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Author Topic: Cryosleeper  (Read 628 times)


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« on: October 20, 2022, 10:16:00 AM »

Good day. I propose to discuss the cryosleeper.
In each new game, I find the cryosleeper extremely far from the center of the world, the star sector. Establishing colonies next to a cryosleeper in distant lands is a very bad idea, it is very inconvenient. But not using a cryosleeper is also unpleasant - it's like feeling like a lost profit (and you say to yourself "Damn, I could use this cryosleeper if it were a little closer to the center of the game world or if I could move it to my colonies it would be just amazing") .

It would be too easy (I would even say too boring) to transport the cryosleeper without prior preparation.

Here's an idea that came to me after a few days of thinking:
1 The player's fleet finds the cryosleeper in deep space and defeats its guard (why is it so weak?). After the Guardian's victory, at the end of the description text of the cryosleeper, the entry "These are very old technologies that were used in the colonization of this part of the galaxy. People who are in cryosleep can find a new life in inhabited systems. Maybe there are archival records of ships of this class in the Academy of Galatia"

2 The player's fleet arrives at Galatia Academy and addresses Sebastian. Sample dialogue:
Player: "Sebastian, kindly tell me who can advise on old technologies, I am very interested in technologies of the domain era. In turn, I guarantee that I can help you with any request"
Sebastian: "Hello, Provost Baird will not approve of this and I will most likely face a very severe punishment. Kindly contact him personally and perhaps, although unlikely, he will allow you to communicate with our archivist."
Player: "Sebastian, listen to me, this is very, very important, maybe your help will help save the lives of thousands of people."
Sebastian: "Okay, but I remember your words about helping in any matter. Keep this access card - it will help you get to the wing where the academy archive is located, there you can find Linda the Archivist. Only she is fond of technologies of the domain era. Consider the following - I I will have to report the loss of the access card so that I am not punished. Good luck!"

The player with the help of an access card enters the archive. There are thousands of information carriers in the archive, the study of which can take several human lives. In the huge halls it is very quiet, you get the feeling that there is no one here. But out of the corner of your eye you see a table at which a girl sits alone and reads something in an old book.
Player: "Good afternoon, be kind, tell me where can I find Archivist Linda? I have a very important matter and probably only she can help me."
Linda: The girl raises her head, looks you up and down and asks "How did you get here? Entry to this wing is strictly restricted! Never mind... you're already here. What do you need from Linda?"
Player: "My fleet found a cryosleeper in deep space, this is a very ancient technology from the domain era. It sleeps thousands of people, I would like to help them find a new home in their colonies. Upon inspection, it seemed to us that the cryosleeper is still strong enough to try to move it, but we don't know how to do it. Also, we wouldn't want to break the technology of defrosting people."
The archivist%u2019s expression immediately changes, she jumps up from her seat, comes very close and turns to a whisper: %u201CShh ... they can hear us. Even the walls have ears. what they told me was very, very interested.But I can not help you while I am in the walls of this academy, there are very strict rules and there is no freedom for research.Probably I have been waiting for such an opportunity all my life and I offer you mutually beneficial cooperation - you take me with me to my colony, and I, in turn, will tell you everything I know about the technologies of the domain era and help with research.
Player: in a whisper "Linda, but how do we get all the materials that you might need? Even if I order my soldiers to break into the academy, we will take out all the materials accumulated here for several years, and frankly, I don't want to spoil relations with the academy."
Linda: in a whisper "don't worry, I transferred everything we need to my tripad a long time ago, it has a small core of artificial intelligence, so you can store a lot of information in it. Here is all the data on technologies of the era of the domain that is known to the academy. So the plan is as follows - I have a lunch break soon and I can leave this wing for a short period of time, you, in turn, expect me at the docks - after we escape, I will ask a familiar hacker to cover up the traces of my escape. I propose to discuss all issues in detail after arriving in your colony " .
After that, the player flies out of the academy of galatia and upon arrival in one of their colonies, the following dialogue will take place:

Linda: "For starters - thank you for the opportunity to leave the walls of the academy - I always dreamed of real research, and not about monotonous days within the walls of the academy archive. As I promised, I will help you with the cryosleeper, but in order for us to succeed, it will be necessary to build a laboratory (building class - structure - Research Lab) from which I can keep in touch with you over long distances and conduct my own research, and it is also possible in the future to send expeditions to the ruins of cities.The researchers prepared by me will very carefully examine all possible nooks and crannies and bring here everything they find items (the ability to upgrade the structure to the industry - Interstellar Research Company) Well, as a token of gratitude, keep this special AI core, it will help us with the study of technologies of the era of the domain"
Player: "Linda, thanks for the AI %u200B%u200Bcore, I promise I won't sell it. I'll organize the construction of a laboratory in a short time, I hope your future expeditions will bring a lot of benefits to my colonies."

