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Author Topic: [0.95.1a] Cals Vanilla Faction Expansion - Hegemony XIV v1.2  (Read 3711 times)


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[0.95.1a] Cals Vanilla Faction Expansion - Hegemony XIV v1.2
« on: August 18, 2022, 08:16:17 AM »

Cals Vanilla Faction Expansion - Hegemony XIV
A simple mod that adds XIV Battlegroup variants of vanilla ships that seem fitting.

Version Archive (Outdated):

1.3 (Exsanguinator only, newest version of CVFEH itself is still 1.2)
Changed the name to Exsanguinator, updated descriptions to match. Not save compatible by default but very, very easy to make it so with a little save editing, just make a backup of the save you'll be editing, then open your 2 save data files from the save you wish to make compatible and replace all instances of "Exterminator" with "Exsanguinator" and "exterminator" with "exsanguinator", then hit save and your done, you can now continue playing on that save.
Rebalancing of the Exterminator Exsanguinator-class, increased the supply cost to 25 (from 20) be equivalent to that of a Dominator. Additionally the base cost was increased to 125.000 credits, also equivalent to that of a Dominator.
Reworked large parts of how spawning works, now uses the .faction file to tailor how often the Hegemony deploys the Conquests & Eradicators while hopefully (if I got it right, seems to work in testing) also preventing non-XIV variants from spawning in their fleets so that the fleet composition remains as vanilla as possible with the obvious exception of the XIV additions.

The changes should make it so that Conquest XIV's & Eradicator XIV's are rarer, more exciting finds but not impossible to aquire stocks of at a reasonable pace if you put forth the effort.

Also added a new standalone ship, the Exterminator Exsanguinator-class fast cruiser, a symmetrified variant of the Eradicator-class fast cruiser. Available as a standalone download. Also comes with a non-XIV option if you're only interested in the new ship but not the rest of the XIV content of the main mod.

Operated by the Hegemony (XIV variants only), Luddic Chruch, Luddic Path (SO's, obviously) & Independents.

So what does the mod do, in specific?
This mod (CVFEH) adds XIV Battlegroup variants of the Conquest, Gryphon, Eradicator, Hammerhead, Manticore & Lasher.
These variants will be deployed by the Hegemony and can be found for purchase in relevant markets.
Blueprints can be aquired the same way you would normally aquire XIV blueprints.

CVFEH does not alter the ships beyond adding the XIV Battlegroup modification + the customary 5 OP addition you see in XIV hulls, so weapon mount types, ship systems, stats not touched by the XIV Battlegroup hullmod (Except the +5 OP, Obviously) all remain the same.

The Exterminator Exsanguinator-class mod is a standalone mod that adds a symmetrified Eradicator that trades 3 small missile slots and 1 small ballistic for another medium ballistic slot and some additional armor.

Is this balanced?
CVFEH: Mostly yes, while the XIV variants are generally preferable as they are marginal upgrades over existing ships, they're not overpowered.
Exterminator: An ongoing balancing process, currently it essentially just trades it's missile damage potential for ballistic damage potential, though as of 1.2 it has received a 5 point supply cost nerf to offset increased performance.

Old Info:
I don't want the Lasher XIV, because X/Y/Z...
I've included a version without them in the download  as I understand the inclusion of a frigate into the XIV lineup might not be to everyones liking, though personally I found it odd, that a warfleet that had the military, logistical & technological capabilities to survive the gate collapse, reach civilization in mostly one piece and then barely a cycle later establish a ressurction state of the Domain of Man in the Hegemony, would not have had a frigate modified to their specifications, so I selected the Lasher as that one and made an XIV variant of it.
(After testing the Lasher XIV for quite a while now, I've found that it doesn't make as much of a difference as orginially anticipated, so I won't be seperating the mod into a Lasher and No Lasher version any longer)

a. Mod is released as is, I've no plans to continue to develop it currently. Any further updates are unplanned.
b. If anyone wants to develop their own mod with this a base, either in part or in entirety feel free, just adhere to the stipulations of the license below. This includes making updates to or expansions of this mod.

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