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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: Hyperspace Topography (10/12/22)

Author Topic: Challenge: Describe Your Latest Custom Faction  (Read 594 times)


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Challenge: Describe Your Latest Custom Faction
« on: June 29, 2022, 09:25:11 AM »

Fellow starfarers!

I'm stuck.

I can't wait until the next patch drops, but at the same time, I don't want to "spoil" myself with another run. To kill the time before we get there, I devised a challenge for us:

Write a lore-friendly* description of your latest run's faction and the systems it controls, save it as a text file and attach it to your post (or just paste it in the box if you fancy looong posts :). In addition to that, score the previous poster's description on a 10 scale and say something you liked about it. ^^ Feel free to use my style as a template, or create a style of your own!

*alternatively, make it funny, but make sure it's really damn funny or it's the airlock for you >:(


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Re: Challenge: Describe Your Latest Custom Faction
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2022, 02:52:09 PM »

The Brutus Network is a pirate-affiliated revolutionary faction primarily composed of Aztlan dissidents fleeing Hegemony repression. Named after a famed resistance group that fought against an overwhelming enemy from Earth's ancient history. Its jungle homeworld of 'Villa' is in the Haddu Star System on the south-eastern tip of the Core-Worlds. While its ultimate goal is to reform the Hegemony it isn't afraid of getting its hands dirty by inciting rebellions on Hegemony colonies outside the core worlds. Many other factions within the Sector are either neutral or supportive of the Brutus Network's goals though some have been fearful of the Network's growing number of "Free Worlds" that dot the sector. Its goals have been made plain and are fairly simple as stated in its "Brutista Manifesto" which calls for "Shelter, Earth, Work, Food, Health, Education, Independence, Democracy, Freedom" which many consider impossible to grant but its supporters have argued have been applied fairly well across its "Free Worlds". The Brutus Network currently occupy three worlds with 'Villa' as its interstellar capital world.


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Re: Challenge: Describe Your Latest Custom Faction
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2022, 05:55:12 AM »

Ul spira (Formerly republic of man)

is a corporate idealist faction founded by numenor after her successful theft of pristine nanoforge from kazeron. Pegasus (once known as Manila) was under the sindrian control until numenor discovored its location and conquered it from sindria. this began a long cycle of war that ended when united pamed, magellan and the ROM simultaneously attacked the core of diktat itself (pamed gets volturn, magellan gets the barren world while numenor gets the sindria who she immediately given up to hegemony control due to stability issues. it then become de civilized). the persean league tried to invade the faction so many times with no avail (they got cebu, now known as orion for a short amount of time) and signed a peace treaty with ROM who is now known as ul spira. it is the current member of greater hegemony despite some rumors and controversy regarding if they use ai cores or not

they are horrendously rich and people presumes its either because of the ai cores or the 2 nanoforge Ul spira has stolen from persean league and sindria. there are also rumors surrounding the faction about their discovery of one of the rare hypershunt.


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Re: Challenge: Describe Your Latest Custom Faction
« Reply #3 on: October 28, 2022, 08:39:21 PM »

I usually have some degree of roleplay in my Starsector games, but my current one is the only one I've really leaned into, out of necessity due to the UNGP challenge I'm doing. (Also it let me be (more) evil for a change, teehee)
Playthrough inspired by a certain faction in the Chaos Galaxy series (cool indie strategy game).

Eastsector Company

The United Eastsector Company (Verenigde Oostsector Compagnie; VOC) is an integrated resources and trading enterprise, founded by explorer and freebooter Cornelis Kleven in c.208. After inheriting a massive fortune from an unidentified benefactor, Kleven sought to prove his ability to further build his wealth, and to (in his words, reputedly) "demonstrate economic dominance of the Sector". While governed from the rim planet of Batavia, the company's holdings are spread across no less than four systems in the southeastern Sector as it expanded its industry and exploited key resources.

Initially the business struggled to turn a profit, due to its distance from the core world markets and a lack of ideal colony candidates. Aggressive trading activity kept operations afloat while an immigration incentive program was carried out on marginal worlds and the management team was upskilled. By the end of c.213 the company's cash reserve exceeded that which it had started with.

The VOC is mistrusted by many of the established Sector factions, both due to its 'upstart' nature and (thus far unproven) allegations of smuggling, profiteering, collaboration with pirates, sabotage of commodity stockpiles to generate artificial shortages, armed robbery, and even outright piracy. Despite this, it (for a time) managed to avoid involvement in the internecine wars of the core worlds. In the Company's view, conflict is temporary, but supply and demand are eternal.

Postscript: The War of 214, while brief, caused significant damage to the Hegemony and forced a major revision in the VOC's military posture.

Star systems
Buyan: This single-planet white dwarf system is home to Batavia, chosen as the VOC's homeworld for its excellent habitability rating, significant natural resources, and presence of a nearby gate connection (albeit not within the system itself). The continental planet has a mixed primary/service economy, with an economy based on farming, mining, and the management of interstellar commerce. Proposals to explore the local ruins for Domain artifacts have been consistently postponed.

Labraxas: A neighboring two-planet system colonized shortly after Buyan, to control the local gate and further expand the VOC's economy. The outer planet, Ava, is a stormy world kept habitable by a crashed Domain terraforming drone; the consumer goods (and drugs) manufactured here were and remain a key source of company revenue. New Pender, the inner planet, is a miserable barren-bombarded rock whose hazard incentives for immigration are causing a net loss even with the fuel production facilities.

Baraq: Another (red) dwarf system with a gate, colonized in search of more affordable locations for the VOC's then-nascent industrial base. Two of the three desert planets here have been settled: Heinessen (ore refining and fuel production) and Lithos (orbital shipbuilding). The placement of such high-value industry in a poorly defended location has raised some concern, but until the War of 214 no untoward incidents had occurred, and defenses were left in a reduced state to save money.

Dreadnought: A multi-planet orange star with a gate; the only colony here is cryovolcanic Qarik, founded to secure a source of volatiles for the Sector's fuel industry.
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