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Author Topic: [0.9a] Tyrador Safeguard Coalition 1.6.1c (hotfixed January 13, 2019)  (Read 242102 times)


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(Requirements: LazyLib, MagicLib)
(Supported by: DynaSector)


The following mod attempts to integrate a complete new faction into the base game that does not deviate wildly from it. This faction is formally known as the Tyrador Safeguard Coalition, or colloquially, as the Coalition.

The mod itself tries to introduce a "Forge World" fantasy into the game, where the Coalition faction is centered around a single heavily populated industrialized planet, in a heavily defended system.
And meanwhile the faction was not an interstellar megacorporation like the Tri-Tachyon, it surely was the home of several innovations, some of these creations being retconned to before the fall of the domain, as such many of the ships added by the mod have some vanilla faction skins, specially Tri-Tachyon skins, since the "natives" would have worked closely with them.

Style wise, the faction ships, overall, are flavored between midline and hightech, leaning more closely to the later.
In regards to gameplay, the faction is pretty much focused in larger ships, where destroyers and smaller vessels are mostly relegated to support functions. Many of the ships have severe downfalls, requiring the player to deploy well balanced fleets into battle. The exception to this is capital vessels, which are quite capable on their own.

The mod also adds a new kind of weapon, known as drone bays and drone racks, this weaponry enables a ship to provide a constant stream (1 wing per minute) of highly disposable drones, or just a single wing them, respectively. Considering the upcoming changes to fighters in the next update I avoided adding more variety of drone bays/racks, and depending on how they behave, I might add a larger variety of them, or scrap the concept.

Ship Catalog:





Origins of the Coalition:
The Coalition owes its creation to the Collapse. As the news of the gates closing reached the population of Arcon, despair began to settle in.

You see, Arcon was completely unable to feed the population it currently had. The planet housed about one hundred and twenty million souls at the time, it is much lower now, though.

Arcon was entirely dependent on food imports coming from  the gates, and with their closing, not just the planet, but the whole system would surely perish.

Worldwide protests erupted demanding a solution, but none was given, actually none could be given. The local Domain forces just told us to wait, and that the gates would reopen in time.

Months passed, and there were no news from the gates, and as stockpiles dwindled famine began to settle in.

It was not something I'm proud of, but if I had to do it I would do it again. In order to alleviate the situation a bit, we began... I took command of some PDF, and under a red flag, began raiding the neighboring systems.

It was not much but it was something, and in time it was something that was done to us too. Raids on our systems were increasing. It was clearly an unsustainable situation. But suddenly there was a spark of hope.

The big boys at Praxis had an interesting proposal. We would eat Reydian wildlife, it was a completely fantastic and utterly dumb idea. To consume alien life, even if it was exceptionally similar to our own, haha!, you should have seen the news of the time.

Surely we could have retroengineered the lifeforms to be more compatible, but that would have taken years, and we did not have the time. No, they proposed something much simpler, to treat our new food source with engineered bacteria which would consume it an in exchange produce an edible grey goop.

It was sound, it was doable, it was our salvation, yet it was illegal. Reydes was a garden world, and its unique but strangely similar biochemistry to our own, the notion of ancient panspermia made it even more appealing to the Domain's scientific interests.

In the end it was what made us take action. The grand admiral wouldn't let us, so we had to make it happen. We rebelled, PDF and even some of my fellow Domain officers, struck down the local Domain HQ on the ring.

Now nobody stood between us and our salvation, one last battle was ahead of us. We rushed to Reydes followed by countless ships converted for fishing and science vessels.

We expected a glorious last stand, but we found nothing. In my excitement, I never took in consideration that the other worlds in the system were as much dependant as we were on the gates. Reydes population was minimal, just extremely isolated scientific outposts, they had no chance against the raids as we had suffered. We took the survivors in, salvaged everything we could, and began the next phase of the plan...

Diaz, R (performer), Serrano, J (director), Carr, AM, Clarke, E, Duncan, I (producers) 187. Memoirs of Rodrigo Diaz (holo recording), Praxis, Arconian News Network.

Grand Hegemonic Invasion/Founding of the Coalition:
WIP-Content to be added via missions

Arydas Crisis:
WIP-Content to be added after the exploration update




   -Fixes potential crash bug related to vanilla mission generation.
   -Fixes the unmutable flux venting stat for ships with a Ram Drive.
   -Nexerelin compatibility changes.
   -Improved the tooltip of Arcon's retrofitting submarket.
   -Added IPC (Integrated Particle Conduits) "skins" (technically, they still use the same sprite) to some high tech ships, this allows them to mount the IPC dependant hullmods and fleet server.
   -Added the ability to transform some vanilla ships into their IPC skins, via the retrofitting submarket at Arcon.
   -Fixed a potential gamecrash issues related to a pair of ship skins with a pre-applied D-overlay.
   -Fixed linux gamecrash related to case sensitivity.
   -Fixed a gamecrash issue when refitting the ship skins of ships with modules.
   -Removed modules from all ships that had a Ram Drive shipsystem; the shipsystem no longer depends on it. Can't do the same for Burst shield though.
   -Adarga (P), is no longer a skin of the Adarga, this won't be apparent to the player, but is part of the gamecrash bugfix.
   -Replaced Vanguard Halberd shipsystem with fortress shield, a sad consequence of the bugfix.   
   -Removed all Dmods from pirate skins, with the exception Damaged Particle Conduits.
   -Fixed doubled ruins planetary conditions bug from appearing in procgen planets.
   -Reduced drop chance of TSC individual ship, fighter and weapons blueprints. This also increased very slightly the drop chance of the TSC blueprints packages.   
   -Reduced the beam width of the Strategic Laser and removed its flare effect, to make it more visually consistent with its power.
    -Balance Changes:
      -Halberd (Vanguard)-class Battleship:
         -Replaced "Shield Burst" shipsystem with "Fortress Shields".
      -Medusa (D)-class Destroyer:
         -Removed blueprint tags, was wrongly added to the pirate tag.
      -Ram Drive shipsystem:
         -No longer requires a module to work.
         -Shield activation happens very slightly later, about 0.5 seconds.
         -Shield remains on after the system finishes.
         -Since the system uses now the ship's own shield, AoE damage shield bleed through should followe the same exact rules as with shields.      
      -Dedicated Launch Bays hullmod:
         -Made incompatible with phase ships from the "Shadowyards" mod.
      -Integrated Particle Conduits hullmod:
         -Made incompatible with "Shield Bypass" hullmod from "Ship and Weapon Pack" mod.
         -Shielded Plating hullmod:
            -Made incompatible with ships without shields.

