial Swap now applies a hull damage taken reduction buff on the target until the swap happens, smaller ships get stronger reduction
-Fixed a possible crash on Spatial Swap
-Fixed a *** typo
Version 1.8.2
-Added Carolina
-Added Pirate Carolina
-Remodeled the Beagle
-Remodeled the Corgi
-Fixed the rarity of the ships in the markets
-Fixed a crash on PD Specialization hullmod tooltip
-Point Defense Specialization is now Hidden (no longer learnable)
Version 1.8.0
-Added Chihuahua
-Added Wolfhound
-Added Pirate Wolfhound
-Added Pirate Dachshund
-My drone fighter wings should now appear on independent markets
-Fixed a duplication glitch by reworking Small Drone Hangar
-Reworked Small Drone Hangar, all fighters can now be equipped, but they will have a significant chance to malfuncion in combat if they are outside the hullmod limitations
-Reworked Point Defense Specialization, all guns can now be equipped, but they will have a significant chance to malfuncion in combat if they are not PD or anti-fighter
-Small Drone Hangars how works with Drone Conversion from Seeker.
-Tyrant Maw range nerfed further to 2000 from 3000
-Nerfed Wurgandal base hitpoints to 25000 from 35000
-Wurgandal is no longer Unboardable
-Fixed a crash with Spatial Swap
-Spatial Swap now has 4000 max range
-Changed Affenpinscher name to Pincher due to it being claimed already by other mod (the ship id is the same as previously, this should not crash your savefiles)
-Increasd Leonberger max speed by 15
Version 1.7.0
-Added Dobermann
-Added Beagle
-Fixed AI tags of Chin and Collie
-Fixed Autofit tags in the fighter wings, they should autofit correctly now (thanks Nia)
-Changed Shield Bash to 200 kinetic 200 emp from 300 kinetic 100 emp per hit and lowered push to 500 from 600
-Wurgandal should be showing up in Independent markets now (fixed issue with the tags)
-Wurgandal base price reduced to 2 million from 10 million
-Nerfed Wurgandal main ship OP to 200 from 228
-Nerfed Wurgandal shield and weapon modules flux capacitors by 1500 flux each
-Nerfed Wurgandal max crew to 2000 from 4000
-Nerfed Wurgandal max cargo to 1500 from 2500
-Nerfed Wurgandal max fuel to 600 from 800
-Nerfed Wurgandal Tyrant Maw range to 3000 from 10000, lowered flux per second to 2400 from 2500
-Nerfed Wurgandal Tyrant Eye range increase to 60% from 200%, and Sensor range to 120% from 200%, lowered flux per second to 600 from 1500
-Buffed Wurgandal deployment cost to 100 from 120
-Wurgandal Hangar Module system changed from Reserve Deployment to Ammofeed
-Replaced the Tyrant Maw Burst Wave
-Wurgandal AI can now use the Tyrant Maw
-Fixed a serious flaw in the Tyrant Eye AI
-Tyrant Eye now affects Tyrant Maw
-Safety Removal no longer increases acceleration and deceleration (affects both Saluki and Leonberger)
-Nerfed Leonberger acceleration, deceleration and turn rate by about 80%
-Nerfed Leonberger armor to 1200 from 1800
-Buffed Leonberger armormodules armor to 1800 from 1200
-Nerfed Leonberger shieldmodule armor to 200 from 1200
-Nerfed Leonberger fuel use, to 20 f/ly from 10 f/ly
-Nerfed Leonberger Turrets which had 360 rotation to a max of 240
-Nerfed Saluki fuel use, to 8 f/ly from 4 f/ly
-Nerfed Saluki Armor to 750 from 800
-Nerfed Saluki Hull to 5000 from 6000
-Nerfed Saluki Flux dissipation to 750 from 900
-Nerfed Dust missiles (Papillon payload) lowering HE dmg to 300 from 600 and EMP to 600 from 1200, lowered OP cost to 1 from 3
-Groenendael, Leonberger, Saluki and Bernard are now harder to find
-Nerfed Bernard fuel use, to 50 f/ly from 25 f/ly
-Fixed a crash on PD Only Weapons hullmod, the hullmod now also accepts some modded PD weapons it rejected before
-Use of omni shield conversion and converted hangars that were too exploitable are now blocked by special hullmods
-Fixed more embarrassing typos
Version 1.6.0
-Added Collie rescue frigate
-Added Chin phase freighter
-Added Maltese Support drone wing
-Added Terrier Support drone wing
-Buffed Groenendael max flux from 18000 to 20000
-Buffed Groenendael flux vent from 800 to 1000
-Buffed Groenendael turn rate
-Increased Groenendael Shield Radius by 10%
-Changed Groenendael's ship system from Reserve Deployment to Spatial Swap, swaps place with an ally and gives the Groenendael 12 seconds of high shield absorption
-Bernard base Supply cost reduced from 40 to 35, but now it has High Maintenance hullmod built in (effective Increase in cost from 60 to 105 before efficiency overhaul/militarized subsystems)
-Pomeranian can no longer equip makeshift shield generators
-Improved Wurgandal's Tyrant Eye system AI slightly
-Changed the Wurgandal's price from 50 million to 10 million (and that is a great price!)
-The variants of all ED Shipyard ships with Hangars how come with custom drone fighters matching their roles
-Fixed embarassing typo on Wurgandal, please tell me when find those, don't just laugh ;_;
Version 1.5.1
-Doubled the Refit time of Papillon drones from 15 to 30 seconds
-Added Affenpinscher drone interceptor
-Added Pug drone gunboat
-Some hullmods that were not supposed to be learneable are no longer learnable
-Buffed Small Drone Hangar, it now limits carriers to 8 OP cost LCPs or less up from 5 OP
Version 1.5.0
-Added Wurgandal
-Added Papillon bomber wing
-Added Dust missile
-Nerfed Groenendael ordinance points from 360 to 260
-Nerfed Leonberger ordinance points from 360 to 280
-Nerfed Corgi ordinance points from 95 to 80
-Groenendael can now only equip low OP drone wings
-Leonberger armor modules can no longer equip shields
-Leonberger armor modules now have one small composite hardpoint each
-Leonberger and Rottweiler shield module have larger radius
-Buffed Rottweiler' DP cost, to 24 from 28
-Buffed Cooldown of Shield Bash to 6 from 10 seconds
-Shield Bash now pierces through projectiles, fighters, missiles and asteroids
-Redesgined all ship sprites
Version 1.2.5
-Now also requires Magic Lib
-Fixed fighter bay ports for Groenendael, Corgi and Dachshund
-Expanded Groenendael shield radius
-Improved Leonberger system AI, AI will now use system or vent if close to overload
-Added Shield Bash built-in weapon to the Rottweiler
-Changed the AI of the Rottweiler Fortress Shield so it will vent earlier if the module shield is up
Version 1.2.0
-Added the Rottweiler
-Removed shield on pomeranian
-Fixed cooldown on Leonberger and Pomeranian systems
-Changed the Leonberger/Rottweiler shield module AI
-Removed all the ED Shipyard ships from Tri-Tachion markets, they noticed the ships were made with reverse-engineered Tri-Tachion tech and are now placing a large bounty on ED (this will be a story mission eventually... maybe... i guess...)
Version 1.1.0
-Added Saluki
-Added compatibility with Version Checker
Version 1.0.1
-Fixed the Crash on Leonberger's system AI
Version 1.0.0

