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Author Topic: Question to modders, is it possible to add skill bonus to fighters/bombers?  (Read 1269 times)


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Hey modders,

I was wondering, as the title is it possible to mod in or create character skills that give a bonus to all strikecraft (fighters, bombers etc)?

I love using the little buggers and watching a whole group of them tear apart a capital ship is most entertaining but over time as I play, bigger ships get all sorts of bonus from character skills, more ordnance points, flux, speed etc so the fighters usually get left behind. This has also led to some silly instances where a frigate with engine upgrade is faster than 90% of fighters available. Over time also if I get enough OP giving skills, usually when my char hits lvl 15-20, frigates with all the upgrades become more efficient than using fighters.

Is there a way to give a flat bonus to strikecraft only, such as 1 point in this skill gives 5% speed bonus or 1 point in another gives 5% range or damage.

Thanks for any answers.


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Yes it is, you can give fighters hull mods as well.