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Starsector 0.95a is out! (03/26/21); Blog post: Skill Changes, Part 2 (07/15/21)

Author Topic: The First AI War  (Read 156 times)


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The First AI War
« on: July 17, 2021, 10:12:02 AM »

Archives from the Persean Studies Department...
The First AI War was a series of battles, fought over a span of 6 cycles (circa c+89-95), that were carried out by the High Hegemon's orders to enforce Domain-era restrictions on AI development against the Tri-Tachyon Corporation. By the end of the First AI War, the war had engulfed the entire Persean Sector and ultimately ruled Hegemony as a dominant faction in the Persean Sector. It was a significant turning point in the climate of the Persean Sector. Factions were treaty-bound to destroy the autonomous artificial intelligence and eventually had to recognize the Hegemony as a definite threat to the independent worlds' sovereignty in the near future. The war and its immediate aftermath concluded numerous debates about the legitimacy of the Hegemony in the Persean Sector as a successor of the Domain. However, despite the conclusive Hegemony victory, a second AI War followed just over a century cycles later to disrupt the peace in the Persean Sector.

In c+83 in a response to the Hegemony's conquest of the Mayasura System, a loose alliance of major worlds declares itself the Persean League to uphold independent sovereignty. The Persean League presented a tension in the sector that the Tri-Tachyon hoped to exploit. In c+84 as tension rises, Tri-Tachyon began deploying in secret illegal (as Domain's law dictates) AI warfleets to various systems on the fringe of the Core Worlds. News of AI warfleets deployed into these systems roused the suspicion of the Hegemony and the Luddic Church.

A significant Luddic minority population voiced their concerns on Hegemony worlds. Debates about Hegemony's status as the Domain's successor were in doubt if they could not uphold the old Domain Naval Code. This eventually leads the Hegemony to enforce technological inspection over Tri-Tachyon. A series of skirmishes and battles soon followed as Tri-Tachyon rejected the agreement laid out by the Hegemony.

League leadership especially the Archon of Kazeron recognized there was an opportunity to take advantage to maintain independent sovereignty and pledged their support behind Tri-Tachyon. The Luddic Church was appalled at the chance that autonomous AI fleets might one day ruin Ludd's beautiful sector pledged their support behind Hegemony along with other extreme Luddic sects such as The Path doing the same.

The plan and strategy for Tri-Tachyon were simple. Use their technological advantages and autonomous manpower to quickly win battles against Hegemony and convince unstable Hegemony worlds out of revolt into either joining the League or becoming an unaligned polity. Feeding false information into Hegemony intelligence, the main force of the Hegemony Navy which consisted of the XIV Battlegroup ships led to a confused and splintered Hegemony Navy which had to defend itself against several directions of autonomous threats and League forces.

The Holy Armada
As the First AI War waged on the defense for Hegemony, the Bishop of Canaan and the Bishop of Eos Exodus assembled a task force of the Knights of Ludd to wage a crusade against autonomous threats. It took over 4 months to assemble a task force of this size, but the Tri-Tachyon decided to ignore this army given how little intelligence were gathered when the Ludd were not primary users of Tri-Tach communication products and thought to themselves that any Luddic reinforcement would arrive too late to assist Hegemony.

In these early months, Tri-Tachyon refused to take the Luddic forces seriously or mount a serious challenge to taking the Luddic allies out of Hegemony's forces which would ultimately lead to Tri-Tachyon's biggest mistake as Pather terrorists disrupted Tri-Tachyon infrastructure within their worlds. Eventually, the Holy Armada was assembled and the crusade began into the southwest quadrant of the Core Worlds.

The quadrant was not met with serious resistance as Tri-Tach drones retreated to reinforce their neighboring quadrants in an attempt to destroy Hegemony's fractured main navy, the Battlegroup XIV force. Worlds who were met with the Holy Armada found their technology that was deemed heretical by the Luddic Church destroyed and devastated while ports of worlds that remained open to everybody would remain closed and under tight security. After the southwest quadrant was claimed and secured, the Holy Armada approached to assist her Hegemony neighbors in their defenses.
Tri-Tachyon's Naraka Campaign
Before a major military confrontation could happen and the Hegemony would ultimately win through sheer numbers and manpower, Tri-Tachyon wanted to capture a major fuel production facility owned by Hegemony and advanced into Naraka quickly hoping to score a quick decisive blow to Hegemony's fuel reserves. The Tri-Tachyon forces were met with serious resistance, however which dragged in favor of the Hegemony defenders as reinforcements would eventually arrive.

At Yama, the Hegemony Auxiliary and Defense Fleets fought fiercely and narrowly winning a battle that prevented Yama from being completely destroyed. Relief forces from the Holy Armada arrived to save Yama's defenders.

At Nachiketa, Tri-Tachyon was able to successfully overwhelm the Nachiketan defenders before ultimately overrun and retreated after a tactical purge of fuel left a gaping weakness for Hegemony and Luddic reinforcements to exploit.

The campaign left Tri-Tachyon a tactical victory of starving Hegemony of a major fuel facility but left Hegemony a moral victory as it proved that Hegemony forces even with sub-par technology can still triumph. It would have been decisive had Tri-Tachyon been able to conquer Naraka effectively that may have turned the tide of the First AI War as Naraka provided ample fuel for Tri-Tach fleets to refuel and plan an invasion on Samarra, a critical fuel facility that would've crippled Hegemony.
Hegemony's Magec Campaign
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Treaty of Thule
In the aftermath of the First AI War, Tri-Tachyon Corporation declined severely and its infrastructure left in rubble and in ruins. It would never recover to half of its optimal strength to this day. A force that the Hegemony relied on heavily have all been but depleted, the Battlegroup XIV were now survivors. Ships of lower qualities now made up the bulk of the Hegemony Navy. The Persean League however stood out to the Hegemony as an actual menace to contend with. So long as Kazeron still stands so will the League's ability to protect her worlds.

The Treaty of Thule required Tri-Tachyon to disarm and cease and terminate all deployments of their AI warfleets, be bound by the AI inspections mandate, and pay reparations to Hegemony and the Luddic Church. Tri-Tachyon was also compelled in revealing the locations of any lingering autonomous activities which later results in a joint Knight of Ludd and Hegemony task force in purging the remnants of these drone fleets once more.