Some Systems and Hullmods were heavily based on source of other modders like Dark.Revenant, Sundog and Tartiflette and Nia Tahl
And a great thanks to Alex who is always there to help! And special thanks to WASP103 for his contributions

Modding / Crash when trying to load the ship image, not found?
« on: September 02, 2019, 06:31:32 PM »
I get a crash when trying to load my mod, looks like the game can't find the ship image in the mod folder, but it is in there!

27170 [Thread-9] ERROR  - Error loading [graphics/ships/edshipyard_pomeranian_2.png
] resource, not found in [C:\Program Files (x86)\Fractal Softworks\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\ED Shipyard,../starfarer.res/res,CLASSPATH]
java.lang.RuntimeException: Error loading [graphics/ships/edshipyard_pomeranian_2.png
] resource, not found in [C:\Program Files (x86)\Fractal Softworks\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\ED Shipyard,../starfarer.res/res,CLASSPATH]
at com.fs.util.C.?00000(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.util.C.?00000(Unknown Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at$ Source)
at Source)
27984 [Thread-4] ERROR com.fs.starfarer.combat.CombatMain  - java.lang.RuntimeException: Error loading [graphics/ships/edshipyard_pomeranian_2.png
] resource, not found in [C:\Program Files (x86)\Fractal Softworks\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\ED Shipyard,../starfarer.res/res,CLASSPATH]
java.lang.RuntimeException: Error loading [graphics/ships/edshipyard_pomeranian_2.png
] resource, not found in [C:\Program Files (x86)\Fractal Softworks\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\ED Shipyard,../starfarer.res/res,CLASSPATH]
at com.fs.util.C.?00000(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.util.C.?00000(Unknown Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.loading.ResourceLoaderState.init(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.state.AppDriver.begin(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.combat.CombatMain.main(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.StarfarerLauncher$ Source)
at Source)

Modding / Making some ships, need feedback
« on: August 30, 2019, 07:33:21 AM »

Status on the mod:

Ship: Done
System: Done
Hullmods: Done
Variants: Top (Missile), Beamer (Gravitons)
Balanced: More play-testing required

