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Author Topic: Cannot complete delivery contract due to missing contact at destination  (Read 481 times)

Star Lord

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Hello, I picked up a delivery contract to deliver harvested organs to Kanta's Den, but when I arrived (with the goods in my cargo), the person I was supposed to contact was not there. Please see the attached screenshots.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3


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Obviously the underlying bug should be fixed, but I'd be inclined to make this sort of eventuality a feature.
The possibility of being stood up by the recipient of a delivery would make the world feel a little more real / uncertain / lived in.

So long as the game left the player in no doubt that this is intended behaviour, it wouldn't be repeatedly flagged as a bug.
e.g. "Hmm, there's no one here to receive the delivery. Looks like I've been left hanging"

Maybe a 0.1% chance or something of that order.


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Thank you for the report, got it logged and will be looking into it.