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Author Topic: Custom skill colours?  (Read 21 times)


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Custom skill colours?
« on: Today at 09:16:26 AM »

I've been working on a mod that introduces custom skills for officers hired at faction markets and i've run into a minor but annoying thing - can a way to change the colour border colour + elite border of a skill without requiring a new aptitude be added?

As for a solution, I'd say a "colorOverride" and "eliteBorderOverride" (alternatively and preferably, can the border colouring be done entirely in code, going off the coloroverride?) which will override whatever the aptitude has set for those fields should be added to the .skill file, like so
   "eliteBorderOverride":"RGTO_HegeTrainingBorder.png" (then have it automatically look for the 48px & 32px versions from there)
         {"type":"SHIP", "script":"data.scripts.skills.RGTO_HegeTrainingSkill$Level1"},

and a second thought I had while writing up this post (or alternate solution to this problem, but I don't like messing with csvs) - is it possible to add an aptitude that the player can't see in the character menu (or can't take skills from), but officers can still progress through and whatnot?
as for a solution to this, I'd add 2 columns to aptitude_data.csv which are true / empty, "visibletoplayer" (or just "hidden") and "availabletoplayer", hopefully they're self-explanatory enough.

hopefully this is all coherent enough to undersand & reasonable enough to implement!
and sorry if it's in the wrong place, didn't feel right for the minor questions or api request threads
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