   -Compatibility changes needed for 0.9 RC10. Yup, this way I don't have to type lines and lines for the required changes.
   -Missions "Knowing Yourself" and "Knowing your Enemy", removed... temporally.
   -Moved the CSV Andes from the asteroid belt in Arydas to Akvan.
   -Moved the CSV Himalayas from the asteroid belt in Magec to Chaxiraxi, added conditions to Chaxiraxi.
   -Added market conditions to all the planets in the Penelope's Star system.
   -Added custom "space stations" industries for the CSV Andes and CSV Himalayas, from now on the unique forgeships are part of the campaign layer.
   -Added the CSV Andes "industry" to Akvan with an added Beta core.
   -Added the CSV Himalayas "industry" to Chaxiraxi with an added Beta core; Chaxiraxi is now under Coalition control.
   -Added the Orbital Manufactorum industry, an upgraded version of "Orbital Works", requires a pre-existing Orbital ring to be built.
   -Added the Orbital Manufactorum industry to Arcon with an added Corrupted Nanoforge.
   -Arconian Orbital Ring custom entity is no longer interactable.
   -Added the Arconian Naval Reconstruction, a custom retrofitting submarket, to Arcon. It offers ships reconstruction (IE converts pirate/TT/... ship variants to their equivalent TSC variants), and upgrade services (it can install the IPC hullmod to some non-TSC ships), it does so free of charge, as long as you paid the "entry fee" and the ship is in pristine condition (has no dmods).
   -Added the Artesian Market, a custom military submarket that sells both independent and faction equipment and ships without requiring a commission, to Atrio. Also removed the existing military submarket and the old extra independent market.
   -Added custom icons to the following shipsystems, Ram Drive, Drone Swarm, Shield Burst, Mega Shield Burst, Phase Minelayer, Booster Jets, Kamikaze and Deploy Drones.
   -Added custom icon to Low Resolution Sensors hullmod.
   -Added the Mantlet Platform built-in hullmod, it allows the parent ship to mount hullmods that upgrade Mantlet-class defensive platforms.
   -Added the Mantlet Armor Plating hullmod, it adds 3 armor plate modules to (spawned) Mantlet-class platforms.
   -Added the Mantlet Weaponry Upgrade hullmod, replaces the built-in Heavy Burst Laser of (spawned) Mantlet-class platforms with a built-in Glass Cannon.
   -Added the Coalition Vanguard built-in hullmod, it increases the ship's manoeuvrability and flux venting speed.
   -Added the Dedicated Launch Bays hullmod, an upgraded version of converted hangar that has docking requirement and takes a logistic slot.
   -Added the Modular Launch Bays hullmod, it adds dedicated fighter launch bays to ships with a Modular Cargo Bay.
   -Added the Sliver Gun weapon, a small sized somewhat inaccurate energy weapon that fires 3 projectiles; does area damage in a very small radius.
   -Added the Glass Cannon weapon, a medium sized energy weapon that fires a single projectile; does area damage in a small radius.
   -Added the Hive Launcher weapon, a large sized missile weapon that fires 5 2-stage "smart missiles/dumb suicide drones"; the weapon benefits from the effects of the Drone Swarm shipsystem.
   -Added the Mantlet Dronepod Launcher weapon, a large sized built-in drone spawning weapon, spawns a dronepod that eventually deploys into a Mantlet-class modular defense platform.
   -Added the Scanner Array weapon, a small sized built-in beam weapon used by the Kabura-ya-class drones and Arambai-class corvette, applies a debuff to the target ship defensive stats as long as the beam hits its armor or hull.
   -Added the Plasma Burst Lance, a large sized built-in upgraded version of the Plasma Lance, can store and fire up to 3 shots, otherwise it keeps the same fire rate as the normal Plasma Lance.
   -Added the Strategic Laser, a huge sized built-in long range laser.
   -Added the Corseque-class destroyer, a though front line combatant, equipped with the ram drive shipsystem.
   -Added the Labrys Mk.II-class destroyer, a pirate version of the Labrys that keeps its original concept.
   -Added the Pernarch-class troop transport, a military crew transport, equipped with the missile autoforge shipsystem.
   -Added the Pernarch Mk.II-class siege cruiser, modified for long range firepower, equipped with the high energy focus shipsystem.
   -Added the Mantlet-class defense platform, a small frigate sized station spawned by the Mantlet Dronepod Launcher weapon, it equips the Shield Burst shipsystem and a Heavy Burst Laser by default.
   -Added (properly; and finally... it has been WIP for a very long time) the Arambai-class Corvette, a large phase-capable single fighter wing designed for battlefield distortion.
   -Added retrofiting market to Arcon.
   -Added the "REDACTED" constellation, a randomly located and randomly named constellation offering a "REDACTED" challenge experience and "epic loot".
   -Added unique variations of the Halberd, Atlatl, Kestros, Amentum.
   -Updated the sprites for... pretty much every TSC combat ship, ranging from small color alterations (reducing pure gray areas) for most of the sprites, to almost complete re-spriting for some like the Atlatl and Labrys.
   -Updated the sprites for all the pirate variants.
   -Updated the sprites for most of the portraits.
   -(Alex) Fixed an issue with ship spawning, reinforcement spawn area is no longer pushed back by every spawned ship, only by proper reinforcements. This affected all mods, however only mine is the one that goes bonkers with this mechanic.
   -Fixed a potential gamecrash source found in the drone spawning script, the crash was related to an engine oddity with simultaneous projectile removal and station spawning.
   -Improved the performance of shield module scripts, unified the modules into a single module.
