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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24); New blog post: New music for Galatia Academy (06/12/24)

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Author Topic: [0.6.2a] Exerelin - Dynamic Sector and Faction War - v0.644  (Read 933000 times)


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[0.6.2a] Exerelin - Dynamic Sector and Faction War - v0.644
« on: April 20, 2013, 06:43:49 AM »

First off thanks to Alex and Co for such a great game!

Exerelin is a mod based around the concept of meaningful multi-system war between factions in a dynamic and ever-changing sector generated from scratch each new game. The main goal is to give a more alive/active feel to a game, with the player able to influence and dictate the events that occur.

Compatible: StarSector 0.6.2a-RC3
Current Mod Version: v0.644

Note: Completely delete and remove any older Exerelin mod versions

LazyWizard's LazyLib
Dark.Revenants ShaderLib (may be required for additional modded factions)

IMPORTANT Mod Memory Requirements:
Depending on your game setup/number of faction mods you will need to increase the memory available to StarSector.
 - Adjust Memory
    - You will want to increase this (I use 1024 - 2048 with 64bit JRE)

Highly Recommended: You can also use the 64bit version of Java if that is supported by your OS and you have it installed.
 - 64bit Java
 - 64bit Java
 - 64bit Java
 - 64bit Java Windows

If you continue to have OutOfMemory issues you may need to (in this order of effectiveness):
 - Reduce the max number of stations per system (critical impact)
 - Reduce the number of total systems (major impact)
 - Reduce the number of loaded faction mods (moderate impact)
 - Reduce the number of concurrent factions in the game (minimal impact)
 - Reduce the max number of asteroids per system (minimal impact)
 - Reduce the max number of planets per system (minimal impact)

 - Dynamic sector every game (different systems, different planets, moon, asteroids and stations)
 - Dynamic Faction diplomacy including wars, alliances
   - Diplomacy based on events that occur within the sector
   - Player can influence diplomacy with certain actions and items
 - Factions conquer stations, increasing their presence in Exerelin and eliminating their enemies
 - NPC fleets cost resources (supplies, fuel, crew, marines)
   - Stations generate resources, with a bonus based on the planet type they are orbiting
   - Stations trade their excess resources with other faction-owned and allied stations
   - Player can mine resources
 - Player can join/leave factions
   - Includes support for a number of great community made factions
 - Influence mechanic for accessing higher tier ships and items

Videos (somewhat outdated)

Exerelin Quick Guide
Starting Out
Faction-aligned: The initial popup will tell you where your faction has started.
Unaligned: Starting unaligned is a harder start, and you will need to gain influence before you are able to even trade with other factions.

Station Takeover
Once you have your first station, your faction will automatically start taking over other available stations, or stations that your faction is at war with. You can still take over stations, but you will need (at minimum) a super-freighter (i.e atlas or equivalent) and a troop transport (i.e valkyrie or equivalent) in your fleet. Boarding is expensive; you will loose the super-freighter, and any extra supplies/marines/crew on a successful board. If your boarding fails (the defenders kill all the marines in your fleet) you can loose a number of ships.

Factions will send out boarding fleets, attack fleets (during war), patrol fleets, defense fleets and logistics convoys. Defense and attack fleets are pretty self explanatory; patrol fleets will change from patrol/raid/attack/defend depending on certain circumstances. Logistics Convoys deliver resources to stations under heavy attack.

Your faction will also deploy mining fleets from it's stations to gather supplies/fuel, which are used (in conjunction with crew and marines) to fund their fleets. A lot of resources will result in larger faction fleets. A prolonged war will strain a factions resources.

Station Efficiency
Stations have an efficiency value that dictates resource generation for that station. Stations with a low efficiency will produce crew/marines slower, and mining fleets will deliver less supplies/fuel.

Station efficiency will be reduced by accidents and after station takeover. Reduced station efficiency will slower recover to normal levels over time.

You can mine by 'hovering' over an asteroid or gas giant and having mining drone wings (or Zorg Worker drones) in your fleet. The number of wings dictates how much you mine.

Diplomacy Items
 - High Value Prisoner; increases your factions relationship with the faction you deliver the prisoner to
 - Agent; attempts to create a relationship division between the faction you plant the agent at and another faction (not yours)
   - Small chance to backfire, resulting in a relationship loss between your faction and thiers
   - Small chance to fail with no penalties
 - Saboteur; causes a station explosion that reduces a station efficiency and destroys resources (including marines), weapons and ships on the station they are planted on. Good for softening up before boarding.

