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Author Topic: Officers on Multi-Part Ships  (Read 416 times)


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Officers on Multi-Part Ships
« on: September 05, 2023, 11:36:01 AM »

Hi, long time lurker here.

I have done extensive testing with officers on multi-part ships like luddic church cathedral-class hubship. It is clear that some officer skills are >not< working on any part beside the main part.
My search on the forum only found one solid mention of officers in context of multi-part ships and there it was stated that officers effects are applied to all modules.
A dev commented
*thumbs up* This is accurate and pretty comprehensive.

Well, the portrait of the officer is shown on the modules as well but so far i couldn't confirm a single officer skill that actually applied to the module as well. Some of them are hard to test obviously and some don't make sense on modules of a multi-part ship like Helmsmanship.
So far i can state the following skills do >not< apply to modules in the current game version (0.96a-RC10):
  • Ordnance Expertise
  • Gunnery Implants
  • Ballistic Mastery
  • Missile Expertise
  • Point Defense (Elite)
  • Polarized Armor (Elite)

The game is great, one of my favorites. The multi-part ships are really cool too. So much complexity to tweak. Shoutout to Nia Tahl at this point: ScalarTech adds Gown-class multi-part ship which is really fun to tweak.
Anyway, please check this issue or let me know if officer's skills don't benefit modules on purpose. Seems like a bug to me though...

PS: I am talking about testing in the simulator here. If the skills get applied is extremely hard to tell inside real combat obviously.