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Author Topic: A Fatal Mistake  (Read 2258 times)


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A Fatal Mistake
« on: March 12, 2013, 02:46:21 PM »

I was bored and decided to write a short storyish thing, and this sorta came to me. Excuse my spelling errors this was typed on my phone. Anti-matter-Blasted autocorrect. Feel free to critique/comment Enjoy!  ;D

Beware kinda wall of texty :P
Admiral Jeremiah wallaby blinked and looked down at his data pad watching words and numbers stream across it. All reports from a battle having taken place near minutes ago. The battle had been going quite poorly for the tritachyon corporation's admiral and could have ended with absolute dastardly results when the 93rd security fleet's Odysseies jumped into the battle barely saving the heavily damaged astral class carrier 'TTS Never Better' turning disaster into a crushing victory in meer minutes. Saving the Never Better however, let 1/3 of the hegemony fleet escape with 2 of its onslaughts intact. After transferring his command over to the 'TTS Daedalus' and sending the Never Better toward the nearest tritachyon HQ, he gave the order to chase the fleeing hegemony fleet. "Admiral!" Ensign Rodriguez spoke bringing Jeremiah to the present. "The hegemony fleet's escape path is between to dense nebulas.  We are slowly gaining and will be in firing range in five minutes." The admiral smiled slightly. "Lieutenant Jackson, commence  scanning routine Iota. I want to know what's going on nearby." The admiral ordered. "While your at it search for the 'TTS Ephemeral'. She was supposed to meet with our task force before this whole mess started." Jackson nodded and got to work scanning the entire area for near by vessels. "Four minutes and closing" Rodriguez reported. The lieutenant looked up from her console. "Sir several ships moving around the trade lanes and nebulas; their registration as marks them as; ISS Tethra, MTS Aglaea, ISS BlackStar,MTS Lawrence, and the MTS Elymus II"

Jeremiah spoke full of confidence "A trade convoy and smugglers... We will deal with them after we finish off the Hegemony fleet. What of the ephemeral?" Jackson replied "Nothing sir not even the other tachyon patrols have heard from her." As the 93rd fleet slowly gained on the fleeing ships, going deeper and deeper in between the fields, the scanned ships slowly slipped away out of range and minds sight in the nebula's. Bridge reports came in."Hegemony ships turning to fight, they must realize that they can't escape. 30 seconds till in range. Have multiple missile locks from there onslaughts! Raising the shields to face the enemy fleet All weapons are go for firing!" Admiral Jeremiah Wallaby smiled for the last time that day as his ships confidently moved to engage the enemy fleet. There was no way they could lose and yet there was a strange doubt in the back of his head, he'd missed something he was sure of it. Yet the admiral shrugged off his feelings as the antimatter blasters fired away. "Sir! Multiple contacts front, side, behind, Christ there everywhere!" The mood changed instantly from the composed confident professionalism to urgent panic. As the first reaper torpedoes from conquest capitol ships slammed into the rear of the odysseies, the ISS BlackStar passed in front of monitor firing, Jeremiah realised for the first time and only time in his life, He has made a fatal mistake... and a moment later Admiral Jeremiah wallaby was no more.
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"Yes... Yes I -am- sending you, alone, unarmed, against the might of the Hegemony defense fleet.  Not to worry - watching how they obliterate your puny frigate will be most... enlightening.  I shall dissect their tactics and emerge victorious!  Any questions? Then get to your ship, you launch in 5."