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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: Hyperspace Topography (10/12/22)

Author Topic: Help building [REDACTED] & other ships  (Read 672 times)


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Help building [REDACTED] & other ships
« on: February 15, 2022, 05:15:43 PM »

So in my current playthrough, ive been doing a high-tech wolfpack tactics setup. For the most part, the fleet works and picks apart Ordo stations and fleets with virtually no issues, however im having trouble building some of these ships to keep them alive so any recommendation for the loadout's to help make them more intuitive for the AI would be nice.

Just an Apogee. I set it up as a long range artillery ship. Im looking for a second, and have the one so far, but it works wonderfully. It sits back and just spams its lasers and missiles, decimating any capitals or stations it fights over time. Ive got a few ideas of what to mount into it for S-mods, mostly targeting unit & advanced optics and putting whats left of the OP into a integrated point defense AI and whats left into capacitors.

The ship doesnt really need any defenses. With Elite point defense & gunnery implants, its LR PD has the same range as its tactical lasers and it projects a huge anti-missile/fighter security net as a result. (Range 1380 if I mount advanced optics in.)

For the second ship, we got a scintilla I loaded out as a bomber type of ship. It helps win local engagements, though needs stations suppressed or under a fight screen to keep them alive long enough to bomb stations. I dont know what to load it out with in S-mods, and im not super sure about the loadout otherwise. Ive seen battleships chase it down and still somehow survive so its never been shot down but I feel like its lacking something. Considered taking out the annihilator rocket launchers to but in some torpedo's but thats about it.

Its AI core has Combat Endurance, Target Analysis & System Expertise.

I have two Lumen's in this fleet. Both have the same loadouts, but both are shot down pretty frequently and require total repairs the most, which costs 60k a pop. It has trouble punching out ships of its own size, so I gave it some torpedo's & SRM launcher to help bring down fighters quickly, since most in the fleet dont have too much Anti-fighter going on. I outsource that to my flagship carrier which just spits out fighters and tear apart any groups it comes across.

I considered adding in a missile rack as an S-mod as well as Hardened Shields just to give points back for capacitors and vents. Its AI officer is loaded out with Missile Specialization, Target Analysis & Combat Endurance.

Before anyone says anything, im not going to trade out the lumens. Ive built this fleet around hitting the 240 point mark for fleet total & these ships get the Automated ship DP cost to exactly 120.

For fun, this is what the rest of the fleet looks like. its mostly frigates and a few destroyers. The fleet in the general gets rowdy with spacing when they swarm ships or stations but thats not a huge issue.



The images are missing a few throwaway ships I utilize Support Doctrine to help capture points or sacrifice when needed but they are insignificant enough that I dont care to add them in.