   -Renamed "Drone" variants to "Dronehost".
   -Ship variants updated.
   -Balance Changes:
      -Atlatl-class Carrier:
         -Re-sprited for an overall size increase.
         -Added "Mantlet Platform" hullmod.
         -Replaced built-in "Kulbeda Drone Bay" weapon with a "Mantlet Dronepod Launcher".
         -Weapon positions altered to match new sprite, loadout remains mostly the same.
         -Lateral large sized missile turret mounts changed to front facing hardpoints.
      -Threshal-Class Freighter:
         -Re-sprited for an overall size increase.
         -Reduced base cargo capacity to 400.         
         -Designation changed to "Transport".
         -Added "Modular Cargo Bay" hullmod.
         -Weapon positions altered to match new sprite.
         -Central large sized energy turret mount changed to frontal hardpoint.
         -Downgraded frontal large sized missile mounts to medium size.
         -Downgraded back medium sized missile mounts to small size.
         -OP total updated to reflect changes (185).
         -Threshal (S):
            -Added back the back-facing missile mounts.
            -Designation changed to "Construction Ship".
            -OP total updated to reflect changes (140).
      -Lance-class Cruiser:
         -Reduced base cargo capacity to 175.
      -Angon-class Transport:
         -Reduced base cargo capacity to 200.
         -Reduced max speed to 50.
         -Reduced turn max rate to 20.
         -Reduced turn acceleration to 20.
      -Angon Mk.II-class Modified Transport:
         -Reduced cargo capacity to 200.
         -Reduced max speed to 50.
         -Reduced turn max rate to 20.
         -Reduced turn acceleration to 20.      
      -Angon Mk.III-class Modified Transport:
         -Reduced cargo capacity to 200.
         -Added additional launch bay
         -OP adjustment set to -10.
         -OP total updated to reflect changes (95).
         -Reduced max speed to 50.
         -Reduced turn max rate to 20.
         -Reduced turn acceleration to 20.
      -Sabre-class Destroyer:
         -Reduced overall abundance in Coalition fleets.
      -Sagaris-class Destroyer:
         -Replaced "Maneuvering Jets" shipsystem with "Drone Swarm".
         -Replaced large missile hardpoint with a built-in "Kulbeda Drone Bay" weapon.
         -Upgraded lateral small sized missile mounts to medium size.
         -OP total updated to reflect changes(80).
         -Sprite updated to reflect changes.
         -Reduced overall abundance in Coalition fleets.
         -Sagaris (P):
            -Replaced built-in "Kulbeda Drone Bay" weapon with a carrier's modular launch bay.
            -Replaced "Drone Swarm" shipsystem with "Maneuvering Jets".
            -OP adjustment set to 15 (10 less than standard Sagaris).
            -OP total updated to reflect changes (80).
            -Sprite updated to reflect changes and made more pirate-like.
      -Labrys-class Destroyer:
         -Re-imagined ship as a combat support vessel capable of deploying forward turrets (Mantlet-class defense Platforms).
         -Added "Mantlet Platform" hullmod.
         -Replaced large missile hardpoint with a built-in "Mantlet Dronepod Launcher" weapon.
         -Replaced "Burn Drive" shipsystem with "Drone Swarm".
         -Sprite redone following its original shape.
         -Labrys (P):
      -Adze-class Transport:
         -Reduced base cargo capacity to 75.
         -OP total updated to reflect "Modular Cargo Bay" changes (30).
      -Ranseur-class Frigate:
         -Reduced max speed to 110.
         -Reduced acceleration to 90.
         -Reduced turn max rate to 50.
         -Reduced turn acceleration to 85.
      -Scimitar-class Corvette:
         -Replaced Disruptor Burst Beam with Glass Cannon.
      -Buckler-class Shield Drone:
         -Shield type change to frontal permanently active shields.
      -Kabura-ya-class Scout Drone:
         -Conceptually re-imagined to be closer to its intended role (long range probe) and namesake (a Kabura-ya is a type of signal "whistling" arrow).
         -Added frontal shields.
         -Replaced "Kamikaze" shipsystem with "Booster Jets".
         -Replaced "Mining Laser" weapon with "Scanner Array".
         -Reduced speed by 50 (set to 100).
         -Sprite redone (following a probe concept designed for space engineers, technically never released... although there should be a bug report scene that I uploaded to Keen's forums which has a WIP version IIRC)
      -Anvil-class Forgeship:
         -Ancile Shield Emitter Module:
            -Removed from Codex (it was shown because of a typo).
            -Huh what is this? play the "To Tame a Land" mission.
         -Added to the campaign layer.
      -Ram Drive shipsystem:
         -Bonus to max turn rate and turn acceleration removed.
      -Modular Cargo Bay hullmod:
         -Renamed to "Modular Hold".
         -Made incompatible with "Converted Hangar".
         -Altered function, now upgrades some logistical hullmods improving their bonuses, and removing their penalties.
         -Shows relevant information about its dependent hullmods in its tooltip.
      -Integrated Particle Conduits:
         -Shows relevant information about its dependent hullmods in its tooltip.
         -Sand Caster hullmod:
            -Added 15% EMP damage reduction.
            -Grants 50% sensor strength reduction.
            -Grants 100% sensor profile reduction to frigates and fighters.
            -Grants 80% sensor profile reduction to destroyers.
            -Grants 60% sensor profile reduction to cruisers.
            -Grants 50% sensor profile reduction to capitals.
   -A lot of minor stuff I tweaked/re-tweaked and forgot to take note of.