Mod Compatibility:
Modded Factions Supported By Exerelin (these need to be downloaded separately, and 'ticked' along with Exerelin)
Gotcha's Bushi
Gotcha's Hiigaran Descendants
Hyph_K31's Gedune
FlashFrozen's Neutrino Corp
mendonca's Junk Pirates
MShadowy's Shadowyards Heavy Industries NOTE: Latest DEV version, Link
Erick Doe's Zorg
Varya's  Kadur Theocracy
mendonca's ASP Syndicate
Cycerin's Blackrock Drive Yards
Trylobot's Nomads
ValkyriaL's Valkyrians
Foxer360's Citadel Fleet
Runoved's Objectless Research Institute
Erick Doe's Project Batavia
kazi's Mayorate
NikolaiLev's Patrian Navy NOTE: Requires changes SEE BELOW *
Zudgemud's P9 Colony Group
DSMK2's DSTech Corp Fleet NOTE: Currently unbalanced/WIP, see last posts in thread for details (link)
Erick Doe's Tore Up Plenty NOTE: Expands possible pirate ships and ships that are available in stations.
keptin's Interstellar Federation
mendonca's P.A.C.K
Dark.Revenant's Interstellar Imperium
SniZipGun's Eleutheria Federation NOTE: non-TC standalone (under discontinued mods)
MesoTronik's Exigency Incorporated and Ahriman Association
Sundog's Idoneus Citadel Exiles
Dante80's Lotus Conglomerate NOTE: Use latest V2.0+ by Brainbread Link

* - Patrian Navy mod requires changes to it's Patria/data/scripts/ file:
Change the initPatria method to this:
private static void initPatria()
            //Exerelin active, so just load Exerelin
        catch (ClassNotFoundException ex)
         // Exerelin not found so continue and run normal generation code
            new PatriaGen().generate(Global.getSector());

Additional Credits
Uomoz (coding examples, ideas)
LazyWizard (LazyLib, OmniFactory, coding examples)
Carabus (coding)
Kilomann (coding)
Trylobot (Nomad support)
Tecrys (DSTech Corp support)

Adding support for additional faction mods
Any mod that changes dialog plugins or does any sector/system generation is unlikely to be compatible with Exerelin.

If you wish to have another modded faction appear in Exerelin the following steps need to occur:
 - Ensure that the other mod is not attempting to load a ModPlugin
   - Check the mod_info.json file in the other mod and comment (#) the ModPlugin definition line
   - Alternative;
   - Rework the generator code in the other mods modPlugin in the following fashion:
     // Exerelin installed/activated, do nothing
catch (ClassNotFoundException ex)
// Run normal mod generation code
        new otherModGen().generate(Global.getSector());

 - Ensure that the other mod is not loading a CharacterCreationPlugin.
  - Either rename or remove the other mods CharacterCreationPlugin
 - Create <factionId>.json file in the Exerelin mod' data/config/exerelinFactionConfig/ folder
   - See existing <factionId>.json files for examples/format
   - Note: the 'uniqueModClassName' needs to be the name of a class unique to the other mod; modPlugin or generator files are usually a good bet.
   - Specify possible starting variants for your faction in 'startingVariants'
 - Add your factions factionId to data/config/exerelinConfig.json in the 'supportedModFactions' line

Removing Vanilla Factions
- Go to mods/Exerelin/config/exerelin_config.json
 - Change the builtInFactions array to include only those Vanilla factions you wish to have available

Getting involved with Exerelin's Development
Exerelin development is hosted on BitBucket on a Git repository and is open if anyone wishes to join in.

If you would like to contribute changes to Exerelin please PM me the following details:
 - Your email or BitBucket username (NOTE: If you do not have a BitBucket username yet, please PM me your email so I can refer you and get a additional free user account)
 - Your reason for wanting to contribute
 - Any work you have done so far that you think should be included in Exerelin main (if you have done any yet)
 - Your plans for future development work (if you have any)

The repository is a public repository and is therefore open if anyone wishes to download the development build:
Just use the link on the right of the overview page
Downloads -> Branches -> master

Note that this version may be unstable from time to time.

If you have a BitBucket account you can also create issues and/or edit the Exerelin wiki if you so desire.