4 After the completion of the construction of the Laboratory, Linda gets in touch and reports the following: "For our project, we need a little more data. Please go back to the cryosleeper and connect the AI %u200B%u200Bcore to the cryosleeper control center. I sent you on tripad how to get there. So find the path to it will not be difficult.Artificial intelligence will conduct a complete diagnostics of the ship and, according to its messages, it will be clear in which direction we need to move in order to "revive" this "rusty can".
Player: "Understood. We'll do what's required at the earliest opportunity. Linda, you can do your own research in the meantime. I'll get in touch as soon as the fleet arrives at the cryosleeper."
After the player's fleet arrives at a previously discovered cryosleeper, the player chooses through a dialog box to install an AI core and request a report on the status of the ship. Diagnostic report: "Hull integrity intact. Reactor inoperable - fuel cells depleted, power generation in emergency mode. Cryosleep capsules stable. Propulsion systems out of order - repair required. Fuel tanks boosted."

Player: "Linda, I'm forwarding the report to you. It's not all that bad, but there's not much good news either. I foresee a lot of work for the engineers."
Linda: "Mmmmm... I've analyzed the report. I suggest starting with repairing the reactor - the energy from it will be enough for all the needs of the engineering team, which will carry out subsequent repairs. Go back to the laboratory - by the time you get there, I will have time to restore the drawing of fuel elements for this reactor modifications If you can make them or order them from someone, then the problem with the "revival" of the cryosleeper will turn into a solvable problem.

5 The player arrives on the planet where the laboratory is built and receives a drawing of fuel elements (quest item) - it is possible to manufacture them at their own heavy industry or order from dark personalities in a bar (who will manufacture these elements at heavy industries of other factions of the world).
After obtaining the required number of fuel elements, the player can head to the cryosleeper where, through a dialog box, he instructs the engineering team to install fresh fuel elements in the cryosleeper reactor. But... nothing happens.

Player: "Linda, we have a problem"
Linda: "Did the engineering team install the fuel cells? Excellent. To make it work, you need to go through a long process of starting the reactor, on such ships it takes several weeks. Go up to the cryosleeper command center and request the AI %u200B%u200Bcore to perform a launch. As I said earlier, the process is long, so in the meantime you can mind your own business, the AI %u200B%u200Bcore will tell you when the process is complete, then we will proceed to the next stage.

6 After 30 days, the player receives a message on the tripod - "the procedure is completed, the output power of the reactor is nominal. ATTENTION! The launch of the reactor attracted the attention of AI ships. Sensors detected enemy ships."
The player arrives in the system with a cryosleeper where they will be attacked by AI fleets. After defeating them, the player checks the readiness of the cryosleeper through a dialog box - after repairing the reactor, it remains to fill the fuel tanks and repair the propulsion system.

Player: "Linda, the reactor is operational. The cryosleeper now resembles a Christmas tree toy that is frozen motionless in space. What do we need to do next?"
Linda: "Hmmm.. now it's up to the engineering team to provide them with everything they need (supplies, tools, metals, rare alloys, etc.). Provide them with everything they need and you can go about your business again. According to my calculations, the repair will take 30 days. I have already forwarded the detailed repair sequence to your engineering team."

7 The player delivers the required amount of required materials and after 30 days the engineering team will finish the repair, which will be reported to Linda, who will contact the player.
Linda: "Captain, your brave engineers have completed the repair of the propulsion system. It was not without difficulties and extraordinary solutions, but they did their job. And I am pleased to report that the time has come to fill the fuel tanks of this vessel. The records of these ships say that the maximum capacity fuel tanks is about 20,000 units, which is a lot, so you have to collect such a supply for some time.
Player: "Linda... that much fuel would be difficult to procure and even more difficult to transport. Even in Sindria, you won't be able to buy that. But nothing is impossible. I'll get in touch when the cryosleeper refueling is finished."

8 The player enters the system with a cryosleeper and uses the dialog box to refuel. After that, the AI %u200B%u200Bcore sends a new message: "All systems of the cryosleeper are working. Repairs completed. Movement to the specified coordinates is possible ... ERROR ... coordinates not found.
Player: "Linda, we are at the finish line - it remains only to specify the coordinates for the arrival of the cryosleeper. But the encryption is too complicated for my on-board computer - please convert the coordinates of my colonies into a sequence of characters understandable for the cryosleeper and pass it on to me."
Linda: "That's the easiest part. I practiced it a lot in the academy archives. And while we were talking, I already did everything. Load the desired coordinates into the cryosleeper and it will get to the coordinates you specified under its own power. Good luck with the launch."

9 The player, using the cryosleeper dialog box, indicates the desired coordinates and the cryosleeper independently goes to the colony that the player has indicated. Upon arrival at the desired colony, it becomes possible to increase the population of the planet and increase the size of the clone to "7".

There are no such dialogues with the second cryosleeper. all the necessary actions worked out on the first one. But the possibility of its "revival" and departure to the desired coordinates remains possible.