   -Fixed incorrect settings on mod_info file.
   -Removed unnecessary line from setting.json.
   -Removed unnecessary old sprites.

   -Implemented "timed expiration" system for weapon spawned drones:
      -Affects Kulbeda, Corvo, Kabura-ya drones and Dronepods.
      -Does not affect Caltrop-class phase mine drones.
      -Drones affected by the system loose their CR constantly (even if there are no enemies on the map).
      -CR dependent effects:
         -CR = 0%:   drone gets a high random chance to explode on the spot(adds a bit extra randomness so they don't all explode exactly at the same time).
         -CR ? 1%:   drone suddenly stops functioning.
         -CR ? 5%:   drone will try to self destruct by ramming into a nearby enemy vessel, doing low kinetic damage (mostly visual). (Dronepods will forcefully release their drones).
         -CR > 5%:   drone behaves normally.
   -Renamed Chakram's "Ion Pulser" to "Ion Micropulser"; the name change was reverted accidentally and went unnoticed.
   -Add the Anvil-class Forgeship, a "ship" version of TSC mobile shipyard stations, mission-exclusive content... for now, depending on next game update.
   -Added the Ayllo-class Frigate, a scout/surveying themed drone tender ship that uses built-in weapon spawned drones.
   -Added the Kabura-ya-class Scout Drone, a built-in weapon spawned drone, it lacks the "Low Resolution Sensors" hullmod found in the other weapon spawned drones.
   -Added Dronepods (for Kulbeda and Corvo drones), large weapon spawned shielded "drones", that release drones when: near an enemy, their CR gets too low, or they start getting HP damage. Just like a MIRV they can still be shot down before releasing their contents though.
   -Added the "Drone Swarm" shipsystem, the system reloads the ammunition of drone spawner weapons and sets their cooldown to 0. Currently used by Ayllo, Kestros and Atlatl classes.
   -Added the "Shield Burst" shipsystem, the system deploys a short lived 360° shield that grows in size up to 5 times the ship shield's normal radius, the shield does not collide with allies. Currently used by Adarga-class.
   -Added the "Mega Shield Burst" shipsystem, a much larger version of the "Shield Burst" shipsystem, with a slightly longer duration, less charges and slower recharge. Currently used by Anvil-class Forgeships (mission-only content).
   -Added "Kamikaze" shipsystems for Kulbeda, Corvo and Kabura-ya drones.
   -Added Dmod "Damaged Particle Conduits", a milder version of "Unreliable Subsystems" that also blocks "Hardened Subsystems" and "Integrated Particle Conduits" using hullmods, used by (P) skins and can be rolled in recovered TSC ships.
   -"Integrated Particle Conduits" hullmod blocks "Hardened Subsystems" hullmod.
   -Fixed autofit hullmod installing minor exploit.
   -Fixed bug that made weapon spawned drones use fleet deployment points.
   -Corrected OP values for carriers; was using outdated formula for launch bays.
   -Corrected laser offsets for fighters.
   -Added Kulbeda Dronepod Launcher weapon, a large sized missile weapon that deploys 6 Kulbeda drones.
   -Added Corvo Dronepod Launcher weapon, a large sized missile weapon that deploys 4 Corvo drones.
   -Added Warden PD System "modular" weapon, a large sized energy weapon similar to the Pavise-class frontal mounted built-in weapon, but a bit less powerful.
   -Added Disruptor Burst Beam weapon, a medium sized energy weapon, similar to the Disruptor Beam Cannon, it does a small amount of hard flux damage to raised shields, however unlike it, it is not a constant beam working similarly to a Burst PD Beam.
   -Added Orchid-class Torpedo Launcher weapon, a small sized missile weapon with 2 Orchid Torpedoes, each torpedo does about 55% the damage of a Lotus Torpedo.
   -Added new graphical effect to Plasma Lance and Warden PD System projectiles.
   -Added story mission: "To Tame a Land".
   -Ship variants updated.
   -Balance Changes:
      -Claymore-class Battlecruiser:
         -Replaced "Plasma Jets" shipsystem with "Maneuvering Jets".
      -Atatl-class Carrier:
         -OP decreased to 275.   (Class adjustment OP set to +100)
         -Replaced "Phase Minelayer" shipsystem with "Drone Swarm" shipsystem.
         -Added a built-in 9x Kulbeda drone rack.
         -Designation changed to "Construction Ship".
         -Replaced "Reserve Deployment" shipsystem with "Burn Drive" shipsystem.
         -Threshal (S):
            Replaced "Reserve Deployment" shipsystem with "Phase Minelayer" shipsystem.
      -Kestros-class Cruiser:
         -Built-in fighters and launch bays removed.
         -Replaced "High Energy Focus" shipsystem with "Drone Swarm" shipsystem.
         -Added 6 built-in Corvo drone launchers.
      -Amentum-class Carrier:
         -OP decreased to 105.   (Class adjustment OP set to +25)
         -Replaced "Reserve Deployment" shipsystem with Targeting Feed.
      -Lance-class Cruiser:
         -Shield type changed to OMNI.
         -Lance (D):
      -Angon-class Cruiser:
         -Added "Civilian-grade Hull" built-in hullmod.
         -Secondary shield emitter module (civ) replaced with the standard version used by combat vessels.
         -Angon (A):
         -Angon (D):
         -Angon (LC):
         -Angon (TT):
      -Sabre-class Destroyer:
         -OP decreased to 90.
         -Replaced rear facing medium energy turret mount with a small mount.
         -Reduced central large energy turret mount movement arc to 270°.
         -Added "Oversized Turret Mounts" built-in hullmod.
         -Sabre (D) renamed to Sabre (P).
         -Sabre (P):
            -Changed central medium energy turret to large.
            -Energy mounts replaced with ballistic mounts.
            -Added "Damaged Particle Conduits" built-in hullmod.
            -Can't be restored to base hull anymore.
      -Sagaris-class Missile Destroyer:
         -Sagaris (D) renamed to Sagaris (P).
         -Sagaris (P):
            -Changed central medium missile hardpoint to large.
            -Energy mounts replaced with ballistic mounts.
            -Added "Damaged Particle Conduits" built-in hullmod.
            -Can't be restored to base hull anymore.
      -Labrys-class Destroyer:
         -Labrys (D) renamed to Labrys (P).
         -Labrys (P):
            -Restored central large missile hardpoint as large ballistic.
            -Energy mounts replaced with ballistic mounts.
            -Added "Damaged Particle Conduits" built-in hullmod.
            -Added "Ill-advised Modifications" built-in hullmod.
            -Removed "Destroyed Weapon Mounts" built-in hullmod.
            -Can't be restored to base hull anymore.
      -Woomera-class Escort Carrier:
         -OP decreased to 85.   (Class adjustment OP set to +25)
      -Adze-class Transport:
         -OP decreased to 35.   (Class adjustment OP set to +0/+15 if not used for logistics)
         -Supplies/month increased to 5.
         -Added "Civilian-grade Hull" built-in hullmod.
         -Cost increased to 30000.
         -Transport stats: (note comparisons are according to hullsize)
            -Crew:   75   (with modular hullmod:   300)   closest vanilla equivalent: Valkyrie:   300
            -Cargo:   100   (with modular hullmod:   300)   closest vanilla equivalent: Buffalo:   300
            -Fuel:   80   (with modular hullmod:   320)   closest vanilla equivalent: Phaeton:   600
      -Koncerz-class Frigate:
         -OP decreased to 50.   (Class adjustment OP set to +20)
         -Central turret mount changed from synergy to missile.
         -Konccerz (D) renamed to Koncerz (P).
         -Koncerz (P):
            -Energy mounts replaced with ballistic mounts.
            -Added "Damaged Particle Conduits" built-in hullmod.
            -Can't be restored to base hull anymore.
      -Adarga-class Heavy Frigate:
         -Replaced "Ram Drive" shipsystem with "Shield Burst".
         -Increased max speed to 120.
         -Adarga (D) renamed to Adarga (P).
         -Adarga (P):
            -Restored rear small energy turrets.
            -Energy mounts replaced with ballistic mounts.
            -Added "Damaged Particle Conduits" built-in hullmod.
            -Removed "Destroyed Weapon Mounts" built-in hullmod.
            -Can't be restored to base hull anymore.
      -Ranseur-class Frigate:
         -Vessel class reimplemented, no longer a missile boat, now the frigate counterpart of the Ram Drive ship-class line.
         -Redesigned sprite.
         -Weapon mounts modified to suit new sprite.
         -OP increased to 60.   (Class adjustment OP set to +20)
         -Replaced "Maneuvering Jets" shipsystem with "Ram Drive".
         -Ranseur (D): renamed to Ranseur (P).
         -Ranseur (P):
            -Energy mounts replaced with ballistic mounts.
            -Synergy mounts replaced with composite mounts.
            -Replaced "Maneuvering Jets" shipsystem with "Burn Drive".
            -Added "Damaged Particle Conduits" built-in hullmod.
            -Can't be restored to base hull anymore.
         -Ranseur (TT):
            -Replaced "Maneuvering Jets" shipsystem with "Plasma Jets".
      -Scimitar-class Corvette:
         -OP cost increased to 25.
         -Reduced central medium energy turret mount movement arc to 120°.
         -Replaced Phase Lance (Corvette) with Disruptor Burst Beam.
      -Javelin-class Heavy Bomber:
         -Replaced Lotus-class Torpedoes with Orchid-class Torpedoes.
         -Added Jet Booster shipsystem (always active until Orchids are fired).
         -Reduced max speed to 100.
      -Kulbeda Drone Rack:
         -Increased chargedown time to 50 seconds.
         -Ammunition reloads in batches of 6 drones every 100 seconds.
         -Deploys drones in a single wave of 6.      
      -Corvo Drone Rack:
         -Increased chargedown time to 50 seconds.
         -Ammunition reloads in batches of 4 drones every 100 seconds.
         -Deploys drones in a single wave of 4.
      -Ram Drive shipsystem:
         -No longer locks direction.
         -Added small bonus to max turn rate, and turn acceleration.
         -Reduced duration to 4 seconds.
         -Ram Drive Shield has the same arc as the ship equipped shield.
         -Ram Drive Shield deployment speed increased.
         -Venting bug/exploit fixed.