- Updated support for batavia (v10)
- Updated support for Valkyrian (v1.4)

- Added support for Lotus Conglomerate (v2.0)

- Updated citadel support (0.7.2)
- Updated support for Exigency v0.6

- Changed base level influence with faction (if player is a member of faction) to 60, down from 70

- Fixed some potential thread safe violations
- Fixed un-selectable ships in retrieve ships station option
- Fixed not being able to leave current faction from another factions station

- Added faction nice names for initial faction selection

- Changed the effect of using High Value Prisoner and Agent
  - Prisoner exchange now has a more substantial effect if relationship between factions is terrible
  - Agent now has a greater effect if relationship between two factions is great
    - Can easily break alliances
- Access to large weapons is now restricted to 70+ influence with faction (thanks LazyWizard)
- Increased resource cost of extra large AI-controlled fleets
  - Should result in less extra large AI fleets when resources are abundant

- Updated compatibility for SHI latest DEV
- Updated compatibility for ICE
- Updated compatibility for P9

- Fixed joining a faction now sets all stations to balanced stance

 - Fixed menu issue for OmniFactory and Personal Storage station

 - Added faction influence mechanic
  - Access to technology and faction support is gated behind different influence levels
 - Added personal storage and personal hanger space in each station
  - Thank you Uomoz for USS example for hanger space, I was stumped for ages on the CR problem :)
 - Added support for Intersetellar Imperium
 - Added support for Exigency
 - Added support for Eleutheria Federation (Eternal Nox After)
 - Added start option to start with partially/fully populated sector
 - Added start option to start unaligned with any factions
 - Player can now join/leave factions
 - Added initial check on new game or load game for supported mod compatibility
 - Player (when unaligned) can now bribe for peace with a faction

 - Updated support for a huge number of mods
 - New games now start with factions owning 1 or more stations
 - Changed fleet compositions of AI fleets
  - Balanced, Carrier, Frigate, Large Ships and Medium Ships are possible fleet types
 - Crew now drop from battles
 - High value prisoners now drop from battles
 - Agents/Sabotuers now appear in factions stations (if player is a member of that faction)

 - Removed pirates as a playable faction
 - Removed faction skill tree
 - Removed alliance betrayal chance for factions in an alliance
 - Removed option for factions to respawn (temporary)

 - Fixed a bunch of stuffs :)

- Added support for P.A.C.K

- Updated support for Valkyrian
- Updated support for Blackrock
- Updated support for P9
- Updated support for Mayorate

- Refactored mod support (for mod detection and starting variants)

- StarSector 0.6.2 RC3 compatibility fixes

- Updated support for Hiigaran Descendants
- Updated support for P9
- Updated support for Tore Up Plenty

- Added Station Fleet Command
- Added Strategic Fleet Command
- Independent Traders now have a small chance to deliver Tore Up Plenty ships (if installed)
- Added Station Status view

- Renamed Fleet Crew Training skill to Fleet Management
- Added Capital Ship Availability perk to Fleet Deployment skill (increases capital ship sale chance)
- Removed CapitalShipSaleReduction from exerelin_config.json (see above skill)
- Added complimentary faction-specific elite ship to Elite Ship Chance perk in Fleet Deployment skill (spawns in Storage Facility)
- Added effect to Elite Ship Chance perk to add a small chance that an elite ship will be for sale in stations

- Changed starting cargo for first stations
- Changed AI starting fleets to be same as player fleet

- Added Project Batavia support
- Added P9 Colony support
- Added support for Patrian Navy
- Added support for Mayorate
- Added support for DSTech Corp
- Updated support for Intersteller Federation
- Updated support for Valkyrian
- Updated support for ShadowYards
- Updated support for ORI
- Updated support for Zorg
- Updated support for Citadel Defenders
- Updated support for Hiigaran Decsendents
- Updated support for Blackrock Driveyards
- Updated support for Neutrino
- Updated support for Tore Up Plenty

- Fixed issue with calculating station efficiency after skills applied
- Fixed issue with running saboteur allocation code on each subsequent skill up
- Fixed issue with too many asteroid belts per system
- Fixed issue with station target priority within systems

- Moved more stuff into config.json file
- Removed reliance on static ExerelinData class (is now only used on game setup (ExerelinSetupData))
- Refactored a lot into a single JAR for ease

- Added support for Foxer360's Citadel Defenders
- Added support for Runoved's ORI faction

