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Author Topic: Commodity Pricing Observation  (Read 340 times)


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Commodity Pricing Observation
« on: August 28, 2023, 03:37:21 AM »

Playing with Nex right now and correct me if I am wrong.

I've noticed that shortages and surpluses are not created equal, a lost convoy shortage of -2 will result in a higher price markup on a colony that consumes less than a colony that consumes more, the most extreme example being that
2 consumed - 2 lost = 0 consumed, resulting in a 2-5 price increase while
4 consumed - 2 lost = 2 being consumed, resulting in a 1.X - 2 price increase

Or knocking out Nomios will result in a shortage of 1 in one of the large Hegemony planets Chicomoztoc, but the price barely budges for the Hegemony Planet while Nomios will sell organs for 80 a piece. I have reasons to believe that colonies that can't self produce the shortage commodity will suffer a bigger price increase than one that is suffering a shortage, but is capable of producing said good planetside i.e 4 organs out of 5 for Chico. But I have not tested this theory.

Nex could be messing with the pricing, but this behavior that I've observed and I couldn't find anything talking about pricing since this is relevant to those who take an active role in creating shortages, bully convoys that are going to a small colony that consumes little if you're unwilling to knock out their spaceport, since you can nearly zero out their supply that way.

Maybe this is more common sense to some, since the units produced are logarithmic or something, losing 2 out of 4 still means you have a huge amount of said good coming in, while losing 2 out of 3 means you have a tiny trickle coming in.