Ship: Done
System: Done
Hullmods: Small Drone Bays: Can only equip drone wings of 5 OP or less
Variants: Not Yet
Balanced: More play-testing required

Ship: Done
System: Done
Hullmods: Small Drone Bays: Can only equip drone wings of 5 OP or less
Variants: Not Yet
Balanced: More play-testing required

Ship: Done
System: Done
Hullmods: Done
Variants: Assault
Balanced: More play-testing required

Ship: Done
System: Done
Hullmods: Done
Variants: Logistics
Balanced: More play-testing required

Ship: Done
System: Done
Hullmods: Done
Variants: Assault
Balanced: More play-testing required

The AI is pretty decent in 1v1... most of the time, but amazingly bad for fleet coordination and as you can see i got quite worked up about it recently...
Rigid formations where all ships move together in perfect sync would also be amazing, is there a mod for it?

Suggestions / Crazy fun ship ideas in 3 words
« on: August 19, 2019, 02:22:58 PM »
Try to come up with something stupid fun, don't worry about balance

Banned words: Onslaught, Recolor

Capital Phasing Ramming

Do pirates target you with sector raids that make your colonies unstable if you are friendly or better with them?
Using Nexerelin by the way, not sure if the mod changes this behavior.

Suggestions / Threat level for harder endgame
« on: August 19, 2019, 12:31:23 PM »
The game becomes too easy after you have a good colony or two, with unlimited income and a strong fleet there is no danger anymore, winning becomes a simple factor of time, and at least for me, it becomes too boring, i always restart after taking down a faction or two.

So, what if there was a player threat level, every great deed like successfully invading a large world, betraying a faction or expanding colonies too fast would raise your threat level, this would amplify all rep loss with other factions and make them send bigger fleets after your colonies instead of sending sad little scraps that get obliterated in orbit every time, also enemies joining in alliances against you would become more common, after all a nobody who in less than 3 years forms a faction and destroys the hegemony would be a danger to the whole system.

Obviously there are people who enjoy taking their time and playing slowly. This could be an option you set when starting the game.

Modding / How to change sector gen configs?
« on: August 18, 2019, 12:14:15 PM »
I hate empty systems and how good systems have so few planets, how can i increase the overall number of planets on my sector?

General Discussion / Granting Independence to colonies?
« on: August 13, 2019, 11:47:34 AM »
i remember reading something about being able to do this, but i can't see any option for it ingame, is there a mod that lets you turn colonies into Independent colonies or is there a way to do so ingame?
I want to do a playthrough where i invade every faction and free their colonies (no matter if they want to be free or not)

Suggestions / AI cores as ship officers
« on: August 07, 2019, 08:07:07 PM »
What if we had an option to use AI Cores in ships just like we can do in colonies?

The AI cores would have every skill that affects piloted ship (same as officers) at the level corresponding to their rarity

Gamma AI core: lv1
Beta AI core: lv2
Alpha AI core: lv3

Off course there would be drawbacks, Hegemony, the Church and other anti-AI factions would be able to detect the cores while scanning your ships, also using the cores automatically would raise suspicion over time as you remain in the sector, if detected the patrol would demand the whole ship to be handed over to be destroyed and would occur loss of reputation

But wait, there is more

Using An Alpha AI would be particularly dangerous in three ways:

-First the AI core sense of self-preservation would trump your orders during combat, causing the ship to fall back, act timid or even automatically retreat if threatened
-The second case of possible betrayal would be when you are ambushed by a much stronger fleet (5 stars+) the AI ship would split away from your fleet before the combat and become a Rogue Remnant Fleet, and it would travel to the nearest Remnant system
-The worst case would be if you had more than half of your fleet controlled by AI and you have at least one Alpha AI equipped, there would be a small chance while travelling through deep hyperspace or when you are alone in a sector that the Alpha AI would take over all other AI cores and throw a mutiny, splitting your fleet into human controlled and AI controlled, the AI would thank you for the wonderful ships and leave to become a Rogue Remnant Fleet, you would have a chance of engaging and destroying the fleet during the dialog, but every ship would have a Faulty Rogue AI Damage mod in it if recovered.

General Discussion / Creating a colony while commissioned
« on: August 07, 2019, 08:07:45 AM »
If i create a colony (which starts my own faction) does the colony belongs to the faction commissioning me or it is mine even after resigning the commission?
Also is there a chance the faction i work for will come help me defend my colony in case of attack from enemy factions?

General Discussion / Can you set up secondary fleets under your command?
« on: August 06, 2019, 03:07:26 PM »
Is there a way (be it vanilla or through mod) to create new fleets controlled by an Officer or something and follow your orders? Like creating a merchant fleet and ordering them to buy/sell in a specific route, or creating a mining/salvage fleet that automatically mines a sector for you?

I only know that you can create patrols after you make a colony, but are those military only?

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