- Slightly reduced number of trapezoid fighter wings for Zorg

- Moved Vatican II/III to normal fleet for Valkyrian faction

 - Updated support for Zorg

 - Fixed NPE crash on load game

- Updated support for Valkyrians
- Updated support for Zorg Hive
- Updated support for Nomads

- Slightly increased AI fleet deployment cost for bushi and hiigaran descendents

- Fixed diplomacy items not spawning more than once
- Fixed diplomacy item spawn chance calculation
- Fixed background image size on bluewhite background to remove black edges
- Fixed crash issue on load after selecting Active Diplomacy perk 1
- Fixed potential crash issue with gas mining fleets
  - Due to script queue issue on load
- Fixed crash issue with boarding fleets
  - Due to script queue issue on load

- Added message history, displayable in any station
- Added additional star types and background pictures
- Player fleet will now 'stick' to planets/stations
  - Requires a second mouse click when close to the object

- Changed rebel fleet spawns to hopefully provide a more appropriate challenge
- Changed fleet commander personalities depending on fleet type

- Stations will now stock a stack of green, veteran and elite crew that builds up slowly
- Improved responsiveness of stations fleet spawning at start of game
- Added fleet destruction flash when boarding ships are destroyed in failed boarding attempt
- Leadership skill Advanced Tactics level 5 perk now improves marine station boarding effectiveness
- Saboteur now only requires 3 points in active diplomacy
- Gaining Saboteur perk now grants two saboteurs immeditaly
- Patrol fleets now prioritize own system first
- Stations now deploy extra mining fleets if efficiency > 1.8 (only when a faction respawns)
- Slightly increased spawn chance of diplomacy agents

- Updated support for Nomads
- Updated support for Zorg
- Updated support for Gedune

- Fixed spawn issue with Hiigaran and Bushi cargo ships
- Fixed incorrect marine supply usage from vanilla 0.6.1a
- Fixed crash issue with boarding fleets
- Fixed allowing use of mothballed ships for mining or station boarding
- Fixed occurence of catastrophic accidents on a faction's last station
- Fixed issue with asteroid belt radius being far too large
- Fixed some issues with resupply targets for fleets
- Fixed issue with attack fleets redirecting to abandonded stations on station target switch
- Fixed betray message to show faction real names
- Fixed incorrect hegemony faction color
- Fixed some missing variants/hulls for various factions
- Fixed issue with ally report
- Fixed weapon cargo reduction code

- Added exerelin_config settings for player wages and station transfer
  - Station transfer setting doesn't work until fixed in StarSector core
- Added config setting for capital ship sale reduction
- Added faction specific configuration settings (see data/config/exerelinFactionConfig)
- Added exerelin config setting for loading custom faction configs
- Added configurable option for new stars/backgrounds

 - Added 2 and 6 system options
 - Added faction alliance and faction enemy reports to stations
 - Added experience gain to mining

 - Changed respawn ship to now be exactly which start ship was picked at start of game
 - Changed some Rebel fleets to more closely align to the players fleet size
 - Changed Rebels to spawn right from start of game
 - Player can no longer attack independent and neutral fleets
 - Fleets will now be correctly ordered from capital to fighters
 - Doubled the amount of resources transferred in Logistics Convoys
 - Sector generation will now only build wormholes if more than 1 system
 - Changed if one system is selected, planet/asteroid/station amounts selected at startup are actual rather than maximums
 - Reduced patrol fleets per station to 1
 - Set supply costs to 1/4 of vanilla starsector (see data/campaign/resources.csv to change)
 - Save compression is now on by default

 - Updated support for Zorg
 - Added support for Kadur Theocracy (regime and insurgency)
 - Updated support for Gedune
 - Updated support for Syndicate ASP
 - Updated support for Hiigaran Descendants
 - Updated support for Bushi
 - Updated OmniFac to 1.8 (added OmniFac settings file)
 - Updated support for Balckrock Driveyards

 - Added config settings (data/config/exerelin_config.json) for minimum planet/asteroid/station amounts
 - Added config setting to have OmniFactory spawn in a random system, on a random planet, off by default
 - Added config settings for station trading lockouts
 - Added config settings for supplies loot reduction
 - Added config settings for Asteroid mining