v. 1.4.0:
   -Added custom sounds for most weapons; thanks MesoTroniK.
   -Added blacklist for xenoargh's AI Overhaul, should increase compatibility.
   -Added Modular Crew Quarters hullmod. Requires Modular Cargo Bay, incompatible with Modular Containers and Modular Fuel Tanks.
   -Added Sand Caster hullmod. Requires Integrated Particle Conduits, incompatible with Graviton Lensing and Shielded Plating.
   -Added new "Stealth" ship variants using the "Sand Caster" hullmod.
   -Added new graphics for Lance, Angon and Adze classes' "Modular Cargo Bay".
   -Added (fighter) descriptor to the name of the fighter version of the Tactical Laser.
   -Added interaction illustration to Reydes.
   -Added carrier based starts for Nexerelin.
   -Removed Angon-class variants from the codex, that had identical stats, to reduce clutter.
   -Removed Arambai-class from codex. Pending reimplementation as dedicated scout vessel.
   -Removed Pernach-class troop transport. Was already made obsolete due to the removal of boarding, replaced in fleet compositions with Adze-class modular transports.
   -Removed Kris-class combat shuttle (built-in fighter for Pernach-class).
   -Removed Modular Bay from Lance (D)-class weapon groups... not sure how it got in there to begin with.
   -Removed Free port market condition from Abandoned Base.
   -Relocated Abandoned Base to L1 between Tiilo and Mephis.
   -Renamed Maul-class to Threshal-class.
   -Renamed Abandoned Base to Alcazar Station.
   -Reduced player's capability to do "Paragon bowling".
   -Blurred Fleet Server's effect range indicator to reduce artifacting.
   -Market spawn chance of Maul (S) reduced.
   -Fixed some incorrect, obsolete, and missing descriptions.
   -Fixed missing SYSTEM tag on the Chakram-class Ion Micropulser.
   -Akvan is no longer a military market
   -Balance Changes:
      -Claymore-class Battlecruiser:
         -OP decreased to 300.
         -Shield efficiency decreased to 0.8.
         -Mining strength set to 50.      (Nexerelin Only)
         -Maul (D):
            -Mining strength set to 50.   (Nexerelin Only)
         -Maul (S):
            -Mining strength set to 75.   (Nexerelin Only)
      -Amentum-class Carrier:
         -Designation changed to Carrier.
         -Shield efficiency decreased to 0.8.
      -Pavise-class Cruiser:
         -Fleet point cost increased to 18.
         -Max flux decreased to 8000.
         -OP decreased to 100.
         -Fuel efficiency decreased to 4 Fuel/LY.
         -CR to deploy increased to 15.
         -Supplies/month increased to 20.
      -Lance-class Cruiser:
         -Fleet point cost decreased to 16.
         -Max speed decreased to 55.
         -Acceleration decreased to 35.
         -Transport stats: (unchanged, here for comparison purposes)
            -Crew:   250   (with modular hullmod:   1000)
            -Cargo:   200   (with modular hullmod:   600)
            -Fuel:   150   (with modular hullmod:   600)            
      -Angon-class Transport:
         -Fleet point cost decreased to 10.
         -Hitpoints decreased to 6500.
         -Armor rating decreased to 550.         
         -Shield efficiency decreased to 0.8.
         -Max flux decreased to 7000.
         -Flux dissipation decreased to 450.
         -Max speed decreased to 55.
         -Acceleration decreased to 35.
         -Mass decreased to 1500.
         -Supplies/month decreased to 10.
         -Transport stats:
            -Crew:   300   (with modular hullmod:   1200)   closest vanilla equivalent: Starliner:   1500
            -Cargo:   250   (with modular hullmod:   750)   closest vanilla equivalent: Colossus:   900
            -Fuel:   250   (with modular hullmod:   1000)   closest vanilla equivalent: Phaeton:   600/Prometheus:   3000
         -Added Pather and Pirated conversions.
         -Angon Mk.2:
            -Pather variant.
            -Added built-in custom devastator cannon.
            -Added built-in Ill advised modifications, Safety Overrides hullmods.
            -Added extra weapon mounts.
            -Removed built-in Modular Cargo Bay hullmod.
            -Removed built-in Loader drones.
            -Fleet point cost set to 12.
            -Armor rating set to 750.
            -OP set to 85.
            -Mass set to 1750.
            -Supplies/month set to 12.
         -Angon Mk.3:
            -Pirate variant.
            -Added built-in custom devastator cannon.
            -Added built-in Ill advised modifications hullmod.
            -Added extra weapon mounts.
            -Added Launch Bay.
            -Removed built-in Modular Cargo Bay hullmod.
            -Removed built-in Loader-drones.
            -Fleet point cost set to 12.
            -Armor rating set to 750.
            -OP set to 85.
            -Mass set to 1750.
            -Supplies/month set to 12.   
      -Sabre-class Destroyer:
         -Armor rating reduced to 300.
         -Shield efficiency reduced to 0.8.
      -Adarga-class Heavy Frigate:
         -Max speed increased to 100.
         -Shipsystem changed to Ram Drive.
      -Koncerz-class Frigate:
         -Max speed decreased to 135   
      -Scimitar-class Corvette:
         -Rocket DPS reduced to half.
         -Phase Lance DPS reduced to about 75%. Equipped Phase Lance renamed to Phase Lance (corvette).
         -Shield efficiency reduced to 1.2.
      -Misericorde-class Phase Attack Drones:
         -Number of fighters reduced to 3.
         -Phase cloak activation cost increased to 0.15.
         -Phase cloak cost increased to 0.05.
         -OP cost increased to 10.
      -Kunai-class Strike Fighter:
         -OP cost decreased to 6.
      -Buckler-class Shield Drone:
         -Wing formation set to CLAW
         -Fighter type set to INTERCEPTOR
         -Leash range reduced to 2000
      -Warden PD System:
         -Added new projectile.
         -Removed laser effect.
         -Damage type set to FRAGMENTATION.
         -Spawns 5 AOE projectiles in a 30° cone formation.
         -Range reduced to 500.
      -Disruptor Beam Cannon:
         -Fallout reduced to 0.5 secs.
         -Sound muted a bit.
      -Monsoon Lotus Laucher:
         -Ammo increased to 18.
         -Fire delay decreased to 3.
      -Ram Drive shipsystem:
         -Can no longer dissipate flux during use.
         -Bonus acceleration removed shortly after use.

   -Mod updated to 0.8.1a.
   -Gameplay Changes:
      -Halberd-class Battleship built-in Disruptor Beam Cannon stats made identical to the modular-buyable version.
      -Halberd-class Battleship ship system "Phase Jump" replaced with "Ram Drive".
      -Halberd-class, Lance-class and Angon-class are now "Ships with modules", and now equipped with a secondary shield emitter activated by turning on their "Ram Drives".
      -Angon-class Transport "Ram Drive" is now a lesser version (less efficient shield) of the one equipped by the Angon-class and Halberd-class.
      -Amentum-class Carrier "Recall Device" ship system replaced with "Reserve Deployment".
      -Kestros-class Cruiser "Reserve Deployment" ship system replaced with "High Energy Focus" (this is a temporal measure, since I've not coded or sprited its new intended system).
      -Buffed the Tessen-class, longer peak CR time, lower deployment costs, now it is a good alternative to sacrificing a combat ship's battle effectiveness by adding the Fleet Server Hullmod to it.
      -All TSC fighters got the vanilla "No Weapon Flux" hullmod.
      -Combat stats of Gunship style fighters (Scimitar, Chakram and Tomahawk) were buffed a bit.
      -Fighter LPC OP cost reduced a bit overall.
      -IR Pulse Lasers employed by TSC fighters replaced with IR Pulse Lasers (High Delay) the vanilla fighter version of the weapon.
      -Added a fighter IR Pulse Laser to the Kunai-class Strike Fighter.
      -Added a fighter IR Pulse Laser and a Stinger-class Proximity Mine to the Shuriken-class Interceptor.
      -Javelin-class Heavy Bomber, Chakram-class Support Gunship and Tomahawk-class Attack Gunship had their sprites redone.
      -Javelin-class Heavy Bomber, Chakram-class Support Gunship and Tomahawk-class Attack Gunship had their speed stat equalized, they are currently designed to be used in tandem.
      -Chakram-class dual Ion Cannon's replaced with a single Ion Micropulser, a smaller version of the Ion pulser.
      -Javelin-class dual Reaper-class Torpedoes replaced with the new Lotus-class Torpedo (overall damage nerf).
      -Javelin-class now has an Omni shield and Maneuvering Jets as ship system.
      -Added Advanced Optics hullmod to Sai-class Defense Drones in order to make them "competitive" when compared to Wasps.
      -Increased the number of Corvo-class Combat Drones deployed by the Corvo Drone Rack weapon to 4 drones in a single wave.
      -Increased the number of Caltrop-class Phase Mine carried by the Caltrop Mine Rack weapon to 3 mines, deployed individually.
      -Increased the number of Misericorde-class Phase Drones in a wing to 4.
      -Increased the number of Buckler-class Shield Drones in a wing to 3.
      -Replaced the Decoy Flare Launcher ship system of the Buckler-class with a lesser version of the Active Flare Launcher system.
      -(D) skins are now closer in line to vanilla (D) skins.
      -All (D) skins can now be restored to their default skin, for most ships this means the TSC skin, even for those that have a TT skin.
      -Medusa (D) is now a vanilla Medusa-class skin.
      -Introduced a new missile weapon, the Lotus-class Torpedo Launcher, it comes in fighter size (single), small mount size (Lotus-class Torpedo), medium mount size (Rainstorm Lotus Launcher), large mount size (Monsoon Lotus Launcher). The weapon is a poorly guided MIRV-like missile that splits into 8 two stage rockets that deal energy damage, the warheads themselves are not very accurate.
      -Ship loadouts altered to reflect changes.

