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Starsector 0.96a is out! (05/05/23); Blog post: Colony Crises (11/24/23)

Author Topic: Mairaath not polluted?  (Read 248 times)


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Mairaath not polluted?
« on: August 13, 2022, 07:51:58 PM »

Quote from: The Last Hurrah
One station was pushed by its own thrusters, slowly at first, but faster and faster and with gravity's dread inevitability it crashed to the surface of Mairaath. Lines of great destruction were scored upon the face of the world, mushrooming into cloud-banks of ash as firestorms raged and the carefully nurtured weather systems spasmed into extreme failure states from terraformers' nightmares.

When we do a clean bombardment on habitable worlds, pollution is made. Why was the attack on Mairaath not create pollution then, that description above is definitely more than a simple tactical bombardment? Does pollution clear up after 120 cycles?  :-[