 - Fixed crash with 'only respawn starting factions' option and vanilla only factions
 - Fixed Rebels from attacking omnifactory/storage
 - Fixed issue with command fleets not despawning when there are no station to takeover
 - Fixed issue with Command Fleets resupply location
 - Fixed Omnifactory free transfer
 - Fixed absurdly rare crash bug in AI fleet station capturing
 - Fixed issue with saboteur not correctly removing cargo/marines/crew/ships at station
 - Fixed issue with factions not using an allies station as resupply location in a system they are attacking
 - Fixed further issues with resupply locations for fleets
 - Fixed diplomacy messages to use correct faction name rather than id

 - Added multi system support
   - Select from 1 -> 24 systems
 - Added faction skill tree (position below empty industry skill tree)
   - Added saboteur agent unlocked in skill tree

 - Changed Independent faction to Sindrian Diktat
 - Changed TradeGuild faction to Independent
 - Changed Rebel faction to always be hostile
   - Rebels now spawn periodically in systems
   - Faction fleets in systems that are 100% owned by a faction have a chance to defect
 - Changed station dialog so that hostile/neutral stations cannot be used for trade, refit or repair
 - Changed so that player factions allies stations will have ally factions ships/weapons available for sale

 - Removed out system supply convoys
 - Removed out system reinforcements event
 - Removed supply fleet defection event

 - Updated support for 0.6 compatible versions of Junk Pirate, Bushi, Hiigaran Descendants, Shadowyards HI, Zorg, Gedune, Neutrino faction mods
   - WARNING: Bushi, Hiigaran, Junk Pirates, Shadowyards HI faction mods need their modPlugin definition in mod_info.json commented out(#)

- Fixed issue with alliance ending not correctly applying new relationship status

 - Added small possibility of industrial ships (and mining wings) appearing in stations
 - Added support for running the Bushi and Hiigaran Descendants mods in conjunction with Exerelin

 - Changed Exerelin to no longer be a total conversion to support above change

 - Fixed possible duplicate station names
 - Fixed issue with StarSector FactionAPI's not getting updated properly on Exerelin alliance changes

 - Changed SyndicateASP mining fleet to 2 drone wings, two transports

- Added 'prisoner of war' item that can be traded to other factions to increase relationship
- Added 'agent' item that can be traded to other factions to cause a rift between 2 factions (10% chance to backfire)
- Added player mining for fuel (gas planets) and supplies (asteroids)

- Changed neutral colour to tradeguild colour

- Fixed IFed station attack fleets not passing isValidStationAttackFleet check
- Fixed bug with distance based relationship calculation
- Fixed message missing from Alliance Betrayal if only 2 in alliance
- Fixed bug when player attacked one of their allies, not correctly handling alliance

- Alliance Betrayal is now less likely

- Added asteroid mining fleets for stations
  - Mining fleets go to the nearest asteroid and slowly mine to create supplies
- Added gas mining fleets for stations
  - Mining fleets go to the nearest gas giant and slowly mine to create fuel
- Added escort ships to supply and station attack fleets
  - Extra escorts in wartime
- Added new alliance mechanics
  - If two factions are allied, they must now also each be at war with each others enemies (think coalitions)
  - Once in an alliance, a factions diplomacy is handled by the alliance until they leave the alliance
- Added starting option to set system size at 15000(small), 30000(medium) and 40000(large)
  - An additional asteroid belt is added around star per system size increase
- Added starting option to start with nine other factions
- Added starting option to respawn factions only up to the starting number (will cycle through factions)
- Added starting option to have no asteroid belts (apart from one around the star)

- Changed system to always spawn with an asteroid belt around the star
- Changed system to spawn with at least one gas giant
- Changed Patrol Fleets to take on extra assignments (raid, attack) when at war
- Changed attack, defense and patrol fleets to not have civilian ships
- Changed In System Supply Convoys (spawned form stations) to also deliver ships/weapons if delivering to player stations
- Changed Allied In System Supply Convoys to deliver allied faction ships/weapons if delivering to player stations
- Changed Rebels to always be hostile to Trade Guild

- Fixed a null reference exception with in system supply convoys
- Fixed issue with catastrophic station accidents not occurring
- Fixed (another) issue with ships/weapons not clearing properly on station takeover
- Fixed issue where factions could respawn even though respawn was off
- Fixed issue calculating last faction in certain circumstances
- Fixed issue where trade guild conversions could happen multiple times to same supply fleet
- Fixed issue with stations not updating at the correct rate
- Fixed fleet cost calculation issue
- Fixed issue with trade guild converted fleets not correctly despawning in some situations
- Fixed issue on loading save games not loading the correct settings before doing anything else