   -Bug Fixes and Improvements:
      -Major unreported bug regarding weapon spawned drones (Corvo and Kulbeda) where they were able to attack an enemy ship and suffer no counterattack was fixed. (Main reason for the delay, required me to figure a way to deal with their AI, and maybe lose the search pattern they exhibit, thankfully I was able to keep the behavior thanks to a second AI altering script).
      -Removed deployment spam messages when spawning weapon based drones.
      -Player or the AI, can't turn the shield off when using the Ram drive shipsystem (affects Angon-class, Lance-class and Halberd-class).
      -Claymore built-in missile can no longer get more than 1 ammo, mostly flavor, its reload time was too long to actually happen.
      -Fighter wings removed from the simulator.
      -Fixed the use of incorrect directory separator in "Coalition_texture_data.csv".
      -Replaced the use of "cover" with "Cover" in "hull_styles.json".
      -Added system weapon slots for the ship hulls that use a weapon shipsystem, that were currently missing it.
   -Misc. Changes:
      -Anything else I forgot to type here.

   -Mod updated to 0.8a.
   -Gameplay Changes:
      -Renamed Corseque-class to Halberd-class.
      -Renamed Svardstav-class to Claymore-class.
      -Altered ship stats according vanilla changes.
      -Removed ALL drone ship systems.
      -Added shipsystems: Burn Drive (Pernach-class), Targeting Feed (Woomera-class), Reserve Deployment (Kestros-class, Maul-class), Recall Device (Amentum-class), Plasma Jets (Claymore-class), Ram Drive (Angon-class).
      -Added Misericorde, Buckler and Sai drone wings as available fighters.
      -Kris, Loader "drone" ship systems have been converted into built-in fighters.
      -SCV Corvette is now a built-in fighter for Maul-class vessels.
      -Removed built-in Drone bays from Kestros-class vessels, replaced with 2 built-in fighters, Misericorde drones for the Coalition variant and Wasps for the TT variant.
      -Drone Bay (Large Missile) weapon removed.
      -Drone Rack (Medium Missile) diversified into 3 different weapons: Kulbeda Drone Rack (2 waves of 3 PD drones), Corvo Drone Rack (1 wave of 3 Attack drones), Caltrop Mine Rack (single kamikaze drone).
      -Altered how drone racks function, now deployed drones are individuals instead of wings.
      -Removed built-in hullmod "Fleet Server" from Atlatl-class carrier.
      -Modified "Fleet Server" hullmod into a normal hullmod, can be equipped by ANY Coalition combat vessel. Fleet Server provides a combat buff to nearby fighters/drones not taking into account the source of the drone, decreasing the ship's fire rate by 75/60/45/30%, depending on hullsize.
      -Altered sprites of Amentum, Woomera, Venture (TSC) and Sagaris-class vessels.
      -Ship loadouts altered to reflect changes.
   -Campaign Changes:
      -Added Aridas star system to the campaign. (Content WIP, missing custom textures for some planets).
      -Renamed Aridas to Arydas.
      -Added procgen content to the Tyrador star system.
      -Added inert Gate to the Tyrador star system.
      -Added custom icon to Atrio's Defensive Platforms.
      -Removed SSO Base from Penelope's Star star system, replaced it with the Urals' Scaffold.
      -Moved the CSV Andes from Magec to Arydas, added the CSV Himalayas to Magec.
      -Slightly altered the market conditions of Coalition Markets.
      -Moved Tyrador slightly downward.
      -Altered faction ship lists to reflect changes, also fixed some ships/variants that were not included so now they can actually spawn in the campaign.
   -Misc. Changes:
      -Anything else I forgot to type here. .

Version 1.1.0:
   -Rebalancing changes:
      -TSC combat ships, overall had their stats slightly reduced (flux capacity, max ops, speed, turret arcs), turret angles were changed to
        reduce overlapping. In general, the ships' stat blocks were made worse than their closer high-tech counterpart.
      -Labrys-class changes: removed 1 large missile mount, added 1 medium missile mount, large decrease in OPs.
      -Halberd-class changes: replaced large missile mounts with medium sized ones.
      -Claymore-class changes: re-implemented as a broadside ship, sprite altered to accommodate changes.
      -Kulbeda-class attack drone changes: speed reduced to 150.
      -Drone bay changes: reload speed reduced to 0.01.
      -(Fighter) Tactical Laser range reduced to 500.
      -Disruptor Beam Cannon range reduced to 750, hard-flux to soft-flux ratio reduced to 30%. Generated hard-flux on the target is also
       applied to the source (this can cause the source ship to overload form continuous fire).
      -Plasma Lance range reduced to 750.
   -Ship loadouts altered to reflect changes.
   -Tyrador system background compression artefacts fixed.
   -Renamed Halberd-class to Corseque-class.
   -Renamed Claymore-class to Svardstav-class.
   -Removed Lance-tug sprite. Missed it when cleaning the mod from unused content/WIPs.
   -Removed Dyson Swarm/Bubble graphics from the mod.
   -Removed unused scripts.
   -Fixed the Atlatl and Tessen script that buffs drones and fighters giving the graphic indicator to frigates too.
   -Removed test mission.
   -Added a 25% sized alternative versions of the Arconian Orbital Ring (front and back) sprites, they need to be renamed manually to use them
    (only use them if you are having issues with your vram, you can also mix and match them).
   -Added non-story missions: "Knowing Yourself", "Knowing your Enemy".
   -Graphics Lib:
      -Merged normal maps of non-(D) "skin variants" in order to reduce vram use.

Version 1.0.0:
   -First proper release, full changelog too large to list, or actually even keep track of it. Mod basically rebuilt from the ground up, over a couple of versions.
   -Added support for Nexrelin.
   -Added support for Graphics Lib.
   -Added support for Version Checker.
   -Every ship sprite has been touched up, or in some cases remade from scratch.
   -Several ship classes were eliminated (Parashu, Khopesh, Hurlbat, Whirlbat, Fukija and others that were never mentioned in a WIP thread or named).
   -Current NEW ship classes: (For a more complete list download the ship catalog flash file, or even better download the mod)
      Capitals:      Atlatl, Claymore, Halberd, Maul.
      Cruisers:      Amentum, Angon, Kestros, Lance, Pavise.
      Destroyers:   Adze, Aspis, Labrys, Sabre, Sagaris, Woomera.
      Frigates:      Adarga, Koncerz, Pernach, Ranseur, Tessen.
      Energy:      Plasma Lance, Disruptor Beam Cannon, Warden PD System.
      Missile:      Judgement, Kulbeda Drone Bay, Kulbeda Drone Rack.
      Built-in:      Integrated Particle Conduits, Modular Cargo Bay, Fleet Server, Coalition Refit.
      Standard:      Graviton Lensing, Shielded Plating, Modular Fuel Tanks, Modular Containers.

(Read as ongoing, upcoming...someday, likely by the end of next version's life cycle, or even later; actually, just some of the things I want to do):
-Listen to feedback.
-Bug fixing. (If any)
-Balancing, balancing, balancing. (Listening to feedback again)
-Battlestations!!!, IN PROGRESS.
-Tweak Arcon's retrofitting market even further.
-Add Praxis University unique industry to Arcon.
-Add shield emitter teleporter shipsystem.
-Add Scepter-class cruiser.
-Add TSC skins of some vanilla phase skimmers.
-Add more vanilla faction skins, specially non TT skins.
-Add 1 more star system.
-Add After the Collapse/Early Coalition missions.
-Add Hegemonic Invasion Campaign missions.
-Add more Arydas Crisis missions.
-Add "older/prototype" variants of some ships to indicate technological development. Mainly mission content. (Most likely not with new sprites, to avoid unnecessary vram use)
-Descriptions, descriptions, descriptions; not like they are not there, I just need to revise them.
-Typos, typos, typos.
-Add more "hidden" references. (Done)
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Re: Machine's Creations: Tyrador System Coalition
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2013, 04:29:25 PM »

The ships looks good, although I think it would be better with a slightly darker tone of green. Will try the mod out later so I can give a proper opinion.


