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I have been following the development of this game for a long time.
And of course, mods is an important part of it.
We all love mods, we put different mods. We do this to fly on new beautiful or interesting ships, or fight a strong enemy.

And recently, reading the change logs, I can’t understand what is happening. Almost all modders for some reason begin to greatly deteriorate their ships. So they become worse than the ships that are in the game without mods.

WHY need such wretched ships?
Why should I put mods on if I can take the Brawler and smash the dreadnought Diablo Avionics onto it, so this is a funny dreadnought that is killed by a corvette without a chance. And I don’t need any special tactics for this even.
That Brawler is such a powerful ship, you say, that it can kill 1 on 1 almost all the ships from your mods? No, it’s your ships that are so ridiculous and wretched that they cannot resist corvettes.

Or take another mod with such weak mining ships, but when they had impressive holds. And now the author removes these holds, and why do we need ships that are even weaker than SHY ORA and DA ships without their holds?

Or there was a mod that added new hulmods to the game. It was really unusual and varied the gameplay, but some crazy fools ran into the topic of the author of the mod and started to troll him so that he deleted it.

Mod authors - I want to challenge you, please play what you have created and make your ships worthy of the original balance, because the nerf trail will lead you into the abyss.

Modding / [Request] Disable the damn warp storm
« on: January 20, 2019, 03:15:14 AM »
without ability safety procedures lvl3 completely impossible to move around the warp, I fly in a big fleet and I am almost thrown back, and I can't use the burn ability because of the small combat readiness.
Please! I do not need to listen your stories
How do you miraculously dissect the warp storm on your flotillas of tiny corvettes
just make a little mod - expel warp throwing

We have a lot of great mods here. We have a lot of great people who make mods.I like very many mods here, but almost all of them have a large dysbalance by type of ship. For example, 15 corvettes, 8 destroyers, 2 cruisers and 1 battleship. WHY :'( If you put all the mods (my computer slows down after that), we will have hundreds of corvettes and destroyers. But those on which you can fly count by fingers.
Moreover, the player plays on corvettes and destroyers only at the very beginning of the game. Most of the time is spent on a cruiser or battleship. But to get this battleship I have to deliver to him 3 dozen small non-playable trash.
A terrible pirate armada flies to me. Excellent now will be a real fight. I think there are at least 3 onslite and 10 cruisers in support. ::)  WHAT. :o  20 corvettes and 10 converted cargo? Armada which 1 my cruiser will shoot? :-X
Yes, these are 20 different corvettes, but they die the same from a pair of shots. They flicker around filling the screen with their debris. And I do not even see how they are beautifully and accurately drawn.
Mayasuran Navy Here is the excellent ratio of ships, minimum trash, a lot of ships for the player.
Don't get me wrong, you make very cool mods and very beautiful ship models. But please do ships and not boats. Here is my cry.

P.S. Sory for my english, its google, blam him :P

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