- Factions are less likely to declare war on factions that are far away
- Various resource level and transfer amount changes to account for new mining fleets
- Added some missing ships to IFed
- Removed Sparrow as a start ship for Council, and reduced the likelihood of it spawning
- Added cooldown time between system events, and the same system event cannot occur twice in a row

 - Changed number of defense fleets per station to 2
 - Changed number of attack fleets per station to 2

 - Fixed null pointer error in reinforcement event
 - Fixed spam of station boarding message
 - Fixed random extra characters in station boarding warning message
 - Fixed spawn issue with in system supply convoys
 - Fixed situation where faction could declare war on itself(!)

 - Increased maximum fleet sizes for all fleets
 - Slightly reduced maximum station takeover time for out system fleets

 - Changed reinforcement fleets to pick a more appropriate attack location
   - They also have a chance to defend an under attack station of their faction

 - Fixed issue with starting with one less faction than specified in the system setup
 - Fixed issue with supply convoys stopping delivering resources
 - Fixed issue with the rebel insurrection event (far too few or far too many fleets were switching to rebels)
 - Fixed issue with weapons not being removed correctly when over 30
 - Fixed issue with ships not being removed correctly when over 25
 - Fixed issue with ships not clearing from a station when taken over

 - Slightly increased the resource cost of factions deploying capitals and fighters
 - Slightly reduced  the resource cost of factions deploying cruisers

 - Added possibility of out system reinforcement fleets for non-leading factions
   - Attack a random enemy station
 - Added possibility of a station explosion destroying resources/weapons/ships and causing a loss in efficiency for a time period
   - Remote possibility of a catastrophic accident causing station to be abandoned
 - Added possibility of a station seceding from a faction to another faction
   - Currently only implemented for factions not present in Exerelin but will be expanded
 - Added Trade Guild Traders
   - Go from station to station and trade resources
   - Will trade to player stations ships/weapons from previous stations faction

 - Changed station names to be unique
 - Changed player to actually be their chosen faction (rather than appear as Player independent Attack Fleet it will now appear as Independent Attack Fleet)
   - Players faction fleets/stations now have appropriate faction colour
   - On respawn after a total defeat, player now starts from one of their stations
   - On respawn after a total defeat, player starts with a frigate from their faction
   - On start or respawn player fleet will now start with appropriate crew/supplies/fuel levels
 - Changed station attack fleets to hover over station they are attacking rather than fly around
   - Changed boarding timer to be different each time
 - Changed rebel fleet insurrection numbers to base off system ownership level
 - Changed neutral colour from grey to invisible (for Omnifactory and Storage)
- If ships/weapons are being added to a station over 25/30 it will now remove some weapons
   - Should result in a cycle of ships/weapons through stations
 - Patrol fleets now help defend own factions stations under attack
   - Also will help defend allied stations under attack
 - In System Supply Fleets prioritise own stations under attack
   - Also will help allied stations under attack

 - Further reduced likelihood of small fleets with a capital ship in them

 - Fixed "Varient Id of [Varient ID] not found" error (my silly error)
 - Fixed missing wraith and storm lancer for Valkyrian

 - Added Thules Legacy faction
 - Added a Atlas with appropriate engine color for Gedune, Blackrock, Valkyrian, Thule, Shadowyards, Antedilivian factions
 - Changed IFed Atlas to Mazerk
 - Changed names for attack/defense/patrol fleets depending on size
 - Changed periodical station resource injection to include ship/weapons for player
 - Fixed incorrect resource delivery amount on out system attack fleet
 - Fixed missing base cost value for nihil Anti fighter wing
 - Fixed rare null pointer crash on station takeover

 - Updated IFed to 1.25

 - Reduced chance of small fleets with a capital ship
 - Reduced chance of capital ships being delivered to player stations
 - Faction relationships now affected by allies of allies, enemies of allies, allies of enemies and enemies of enemies
 - Lowered relationship impacts on other factions when war/peace/alliance declared between two factions
   - The above two changes should increase the chance of alliance of factions vs alliance of other factions wars
   - It should also prolong an alliance war (even if the factions come and go from the alliance)
 - There is now a low possibility that an alliance can end and result in a war between the two previously allied factions
 - Player initiated wars now have the following consequences
   - Lowers player relationship a bit with factions neutral to faction player attacked
   - Lowers player relationship a lot with factions allied to faction player attacked
   - Raises player relationship with factions at war to faction player attacked