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Re: Machine's Creations: Tyrador System Coalition
« Reply #2 on: January 25, 2013, 05:28:41 PM »

Simply: Can I add this to U'sC?


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Re: Machine's Creations: Tyrador System Coalition
« Reply #3 on: January 25, 2013, 06:06:50 PM »

These are really great ships. I'll have to mess around with them in-game later.


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Re: Machine's Creations: Tyrador System Coalition
« Reply #4 on: January 25, 2013, 06:13:14 PM »

Feel free to do so... actually that would be cool :P.
Though I haven't made any weapons yet, and meanwhile balance seems OK to me, I'm not quite sure it actually is... well, at least I don't have capitals that easily destroy Paragons (if I control the Paragon, Halberds don't last long; meanwhile if I control the Halberd, the Paragon lasts a while, and the Halberd gets some damage). On the otherside maybe the figthers are somewhat OP.
Well that was the point of this release, getting some balance feedback done, and bugtesting.

Mostly kitbashed, I just tried to blend the pieces, it's much more aparent when you turn them blue though.


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Re: Machine's Creations: Tyrador System Coalition
« Reply #5 on: September 26, 2013, 01:19:19 PM »

How the hell did i miss this thread? Damn, your sprites are gorgeous! Perhaps the best Try-tachyons kitbash i have ever seen.

I know the last post date from January, but i saw Machine posting on the forum so it means he is going to update his mod for 0.6 right? RIGHT?


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Re: Machine's Creations: Tyrador System Coalition
« Reply #6 on: September 26, 2013, 08:29:02 PM »

Well I would love to update it for 0.6a, or maybe 0.6.1a (probably the later). I currently have the mod working on it, though I haven't properly updated the ships to balance them or add the CR mechanics either, neither have I added most of the latest ships I've done (nothing new that's not on the Spriters judgement thread), I've just been having fun making planets, and brainstorming some ship systems and weapons.
I'm not planning to add a lot of weapons, just ones that work well with the current ships weaknesses, like the Plasma Lance, which is great on a Sabre, even if it's basically a Plasma Cannon that's unable to cause an overload in 1 shot but mantains its DPS (no burst but faster fire rate means it's less likely to cause a sudden overload in the enemy but it won't overload your Sabre either) or relatively weird weapons (like an explosive "laser", yes, it sounds dumb but it will have a nice lore explanation).

However I'm still slightly busy with work; my current surge of activity is mostly due to noticing the update last week during our national holyday (I got the whole week free). Heh, it even managed to get me away from GTA V, and I thought that wouldn't be possible.
In short, I should probably not be modding right now, but I'm still going to do it :D.


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Re: Machine's Creations: Tyrador System Coalition
« Reply #7 on: August 07, 2015, 11:00:07 AM »

Honestly, I'm not sure if I should be bumping this thread... meh, thread necromancy is go.

I've been away for quite a while, managed to finish my thesis, started working, and currently looking to get a Ph.D in Biochemistry, which I should be starting next year... if everything goes just as planned.
Hence why I'm not sure about the following, considering I have no idea if my free time will ever let me finish this mod properly.
I don't expect to release anything soon, besides the sprites I've worked on. So consider this a preview of an update that's not done. Whenever I do actually release something, I'll update the first post.

Tyrador System Coalition

The Coalition is one of many factions formed from the remains of the Domain.
The collapse of the Domain meant the downfall of civilization, gates were shut contact with the rest of humanity was lost and supplies became harder and harder to come by.

This was especially hard for the Tyrador system, as no world in it was completely self sufficient, with no external support, the system would slowly but surely fall into chaos. This prompted the creation of a new organism to ensure the survival of the system and so the Tyrador Safeguard Coalition (TSC) was established.

Or at least that is what the official records say. Some see the creation of the Coalition just an excuse by the leaders of Arcon, the most developed world in the system, to expand their control to the entire system, but more importantly securing a stable source of food. Heavily industrialized and subsequently completely polluted the world of Arcon had no way to support its population  and was completely reliant in food imports.
The first act of the Coalition was the absorption of the other planets in the system, an event that was done peacefully, after all the rest of the system's population accounted for barely a million of inhabitants, and had no way to oppose the industrial giant.
With absorption of Reydes a food source was secured. Before the Coalition, Reydes was scarcely populated, the Domain had prohibited extensive settlement due to scientific interest, since its oceans hosted native life forms. After the Coalition, Reydes was quickly industrialized in a massive effort to develop a planetary wide fishing industry.

With this act, the core of the system was stabilized. But peace did not last long, the sector itself was not stable and raids were becoming more common. As piracy increased the Coalition was forced to militarize itself. At the time their navy was mostly a haphazardly refitted trading fleet, and battles did not usually go very well for the Coalition, which was able to prevail based only on its industrial might.

It was a pure act of luck that changed fate, a scouting party chasing some pirates at the edge of the system found an anomaly floating deep inside the system's comet cloud, a small Domain base. The base showed signs of occupation, probably from pirates, and anything of obvious value was already looted. Believing that the facility still had some value, the ruling body sent an expedition to reactivate the base. The effort was not fruitless, meanwhile there were no usable equipment left, a big cache of data was found, mostly damaged and incomplete, but nothing some reverse engineering could not fix. After a decade of development the Coalition started modernizing its fleet managing to repel hostile raids, finally cementing its power.

Then came the Hegemony. Looking to reestablish the Domain of Man, the Hegemony claimed the Tyrador system as theirs, this was not well received by the TSC. The ensuing conflict was long and bloody. The conflict was finally resolved at the battle of Tiilo, with the destruction of the Hegemony's forward base and their retreat from the system. In its victory Coalition made a declaration of independence to the whole sector. But this was not the end, this event also marked the transformation of a isolationist government into one invested in external affairs.
As order returns to the sector, the Coalition will not let itself lose what it had achieved...

Future Content:


Capital Ships:

Halberd-class Dreadnought
Heaviest ship of the Coalition, usually used as a flagship. Heavily armored, shielded and slow. Despite this it is still used as the spearhead of any battle it participates in thanks to its phase jump system (Not coded, meant to teleport to the center of the map, and it's only to be used once per battle).

Atlalt-class Fleet Carrier
Center piece of many fleets. Unlike most carriers, it is heavily armed and able to hold its own against enemy cruisers. Atlalt-class carriers act as host to 4 Misericorde phase attack drones.

Claymore-class Battleship
A recent development. The Claymore-class sports a massive missile meant for orbital bombardment. While lightly armed it can forego any defensive mounts thanks to its Sai-class defensive drones.


Lance-class Battlecruiser
Spearhead of many fleets. Lance-class are usually employed in ramming formations thanks to its heavy frontal shields and fast engines. Lance-class can also be found retrofitted into combat freighters carrying 4 loader drones. An interesting twist due the civilian origin of the design.

Pavise-class Support Cruiser
Meat shield. Featuring fortress shields it is sually deployed as cover for other smaller ships, and thanks to its integrated point defense system Pavise-class are known as the bane of fighters.

Kestros-class Drone Carrier
Drone tender. The Kestros-class features heavy frontal facing energy weapons, the 4 Corvo-class attack drones are just the icing of the cake.

