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Author Topic: is there a mod to remove the exponential storypoint cost of improving industries  (Read 62 times)


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i like building a single super OP colony and then place tons of industries on them and improving all of them. the problem isn't the cost of storypoints as such since i can just use console commands to get the required amount but that the time to apply those story points also seems to scale.

so if i improve a structure/industry and it costs 4 storypoints it takes less than a second to apply but since i run 100+ mods and add many of the included industries i end up spending 20mil storypoints to upgrade the last industries. for sure this was never intended and from me clicking to apply the game hangs 5-20min depending on storypoint cost.

so my question: is there a mod that makes improving buildings always cost 1 storypoint so the hanging issue never happens?

if not thats ok too since i'm not supposed to have these types of colonies anyway.