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Author Topic: Weird, I was just asked to enter my StarSector key when startign the game  (Read 1003 times)


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I've owned the game since near the beginning and I've been launching it every day for the past few months. Why would it ask for the key now? I had a Java update but that's the only thing in common with StarSector that I can think of. Luckily, I had the key.


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This happens when you delete misc. Java settings. Some of the "cleaner" utilities vacuum Java settings which includes the key. Java update may do this too, apparently.

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You didn't hit Ctrl J right? That can pop up the window to reenter your key.
But if you didn't do that or use some kind of cleaner tool, then well it could also be a sign of registry or file system corruption as well.
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What Schwartz said, Java had an update recently which almost certainly messed with some java related settings and files. I just experienced the same thing today. Kinda weird though because it's never happened to me before despite Java having numerous updates between now and whenever I bought the game 2-3 years ago. Noticed it also grayed out the "Continue" button the main menu which was extra scary but saves are thankfully unaffected.