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Author Topic: A request to make player faction fleet doctrine less restrictive.  (Read 217 times)


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I like the way the player faction fleet setup works in starsector. The simple select preferred ships and weapons approach, when a few sliders for more interesting options like the aggressiveness of your fleets and what type and sizes of ships is interesting and easy to use. However, as I played the game and wanted more strange faction fleet competitions, I found this system lacking.
a list of things I tried, and the issues I had
1) only having very small ships in faction
Having to large fleets be produced at my markets caused larger ships to spawn
2) having my fleets have a bunch of small ships around a single big ship
Possible, provided your big ship is not to credit costly. Required me to have only big ships of one'type'and small ships of the others, then set ship size to small and the type the big ship is in to 3/5.
3) having fleets of only one big ship
Other ships would always spawn. Sometimes more then one big ships would spawn

So here is what I think: let the player be able to add 'restrictions' to there factions fleet compassion. Here is how it could work:
ship and fleet groups
1) allow players to put ships into 'groups'.
2 allow players to put restrictions on groups
Example: group 1 must have at least 1 ships, at most 7. And only steady officers. And no unselected ships. And prefer officers in this group over others.
3) allow players to make fleet groups and set what groups can spawn in them.
Example: fleet type A active groups are 1,3, and 7.
Fleet type B active groups are 2,3,4, and 7.
So on.

This rais since issues with fleet uptime: what's stopping a player from saying "group a only selected ships, and at least 30 ships, and then selecting a capital ship then having all there fact picits be capital spam?

Let's call this system 'fleet supply'. It's a set of rules that will prevent this without preventing creative faction fleets.
fleet supply
1) every world gets a certain amount of fleet supply, based on the'fleet size' market stat.
2) if a fleet requires more supply then what is available, fleets will only spawn here fleetSize/fleetCost as often.
This will create downtime In patrols, were there is not a patrol from a world. This would be a representation of how overtakes your world is, when it comes to producing and maintaining that good super cap stack.
3) if a fleet forces less supply then what is available, fleets will down here fleetSize/fleetCost as often
This represents you forcing your fleets to be much smaller then required, so you have more of them. Think scouts. Of just little combat formations.
4?) very fleets needs at least one officer. If your world is using all there officers, you can't spawn any more fleets, regardless of fleet supply
This feels restrictive. Don't like it. But it makes sense, and would prevent someone from let's say, spawning 200 fleets of one kite from one market. Maybe add an option in config for that one guy(me?) who wants to break the game?

Now for the last thing I feel restricted on, what fleets spawn were:
fleet spawn restrictions
1) fleets can be selected to spawn in a market from the command screen, wish will nable this fleet type to spawn there.
2) allow each fleet type to have a weight, to determine how often this type of fleet spawns there.

'But this is not friendly to anyone who does not want to mess with this'. I hear you and agree, that's why the deflat group would exist. This group would be a fleet type that:
the default group
1) on by default on all markets.
2) would have it's options set up to spawn fleets freely by default.
3) would have an option to turn on / off at will, after you have at least one other fleet type setup.
4) would be able to reset it's settings with a button

'this does more then let's you have one big ship with little ships around it? Why all the extra rules'?
I never even tried my more crazy ideas. How could I? The most simple of things seemed mpossible...

This, overall would let be final build the strange a wacky roleplay setups I really want, but can never get just right...
I need sleep. Plz tell me what you all think and why this is a terrible idea.