 - Added Nihilic Empire faction
 - Added Storage Facility for player, will be delivered and built at closest planet after getting first station
 - Added Atlas with blue engine flame for appropriate factions
 - Added option to only respawn starting factions
 - Removed option to get free transfer at player owned stations

 - Changed OmniFac to be delivered and built at closest planet after player gets first station
 - Changed initial station distribution to be more regular
 - Changed initial planet distribution to be more regular
 - Changed Rebel mechanic to cause some of the leading factions fleets to rebel against that faction
 - Change TradeGuild mechanic to cause factions (other than the faction coming last) supply fleets to support the faction coming last

 - Fixed issue with finding a random station for a faction
 - Fixed Relic Faithoper, Extinctioner and Queen requiring no crew
 - Fixed Relic Faithoper (player available hull) not having built in weapon
 - Fixed issue with out-system cargo fleet not delivering correct resource amount
 - Fixed issue with spawning fleets sometimes being extremely accident prone
 - Fixed issue with incorrect target station for out system attack fleets
 - Fixed issue calculating fleet cost from resources (was over charging)
 - Fixed missing Council faction ships in fleets

 - Station takeover now has an impact on  faction relationships
 - War weariness now only affects ongoing wars, not all relationships
 - War, peace and alliance declaration now affect inter-relationships of all factions in system to some degree
 - Increased Attack, Defense, Patrol, Out System Attack max fleet sizes
 - Reduced number of attack and defense fleets (to 3 per station)
 - Allies can now send to supplies to each other if they have a surplus

 - Added Interstellar Federation
 - Added Relics (Purifiers + Elder)
 - Added OmniFactory option
 - Added missing weapons from Hegemony, TriTachyon, Pirate, Independent, Neutrino convoys
 - Added missing ships from Neutrino faction
 - Changed faction selection list to split over two screens
 - Fixed issue where In-System supply fleets could spawn with less than minimum crew

 - Changed rebel fleet to not hang around quite as long
 - Fixed an issue with diplomacy relationship calculations
 - Slightly reduced the penalty applied to a players dropped off resources

 - Added neutrino faction
 - Added new diplomacy system
   - Added war weariness for faction fighting constantly in a war
   - Added dislike for leading faction and like for losing faction
   - Added check for player betrayal and peace treaty break
 - Added extra system size start config options
 - Added start config to set starting number of attack fleets
   - Added vanilla only settings for starting factions
   - Added start config for respawn wait time (if respawn is selected)
 - Added extra starting ships for each faction
 - Added patrol fleets that spawn from station
 - Added ship systems to Nomad and LotusConglomerate factions

 - Changed the balance of some factions slightly
 - Changed valkyrian and council fleet composition slightly
 - Changed off map attack fleets to spawn more fleets if target station is rich (up to 3)
 - Changed Attack/Defense fleets to respond faster to relationship changes
 - Changed number of rebel fleets to take into account number of stations
 - Changed rebel fleets to spawn less frequently

 - Fixed out system attack fleets dropping too many resources sometimes
 - Fixed (hopefully) 0 crew/fuel/supplies/marines bug

 - Fixed some Exerelin setup data not correctly passing across quit/crash of StarSector

 - Fixed Shadowyards variants used in fleets

 - Added custom factions
   - shadowyards, syndicateasp, junkpirate, nomad, council, blackrock, antediluvian, valkyrian, lotusconglomerate, gedune
 - Added Exerelin system setup options when starting a new game
   - Number of planets, asteroid belts, stations, faction respawn
 - Added small wage paid weekly when playing with the option 'paying for things'
 - Changed out system faction fleets to not appear until 6 months have passed
 - Slightly reduced amount of fuel and crew generated in stations
 - Slightly reduced amount of all resources generated and delivered for players faction

 - Added faction rebel blockades
   - Will target 1 or 2 of a leading factions stations and attempt to blockade it, wasting valuable resources for that faction
 - Added trade guild supply runs
   - Will attempt to deliver resources to a lagging faction to give them a bit of help
 - Changed out system fleets to conquer stations immediately at start of game
 - Changed out system fleets only come when faction is not in system
 - Changed station attack ships to spawn less
 - Changed as many references to player to say players chosen faction
 - Increased likelihood of pd weapons for independent
 - Renamed inter-system fleets to in-system fleets

 - Added faction weapon sets
 - Added delay on station capture
 - Increased faction respawn chance if wiped out
 - Player faction will respawn immediatly if wiped out
 - Added a check to ensure planet name only applied once
 - A few other bits and pieces

 - Initial Release


Note: Please contact me if you wish to use Exerelin in your own creations. Also, as the extra factions are not my work, please contact their creator (or me, and I will forward the request on).

