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Author Topic: Graphical issue with hyperspace/slipstream/flickering lines - fixed  (Read 250 times)


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Had a serious graphical bug in hyperspace rendering. It was like the thing that can happen when useSlipstreamGLLines is set to true and flickering lines get drawn everywhere (I had it set to false because I'd had that issue before) but way worse. I updated my GPU drivers (the old ones were years out of date) and that made it even worse, but I set slipstreamUseGLLines back to true and that seems to have completely resolved it.

Just thought I'd put the sequence here in case it was of use. I got some screenshots I can send if they'd be useful.


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Thank you for the report! Odd that it worked *with* slipstreamUseGLLines set to true - that's the rendering method I would think would be more likely to fail in some circumstances.