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Author Topic: Exploration  (Read 148 times)


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« on: January 29, 2023, 04:07:24 PM »


Exploration addition that takes time and money to provide more salvage

  • Hire specialists from Galatea, pay their salaries, put them on planets with ruins, slowly acquire blueprints and salvage over months/years instead of instantly from orbit
  • Provide marines so they can access more dangerous ruined areas

Maybe provision with ships as well? Might be too far out of scope of the idea, but logistics ships with salvage gantry, cargo space, etc that can be given to the exploration and salvage team to improve results
Maybe automated transport of equipment to a designated storage location
Maybe tie event chains into excavations similar to what happens in Stellaris
Maybe replace current salvaging with this process outright (might be too tedious/annoying and reduce the gacha fun of opening lootboxes in new systems, so as an addition rather than replacement is probably better)

Higher costs and risks would result in better rewards; loot tables for planetary ruins could be adapted to have fewer expensive items like AI cores and more common items like supplies
Probably good idea to mark ruins that could provide more useful more expensive items; (Planet fortifications, "This planet has extensive fortifications scattered across its surface" more weapons, heavy armaments, ship hulls from salvage team) or something like that