Amentum-Class Light Carrier
Mobile flight deck. The Amentum-class is lightly armored and armed, its main use is to provide a large number of flight decks at a low cost. NO SYSTEM YET


Sagaris-class Missile Destroyer
Heavy missile boat. The Sagaris-class main feature is a large sized missile mount, it is used to deal a lot of damage to bigger targets than itself. CURRENTLY PHASE SKIMMER

Sabre-class Fast Attack Destroyer
Frigate's bane. Extremely fast, the Sabre-class is master at positioning itself, not only it sports a phase skimmer system, but it also has a 360° coverage large energy mount. It does not have to flux capacity to make full use of it though.

Woomera-class Escort Carrier
Support Carrier. A cheap way to add some fighters to a fleet. It also supports 2 Buckler-class shield projector drones.

Labrys-class Missile Platform
Missile spam. A "cheap" way to add lots of boom to a fleet. Cruiser slow but packing a punch, Labrys-class are useful when dealing with cruisers, yet they can be easily defeated by faster moving opponents like frigates or heavy enough targets like capitals.


Ranseur-class Missile Frigate
Light missile boat. The Ranseur-class is the most common frigate in Coalition fleets, designed to combat frigates, it can use its auxiliary thrusters to help it deal with destroyers.

Koncerz-class Fast Attack Frigate
Sabre's younger brother. Faster than the Sabre, but lacking its weaponry, the Koncerz-class excels at hunting down other frigates and fighters, but is merely an annoyance to bigger ships yet it works surprisingly well in small groups.

Adarga-class Defensive Platform
Point defense galore. Designed to support larger ships in combat. The Adarga-class is well defended but it is also slow, enough to be unable keep up with other frigates yet it can overload its drives to get it where you need it.

Penarch-class Troop Transport
Transports troops... duh. The slow, heavily armored and shielded Penarch-class was designed for ground operations and boarding actions. It also carries 2 Kris-class combat shuttles that can be deployed in battle.


Javelin Bomber Wing
Shielded torpedo bomber. Fast and loaded with unguided torpedoes, Javelins excel at dealing with heavy slow targets.

Tomahawk Gunship Wing
Heavily armed, shielded and armored. Tomahawks are slow but though enough to deal with other fighters and powerful enough to deal damage to larger targets.
Chakram Support Wing
Hacking but no slashing. Usually found in larger fleets, Chakrams employ EMP cannons to disable larger ships, enabling other ships to deal damage.

Kunai Strike Craft Wing
Jack of all trades. Meanwhile not particularly effective against any specific target, Kunai carry small fast tracking missiles that do well against anything.

Shuriken Interceptor Wing
Lightning fast. Shuriken excel at dealing with other fighters but are mostly worthless against anything else.

Energy Weapons:

Plasma Lance
Large energy weapon. A flux efficient plasma cannon, it keeps the DPS and flux per shot of the standard plasma cannon but looses the ability to burst fire, so causing overloads becomes way harder, works great in limited flux capacity ships like the Sabre.

Large energy weapon. A fast firing weapon, a less powerful energy analogue of the storm needler.

Missile Weapons:

Large missile weapon. Missile spam incarnate, who needs guns when you got this many rockets?

Discarded Content:
The following can be used by any mod, no permission needed, just give me a little mention.

Well this concludes the future update content showcase, I hope you enjoy it. And please ask for my permission if you want to use any other content of this mod in your own :P.
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Re: Machine's Creations: Tyrador System Coalition
« Reply #8 on: August 07, 2015, 11:54:52 AM »

I'm really happy to see you're still around. Your mod too, always had a soft spot for your sprites.

Your ideas sounds pretty interesting, just a bit worried about the Halberd ship system. This would be moderately interesting to play with and the enemy bombers will love seeing a capital ship all by itself.

Also be careful about missile based ships. Nothing can break balance like mindless missile spam.

Anyway, i hope you'll find the time to make it work.


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Re: Machine's Creations: Tyrador System Coalition
« Reply #9 on: August 07, 2015, 12:00:32 PM »

Supercool! Looks very good, nice ships! I really like the design and the style of the ships. I will try out when i have more time, i hope the faction is balanced, we really need more balanced factions  ::)

Is it up to date?

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Re: Machine's Creations: Tyrador System Coalition
« Reply #10 on: August 09, 2015, 03:10:54 PM »

I'm super excited for this! Keep us posted!
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Re: Machine's Creations: Tyrador System Coalition
« Reply #11 on: August 09, 2015, 06:18:02 PM »

Not yet, hopefully sometime in the near future, at least before I need to update again. Latest update of the mod was when crew readiness was introduced, however that never left dev status and was unreleased... So yeah current release is kinda ancient.

In relation to the missile spam, I'll keep it balanced, or at least I'll try to. Anyway "big" missile barrages will be used as kinetic weapon replacements, as no Coalition ship will have those. The only thing that seems imbalanced so far is the Labrys, since it can deal with cruisers by itself, just by mounting several reapers, yet it's really slow, like a cruiser, and fragile, like a frigate. Properly balancing it will require some playtesting.
But so far when I play against it, I just focus fire it, and it stops being a problem. When I play with it, it only seems useful 1 on 1 against cruisers. My current impression is that it might be underpowered.
If it was on relation to the "missile boats", they also equip energy weapons, currently the Sagarys has only the large frontal and the 2 small frontal hardpoints designed as missiles, and it will not be a phase skimmer. The Ranseur's 2 frontal and 2 side hardpoints are its missiles.

Tri-Tachyon skins



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Re: Machine's Creations: Tyrador System Coalition
« Reply #12 on: August 10, 2015, 04:19:39 AM »

That's cool, also new portrait for the mod?

However i just noticed that the Sabre feel very... Work in progress? The smooth part around the prow and the two small turrets in particular, something's definitely missing there. Maybe a few lines and/or bright spots like the one on its left?


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Re: Machine's Creations: Tyrador System Coalition
« Reply #13 on: August 10, 2015, 10:50:27 AM »

This mod....brings memories from ancient times when everyone was stranded in Corvus.....
Completely forgot about it thou and never thought someone would come back to modding after 2 years.
How do you like the game now?


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Re: Machine's Creations: Tyrador System Coalition
« Reply #14 on: August 11, 2015, 07:09:15 PM »

Yeah it is meant as a new portrait.
And no the Sabre was meant to be finished, but I agree to your feedback. Honestly I think I read too much in David's "The Trouble With Greebles" blogpost, and consequently went overboard with some ships, specifically the Pavise and the Sabre. Specially with the Pavise, heh... the new Pavise was built on top of the previous one. I smoothed it so much it became a green lump with some details, and then started making something new over the green mess.

Since I don't want to fill my dropbox with several variants of each ship, I just updated the Coalition schemed Sabre with some extra details, left the TT Sabre as it was before; note that TT Sabre never had the grey sharpened blade border at the front, so that's not a new detail on the normal Sabre, also that will be the only difference between the 2 versions, besides the color. And... additional feedback is always appreciated.

I kinda never left, I'm usually mostly a lurker and only post when I have something to post, in every single forum I've ever been part of. And since I was really busy doing my thesis, I had no time to do much, so no content to post, which meant no posts from my part.
Besides that I really like the game in its current state and honestly I would be happy if the game was released as it is with the addition of random sector generation just to add some replayability. If you're reading this Alex, please don't pay attention to this and keep doing your thing.

Portraits (so far):

Grunt, Pilot, Admiral (I only consider the masked coalition grunt as done, but I'm happy with the other 2, so they might  not receive changes)

Power Armor (C&C4 concept art spriteified), Reidan Spotted Golden Crab.
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