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Author Topic: The Frigate Bias  (Read 22888 times)


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Re: The Frigate Bias
« Reply #210 on: June 07, 2021, 07:12:40 AM »

Sure, how do I sent it? I don't use google files or whatever.
all free


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Re: The Frigate Bias
« Reply #211 on: June 07, 2021, 12:07:05 PM »

My radiant build is 2 autopulse, 2 plasma, 1 paladin PD and a bunch of sabots. Honestly, I don't really get the argument for not using sabots. With 4 pods, you would have to 1v1 duel like 6+ capitals to run out, they make you MUCH better at fighting capitals while you have ammo, and if you invest in extra ammo, you probably won't even run out in any reasonable fight.

Oh man I just tested out using Falcon P's with 4 sabot pods, 2 IR pulse lasers, and 2 annihilators, that really wrecks [REDACTED] fleets. They do nearly twice the damage as Hyperions based on Combat Results, and they cost the same DP (but without High Maintenance). With expanded missile racks (s-mod since it's expensive) and Missile Spec, it's starting off with 144 Sabots firing them in 8-shot bursts. By the end of the fight (once it was down to the last [REDACTED] capital), I shuttled to each Falcon P and they had between 0 and 6 left, so all of those really were needed and used throughout the fight, but not to the point of them ending without any left (only 1 Falcon P had some racks that were completely empty). So it can last through an entire [REDACTED] fleet.

The Sabots really do a lot of damage to capitals since capitals can't get out of the way. Anything smaller tends to overload. They're also not too shabby vs armor and hull; against SIMslaught, I'm seeing roughly 840 damage vs full armor, and roughly 6.4k damage vs hull, for each volley. Against shields it's 4x200x2x5 = 8k kinetic damage per volley of course. With missile spec these damage numbers are every 6 seconds, with zero flux buildup on the firing ship.

The IR pulse lasers and annihilators/breach are really just there to do some armor/hull damage; I might change the small missiles but annihilators/breach seemed like a good compromise between damage and battle persistence (keeping in mind that they start using missiles against the earliest targets, i.e. the initial frigates/destroyers, so stuff like reapers may not work well; there needs to be enough ammo to last until the end). Breach also works well as armor-breaker in this case. Since the only flux weapons were IR pulse lasers, all remaining OP went to capacity. So with extended shields, this was enough to tank most threats, including capitals, and the Falcon P could just jet away when needed.

Fleet was 2 SO Auroras (me piloting one of them) using heavy blasters and IR pulse lasers, 3 Hyperions using heavy blasters and an ion pulser, and 4 Falcon P's.
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