Please leave any feedback, issues, suggestions etc. and we will endeavor to improve Exerelin!

Happy playing!
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Re: Exerelin - Dynamic system and faction war mod
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2013, 06:58:27 AM »

Screens please? :D
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Re: Exerelin - Dynamic system and faction war mod
« Reply #2 on: April 20, 2013, 07:24:23 AM »

Oh damn. Mind if integrate this into a few mods of mine? Saves me (and wizzy, in the long run :P) a ton of work. :D


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Re: Exerelin - Dynamic system and faction war mod
« Reply #3 on: April 20, 2013, 09:38:50 AM »

Only been playing it for 5 minutes, but I already love it!
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Re: Exerelin - Dynamic system and faction war mod
« Reply #4 on: April 20, 2013, 09:47:44 AM »

suddenly a mysterious Zaphide appears
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Re: Exerelin - Dynamic system and faction war mod
« Reply #5 on: April 20, 2013, 09:50:21 AM »

I'll play this tonight and, if it's good, make a playthrough :)
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- Albert Einstein

As long as we don't quit, we haven't failed
- Jamie Fristrom (Programmer for Spiderman2 & Lead Developer for Energy Hook)

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Re: Exerelin - Dynamic system and faction war mod
« Reply #6 on: April 20, 2013, 10:00:30 AM »

Ah, this is pretty nice. Is the number of factions randomised? I've got a system with just 'player' (Independent, I assume, as that's who I selected during chargen) and the pirates. Will TriTach/Hegemony show up later, or did I just end up with a 2-person system by chance?


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Re: Exerelin - Dynamic system and faction war mod
« Reply #7 on: April 20, 2013, 10:31:36 AM »

Ah, this is pretty nice. Is the number of factions randomised? I've got a system with just 'player' (Independent, I assume, as that's who I selected during chargen) and the pirates. Will TriTach/Hegemony show up later, or did I just end up with a 2-person system by chance?
I got a 2-faction system as well :/
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Re: Exerelin - Dynamic system and faction war mod
« Reply #8 on: April 20, 2013, 10:36:14 AM »

as a Tri-Tach's i got 2 as well , pirates & hegemony

Edited: just remember that I smash 1'st independents fleet at the very beginning ;p
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Re: Exerelin - Dynamic system and faction war mod
« Reply #9 on: April 20, 2013, 11:37:37 AM »

Well, guess that makes my mod obsolete

not that i mind, exar wasnt very well written

nice job! Will try once able

EDIT: WOW!!! The awesomeness! I'm beyond words :)

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Re: Exerelin - Dynamic system and faction war mod
« Reply #10 on: April 20, 2013, 12:12:32 PM »

no worry Gunny, old dogs remember your mod ;)

@Zaphide it would be lovley if defited factions spawn a bigger asault-captured fleet so they can comeback to the game after time (3 months or more ) cuz well... i'm.... well I LOST :D somehow tri-bastards rule all the stations & nothing mine or other faction is spawning :)

Edited: New game , 4 starting fleets (includes player) TriTech 2x no hegemony (i'm a independents)
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Re: Exerelin - Dynamic system and faction war mod
« Reply #11 on: April 20, 2013, 01:03:21 PM »

I'm on my 2nd month right now and there's 0 missile weapons in the whole system... does this  change the further in i go?

Also when stations get captured (from other factions, not abandoned) they don't change color, might want to look into that
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Re: Exerelin - Dynamic system and faction war mod
« Reply #12 on: April 20, 2013, 01:56:33 PM »

whats the difference between paying for things and getting them free ? i mean, why wouldnt i want free stuff ?


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Re: Exerelin - Dynamic system and faction war mod
« Reply #13 on: April 20, 2013, 02:58:08 PM »

balance, I'd think...
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Re: Exerelin - Dynamic system and faction war mod
« Reply #14 on: April 20, 2013, 03:05:14 PM »

balance, I'd think...

could you be more specific ?
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